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Don't get me wrong - I love cops.  I know we can't do without cops.  I just want to know that if I call a cop - that I'm going to get help.  Not call a cop and get in trouble for calling for help which is what happens when your pimp is a cop.  Which as this article shows - sometimes happens.  Here we have a male cop who was pimping out these women whose wife was a cop also.  Now I ask you - who can these women call for help when being pimped by a cop?  Ex-military cop which means "scary" cop?  This guy was even observed by cops pimping - and yet they let him go without arresting him.  The only thing stopping him was a complaint to Internal Affairs.  Now granted he was arrested by a call to Internal Affairs, but how else would these women leave this situation without him being locked up and off the streets on bail?  Oh wait - you mean he might be locked up in jail and STILL be abl…