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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Letter to Christian Broadcasting about Sex Trafficking

Dear 700 Club, Daystar TV, and Joyce Meyer Ministries:

When I first heard God's voice telling me to start what became the domestic sex trafficking revolution in this country back in the 1980's - I had reached out to your various shows/channels asking if I could bring on some of our "success" stories to the Christian community like I was doing on talk shows such as Donahue (you can see some of these shows at

Despite sending your various producers media kits to try and get us on some Christian programming, we were glossed over.  I thought maybe you didn't want to address the issue of sex trafficking at first - until I started seeing people coming on your stations/shows who were complete frauds such as Samoly Mam and William Hillar.

When no one would believe me that Samoly Mam was not only a fraud, but further conning people out of millions of dollars that could have been used to help REAL victims of sex trafficking, I went knocking on doors until I found a team of investigators willing to put together a file so thick that NewsWeek did a cover story on the whole scheme.  

When William was running around inspiring people to make up false films like "Taken" for example, not only was he also conning people out of money meant to help REAL sex trafficking victims, but he was further taking advantage of the goodwill people have towards veterans.  That's of course what got him some jail time for his lying about having rescued victims of sex trafficking when he had not.  

When Annie Lombert got herself on a reality show on Bravo by lying to them about having a rescue program when in fact she did not, I was able to show the producers verification there was no program in time to have her show removed after only one episode of "Saved on the Strip".  

However, she was STILL getting herself booked on Christian programming INCLUDING the Joyce Meyer show.  Joyce Meyer has had even more frauds on her show than Annie.  She even recently was speaking at churches helping to raise money for another fraud - Kevin Brown of "8 Minutes" fame.  Yet another show I had taken off the air after only a few episodes because of the way it was being used to fleece Christians out of money for a completely fake program.  

But the frauds just keep coming down the line.  I've spoken recently to Shanna Poteet who came to me because I was trying to warn people about Melissa Woodward with "For the Sake of One" back in 2014.  Kind of hard to convince people someone's lying when they're on the 700 Club.  

Which is why I've been talking to people such as Shanna about how I think criminal and civil charges should be filed naming the shows as "co-conspirators" in these fraud cases.

You know why?  I'm a Christian.  I'm an ordained minister.  I got ordained to make sure what victims of real sex trafficking tell me can remain "confidential" even if an investigation is going on.  I'm not only a minister, but I've also had a genuine spiritual experience very similar to what Bill Wilson had when he created AA and Jimmy Kinnon had when he created NA.  I spoke about this experience when interviewed by John Quinones of ABC's "What Would You Do?" which was published in his book "Heroes Among Us".  A copy of that chapter is attached in case you don't want to wade through all my news clips at

The Bible teaches us how to "judge a tree by it's fruit" to discern whether or not such experiences are truly spiritual and not the enemy deceiving us.  Because as you know Satan can also appear as an angel of light with false signs and miracles.  

Our program has however been producing fruit - we've been producing such people as Kathleen Mitchell who founded Dignity in Arizona, Brenda Myers-Powell who created Division 17 in Chicago, Paige Latin who created  PACE in Canada, Norma Hotaling who created  SAGE in San Francisco, and even our program has been a part of the Second Chance program created by professor Celia Williamson who partnered with the Salvation Army in Ohio.  Those are just a few of the names of people I can talk about because they've been public about receiving their help to leave sex work and find recovery through our program and hotline over the 30 years now we've been operating.  

I could go on as one of our newer members just gave an interview with the Epoch Times about how we've helped her break her connection with pimps and the sex industry just a few days ago -  I have more interviews with members who we've helped at  This woman is starting a chapter of our program - in Portland - a town that has the largest number of strip clubs in the country I should add.

But where is my interview on your shows?  So far every fraud including Melissa Woodward has been featured on your respective shows/stations where the publicity and "stamp of approval" has allowed them to fleece people now out of MILLIONS of dollars and also siphon real help from real victims for THIRTY YEARS NOW.  

Which is why I'm advocating some of your stations actually be charged in these criminal and civil cases against them because I think it's pretty obvious you have to be getting something out of this.  I mean why else ALL of them - but not one single interview, not one minute, not a blip or a bleep anywhere on your programming about the person and program who started the whole movement - which is me.  That news clip about my arrest in 1984 documents that I was arrested because of the first safe house set up for adult sex trafficking victims in this country.  There is no one who pre-dates me to the work which led to the Trafficking Act of 2000 giving the issue of domestic sex trafficking federal recognition.

You all know about my work and me because I've sent you each information and a request to come onto your shows.  So why not?  I've sent you information on the criminal charges brought against some of the people you have had on your shows and again offered to come on and let people hear about what we're doing to help real victims with a real program by also someone who is a Christian with Christian experiences to talk about.  

But I don't get a call.  Which is leading me to believe there must be something deliberate and intentional going on here.  If I'm wrong - call me.  Book me on the show.  I think 30 years of work behind me is enough to warrant five minutes of air time don't you think?  Especially when the people you have had on the show can't produce one actual person they've helped and all they've done with the press you gave them was line their pockets with money.

I'm not holding a fund raiser.  I don't have a "gofundme" site and I'm not holding a walkathon.  I just do what God tells me to do and I see the fruits of that work in changed lives.  If that isn't good enough to be interviewed on one of your shows/stations - then something is very wrong here and needs to be investigated.  

Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127 Cell/Text

Monday, November 28, 2016

Letter to the Guardian about a False Story Ran on Sex Trafficking

I'm writing to let you know of an experience which is sadly becoming a very common place thing in respect to the field of modern sex trafficking illustrated by the article you published here

I run  Our program, and hotline, was originally launched in 1987 as "Prostitutes Anonymous".  When we launched, it was because of the fact modern sex trafficking was viewed in much the same manner as that of alien abduction is viewed then and today.  I say that because if you were to call the police and report you were being sold and/or trafficked back then into the industry against your will, and also asking for help to escape, as well as resources to help you recover physically, mentally and spiritually from what you'd just been through - they would react to you the same as if you were to call up asking for help to escape the little green men kidnapping you at night.  No resources to provide escape and/or recovery from such a thing existed because it was viewed as non-existent as the idea of needing to create an exit and restoration system for people kidnapped by aliens.

Literally no laws existed for such a thing, no other hotline, safe houses, or even any kind of training for therapists on how to help one deal with life after such an experience existed anywhere.  I know as I spent years looking for such help only to be alternatively accused of either being as "crazy" as someone who was claiming aliens were abducting them at night, or meeting with a wall of "who cares what happens to a whore" attitudes.  

