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Monday, April 11, 2016


I want you to note something about this news article.   It says they want to "separate out" from the "system" children who "may be trafficking victims" to go into "social services" instead of what exactly?  Now if we're "not identifying them as prostitutes" then how exactly are they being "separated out"?

What this sounds like to me is that children who are attractive, developed, and can be viewed as sexual objects are going to now have a COVER for when they are treated differently than children who may be disabled, overweight, unattractive, etc.

"Oh uh uh uh I'm going to put them into a special program for juveniles who may be trafficking victims".


Do you see one?  Did I lay one around here somewhere?

I invite you to read this booklet on how the Nazi's went after children by getting doctors, therapists, and whole system's to lie to them parents about made up diseases.  I especially like the part about how for three weeks they "pretended to be treating them".

Did I mention when I first escaped being trafficked there was no where for me to go for treatment, so I joined the local Holocaust survivor group?  THEY understood  what these monsters were like and what it took to escape and move on after what they had witnessed.  I learned a lot about Nazi's, and how they operated to gain control of Germany not that long ago folks.  I know Nazi tactics when I see them.  I especially remember the stories of how people ignored what was going on.  Stories of cafe owners sweeping human cremation dust off thechairs of cafe's just down wind of the crematoriums and going on with business as usual knowing people were being burned right down the way.  Don't ask questions.  Mind your own business.

Until they come for you.

Friday, April 8, 2016


I believe I'm dealing with a "monopoly".  Let me start with Arizona:

Since this information has been released to the press - I'm not breaking any confidences here speaking about Kathleen Mitchell and Prostitutes Anonymous out of Arizona.  I received a letter from her from jail asking for help to stop being arrested over and over again for prostitution from Kathleen about 1989.  I sent her our "jail step study" program which we send to inmates to let them "work their steps" from jail, along with our 1st edition "Recovery Guide" as a donation.  In other words, she didn't pay anything for these items.

She was released about 1990 and asked me "now what?"  We had no chapter of "Prostitutes Anonymous" (as we were originally called back then although we changed our name in 1995 to "Sex Workers Anonymous").  Not really having the ability to do street outreach by herself, I suggested she do what I did to start out in Los Angeles back in 1987 - start with the local jail.  In 1990, she started a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting in the Durango Jail.

By 1991, she told me that she had gotten a lot of support and founded a residential program named "Dignity".  Which was awesome as when I would hear of women anywhere in the country who needed residential placement to get away from their pimp, or traffickers, I would get them down to either Dignity, or other locations we used, depending on how much security the person needed.  Here's an article about Kathleen and this work -  6431069  Notice the article is dated the year 2000 - which is the same year as the passing of the "Trafficking Act of 2000" which gave sex trafficking of American victims federal recognition.

If you don't know what "federal recognition" means think of it this way.  If you're a bunch of native Americans, you're just a bunch of native Americans.

But if you want to be a federally recognized tribe to do things like start a reservation or build a casino - then you need "federal recognition".  The reason why the film "Deep Throat" was charged with obscenity back in the 1970's, is because the idea of an American woman like Linda Lovelace being "trafficked" didn't exist within our legal, or cultural, system of belief back then.

While I understand there was some talk about "white slavery" and "abolishment" going on up until 1977 in San Francisco, it had died out by 1980 when Linda stepped up to reveal about herself being trafficked in connection with Chuck Traynor, her husband, who forced her to appear in this mob financed film.

Meaning when I stepped up on that first talk show stage in 1987 calling out that this kind of thing was "real" and that our legal, and mental health, system needed to change to recognize these American victims, and launched the first hotline for them to call for help, or anyone who wanted to leave the sex industry for any reason to call for help to do so, along with the first alternative to sentencing option which was our 12 step program, then I was founding the modern day sex trafficking movement.

Kathleen started our Phoenix chapter of "Prostitutes Anonymous", and then a residential program after she achieved her own recovery through our program.  I want you to notice in this article how Kathleen had no problem at all using our name in the year 2000 during the time this Trafficking Act was being passed.  Meaning there was also no federal money available for this work prior to the year 2000.  (I need to also add here I never received one penny from Kathleen, Dignity, Catholic Charities, or anyone from Arizona from the time Kathleen got her first book from us until today.)

If you'd like to hear the way it was in Phoenix in the early 1990's - here is a tape of one of those early members remembering Kathleen.  This tape also discusses what happened after Project Rose came into Phoenix which refused any and all participation on our part, as well as any communication with our head office in any way.  As a matter of fact, when Catholic Charities took over Dignity so Kathleen could retire after 20 years of service, it was the same year Project Rose launched in Phoenix.  So what this woman is describing is when these groups basically took over what we had started and ran for 20 years.

Now, when Project Rose came to town and Catholic Charities took over Dignity, I had already started the process of getting a woman away from her pimp in Las Vegas.  The woman was offered the chance to join our program OR to take six months in jail.  Because her pimp didn't want us helping her she opted for jail.  I then called the pimp on the phone and had a nice "chat" with the man about how this wasn't a good idea.  I then asked him if he would allow us to have this one and tell her it was okay with him to come into our program instead of the Clark County Jail.  He agreed and called her to tell her it was okay to come with us.

The judge wanted her in a residential program, not outpatient in Las Vegas.  The Mary Magdalene Project was full, but Dignity said they had a bed.  I had not worked with Catholic Charities since Kathleen retired, so I wanted to see how things would be under the new regime.  I spoke to the judge, the proseutor, and the public defender, as well as the woman's parents, and everyone was on the same page she was to be released to her parents.  Then brought to meet for a "debriefing" about what she was about to enter in the way of recovery along with informing her what her pimp and I had discussed about he was willing to let her go.  Only as I was waiting for her to arrive at my house after being released, I heard she had been checked into the Dignity Project.  I asked the mother if she had at least taken the battery out of the woman's phone so her pimp wouldn't know where she was as I had asked.  She said "no" she didn't think it was "important" to not give her pimp a means to trace her as I had instructed.  I was also told Dignity allowed to keep the phone, and did not remove her battery either.  

I then called the Dignity Project and said I had told the woman I was supposed to meet with her and since she had already left Las Vegas, then I would come down there to speak to her.  Catholic Charities told me that would be impossible.  I asked why.  They said that they couldn't allow me to speak to any of their clients or staff.  I asked why.  They said they would "lose their funding if they spoke to me".  I then asked if they wanted to keep this meeting confidential then which would be fine with me.  They said they "could not risk word leaking out they had even met with me or they would lose their funding".  Since I had been training their outreach staff, and training the people running our meetings, for 20 years now, I asked what was going to happen to my training of their people.  I was told "oh no we can't let you train anyone anymore".

