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Saturday, October 10, 2015



Dear Bureau of Justice:

San Diego -

As for San Mateo - I have a box of papers sent to me from a man in San Mateo who reports having the same experience trying to report sex trafficking there I had in Pasadena.

I have a box of papers from a woman in San Francisco saying she had the same thing happen to her as to me and San Mateo - only to her there.  She has phone records, bank records, and evidence of income tax evasion with respect to the traffickers.  Only she was the one threatened with a TRO for trying to help the victim.

I wanted you to see what you're getting for your grant money in California.  Which is right now - I can't get anyone, and I mean ANYONE, to even speak to me, return my calls, answer my emails, or sit down to look at the information and evidence that I have against a trafficking ring operating throughout this country, tied to Liang Yaohui, and for which there are now convicted pimps in Wichita, Kansas - but where the heads of said ring reside in Pasadena, California.  I know where they bank, where they have property, where their massage parlors are, where the money even goes in China - yet NO ONE will even look at the information I have to help victims who are being carted out of their homes by cops when they tell their traffickers they want to retire after 40 years of "service".  

I'm the FOUNDER OF THIS VERY MOVEMENT - and I can't get ANYONE to speak to me about the victims I'm working with, nor the evidence that I have because from what I've seen everyone was busy kissing up the behind of the people behind the show "8 Minutes" which was a complete con.  Even the investors of Relativity Media has sued them for being conned.  From what I see - these people have conspired to con the government out of grant money that is NOT being used to fight trafficking.  

Jody Williams

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