Back then we had a record number of serial killers targeting prostitutes with bodies piling up like cords of wood while the police wouldn't even lift a finger to investigate any tips.  I had taken a girlfriend of mine into the HIllside Strangler Task Force offices a year before they caught the two cousins responsible who had been stabbed 51 times by them with their names, address, phone number, along with physical descriptions only to find ourselves literally thrown out of their office.  When I asked "why?" I was told by the Chief it was "because we can't get a warrant based on the word of a whore".  We were viewed not as "victims" back then - but purely and solely as "criminals" period. 

Prior to the first TV appearances we made trying to enlighten the public about the subject, and to promote our hotline, the public scoffed at the very idea.  If you look at films such as "Thoroughly Modern Millie" from 1968 - you'll see Hollywood was making musical comedies about the very idea of a boarding house ran by Asians who would drug and sell American women to opium dens as prostitutes.  Books like the "Happy Hooker" and musicals like "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" created an image to the world of prostitution being nothing but a "happy place" involving nothing more than sex for money between two consenting adults.

To convince America this problem was real enough to lead to us achieving federal recognition of it for the first time with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - I had to lay bare my life for examination so people could believe I was not only telling the truth, but I had to further turn down over a $1,000,000 in publishing and film deals in order to prove I wasn't "making up stories to sell books" as Linda Lovelace had been accused of doing when she tried to raise public awareness about this issue back in 1980 when she released her book "Ordeal".   In fact, I went onto the Joan Rivers talk show in 1992 to show the million dollars in offers and then tear up the contracts for the camera to show "getting the truth out about this problem" was "more important to me to do than make money".

Which is why I'm becoming more and more deeply disturbed by the increasing process of "fictionalizing" or "catfishing" of sex trafficking victims for various purposes.  The first one I remember was a person going by the name "Stella Marr" who was creating a supposed support group for survivors called "Survivors Connect".  Her goal was to get information for a research project and to locate whether or not any survivors existed in the USA who weren't already members of our organization who would be willing to say things politically about the subject that were counter to our beliefs.  

For example, we believe the best way to fight sex trafficking and to prosecute traffickers is to fully decriminalize prostitution.  Only by removing the fear of self-incrimination will you get those closest to the problem willing to come forward to the police to make a report, and even testify against the more dangerous sex traffickers.  We believe "johns" are the first ones to know where sex trafficking is operating and to arrest them only supports the criminal operation.  Much as how during Prohibition the alcoholic wouldn't give up their source in fear of not only themselves being arrested but also losing their source of alcohol.  
When Stella was exposed as a complete fabrication, she disappeared only to be replaced by Samoly Mam.  She reports being approached by reporters promising her "fame and fortune" if she was also willing to spout ideas on the subject counter to what many real life modern survivors commonly believe is needed to combat the problem, and to help victims find recovery.  The press and donations she siphoned away from real programs doing real work trying to pass along real knowledge about how it operated, and how best to also shut these operations down.  

Another complete fabrication came along with the franchise "Taken".  The man this story was based upon was later arrested for impersonating a military officer for the purposes of raising money.  As a result of this Hollywood work of fiction - whenever I'd talk to people about "organizing a rescue operation" they would have images of Liam Neeson kicking in doors, loading guns, and being something which only happens in places other than within the USA's borders.  This fabrication actually frightened many people from even thinking of getting involved in helping victims or fighting sex trafficking for fear of being shot by mobsters - further siphoning off needed resources and support to help us.

Lately more and more of these fabrications are coming out in the media as a form of advertising such as in the story your paper published about the "first survivor to get a scholarship for survivors" at Loma Linda University in San Diego.   When I read the news about the scholarship supposedly becoming available to survivors, I contacted them immediately because the release was false.  They were NOT the "first" people to offer such a scholarship for one thing.  The other was my thoughts if there was another scholarship available now for adults then I knew of a few of our members who would love to be able to apply for the scholarship.  My inquiries however were completely blown off.

When I dug deeper I learned the "university" existed in the living room of a two bedroom apartment in San Diego.  As I pushed harder to find out on where survivors could apply for the scholarship I learned the whole story was a complete fabrication.  So you can imagine my surprise when I read about supposedly the first "graduate" from this scholarship as talked about in your story.   I reached out to find this woman to interview her for - a source of audio interviews we provide to members who are incarcerated to keep them focused on their recovery who can't attend regular meetings - only to find out she was also a complete fabrication.

Further, the reporter who wrote the story and was pretending to be a "survivor" and the "graduate" of the scholarship, had actually called up our hotline falsely claiming to be a victim in need of help for "research" purposes completely wasting my time.  You have to understand we don't apply for any grants, hold any fund raisers, nor charge anyone for what we do.  All of our work is done entirely by "volunteers" who do it for their own recovery purposes such as AA does it to stay sober.

So I, along with other members of SWA, were taking time out of their spare time to answer the call of this person who was completely wasting our time, and time we could have been spending on other "real" members in need of our help.  All of which was being taken up by her of us simply to write a story which promoted a program out of Florida who DOES rely upon grants and fund raising using such publicity for such purposes.  

Meaning I frankly could care less if they want to write completely fabricated stories about the issue and fake scholarships and such they use to generate donations for their program who I have no idea what they actually do in reality - but when they're sucking up our time, products and resources in order to do so I consider it a form of not only fraud but outright theft no different than shop lifting.  It also gives a completely false idea to the public the only thing survivors need to recover from such ordeals is a degree which is 180 degrees apart from the truth.

The truth is that most modern survivors of sex trafficking within the USA could have a fully paid for PhD under their belt and most won't be able to get a job at a local convenience store with it because of their past.  I say that because the modern American sex traffickers promote their victims, and protect themselves and their customers from law enforcement, through the use of pornography.  Pornography easily found online when potential job interviewers are doing background checks on applicants.  

I have questioned 10 companies who loudly promote they "offer scholarships to sex trafficking victims" if they would hire these same survivors once they obtained their training if this survivor had nude pornographic images of themselves found online which they couldn't get removed and/or if they had a criminal record for prostitution and the answer was clearly "no".  In fact, to date, not one corporation which has put out scholarships for survivors has actually hired any of those partakers of the scholarships despite them achieving the higher degree.  I have a long list of survivors who have earned high degrees, are now loaded down with a huge load of student debt to now pay off, but who can't get a job because of their past within the sex industry even though it was entirely against their will.

That's the kind of truth being hidden which the public needs to know about is happening in order to do something about it to help these survivors truly be able to move on.  We need to be discussing laws allowing model releases signed under duress to be voided after a certain amount of time so 20 years later you can't get a job because of a porn spread you were forced to do, or a record you got while being forced to prostitute by traffickers all don't prevent you from being able to move on from the industry entirely.    Not having to return back to it "voluntarily" after having been rescued from forced sex trafficking simply because of things like porn, criminal records, or child custody agreements are blocking from finding another way to pay our rent now we got set free.  