When I asked why I was told "because then it would look like we don't know what we're doing and we can't risk losing donors who think we don't know our job".  I mentioned ALL professionals get continuing education and considering I was part of what created this whole program she was now sitting in didn't she think continuing education would be the sign of a true professional?  She said "I can't risk anyone hearing that I'm even speaking to you or we're risking our jobs and funding.  As a matter of fact, we will no longer be even holding Prostitutes Anonymous meetings here any longer.  Nor will we be needing anymore of your 'Recovery Guides'.  We need to break off all ties here now.

When I reminded her that she was now in possession of a woman I had negotiated with the court to be there under my word with them and with this woman - I said that statement kind of represented a problem.  Especially when I had promised her family she would be supported during her stay there by our program.  The woman at Catholic Charities just cut me off at that point, and then refused all future contact.  I had no choice then but to notify the court, and the woman's family, that I was not going to be responsible for the outcome of this case being I was now having our program, and it's resources of other local survivors in the Phoenix area, excluded.  I would also like to add that she supposedly had the pimp pick her up and leave Dignity about three days later.  

Not long after this, I started getting phone calls from women complaining about the "Prostitutes Anonymous meetings".  I told them I had been told the meetings had been discontinued.  They told me "oh no - they're still going on and still passing the basket too".  Which surprised me because our meetings are not supposed to be passing the basket in case newcomers who are still engaged in prostitution put money in the basket which then makes us guilty of a felony of "receiving earnings from a prostitute", not to mention then I have tax liability being that I'm not an incorporated nonprofit with tax exempt status.  That money still legally counts as our income I'm responsible for.  So I started trying to reach anyone at Catholic Charities to discuss what I was hearing - to get no response.

Not long after this is when Beth Jacobs started contacting our members in Arizona, and other locations online, to inform them I was "pimping" in the active sense, that I was "dangerous", and threatening them if they didn't want to be "shunned out of the trafficking community they needed to break all ties with us completely".  These attacks were done to our members, our associates, our partners, professionals we worked with who provided our members with free counseling, treatment programs who gave our members free scholarships for drug treatment, employers who had been giving our members jobs, even locations where we were holding meetings were told that we were "dangerous" and that I was actively involved in trafficking.

I have screen shots from many sources who forwarded these threats and false accusations slandering me, our 12 step program, our radio show, and our hotline.  Yes even our radio show featuring interviews from members and survivors she was calling up people ranting on and on according to the caller about how "unprofessional" it was of me to be recording with the sound of my dogs in the background.  I guess she didn't get the memo I was receiving no money for that program, nor do I get any salary, grants, or funding, for anything I do including that radio show at  So no I was not "being a professional" because I wasn't being paid!

On top of this, I'm having our older members who had been going to these meetings for years and years at Dignity calling me up to say they're "leaving town".  When I asked why they said they were "unwelcome", they had been fired, they couldn't find work, they were being shunned by people within the trafficking community, within the shelters, the drug treatment programs, even at the local university.  Basically I was hearing from our older members who had come in through our program and now had double digits years in recovery they couldn't find work and no longer felt welcome.

More disturbing was the calls coming in claiming they were being targeted by the authorities to take their children.  I was told Arizona does not need a warrant to have CPS remove their children.  I'm getting frantic panicked calls from women telling me they were being hauled in off just walking down the street (like Monica Jones' story), then threatened with their husband being arrested as their pimp, and their children taken away from them, if they don't agree to go to these classes set up through Project Rose.  (I'm sure it's a complete coincidence that StreetLight USA was now taking in children and paying for it through the foster care system these women were saying were being taken from them without a warrant, without probable cause - leaving them in a position to hire an attorney or forfeit their children.  Something a little hard to do WITHOUT being in prostitution I'd like to add.)

They tell me Beth Jacobs is representing to be their social worker through Mojave Counseling Center.  Only I check with the state and find that at that time, 2012-13 Beth wasn't licensed for anything, and neither was the Mojave Counseling Center.  Now the Mojave Counseling Center did get shut down for that reason, but regrouped and then did obtain licensing and reopened.  But that didn't alter I was hearing these people were being sent to counseling with Beth, and they also all reported being referred to another doctor who was giving them multiple psychiatric medications without running any medical tests to see if these pills were properly warranted.   Beth Jacobs also had a Facebook page up for Willow Way for years - but the state of Arizona says she wasn't a nonprofit until 2014.

I invite you to look at the Board of Willow Way now they are a corporation. On this board also is Aimee Graves, Aimie is the "Director of Children and Family Services, Councilman Steve Kolachik, Donna Haas, a drug and alcohol counselor and Lynn Wallasky from the Green Valley Methodist Church   Donna Haas is also a member of the Brandeis National Committee Brandeis National Committee is dedicated to providing philanthropic support to Brandeis University, a distinguished liberal arts and research university founded by the American Jewish community.

Project Rose was started by Dominque Roe-Sepowitz which we were excluded from which operated out of the Dignity Project.  She is also on the Arizona Human Trafficking Council with the Govenor's Office of Youth, Faith & Family -  This did not stop her however from sending in grant applications we saw showing Project Rose was "utilizing a 12 step program", i.e., OURS to get her money.

Note the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith & Family is partners with Polaris, Shared Hope,  the McCain Institute, the Blue Campaign, the National Center for Missing Children, and the Arizona Human Trafficking Council.  This is a list of all of the offices under the Governor -

Cindy McCain is with the McCain Institute who created the "No Such Thing" campaign we were also excluded from -  She is also a board member of this Governor's Office on Youth, Faith & Family.  Two things we also have been excluded from.   Not surprised our hotline wasn't included in this joint effort of the McCain Institute, Polaris & Clear Channel either.

Wow, The McCain Institute is also involved in issues of "national security"  Impressive board members too -  Rick Shangraw who is on the board of the ASU Foundation for a New America.  Okay explains the ties from him to Dominique Roe-Sepowitz.  Josette Sheeran is with the Asia Society.

Here is a clip showing Cindy is married to John McCain -  I'd like add the note here that John McCain has testified in Congress against abortion before as a pro-life advocate, was an Arizona senator  and this shows his voting background on the issue of abortion -  something that affects young women mostly.

