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WHOOP - THERE IS IS - PROOF OF WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING  First, read this article to understand what I'm about to say.

Now, what have I been saying since 2013?  I've been saying the trafficking task forces, the police, Homeland Security, and other agencies that we're supposed to be able to turn to for help with REAL trafficking cases has been:

1.     Refusing to take the reports.

2.     Immediately after trying to make the reports - we've been threatened by either/or a police officer, a private investigator, or an attorney to essentially "back off".

3.     When we have refused to back off, then when we've continued to talk to real victims we're then threatened with a restraining order, an arrest, or a 5150 psychiatric cart off to who knows where.

This has been happening to not just me, but other people who have come to me saying they had the same thing happen to them.

Then what?  They h…