One of the biggest complaints you hear out of law enforcement, social workers, and counselors is that once freed from forced sex trafficking so many victims return "voluntarily" - wasting in a sense all of that work to rescue them.  However, they haven't tried to try to get a job when employers are asking about a prostitution conviction or staring at a centerfold spread.  They can "sympathize" all they want with us - but that doesn't mean they're going to hire us with these things hindering us from being able to move on.  

I remember when the tobacco industry lied to Congress about their products not being cancerous nor addictive.  The sex industry actually is responsible for the flow of more money than the tobacco industry who is also trying to mislead Congress.  The last two Congressional hearings on sex trafficking saw completely fabricated "victims" testifying.  Put there in my opinion for the same reasons and in the same manner the tobacco industry did when also trying to protect their industry through the deception of Congress.  

Fake survivors who didn't want to have testimony heard that the greatest blockage to being able to escape a sex trafficker is that of parental rights.  Real pimps and traffickers will work to get their victims pregnant as fast as possible into their relationship.  This then prevents their victim from being able to leave them without a forwarding address for at least the next 18 years.  

For the next 18 years, if the mother tries to run off without telling her pimp where she's living to escape him - he just calls the FBI to file a kidnapping report and the police will return her along with the baby promptly.  Now I ask you - how do you escape that in even the best of "safe houses" being provided to you?  Did you know if he's even convicted of pimping or trafficking you that you are STILL required legally to take the child to him in prison for visitation and if you refuse YOU could be held in contempt?  Don't tell me that's not going to make a victim think twice about testifying against a guy she's going to have to be facing with her child in hand for the next 18 years.  

You still have to tell him where your'e at or be arrested as a criminal yourself under current laws.  Something you didn't hear one word about in Congressional testimony on sex trafficking the last two hearings because of the phony so called "survivors" talking about how more money was what was needed instead to fund programs and safe houses.  More money however isn't going to change those laws sadly.

All I can do is point out that if someone is trying to publish a story on alcoholism, but doesn't seem to know who Bill Wilson or Alcoholics Anonymous is which in relation to this movement we are that Bill Wilson and AA - then maybe that person should be examined a little more carefully as to the truth of their story.  If they're sincere then certainly they'd at least know we exist even.  Yes it does matter to us if their stories are true or not because the services we need to escape and recover depend first upon raising awareness of what those needs are.

Which is done through the media such as your publication.  So I'm going to ask you to please consider if future pieces are reading like marketing campaigns or lobbying efforts before publishing them  - please consider checking them out for honesty before publishing because we can't get help for things which the public isn't aware of first we need.  Since they aren't witnessing our trafficking - this leaves us with enlightening them through our personal stories.  That's how we got federal recognition achieved with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - but since money was made available with that recognition - we've been finding ourselves blocked at the media well by those seeking out political power and financial donations for some time now at the expense of legitimate survivors' testimonies.

I would therefore ask that you please consider future stories on the subject of sex  trafficking very carefully as to the honesty of the piece before publishing.  That or at least some kind of equal time in allowing OUR voices as authentic survivors to be heard who know money isn't the answer for our situation much of the time.  Money for example doesn't change that law requiring us to tell our pimps where we're living at all times so they can threaten us and our children if we try and leave their control.  Nor does money take down porn we were forced into performing in off the internet so we can get a job outside of the sex industry by employers who could care less what degree we have if there's a nude spread of us online for their customers to see.

That kind of thing takes public awareness we're being robbed of by a new form of pimp who is exploiting our pain in order to drain funds meant to "help" us by robbing us of the media we need to get our true stories out there where we need it to be heard so we can escape any kind of exploitation we're being subjected to whether we're in or out of the sex industry at the moment.

We're not going to stay out for long if we find no other way to pay our rent than returning to prostitution because we can't get a job or away from our pimp because of these false stories continuing.

So please - if you ever need any help checking out a story in the future as to it's honesty  please just give me a shout.

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Where do they get their funding?  Why do they exist?  What do they get out of this work?

Sex Workers Anonymous is a 12 step group.  Meaning based on the model of AA and NA.  What this means essentially is Bill Wilson was suffering with a craving to drink at 8 months sobriety.  So he set out to find someone else to "12 step" which was Dr. Bob.  This created Alcoholics Anonymous - reaching out to help another.  12 step groups are not federally funded by grants, nor by private fund raisers, crowdfunding, nor even private donations.  Our funding is only and solely by the sales of our literature, or money passed from the basket.  Now since prostitution is illegal, and receiving money from the "earnings a prostitute" is a felony - we don't pass a basket at our meetings.  This limits our income quite severely.  But why do we reach out to help others?  Because that's how we stay out - pure and simple.  I have been reaching out to help others, who want that help, and I have been off drugs and out of the whole sex industry, since 1985.  It's that simple.

So any press we do is to "carry the message" to those who might need us where to find us.  It's not to promote a fund raiser.  It's not to beef up an application for a grant.  It's not to look good for an election.  It's not because we have a lawsuit pending.  It's not because we're trying to get a law passed.  It's also not because we're paid informants nor a paid lobbyist either.

The group "Abeni" is part of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.  A task force that receives federal grant money.  How do they get that grant money?  They apply for it.  To get grant money to help trafficking victims - you have to show need.  How do you show need?  Well getting some to come into a group they think is there to help them might be a good way to do so.  Their media by their own admission says they mix current active sex workers with trafficking victims who are trying to escape trafficking.  How on earth does that work in reality?  Are you going to tell me you can put newly sober alcoholics in a bar with active drunks and that's going to work?  Well it works for the drinking alcoholics for sure - not those trying to stay sober.  Anyone who is recovering from sex trafficking knows that if the ring is still operating they will be trying to find you.  Either to retrieve you back into the ring or to make sure you don't press charges.  How do they do this?  They use active sex workers.  Meaning if you want to escape sex trafficking you have to cut off anyone from the whole sex and drug world to do so.  Otherwise, a phone rings and they know where you're at and then it's over.  You are either drug back or you're being threatened - one or the other.  I know because not only is that what happened to me but it's what I've seen for 30 years now.

I've seen criminal rings send people into jail just to get next to someone to threaten them and drag them back.  I've seen them take a girl and fake a suicide attempt to get one of their people into a suicide ward to get a threat to a victim.  I've seen them send in "catfish" victims into safe houses just to find out where they are, and to find out who the staff is.  I've seen just about every trick in the book (no pun intended) by criminal operations trying to cover their backside, to silence potential witnesses, and to drag heavy earners back into the fold.  Same with law enforcement.  I've seen a documentary how they sent in an undercover snitch into the Hell's Angel's and another show where they took and put a man in a killer's cell just to befriend him in the hopes of getting him to confess where he'd hidden the bodies.