Which might explain this interest in what's happening within the legal/medical system with respect to a young girl who are being trafficked in that pimp's regular m/o is to get their victims pregnant as early into the relationship as possible.   The first day even if they can through rape.

(Please note we are not quoted in any of these news articles above about our views on the subject despite the fact we spent 13 years going on to talk shows, tabloid shows, news shows, and even made three documentaries, and had three films made about our work raising awareness to the American public domestic sex trafficking was real and something needed to be done about it to change our legal/medical system.  I didn't see the McCain's there when I was doing this!  In fact, I created the first safe house for adults in this country I got arrested for because an angry pimp called up the police and claimed I was "running a brothel" two blocks from the police station.  You can see my clips verifying this at  I created this warehouse/safehouse because no one was helping us to escape the trafficking - nor did anyone even care we were in trouble.  

NOW?   Now they care.  Now there's money and politics involved.  You know what it reminds me of?  When I was new in recovery these women used to come into the NA meetings once a month from AA.  They would wait until we got "cleaned up" and "presentable".  Then they're come lure women into AA to pair them up with the men in the Alano Clubs and AA meetings to "date".   As a result, there wasn't very many women in NA with more than 30 days clean when I was new.  When these ladies came for me I said "forget you - if I wasn't good enough for you when I was sitting here sweating, vomiting and twitching from withdrawal and sleeping in my car while turning tricks to eat - then I don't want nothing to do with you.  That's what it reminds me of - those ladies who only wanted something to do with us once we were "useful" to them.)

I'd like to reference this article about Cindy McCain speaking about not wanting to "criminalize" these girls.  She even says she "wants to separate them out" but "oh no let's not CALL THEM A PROSTITUTE".   So excuse me - how does she plan to SEPARATE them from other little girls if she isn't IDENTIFYING THEM?  That's one question I got.

She wants to INSTEAD "put them in child welfare agencies".  Okay second question - does that mean if you're not a "prostitute" then you go to jail?  Isn't that what was done to Latesha Clay?  Because she was identified as a "thief" instead of a "prostitute" so she gets NINE YEARS IN PRISON AS AN ADULT, but if she'd been labeled a "prostitute" she could have gone to a program like ours or Children of the Night?

Now can I ask a really dumb question here?  Being that out of every single person I've ever spoken to in connection with being involved with the issue of sex trafficking since I first walked into the nightclub which was a front for laundering criminal money when I was about 18 years old, until today where I'm still involved with helping people get out, and considering how many people I've heard their story about sex trafficking, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM who has said not just that our "child welfare system failed them" but that in fact they were trafficked in some way, shape or form, WITH the involvement of not only their parents and/or guardians in charge of their care, but ALSO someone within the system whether this be a teacher, social worker, counselor, priest, minister, etc.

A system NOT following up on any of these kids the way probation can to ENFORCE they get treatment.  I've got member after member of our program telling me the person who sold them was a parent, a cop, a teacher, a social worker, a priest, someone in the military, someone in politics (like the Omaha Franklin scandal) - and THIS is who she wants to oversee these kids when even now Rep. Portman has already found kids being trafficked right out of trafficking programs and told us there is "no independent oversight"? I mean honestly - could THIS BE WHY OUR MEMBERS ARE BEING EXCLUDED FROM THE ROOMS WHERE THESE POLICIES ARE BEING MADE FOR A REASON?

Note the training for this office people receive about what trafficking is and how it operates is provided by the National Trafficking Hotline which was founded by Polaris.  Polaris whose CEO is Bradley Myles.  Bradley is the husband of Katherine Chon.  Katherine Chon is the director of the Office of Trafficking in Persons Office who gives grant money to Polaris, i.e., her husband Bradley Myles.  (Not a bad gig if you can get it - have your Chinese wife hand you a couple of million bucks!)  Here is a clip about their marriage.

International Rescue Committee has an Arizona branch also who has names on their board like JP Morgan -  They also have received grant money from Katherine Chon.

Here is the Phoenix Council -  Councilman Waring seems to be on this Council.  Police Chief Bray is on his instructional video.  SAFE is a partner, who is a national partner with these agencies who include Polaris, the Salvation Army, and the National Trafficking Hotline.  Please note our hotline is absent.  Here is their regional partners - Founding partners - and Advisors

The Phoenix Council is also partners with TRUST  Whose partners are Polaris, Shared Hope, StreetlightUSA, and others who have also refused to return any of our phone calls, or answer any of our emails or faxes EVEN when we've tried to reach out to them for help on cases that have come through our hotline needing assistance.

TRUST also partners with the University of which Dominique Roe-Sepowitz is a part of.  Here's her page there -

Please also note we had a woman approach us saying she wanted to "bring back a Sex Workers Anonymous meeting like we used to have before all this came into Arizona".  So she got the materials from us to launch a meeting in Phoenix in 2015.  This woman was approached by Savannah Sanders, who graduated from the Dignity Project before Catholic Charities ended the Prostitutes Anonymous meetings.  Savannah is an open survivor of trafficking so I'm not breaking any confidences here.

However, Savannah then told this woman that if she wanted to "continue with her plan to try and launch a SWA meeting then to realize she wouldn't be able to help anyone if she was dead".  Savannah then supposedly gave her a job offer to work with her and her people where she would not "have to live in that kind of fear" if she was working "with them".  Oh before I forget, Savannah is TRUST -

Note this is some of their activity -  Seems she's working with a christian ministry to "mend the soul" of children who trafficked.

Another group is Southern Arizona Against Slavery of which Willow Way is a partner.  We also see again Jan Brewer, Governor, Streetlight USA, Sold No More and Alert which has a link that goes nowhere.

Sold No More is comprised of Grace Community Church and the Red Cross.

Always is another who has Phoenix Councilman Daniel Valenzuela on their board  Their training and statistics come to them via Polaris, Shared Hope, CAST and ATEST is appears.

Shared Hope who provided research for the Governor appears with the help of a few people listed on that directory who include the Hickey Family we see once again - and of course Dominique

Streetlight USA appears to have gotten a grant from the Dept. of Housing, served on Governor Brewer's task force, and appears to get tax credit for foster kids.  This might explain why they called me up in 2013 asking me to send them referrals to house in their program.  I told them I've never met them and I refer all our juvenile calls to Children of the Night as I've known Lois and worked with them since 1979 when they first opened.   It appears the local university set down their nutritional program for their residents who would be Dominque Roe-Sepowitz related most likely.   Their Board of Directors don't appear to be listed on their site for some strange reason.

