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Look carefully at this case general public.  I've been trying to warn you for a while now that a multinational trafficking operation that has one link in the chain in Nevada has been doing a lot more than just trafficking the prostitutes.  They also attract in wealthy, famous, and/or powerful "johns".  Then they are drugged and robbed.  Their bank accounts sometimes get hacked into.  One of them told me they tried to rob his Amex card for $60,000.  Another told me they got him for $140,000.

When they go to the police - they are cautioned that "if this hits the press - it could ruin either (1) your career, (2) your marriage, (3) your reputation" to convince them to not press charges.  When they go to the DA's office - they usually wind up threatened with some kind of charge filed against them.

We saw a beautiful set-up with Donald Burns by the way.  He was cautioned not to go to the police.  Because of his wealth and status - he managed to push the issue. …