Which is why the purity of the 12 step process works.  We don't involve ourselves in any law enforcement matters.  No lawsuits.  No legislature activity.  No fund raising.  Our only and SOLE purpose is to help someone leave, and recover from, the sex industry.

We aren't taking money from the AHF to not only promote their agendas, but to even try and sink AIM.  The AIM Clinic was set up by an ex-porn performer to be devoted to be a safe place where the sex industry could go and get testing and not be in fear of criminal prosecution, nor of being laughed at, stared at, nor files being made to start criminal investigations on them either.  There have been rumors they were deliberately "set up" to be shut down which I wouldn't doubt one bit.  Especially in light of the "Sex Industry Mafia" as I call them that does exist.  There is a specific group of people who will target anyone who has left the sex industry to try and do everything in their power to make sure those exits are not successful.  So I don't doubt at all that Dr. Sharon Mitchell was set up during this process of AIM being shut down.

It's why I also have had some serious doubts about what's going on with Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross.  We have been extending our hand to ALL from ALL parts of the sex industry - whether it be prostitution or porn since 1987.  Now why would Shelley come along and feel the need to start her own program just to reach out to porn performers?  What experience did she have in leaving porn when she opened Pink Cross?  Now in SWA we also advocate that one can't successfully leave sex work while still using drugs.  We have seen Shelley confess on her social media not only to still drinking and using, but one time she even posted that she had "flushed all of her drugs" which one doesn't do if one is on prescribed medications by a medical doctor for a valid reason.  I take thyroid medication that I don't get up  and flush and then post about it on Twitter.

I have said we have found ourselves under attack for a while now since I refused an offer to accept money to be a paid informant on our members.  Now I know I'm not unique.  If I'm being offered money to inform on our members - then I'm sure other groups are also.  Especially since Congress asked for a "census" to be taken about two years ago of the sex industry.  Might explain why SWOP suddenly starts offering people $300 to start organizing "get togethers" to encourage new members who sign pledges now that identify themselves as sex workers without any privacy policy as to what is done with that information.

But I'd like to point out something I found about Shelley's status as an informant today online:

For a while now, I've been trying to figure out why Shelley has been terrorizing people into being afraid to call us for help.  Now I think I know.  If she's an informant - then she's going to want to make sure she's getting people coming to her for help instead of us.

Use common sense people.  What other group has testimonials online in their own words over a span of 30 years of how a group helped them?  I have quotes in news articles spanning 30 years from members at and I have recorded interviews at    Our quotes are not tied to fund raisers, grants, elections, lawsuits, or laws trying to be passed.  We are not going to put together a fund raiser for you either.  We are here to help you leave the sex industry and find "recovery" meaning being able to pay your own way in your own life in your own home yourself.  We're not going to put you in our house, then parade you around asking for money to help you, and then take care of you like a child while you go to school that once you get a degree may or may not get you work.  A recent study of the homeless found 30 percent of them had a BA degree or higher.

The Cupcake Girls have a lobbyist.  Why?  What do lobbyist's do?  They're paid for one thing.  They're paid to influence legislators to pass laws.  Now think - why would a group be going out offering money, make-overs, cupcakes, hair cuts, dental work, free legal assistance to strippers and then also have a lobbyist?  What do politicians like?  Come on people - do the math here!

Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle flew to W. Virginia to supposedly "help" Heather.  They set up an $800,000 fund raiser for her.  Supposedly handed her a wad of cash, then she went on a drug binge.  Who in their right mind would do this?  Why would you hand that much cash to someone who was using drugs, prostituting, had just killed someone for whatever reason, is in a life crisis stage in her life because now her face has been plastered all over the internet as a "hero" it will be impossible for her to find a job somewhere, and then just hand her a wad of cash with no oversight even?

Nothing like paying for rent, paying for school, paying for counseling, having a sponsor appointed her that walks through these changes with her - just hands her cash and walks out after having plastered her face and name all over the internet as a "hero".  Because that's what they did - as they blasted her face as a "hero" they were also alerting the world she was a "prostitute" thus making it now almost impossible for her to find a job somewhere outside of the sex industry.  Their goal isn't helping Heather to leave the sex industry or they would have called us.  We would have connected Heather to the local W. Virginia members who then would be offering her 24/7 support, gotten her into some kind of drug treatment, some kind of counseling (depending on what's available in W. Virginia), helped her to find work when she was ready, and connected her to other ex-prostitutes in recovery to provide her with emotional support during the process.

These women are dangerous.  After they got done with "Kamylla" she's still not out of sex work either.  According to her own social media - she's still not working a job, still has legal issues, and still has immigration hanging over her head.   In other words, she has three kids, is married, and is still working as a prostitute with multiple legal issues over her head.  Now they're done with her - Maxine, Domina Elle, and the others, have moved on to Heather.  They then went after Heather for a fund raiser, and now no one seems to know where Heather is.  For all we know she's overdosed or dead in some alley somewhere.

Let me ask you something - what if Neal Falls was a serial killer?  What if he worked with a partner?  The investigation into Neal's wasn't completed yet before these people blasted her face and name all over the internet calling her a "hero".  What if his partner came after her for revenge for his murder?  I mean where is Heather?  Was she linked into a social network of people who cared about her?  No.  She was used to raise money, gather information on people, and then now dumped while these people have moved on.

Let's look at the obvious - if these women cared about sex workers they wouldn't be bashing me or SWA you know why?  Because I"m an ex-sex worker and I answer a hotline that sex workers call every day for help.  If they cared about sex workers they would not be attacking us - pure and simple.  People who care about helping alcoholics don't attack AA.  The same for Shelley, or Cupcake Girls, or anyone else attacking us.  I also am not SWA anymore than Bill Wilson is all of AA or Jimmy Kinnon is all of NA.   So clearly there's another agenda going on when people are attacking us while claiming to care about sex workers, or to be supposedly trying to help someone leave sex work.  Domina Elle and Maxine Doogan have no experience in this arena - and handing money to Heather and thinking that's going to help her quit sex work is just proof they have no idea what they're doing.

Or do they know exactly what they're doing?  I know this - if you're a group working with prostitutes right now in 2013 then the leaders have been approached to be paid informants.  They've either accepted or refused.  I've refused.  Meaning what you say to us or in our meetings stays with us.  Our only concern is your recovery.  If that's your goal also - then you can reach us at

Why do I care?  I'll tell you why - because I get calls all the time from women who have tried to find recovery by going to the wrong places.  They wind up at a drug treatment program where the director says "I'll help you" and "you can turn your tricks with me instead of some stranger" and then this poor girl winds up dead and her family just lost someone they loved.