(By the way, I've caught Streetlight USA MORE THAN ONCE using the name "Prostitutes Anonymous" in their fund raising, their websites, and other activities. They do NOT have any registered meetings with us so I've gone to them asking they either register the meeting with us and abide by our service structure, and use our literature, or to please remove our name from their use.  After usually a couple of emails back and forth over a period of time, they eventually drop use of our name and intellectual property.  I've even gotten complaints from people attending so "faux" meetings but whenever I've approached them about this - they refuse to speak to me about it.)

As for national funding - the Office of Victims of Crime for Arizona list SAATURN as one of their recipients.  Where we see TRUST again  AZMEN is led by ex-sheriff Paul Penzone who is filling the gap which was "traditionally headed by womens' groups".  The ex-sheriff is supposed to address the needs of women and children who are being sex trafficked.   It says in the article "Luis CdeBaca, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large in the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons was also a speaker" at this luncheon now being held for Penzone.  I didn't know sheriff's had training in issues of child sex trafficking - but okay.  Huh?

It also appears the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network and TRUST are providing training in the “Public Safety Professional’s Response to Those that Suffer from Mental Health Issues"

Which is a nice way of saying "when you cart someone off on a 5150 mental health charge".

By the way, am I reading this clearly?  David Vitter is calling for "unaccompanied foreign minor children to be immediately be detained for deportation" on a human trafficking Bill?  This is the same guy who was in Jeane Palfrey's "Black Book" right?

Okay that starts to explain why Officer Armendariz on the human trafficking task force was stopping people and demanding their identification before his death before he could testify in a corruption hearing.  Because what I'm hearing from staff in Arizona is that illegal aliens can be detained without legal representation because they're not being arrested for one.  Second, they can be detained for an undefined amount of time.  Unlike if you're arrested.  There is no mandatory time they have to appear in front of a judge, or a criminal charge has to be filed against them or they have to be let go.  Third, they do not have to receive medical care the same as an American as they have no insurance.  Which is what I've been hearing out of jails in CA, AZ and TX - is that illegals are being detained for sometimes over six months without a lawyer, without medical care, and at about $165 a day to the system paid for their care.  Now I don't mean to be rude or crass here but have some of you seen what some of these 14 year old Hispanic or Chinese girl looks and are built like?

I know you think of this when you think Hispanic juvenile:

But can I point out here that some of Hispanic illegal aliens are this:


Now I don't think we're going to find these girls are going to be put out to work on an egg farm as Rep. Portman found with a couple of kids when they were responding to complaints children were being trafficked out of these trafficking "safe houses".

Jan Brewer's name came up here a lot.  It appears she's fighting Obama at the moment over immigration.  It appears Jan isn't interested in the children becoming citizens nor finding work or even getting a drivers' license.

Meaning if they can't get a job THEN CAN I ASK WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO FOR MONEY?  I'd don't know about you - but I remember being 13 years old with the body of an adult when my dad abandoned my mom in a motel with no money and rent coming due.  My mom was having a break down so she didn't know how to solve our financial problems.  I however did.  I put a miniskirt, a halter top, and a pair of high heels and walked into the corner bar.  Financial problems solved.  

Wow, looks like Jan's in wealthy company opposing Obama.  Seems Sheldon Adelson spent $150 million dollars opposing Obama, which would include him NOT wanting to get illegal aliens citizen status.  Which by the way isn't limited to Mexicans coming across the border, but also includes the Chinese, and Koreans,  who are being brought into this country and forced into sex trafficking with the threat of being deported back to their country if they don't cooperate with their traffickers.

So I"m sure this kind of money to oppose Obama, and his stance on illegal aliens, that includes Chinese women and their children, has nothing to do with Jan's filing of a lawsuit to fight Obama right?

He also donated to George W. Bush, and tried to counter George Soros.  Plus he also donated millions to Newt Gingrich (page 79 of the link above).  I remember that name from Iran Contra when I saw women being sold to seal drug and oil deals which I'm known to be quite vocal about witnessing our government's involvement in sex and drug trafficking during.   It also says on page 79 NBC named Adelson one of the "top 200 business people of 2014".   This is interesting support between McCain and Adelson.  Enough to make me ask McCain where he stands on the issue of legalized prostitution in the USA of which Adelson has been supposedly trying to bring about.

Ah here we go - 2008 Sheldon Adelson, or his wife Miriam, gave John McCain campaign contributions  Wait a minute, did I read this right on that link above?

Were all those New York Times editorials backing the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform suspect because the Times also owns the International Herald Tribune, which circulates in foreign countries, and because the New York Times Company is part owned by the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim?

Now it appears Catholic Charities in Minnesota received $500,000 from the Dept. of Justice in 2012:  Granted it's not Arizona - but it's still Catholic Charities.

Arizona International Rescue Committee got a grant also from the DOJ for $300,000 in 2012:

Polaris got $350,000 from the DOJ in 2012

The Office of Victims of Crime Training in 2012 received $677,500 from the DOJ on page 9:

Here is a report by USAID on "government funded programs for trafficking" designed to tell us how effective their money spent is.

I found this wording interesting in the report by the way:

Established in 2003, the Senior Policy Operating Group (SPOG) to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons coordinates interagency policy, grants, research, and planning issues involving international and domestic trafficking in persons (TIP) and the implementation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA). Since 2010, the SPOG Grantmaking Committee has focused significant attention on developing a strategy for supporting a shift towards evidence-based programming among United States government agencies to build the knowledge base on human trafficking and propose solutions to enhance anti-trafficking activities. The term “evidence-based practice” refers to any intervention that can be sourced back to methodologically-sound research demonstrating that it is effective and worthy of application on a large scale. 

Can I point out here when they say "evidence based" this means THEY ARE WATCHING?   I would like to add that no one knows about the calls coming into our hotline but us.  We do not allow any outsiders, researchers, reporters, politicians, into our meetings without our consent.  When professor Sharon Oselin studied a meeting of ours at the Mary Magdalene Project over a 10 year period of time, this was a meeting of ours that we weren't advised of even existing let alone she was being allowed to watch, study and interact with these women.