Which is why I tend to know about places like this.  Can we publish anything about this?  Not if we don't want to wind up being sued for defamation.  But what we can do is tell family members of women like Julie and say "we've had women go through program such and such and they've been treated well in that program" and increase the odds that they won't be tripped up on the path to recovery by people with other agendas.

Understand this - pedophiles get jobs working with kids.  Why?  Access to kids.  Now if you're a trafficker - what are you going to do?  Get access to women you can get turned out right?  If you are a man with a sexual addiction and you don't want to get "shamed" in one of these "letter writing campaigns" that politicians are doing to advance their careers - then what do you do?  Do you keep picking up women on street corners?  Or maybe you go out and start a drug treatment empire where you can get all kinds of access with these women that you can then turn around and say "who believes a junkie's accusation"?

Or better yet - become a guard where you can lock them in a cell at night with no one around and then when she makes an accusation you get your boss even backing you up?  Look people - these victims are just that victims.  They are not only victims of traffickers and that's one of the reasons why these people keep creating "fake" survivors like Samoly Mam or even Wilthelma Ortiz Pettigrew to testify at Congress.  Because the fake ones limit their stories to the traffickers who target and exploit them.

REAL VICTIMS talk about ALL who target and exploit them - even those in social services, the courts, the jails, the police stations, the churches, and the treatment centers.  For which there needs to be some kind of watchdog system built in just as there is to keep pedophiles out.  Now how do we do that?  Well the best way I know is the way we were doing it - letting us bring SWA meetings into these programs and facilities.   Letting prostitutes have access to our program and sponsors.  That's a good start.   Because look - in all these stories what do you see as a common thread?  Us excluded that's what you see.

I read that an informant was paid $40,000 to set up Rick "Freeway" Ross to go back to jail.  So you know what?  Sometimes there's a lot of money out there to create situations that wouldn't exist otherwise and lead you down the wrong path.  We have a system that works with respect to getting you out of the sex industry, and finding recovery.  So if you, or if you care about someone who needs help, wants help to get out of that whole briar patch of that world - just give us a call at

Thursday, October 1, 2015


However, when you dig deeper, you'll learn that this petition was actually started to kick off a "No Such Thing" campaign led by Malika Saada Saar.  

Said petition which was kicked off by an article that appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine -  However, look who is BEHIND this campaign -  (I wonder if Russell Simmons and P. Diddy know it's the McCain Institute behind this whole thing?)

Let me explain something - I was raped at 17 years of age.  I was also raped when I was 15 years old and again at 19 years old  I was sexually abused by my father starting when I was 8 years old  I assure you that when I was a 17 year old victim - I could not have kicked off a petition like this with a Cosmo article, and a huge press campaign to be held at the Sacramento Press Club.  

THIS is what we're talking about when I, and also the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000, Michael Horowitz, are talking about when we are trying to tell you that this movement has been HIJACKED.   I'd be willing to bet we have another Samoly Mam on our hands - or a young girl who is just signing something she's been asked to sign by adults in power over her.  Below is a letter I've written to the Sacramento Press Club and I'm copying to the Associated Press.  

People - this is war!  As Noam Chomsky teaches "propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship."

My dad was bigger than me - and an attorney.  I fought back.  My rapists were bigger than me.  i fought back.  One of them was my employer.  I fought back.  My traffickers were bigger and richer and more famous then me.  I fought back.  I fought back then against impossible odds and I'm not stopping now.  I REFUSE to stand by and see us put from one house of being pimped into another and have that called "rescue".  I am NOT a VICTIM and REFUSE to let other people tell society what to call me.  

Dear Respected Members of the Press:

My name is Jody Williams  If you check news clippings at - you'll find some dating back to 1987 that establish in black and white that I am the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  There were only three people preceding me in this work in their fashion.

Of course we have the original founder of the anti-slavery movement itself Wilber Wilberforce in the 1700's calling out to stop slavery.  In 1979, Lois Lee opened Children of the Night, and their hotline for "prostitutes".  Realize there was no official term for "trafficking victim" in 1979 - because people viewed sex trafficking back then much the same as little green aliens today.  Her hotline and home were to place girls who had been subject to prostitution because the existing shelters and programs didn't acknowledge their special needs - and also because they were raped and violated within their programs as well.  

While Lois started the first hotline and home for teen prostitutes - she did not call out for a whole country to change it's views and systems.  She only focused on saving the kids.  If she had tried to take on something where she'd be accused of being "crazy" - she wouldn't have been able to run a home caring for these kids.  

Neither did Linda Lovelace in 1980 found this movement when she came forward as being forced to film "Deep Throat" and prostitute with a gun pointed at her with the release of her book "Ordeal".  Linda was scooped up by the anti-pornography people who used her to lobby to have pornography abolished.  She did not call out for this country to change the way it treated these victims.

I however was a victim and a witness not to just the horrors of street prostitution and their pimps - but also to actual sex trafficking during Iran Contra, and oil deals that were being negotiated as well back in the 1980's.  I also witnessed what has now been recorded as the worst war on prostitutes in our history  - which was in Los Angeles in the 1980's.  This is when we had a record number of murders of prostitutes, as well as abuse through what led to the historic Rampart lawsuits against LAPD.

These victims, male and female, had nowhere to go. No one would even believe them back then - let alone help them.  If someone was over 18 years of age, as I was - we couldn't go to Children of the Night.  Which is why I put together a warehouse for the first "safe house" in history two blocks from Van Nuys Police Station.  THIS is why the media dubbed me the "high tech madam" in 1984.  With a huge  criminal case pending over my head, and my mother's, I couldn't tell the truth back then to the media  - especially to a world that wouldn't have believed me if I did.  Honestly, do you think in 1984 they would have believed we had all that security, and all those iron bars on that warehouse because we would have teams of men storming  the place with guns to try and retrieve victims of sex trafficking rings being sold to drug cartels?  Not likely.

So when I stepped up on that first talk show stage in 1987, announced our hotline, our program, AND called out to have this country change the way it responded to these victims when we'd call for help - that makes ME the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  As a victim/survivor of this, as one who did the first ever "rescues", as the one who set up the first hotline, the first program, the first safe house, and the first one to speak at legislatures, etc. that gives me the right to make this claim.

Now I respect all of you personally.  I respect what you're trying to do.  But I have to tell you - this movement has been 'hijacked".  I am not alone in that view.  The author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 has stated so also in an interview in the Review Journal in 2013.  Now to my knowledge, Ms. Saar, and your press club, are not survivors.  While you are advocates and activists - I dare to say you are not "survivors".  

I want to share something with you about the hijacking of this movement that grieves me deeply.  I was channel surfing last night and I came across a religious show that was talking about "helping sex trafficking victims".  As a watcher of late night TV - I see a lot of the inphomericals to "save the animals" and "save starving children in Africa".  The template is the same - they parade around horrific images of these poor voiceless defenseless victims and they ask for your donations to help "save" or "rehabilitate" them.

Well on this show that's what I saw.  I saw horrific images, sad music, and talk about a big house to be build in India to "save these poor victims".  I couldn't help but cry.  Cry at not only how we were being perceived - but also cry that instead of these poor girls being housed in a brothel exploited for money by the pimps they were now going to be placed in yet another house where they are now being exploited by religious "do gooders" using us to raise money in almost an identical manner.

I then saw the petition not asking for our culture, nor our legal system, to change the use of the words for "prostitute", "sex worker" and "rape victim" but to actually change the use of the words within the MEDIA.  I'm sorry but these are two completely different arenas. 

Our members are "anonymous".  To protect their new lives they can not come forward in the public eye to speak their minds.  This leaves me to be their "trusted servant" in 12 step terms to speak for them when they ask me to.  Sex Workers Anonymous is this country's oldest and LARGEST program of people who have exited the sex industry - whether they were trafficked or forced in any way to be there in the first place or not leave.  As their voice - I have watched as I had speaking their voice shrunk further and further into silence.  We lost our public service announcements, and our public access TV shows in 1995.  We also lost the right to give "opposing viewpoints" in the media about issues that were being heard in the courts and voted upon - and we lost our voice with any media outlet which received federal or church money, as well our voice through large corporations that promote "rape culture" i.e, the sex industry itself.

Now what you're doing is you want to remove our voice from the media and dictionary entirely.  I personally find this as completely offensive as going to the Associated Press and asking them to change the use of the word "African American" to "slave".  ESPECIALLY if this act of war upon us was to be done right in the middle of the civil war long before we had an African American as president.  I have the right to speak on that also because I do have African American blood   I am the direct descendant of a union between a plantation owner and a slave who upon being freed he married her.  

I also have the right to speak out as a rape survivor, having been raped three times personally - and also being the descendant of the product of a rape.  My grandmother had my mother as the product of a rape where she opted not to have an abortion.  I was also sexually abused by my father starting at when I was 8 years old  So trust me - on all levels I am a "survivor" and I find this petition and upcoming campaign as HIGHLY offensive and view it as a further hijacking of the movement and silencing of our voice.

If you want to know more about why I feel that way - please read the attached letter I've sent to the Associated Press

Thank you.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

Monday, August 3, 2015


I will remind those new to this blog that I'm the founder of this modern day domestic sex trafficking movement before I begin this post.  If you check the news clippings at you will see that I was the first person who stepped up in 1987 - which was 13 YEARS before the Trafficking Act of 2000 was written to tell the public that (1) sex trafficking was real and happening today not something of the past as was believed at the time, (2) I set up the first hotline for adult victims to call for help (second only to the Children of the Night hotline that had been set up for teens in 1979), (3) the first program for people leaving the sex industry, some of who had been trafficked, could find help to move on with their lives to another level, and (4) calling for our country to stop treating these victims like criminals and instead HELP us.  So in other words - I'm the Bill Wilson of the alcoholism movement who founded Alcoholics Anonymous.  You need to understand this before you can understand where I'm coming from with this post to the blog.

So when celebrities first started jumping on the band wagon and saying in the press "oooh oooh I want to do something to help" I was actually stupid enough to believe them.   Please remember this is a movement we're talking about so there's a history here I'm trying to educate you about by writing this blog.  BEFORE - you wouldn't get a celebrity to talk about sex trafficking because not only did people not believe it was real - it wasn't popular.  I again point you to movies like this one that used to be very popular at one time.

Which means when celebrities started talking about sex trafficking - it was new at that time.  It was new to me to hear them talk about it also.  So when I'd hear a celebrity talk about "wanting to get involved to help"  I would then get ahold of SAG, find out who their agent was, then I'd send over information on our group, and I'd ask to please speak to this celebrity so I could get them involved in the movement.

You remember, celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker,   or Daryl Hannah,  Kristin Stewart, and 100 other celebrities I wound up spinning my wheels trying to make contact with when I would hear them make these public announcements about wanting to actually get involved with doing something about domestic sex trafficking.  Wearing a red "x" on your hand IS NOT DOING SOMETHING.  Now I'm not singling anyone out here but the reality is the ONLY celebrity who ever actually got involved to help us was Frances Nuyen - a woman who has now been threatened to "back off" helping us by the way currently.  Geraldo Rivera was another in the 1980's who helped us get publicity and exposure on his talk shows.   To be frank - Hugh Hefner actually ponied up a $1,000,000 donation to Children of the Night.  Now that's doing something!

But I kept being thanked politely for my calls and blown off by their people.  Then I saw Jada Pinkett-Smith kicking off her "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign.  This was before she got the role on Gotham by the way.  This campaign was to raise support for Proposition 35.  So again I'm making the silly mistake of thinking that she'd want to talk to me not only as the founder of the movement itself, not only as the person who announced that sex trafficking did exist within the legal sex industries such as legal brothels and strip clubs as well as on porn sets as I did in our 2007 press conference, but also as the founder of the oldest, and largest, program of adult survivors in the world, Sex Workers Anonymous.  In fact, our oldest recovering members all live in California - so I'm thinking they'd love to get involved somehow in a campaign to help victims.

I did get a call from some assistant of Jada's trying to make sure I didn't feel slighted - that was clear.  But when I would ask to meet with Jada and speak to her about what WE would like to see happen to help US - I got nowhere.  I had just started moving back to Los Angeles then and I had hooked up with an old friend who has been making movies for 30 years.  He told me that he was going to help us produce a documentary, edit it, and help us with production.  Strangely, the very week he agreed to help us he got fired from his job at Sony he'd been at for 12 straight years - but we didn't think it was connected yet at the time.

So anyway - I'm talking to him about all this website stuff I'm seeing for the "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign and how I can't find any way to speak to Jada directly and my friends laughs.  He then starts educating me on how people in Hollywood these days are picked for roles based on their internet ranking.  Meaning that the more clicks and hits you get on your name or your website - the more likely you're going to be picked to be in a film.

He then told me the "inside scoop" was that she wasn't doing a lot of work since Matrix and he believed a lot of this was hype to revitalize her career.  Then he showed me how everyone else was using the key words and hashtags of "sex trafficking" to get traffic onto their websites, increasing their "ranking" and thus making it more likely for them to get work.  Also pointing out they only start talking about this subject when they're in between films and looking for work.  Which I had to agree was true.  Daryl talked her way into doing a documentary.  Kristin had just finished her last movie about the Runaways and was in between gigs and suffering from bad press about her breakup with Robert Pattinson, and going back over the list I began to see his point.   He starts explaining how in Hollywood every is done by formula now and numbers, and how people are living and dying by the numbers on their social ranking and what better way to generate some people googling your name than talking about sex trafficking right?