Which presented a flaw in her research for a few reasons.  One being our program doesn't work in a vacuum.  Our program consists of interaction with other members in other cities and countries.  We expose our members to those who work in illegal and legal arenas so they both know there is not much difference between the two.  We expose street walkers with pimps to our escorts living in Beverly Hills so they know we are "the same", which is the spiritual principle behind "anonymity" meaning we are the same.  We also engage our members in outreach as evidenced by Kathleen being advised when she got out of jail to go back into the jail to do outreach to others.  It clearly worked as Kathleen then went on to help others yes, but also seems to have gained a great deal for her own recovery as well in the process.  So I'd like to add that what Sharon researched was like studying the trunk on an elephant and calling that researching the elephant.  However, I'd also like to point out I'm quite proud of Kathleen who I don't need a study to know our program was effective with her.  I'd also like to personally thank her for refusing to get sucked in when Beth Jacobs would call her up with false complaints about me to get her wind up.  I never saw her respond to that in any way and I appreciate that.  

Now while Katherine Chon is the director of the Office of Trafficking in Persons might I point out that is a sub-office of the Administration for Children & Families.  Which is a sub-group of the Dept. of Health & Human Services.  Here is a chart of how the HHS is structured.  Which has as a part of it the National Institute on Mental Health, as well as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

Wait a minute - aren't these the agencies that do the research on programs to determine if they're effective or not?  It appears they're also in charge of Medicaid and Medicare to determine what services are covered under them, and also the FDA who approves what medications, or devices like the electro-shock cap, are to be used or not used in connection with the mental health population.   Also the Office on Civil Rights, and the Office on Legislation.

Oh that explains a lot.

It might explain why there's such a rush to put these children into the mental health system instead of the criminal justice system.  I'm sorry but I've been a child trying to accuse my father, the attorney, of child abuse.  I know I wouldn't had one leg to stand on if I had (1) been committed to a mental hospital, (2) was seeing a psychiatrist who deemed me mentally ill, (3) had been slapped on a bunch of medications not tested as safe on children with side effects for adults that would scare the hell out of you reading them off the label, (4) and possibly even subjected to this electro-shock the FDA is trying to roll out.  Along with that, people who are NOT properly trained in how to tell if a child is telling the truth in a highly emotional state vs. speaking from brainwashing vs. speaking from true mental illness NOT caused by the trafficking itself OR if in fact they're speaking from mental illness and not as a result of trafficking.  Some of the things I would teach counselors when I was doing continuing education back in the 1990's.

Now, I was fortunate.  My mother worked in the juvenile justice system for 13 years before I told her about my father's abuse.  My mother therefore KNEW NOT to do the above to me because it would have rendered my testimony in a court of law pointless.   Now I'm not saying my mother didn't get me help.  My mother just knew how the system worked, and knew it was protect him if she followed the "traditional route" she saw advocated by the juvenile system of the 1970's.

She was right as I've seen countless children's testimony be thrown out over issues such as hospitalization, medications, a badly trained therapist, poorly trained law enforcement, etc.

So it is important to us as a survivors of this type of system to be incorporated into the the programs', the training, the structure, policy advisement, the press, etc.  All of which we have found ourselves excluded from since 2007 entirely.  Being my current database of members' numbers 190,000, and I read recently that Polaris has "identified 10,000 survivors", and our blog alone has over 60,000 subscribers, and while they've been around since 2002, we've been around since 1987, I think that entitles us to be included in some fashion.

I know I know these people are all "respectable" and "above reproach" and some have won awards right?  Wouldn't harm a fly and we need to just that that all of these people, out of which only two from what I count as claimed survivors, Beth and Savannah, right?  Might I bring up this?

How about a married 63 year old prosecutor who raped 100's of prostitutes while using his office to do so?

So I bring up Eliot Spitzer who was once governor of New York?  Who tried to assault her when she rightfully tried to leave?

Now if a "john" who is wealthy and famous would order a hit out on an adult woman fearing she's going to testify against him, as "johns" do sometimes when caught with their hand in the cookie jar, such as Charlie Sheen, can we talk about what someone like Officer Armendariz who was on the trafficking task force of Arizona and unstable enough to kill himself might do to some undocumented foreign child they might want to silence?

Am I imagining I've just gotten edged out by a monopoly?  Polaris, whose name is intertwined all the way through here, and whose CEO Bradley is married to Katherine, just partnered with Google, Salesforce, and Palantir to "fight trafficking"?

Palantir who is basically the CIA guys.  Now how does this all tie back to the legal brothels of Nevada and Adelson who owns the Review Journal to tie this all up in a nice neat fat bow?  Well it seems Polaris was founded because of a report Katherine co-wrote with Derek Ellerman.   

Derek who was a police cadet who "owes his career to Ron Paul".  Ron Paul who has Dennis Hof "pimping for him".    

Whereby when I gave the press conference in 2007 whereby Melissa Farley told reporters after I told her I would not make such a statement to the press, claimed I had "called out to abolish the brothels" which is not how I feel personally, nor that of our program as a whole either who can "express no opinion on outside issues" but she did it anyway if you look back at my clips on

It was after this press conference I was approached by a reporter for the Review Journal.  She told me that she had to deliver me the message on behalf of the owner.  She said  "my name and the name of SWA has been blacklisted for life and it does not matter how many women DIE for not knowing about our program but our name will never appear?"

I'm lying or hallucinating right?  Okay I have a news clip showing I'm in Las Vegas in 2007.  Tom Ragan write a story on all the trafficking programs in Nevada in May of 2013.  See our name?

Oh I was interviewed and photographed for the story.  Then Tom and the photographer were fired for insisting our name be included.  The photographer left and Tom said he would "make sure our name got out there somewhere somehow" to document we were still there in Nevada plugging away.  Now if Tom wasn't forced to omit our name - where did we go in May of 2013?  Nowhere.  The RJ refused to print our name as promised to me in 2007.  Also, you may want to know the RJ was the one who set up Assemblymen Bob Beers on a phony $5.00 ethics charge which got him booted out of office, and some death threats.  Then replaced with John Hambrick who there are members of the Nevada legislature such as Chris Edwards, to name one, who say he "bullied" his way into being Speaker of the House.  I don't see the RJ doing anything about that.  No not that Lance Gilman is a county councilman, on the Nevada Board of Economic Development, and also owner of a legal brothel who advised the NV governor.  Not now that Dennis Hof is running for Senate.  Not now that Vivid Porn has relocated up into Nevada.

Do you know why we have competition in this country?  Has anyone seen anywhere in the RJ a report of a Nevada brothel prostitute contracting HIV?  Does anyone know the police, who include Chief Gillispie, who has stepped down because of corruption charges, who have a Reno cop being charged with sexual harassment, that they pick up the test kits for HIV at the brothels?  Did you know that there's only one lab in all of Nevada, Quest Diagnostics?  When I was having traffickers connected to Greg Munks, who is also on the human trafficking task force in California, try and show me how they had Nevada "rigged" they showed me how they can alter medical results with the push of a button in Nevada, unlike California which has multiple labs.  I have the records that show first it was negative, then positive, then negative again.  Meaning you can alter HIV results, DNA, paternity, even a murder case.  All because of being a monopoly.  It's why the only other paper you'll see our name in Nevada is in the paper Ed Pearce writes for.  Why the RJ lied and said "no one objected to AB67" even though Aubrey read a letter to the legislature on why we objected strongly to that Bill.  Go on - look.  The FCC by the way says it's "legal to lie" when I complained.  I guess the fact a little thing like the law was involved in the lie doesn't matter to the FCC.

Now the reason why someone who is advising on training, policy, etc., on these issues should include people from our program is simple.  We know the game.  We know that in this report if they wanted to do away with massage parlor prostitution - they would have attacked massage parlors.  No.  They attacked Rhode Island decriminalized prostitution WHO WAS THE LEGAL BROTHELS OF NEVADA'S COMPETITION.

Wiped it out and left Nevada intact.  Not only left Nevada intact I see no sign law requiring the National Trafficking Hotline Phone #, nor our hotline, nor Children of the Night, or the Runaway Hotline, nor any hotline for that matter being required to be posted up in the brothels despite the fact (1) they have a law on the books if you try and leave the brothel when you first arrived you can be arrested, (2) if you try and leave after 9 pm you can be arrested, (3) if you walk down the street to leave the brothel in some areas you can be arrested, (4) there are no cabs nor buses one can take out of the brothels 24/7 if they want to leave, and (5) if they want to leave they are refused their money which is given to their "manager", i.e., legal pimp who I have YET to see one prosecuted for trafficking.  Oh and now thanks to "Truckers Against Trafficking" we can't get volunteer truck drivers to pick them up and take them to safety like we used to.  Nope, they call the hotline who says call the cops who then either does nothing because no one can be arrested on the spot, or they take them back to the brothel because they're violating curfew.  Once in a blue moon we get a referral and then we can step in.

However, when I tried to speak to the trafficking task force, the police, the attorney general's office, and even the press of Nevada about this woman who wanted to have her pimp prosecuted for trafficking her within the legal brothels of Nevada NO ONE WOULD RETURN OUR CALLS.

In fact, while I was trying to find someone, anyone to help this woman file charges against her pimp who was threatening to put her children into porn if she didn't go back to work at the brothel owned by the Hell's Angel's she said, Dennis Hof bought the place out, the old owner threatened to kill her and her children if she "continued to speak" (he thinks he spoke to her anyway) on the day the Shady Lady closed escrow with Dennis, and all of this was done with no one returning our calls.

So you see, we don't just have a monopoly going on here with respect to us being shut out of helping to prepare the trainings, helping to shape policy and programs, helping to design campaigns that truly help our community, and through which we have just as much right to be included in as Alcoholics Anonymous has in the treatment of alcoholism, and Narcotics Anonymous, has in the treatment of drug addiction, as we do anyone involved with anything to do with exiting the sex industry for any reason, trafficking or any other reason, but we have a situation where we've being excluded from helping victims who come to us for help now because everyone who is in this field now is terrified of going up against people the likes of which who hold the very highest offices of power in this country.  We just being a group of survivors can't compete up against that in any way, shape or form other than to cry "anti-trust" and move forward from there asking for the government to step in and break this up.  I certainly don't see anyone else other here with us standing now in competition with anyone to do with their side.  Everyone on their side is quite united - including to the point where I can't even get anyone in California to talk to me about the case where a woman was drug out of her home and slapped with two fake prostitution cases while being threatened into returning back to her work as an illegal prostititute "or else" she was going to be deported back to China where they would see to it with their connections she'd get the death penalty.  Now seeing these connections are quite real, and seeing that for three years now I've been knocking on doors trying to get someone to speak to me about this case only to be (1) ignored, (2) threatened with arrest for stalking, and (3) threatened with a 5150 insanity charge - well we have a problem now don't we?

I want to say one thing about "evidence of effectiveness of programs" if I might.  In all of these Arizona programs, only THREE survivors exist who are involved trying to help others.  The first is Kathleen Mitchell who got her early recovery through our program I founded.  The second is Savannah Sanders who got her early recovery through the Dignity Project Kathleen founded when we were having regular Prostitutes Anonymous meetings.  In fact, she's told me she's been to those meetings.  Agree or disagree - they were a part of what made her.  Beth Jacobs?  She was part of a program back in Minnesota when she got her early recovery.  There are newspaper account of her being a part of PRIDE/Breaking Free when they were holding our meetings.  She in fact is quoted in one of those news articles about being a part of our program back then when she was new.    Meaning I see four survivors in this whole equation right now in Arizona trying to help others - ALL of who got their recovery through the hotline I answer, and the program I designed.  Is that enough "evidence" for you that our program needs to be included in this system?

As for Beth's behavior over the last four years smearing me, and our program, to anyone and everyone that will listen.  Beth left that program in Minnesota without working our steps according to the interview I heard published.  In our program we used to call this "whore mentality" but then cleaned it up to "post-prostitution syndrome" where one acts like they're "back on the corner".  She's got herself a sweet position right now there in Arizona it appears getting to be a trainer for the Truckers Against Trafficking, and going off to Washington with the likes of Cindy McCain.  She's just "kicking us off her corner" and illustrates what happens to us when like a "dry drunk" in AA, one leaves the streets but doesn't work their steps.  I mean you don't think someone like Cindy McCain would risk having people sending me screen shots of her bashing me like that in order to push out our involvement now would you?  Which is why frankly we haven't sued Beth for defamation.  We think she's just trying to survive the best way she knows how in a system that's pushed us out, and also probably doing someone else's dirty work for them.  We're not going to penalize her for a lack of recovery and that's why we have continued to suggest all the more aggressively why Arizona needs to have our program restored to it the way it was designed - in connection with our other members at large across this nation, and into other countries so we can start connecting her to her sisters and brothers worldwide.

Okay this ends the blog post on the monopoly that exists in Arizona.  I will continue on in another blog about other states at a later post.