Then he pointed out the obvious "you seeing her calling you?".  No.  He then predicted "watch - she'll get some new role soon and probably forget all about this".  Which frankly she did get that role in Gotham shortly after and I did see her numbers go up on the sites he showed me.   I did see her stop campaigning about sex trafficking while she was filming Gotham.  Then when filming with Gotham ended now she's started back up with this CNN show.  Notice how a week later the show aired - her ranking has gone down 216 percent by this screen shot below.   Sites like "star meter" that show ranking right on the imdb site itself.  So yes sex trafficking has been "very very good" for Jada in my Andy Kaufman voice.

As I continued to try and make contact with no success with Jada about this campaign because there are some serious flaws in the wording of this Proposition - I can't help but think he's right.  I called a woman I know who works with young prostitutes coming off the streets and asked her what she thought about this Proposition 35.  She called it a "publicity campaign".  I'm like how?  She tells me the whole wording is wrong, it's going to be kicked out (which it was), and that it's all about generating publicity - not about doing anything to create any real solutions.  If this proposition was about solutions - they have access to  the best legal minds in the world and they could certainly word it better than something they know is just going to get kicked back.  So basically I'm hearing the same take on this from two different worlds - that this about publicity not about solutions.

Now Jada says in interviews she got involved in this because of what her daughter was seeing going on in her schools.  Well I bet she was.  The whole Montana Fishburne case was unfolding at about the same time starting about 2010 when it was hitting the news.   For those new to this - Montana is Laurence Fishburne's daughter.  Who was in Matrix also by the way.  Montana has been "turned out" at about 16 years old by another 16 year old boy named Jeremy Greene or J-Pipe's.  Jeremy was also trying his hand at a rap music career as well as his new porn career when he turned 18 years old.

So he's in this whole world where Snoop Dogg is "fascinated by pimping" and his 2003 tour he speaks about in Rolling Stone - where he's now setting up this whole youth football league that's also spreading all over Los Angeles like a virus.   So how would she NOT hear about this from her school age children here in Los Angeles because we now have pimps spreading all over our Los Angeles county schools in connection with all of this?  Also, she's certainly going to hear about Montana.

But let me just ask you this - does making tougher gun laws STOP anyone from being murdered?  Does making tougher drug laws stop people from being addicts?   By the very nature of prostitution being illegal in California, and 99.99 percent of the USA, and by pimping being also illegal - then guess what?  Criminals are not deterred by the law.  Make tougher laws?   Is that a solution?

We see cases like this 16 year old in San Luis Obispo that did not roll out of bed a pimp.  Because what I'm seeing in the pimp world is the same thing you see in the drug world - you get the grown-ups to get kids to get their access to other kids.  Then you see the kids doing the stuff that would get a grown-up locked up for life.  Just as drug dealers have kids hold the drugs or transport them.  That way they go to juvie court and their life is trashed - but the grown-up just finds another kid.

So if yes Jada wanted to get involved in an actual SOLUTION, especially to tackle WHAT Willow was seeing in a Los Angeles county school system then chasing after a proposition that's just going to be thrown out is a wonderful way to increase your "social ranking" both in the public eye and also for the computer rankings that actors live and die by for jobs BUT IT'S NOT A SOLUTION.  In other words it's a great opportunity for her to advance her career - but for us - nothing.   Also the CNN documentary was filmed in ATLANTA.  I ask you - why not show us what Willow came home to tell her mother about seeing which was in Los Angeles County?  Well if this is about advancing her career - then there's no way in hell she's going to show what's going on in Los Angeles to the world then is she?

More people exploiting us for their gain - while we get nada in the way of something done to actually HELP US.   In other words, we're being pimped for someone's career.

Sounds kind of cold and calculating doesn't it?  Especially when this modern campaign I've seen since the movement got hijacked seems to want to focus on the African American male as a pimp as their demon "trafficker".  Which of course doesn't address that prostitution and sex trafficking are DIFFERENT THINGS.  Nor does it address the fact that a PIMP is not a TRAFFICKER.  They are DIFFERENT.

When we started this movement women like Jeane Palfrey and myself were trying to tell the world that we need a system that acknowledges that sometimes the traffickers are law enforcement, (like Chris Butler), DEA (like the strip club owners in New Jersey), or CIA (like Iran Contra).

Men who are WHITE.   Men who wear suits or uniforms.  THAT'S what we need built into the system.   We need a place to run not when our trafficker is a street pimp but when our trafficker is someone like those women in that NJ strip club had to deal with when their traffickers were DEA agents.   Because you can build 100 "safe houses" - they aren't going to help us if we can't go to them because men like that are looking for us to make sure we don't make it to court to testify against them.  Jeane didn't make it to that ethics hearing and I almost didn't make it out alive either.  That DEA strip club case - wouldn't have happened without a senator speaking out to "do something" about how those club owners were partying with Colombian drug dealers.   Which is why I'm over here waving red flags begging Jada to please please help us bring light to what's going on across this country right now and instead she's joined the war demonizing African American men instead as the problem because it helps her career.

I've been told that our blog postings are very "negative".  Well let me tell you something - there's a lot of people being "positive" out there.  So positive that no one wants to say the "emperor is not wearing any clothes".  Everyone is so worried about their jobs, their reputation, their election, their grant funding, their donations that no one is going to speak out the truth here about this being bullshit.  Fine - I don't have any of that so I can say that shit stinks.

Instead of listening to me because what I have to say is "negative" I saw all the celebrities like Gloria Steinem and Diane Von Furstenberg and all the celebrities hitch their wagons to women like Samoly Mam because she was "positive".  Only she was FAKE.

I got news for you - real victims are NOT being "positive" because we're still in the war zone LIKE WE ARE NOW.  We're still in the war zone when I have a woman in Pasadena, California announce that she wants to quit hooking at 50 years of age now that her son is going off to UCLA and two Pasadena cops, and a Pasadena judge slap her with two phony prostitution charges, threatening her they'll send her back to China if she doesn't go back to prostitutution with a third charge, that will get her the death penalty back in China.  And if you read about the arrest of Liang Yaohui - you'd know that threat was very real.  That when I try and get her record cleared up - I'm now being threatened by cops.  So NEGATIVE is this - it's not even included in Senator John Kerry's Trafficking in Persons report for 2015.  In fact, I'm not even invited to the ceremony to release it.  Wow.

I'm not alone in this crisis we're facing either when I read things like this -  Which by the way - you think this problem this judge is having is solved because you read that a "report is being done by the UC Irvine professor of law"?  Guess what?  HE says "no one has asked me to do any report".