Below is a letter we just sent to the AP about the "No Such Thing" campaign: Our hotline has taken over 500,000 calls since 1987 when we founded Sex Workers Anonymous. We also created the first safe house for adults in this country, as well as the first alternative to sentencing and diversion programs. I am the founder of this modern trafficking movement. I can verify this with clips at You will not find anyone else speaking about us needing legal reform in this country because we were being forced into the sex industry during the years of 1984 until the Trafficking Act of 2000 OTHER THAN US. Right now we have 190,000 current members with 50,000 subscribers to our blog. These are all survivors who were trafficked as juveniles and then as adults who are now in recovery. They are PISSED we are not being included in this discussion. Especially since they do not feel this is doing anything but targeting juveniles for MORE trafficking when you remove fear of arrest, and when you remove any follow-up or forcing treatment as happens when they are arrested. WHY are WE not being included in this discussion? This whole thing is funded by the McCain Institute and California Endowment - not survivors. We have serious reason to believe Wilthelma Ortiz Pettigrew is another "Samoly Mam" or "William Hillar" or "Chong Kim". Especially since the group behind her is the same group behind them. There is something seriously wrong here and we have reason to believe the child traffickers are pushing this the same way the tobacco industry used to pass off research they bought and they lied to Congress also and also tried to silence the "Insider" who was trying to speak the truth about the tobacco industry as seen in the Al Pacino movie. With more money involved in child sex trafficking than in tobacco - yes we have reason to believe this is a cleverly manufactured campaign to protect those who are trafficking children.

Sheldon Adelson, who has a clearly stated "prostitution agenda" in this country also funds a great deal of drug treatment programs and policies. Right now drug programs have shifted over to not acknowledging that legal forms of prostitution are not something one can do while in recovery. This is an important thing to clarify before placing a child in treatment. While they are teaching "trafficking" is wrong - they are NOT teaching legalized forms of the sex industry are not such as stripping, porn and legal brothels.  

We are getting reports that safe houses for both adults and juveniles are standing by and allowing the pimps to come and take these women and girls to work at legal strip clubs, porn shoots and even the legal brothels. THIS needs to be clarified because there are states where again a 16 year old can legally work in a strip club. Now is this trafficking? This also needs to be clarified - but it is not because again we're not being called to the table here. Something even the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 has acknowledged and been quoted as saying "that movement has been hijacked by big money interests and politics". 

The National Trafficking Hotline is run by Polaris. Polaris has now partnered with Palatin - who is basically the CIA. I myself witnessed the CIA involved in sex trafficking during Iran Contra. I founded this movement on the premise those victims were not believed by cops nor the mental health professional. I founded our hotline on the premise that in most of these cases it was not safe to call the police for help.  

If you look at the NY cop caught pimping, the DEA owned strip club, Eliot Spitzer, the 14 year old pimped by 2 Chicago cops, Holtzclaw, Chris Butler, the list goes on that we can't trust the authorities in this issue. Rep. Portman just caught a trafficking program trafficking the kids in their program! No no no no - we need a separate system that outsiders like ourselves could access in order to make sure these kids are getting proper help. If these cases are not put into the legal justice system in some fashion - then they will be lost to the very people trafficking them.  

My grandma used to say "the fox can't be put in charge of guarding the chicken coop". We can't trust the very people trafficking them to watch over them and help. If the system that was watching them was watching them properly - THEY WOULDN'T BE IN THE SITUATION TO BE ARRESTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. So now we're going to trust them even more by removing public record of these cases entirely? No no no.  

WE need to be involved in this process. We are the only group that's survivor led that does not operate on grants nor fund raisers nor can we be fired nor intimidated into silence when we see something wrong. This campaign MUST involve us before this becomes another Justice Justice Act of 1974 and the dealers are targeting the kids to get their drug dealers to avoid prosecution.  

This is EXACTLY what our government did during Iran Contra when that's exactly what they wanted - the kids running the drugs they bought into this country. Only how much better to sell? No one has to smuggle the product into the country even! STOP ALLOWING THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRAFFICKING US TO WRITE POLICY FOR US!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015


When you're spear heading a campaign that stopped arresting juvenile prostitutes - you also stopped mandatory HIV/AIDS testing that prostitutes are required to get when arrested.  Because of your campaign, there are no statistics for HIV for juvenile prostitutes for 2015 available.  Nothing to contrast with any other rates of HIV to see if the number is growing or lessening.  Nothing which can be used to even help get an estimate done so any grants can be applied for in order to do outreach.

I've been wondering to myself for a while now "who is trying to cover up the HIV rates in prostitutes?" and now I know.

I hope you're happy with yourself Ms. Saar.  The reason why I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for a while now knocking on any door that I can on behalf of these women is because everyone is just acting like they don't exist = while I'm getting more and more and more calls from women who tell me they're HIV positive in Los Angeles.  I have said very clearly in my blogs, postings, and letters since day one I relocated back to Los Angeles because of the increase in calls I'm getting from those who are HIV positive in the sex industry.

Are you aware Ms. Saar how much it costs to get an HIV test?  Especially if they had insurance and even with insurance IF they wanted to report it on their own insurance in their own name. Why is this an issue?  Because if you're caught prostituting after you've been told you're HIV positive - you can be charged with attempted manslaughter.  That's why most sex workers who can't quit aren't willing to get tests done on their insurance in their own names.  Meaning they're only going to do free anonymous tests - or nothing at all.  If they CAN get them done in the first place.  

Are you aware that most sex workers don't have cars of their own nor drive?  Certainly they aren't going to be taken to a test site where they can get a free anonymous HIV test by any group I"m aware of OTHER THAN OURS at the moment because ever since 2003 - all federal and faith based funding has blocked and shunned any group who does HIV testing of any kind or even speaks about it.  Leaving us left.

So while you're pouring all that press into speaking to Russell Simmons and the CNN and Cosmo about the labels people use  - I know we're looking at another HIV epidemic.  Only how am I supposed to get the word out with you soaking up all the press and cutting us out?  Don't think I don't have statements from reporters telling me they've been told they'll be fired or "never work again" if they even mention our name.  John McCain, the California Endowment, and everyone else connected with your campaign holds a lot more clout than a group of recovering sex workers does operating on their own time and their own funding.  

Should we have our members who are HIV positive step forward and incriminate themselves?  How about when they have clients who would see them dead rather than go to the press with news like that?  Where does that leave them with recourse other than me speaking for them?