California US Attorney Kamala Harris is busy reviewing an illegally made undercover videotape against Planned Parenthood   which I will repeat was illegally made and aired - no she'll review that and make a public statement  which she should even be watching because it was illegally made and aired (remember the ACORN producer who got fined $100,000 for the same thing?), but she WON'T address the issues this judge is having.

So Houston we got a serious problem.  A problem that someone with Jada's status could actually help us shine some light on.  Only I can't get her to even call me - let alone to get involved in the fact that I got people all over California right now saying that when they've tried to go to the police with information on a trafficking ring to help a victim that THEY'RE being threatened by the cops to "back off" also.  One man actually kept pushing to help his ex-girlfriend who was being trafficked and now he's got a gag order, a TRO and they even took away his legally owned guns.  Jada - are you listening?  

No - she's not.  When she was on Facebook promoting the CNN Freedom Project show that aired last week and answering questions - I was never responded to when I talked to her.  My request she contact me after in case she wanted to talk privately well I'm not hearing the phone ring by her OR her people that say they're working with domestic sex trafficking.  I specifically said I had a case I needed help with - but her people aren't getting back to me about that case either.   I guess because it's not about street prostitution - it doesn't count.

On this show, she just went to Atlanta to do a show with CNN about sex trafficking.  One by the way that focused on children who I hate to sound really cynical here folks but let's call a spade a spade.  KIDS GOT HELP ALREADY.   If a child is trafficked and then found again - there's a whole social system in place that will take care of that child.

However, when an adult is rescued they get bumkiss.  Their rent is still going to come due and they still have to find a roof over their head the next night.  And God forbid if their case is like the Snoop Dogg case where they can't file any charges against their trafficker to even get put into witness protection - because then once they're free - they still need to now find a place to sleep that night.  Freedom still means now you got to pay rent.

Which is the number one reason why when an adult sex trafficking victim does escape or does get rescued - why she or he will go right back to the sex industry.  Because now they're free and now what?  That was what happened to me.  I got out from under the ring that had been trafficking me and I still had rent due and still had a car payment and now I have all this PTSD to deal with and the physical damage - so now what?  I'm going to go to work at McDonald's?  I couldn't even get a job at McDonald's back then if I wanted to I was so messed up in the head.  

So I'm wondering how Will Smith is dealing with all of this.  I like Will Smith.  You want positive out of me?  I like Will Smith.  I have admired him ever since I read that when he got into some financial issues when he was filming the "Prince of Bel-Air" that he rented a small apartment and lived on a budget so he could pay off his debts.

In other words, he's a respectable man.  He got married and has kids he cares for instead of running like some playboy.  He doesn't beat his wife that I'm aware of.  He doesn't do drugs I'm aware of.  No one has seen him at some sleezy sex swinger party.  I see him in positive roles in films.  I don't see him disrespect women.  I don't see him glamorizing a criminal or a drug lifestyle.  I see him doing something very hard for any African American male in Hollywood to do, and for anyone in Hollywood for that matter.  He doesn't take roles just to pay the bills that sent bad messages to kids.  He plays heroes for other young kids to emulate.  He is truly a role model.

I like him.  I admire and respect him.  Which is why I was a little shocked when he took the role in "Focus" to be honest.  A role where he plays a con man.  That's actually out of character for him and why I think think he's trying to tell us something America.  His father in the film that taught him the "game" from a generational perspective is white.  The woman he uses in the film is white.  In fact, just about everyone but his best friend in that film is WHITE.   The film also showed how corruption can even be in so called "legitimate" business like the car racing field.  Even the other guy that made these bets with him was Asian.

Now I think Will Smith is trying to tell us something.  

For one thing - I have seen a very conspicuous ABSENCE of him when it comes to Jada's trafficking work and shows.

Folks - I'm having a heart attack.  I just went to go find links to show that when Jada has been talking about sex trafficking that Will has not been standing behind her on these interviews and shows to prove that.  As I was looking for these links - I found out that Jada is in Magic Mike XXL  I didn't watch Magic Mike XXL because it's about stripping.  Remember, I'm recovering from the sex industry.  So I don't go out and watch movies that glamorize strippers - male or female.  And please don't hand me that the script says something bad about it.  Everyone knows that the "anti-heroes" of gangsters are considered thus because there are films made about them.

Now I'm lost.  For one thing, anyone in this fight knows that Atlanta has just about as many strip clubs as Vegas and Florida.  That rappers will drop insane amounts of money in these Atlanta strip clubs.  I mean didn't I just do a report in 2007 proving that sex trafficking exists in strip clubs?  Didn't we see that in this DEA NJ strip club arrest?  Didn't Bob Herbert get threatened with a baseball bat to the head because he heard my claims, and then went out to a random strip club in Las Vegas and in 15 minutes found a woman who was there against her will and wrote about that in his NY Post column?  That verifying that sex trafficking does exist in strip clubs so angered then mayor Oscar Goodman that's why he threatened Bob that if he ever came back to Vegas he'd meet that baseball bat to the head?

So she's just a show about sex trafficking in Atlanta last week and now I learn she's in a movie glamouring male stripping?  Why am I not surprised to also read that and then read Will Smith and her are going to divorce.  No I don't think it's because she was just in a film with a bunch of hunky men.   I'm lost.  How can this woman go out with fangs bared about sex trafficking of our children and then do a film called Magic Mike XXL?  What because it's about men it's okay?  Really?  I could put 1000 links just like this up here too.

Jada - I think a lot of people are trying to tell you something besides me that you aren't listening to.  Including Will Smith.  It's just purely coincidental I guess that you timed this CNN Freedom Project at the same time as the release of "Magic Mike II" right?  I'm going to throw up I swear.   Well I'm writing this blog to educate you about how a movement works and this is a great lesson in how celebrities will use campaigns like sex trafficking to promote movies about strippers while denouncing sex trafficking.  I don't appreciate a movement I almost got murdered 100 times over trying to make happen being exploited by out to PROMOTE YOUR CAREER?  Goes to shows pimps can be female too readers.

That's why I admire Will Smith.  Thank you.  Thank you for standing up for what you believe the best way you can - which sometimes does means "standing down".   Willow - thank you for trying to talk to your mother about what's going on in the real world out here.  

But sometimes all you can do is "stand down".  It's why you didn't see me standing around at any of the Samoly Mam functions either.   Nor with Chong Kim or Ben Hillier either at any of their functions.  Ben got arrested.  Samoly Mam stepped down.  Jada makes another film.

Register your statement that mixed messages are NOT okay - don't go see Magic Mike II.   Don't google it or tweet about it either.  Just don't go.  

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