I asked you if we could be included in your media campaign and now I can speak freely about why I think you refused now that Charlie's come clean.    There's only one group of people I know of trying to silence us Ms. Saar and it's not the women affected by this issue.

Are you aware I see not one word about Wilethema being tested for HIV ?  Thing is REAL survivors coming into our program are TERRIFIED they have it.  It's the only thing they can think about until they get their test results.  It's not like the pimps let them use protection nor got them tested.  If anything, they charge more for the "girlfriend" experience - which is a fancy trade term for not using condoms.

Meaning coming into recovery - these women are terrified until they first test and it's the only thing mind until they hear the news.  I know because I'm sitting up with them until 2:00 a.m. until we can arrange testing or transportation for them.

So how come your survivor hasn't said one single word in any interview about her fear of HIV after her "rescue"?  I've scoured her interviews and if anything the only thing I've seen her talk about is that now she's in recovery she's now "gets off on being choked like her traffickers used to do to her".  Only not one word about her fear she was HIV positive coming into recovery.  Now if you'd included ANY real survivor certainly I"m aware of - then I think you would have heard they are a lot more concerned about that than whether some outsiders identify them as a "prostitute" or a "victim".

I haven't been able to be more aggressive about how I'm aware of this until now thankfully Charlie Sheen has said something so I don't have to worry about being accused of "blackmailing" anyone by pushing on the issue of the HIV status of victims in California.

So now it's in the open I'd love to hear your answers to any of these questions Malika.  Especially why you're more concerned about a label then you are the fact I'm certainly hearing a record number of survivors report to me they're HIV positive.  So many I've relocated back here to Los Angeles to do something about it because they said "no one is listening".  It seems you aren't either.

Why not?  If you're "elevating the voice of a survivor" - then how come not this concern?  I'd love to hear your answer on that point.  .

Jody Williams

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letter to Malika Saar about "No Such Thing" Campaign

Dear Malika Saar - I represent the largest and oldest group of survivors in this country. I am in fact the founder of the movement itself. That can be verified by clips I have up at dating back to 1987. No one had stepped up before me, before then, specifically saying this was in fact "real" and that our country had to stop viewing us as criminals - but instead to set up a system where the victims could receive help by them rather than having to call me alone. The "brothel" in the news clip dated 1984 was in reality the first "safe house" I'd set up for adult victims. No "brothel" is a warehouse with iron bars, CCTV cameras, high tech security next to the police station! I had a woman staying there I was hiding from her pimp. The pimp called to say that "prostitution was going on inside" which led to my arrest.

Being angry that I knew I couldn't even defend myself on that case because the public, and especially the courts, didn't even understand this was "real", let alone why I'd have to set up such a protected environment to help these victims - that's when I stepped up in 1987 to call for this to change. After hearing upon your "No Such Thing" campaign - I came to you about the fact that a "child prostitute" and in fact a "child sex worker" is a reality in Nevada. At 16 years of age - a woman who is too young to drive, smoke or vote - can obtain a license to work in a Nevada legal brothel which makes her a "child prostitute" and even in the strip club next to the brothel which makes her then a "child sex worker".

Your campaign asking the media to essentially state these women "don't exist" also wipes out their need for help. I want people outraged. I want them to see those words and get really mad. Mad enough to DO something. I contacted you, and the McCain Institute, and the California Endowment who seem to be sponsoring this campaign, to ask that all of this press you're generating be used to highlight their situation which might led to CHANGE. I was then told that you were "highlighting the voice of a survivor".

Okay - well how about other voices? How about the voices of some of the women who have been trafficked at these brothels as "child sex workers" and "child prostitutes" which can be heard at I understand the woman writing the letter you're championing not wanting to be called a "prostitute". I think it's awesome you're "championing" her view. But when I contacted you, and your group, and these other groups like the McCain Institute - I didn't get so much as a return phone call let alone a discussion of any kind about the feelings of those who are being put to work in establishments at states where the legal age is lower than 18 years of age - as well as in establishments that are "legal".

Meaning they're not even going to get help for their plight by being arrested. They helped organize the press conference we gave in 2007 asking for help for them in ways not involving arrest because they are NOT going to be arrested while working at a legal brothel and/or legal strip club. Do you realize there are women right now being housed in "residential sex trafficking programs" where the pimp is picking them up at the door and taking them to work in strip clubs and/or massage parlors and/or webcam studios and the shelter staff is being told "there's nothing we can do to stop this because it's a legal job". I mean we've got a program or system or whatever you want to call it happening right now in this country where no one even seems to know what the problem is BECAUSE NO ONE IS TALKING TO US.

So after putting on this conference with a panel of these types of services begging for something to be done - $870,000 was put into a grant to create ATLAS in Nevada to help trafficking victims. Only the director of said program then tells me she can't "help anyone unless Metro calls me". If you look at cases like Kemp Schiffer, Chris Butler, David Shubert, and the fact that the Mayor was pushing for "magnificent brothels" to be built in downtown Las Vegas that same year - then you'd understand why at the end of that year - ATLAS had helped ZERO cases while our hotline processed over 300 calls in Nevada ALONE. That wasn't counting the cases in other states.

We were excluded from one penny of that money going to help real victims. In fact, $50,000 was spent to upgrade the Olympic Gardens Strip Club's signage while my request for $30,000 to hire a translator so we could do outreach in the massage parlors was denied. Maybe if we had a translator - then those 24 women in Operation Dollhouse might not have been sent back home with their pimp and their bags of drugs that were after we tried to expose the police involvement with that case. Then again that might not have let the two cops found on the site off the hook - so maybe that's why they chose the sign over the translator.

In BEGGING for more money to help these victims - another grant was issued to form the Nevada Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force. Just in time to help pass AB67. In fact, they helped organize 45 "abolitionists" who helped pass AB67 - who when the hearing time came to discuss putting a legal brothel in downtown Las Vegas where the Mob Museum now resides it left our member, and survivor of brothel trafficking, to go up and testify against the brothels by herself.

We won and there's now the museum and the arts district there now instead. Aubrey, the woman who testified, then had her car and belongings stolen, her children's lives and hers threatened, and basically had her and her childrens' lives threatened so dramatically that we had to help her move out of state to safety - all without one shred of help from the task force, Awaken Reno, or any of the other groups who testified for AB67. Oh I take that back - the director of Congo Justice did offer me money for sex when I contacted him asking for help with Aubrey. I guess that's some type of "offer".

So after being the reason why the money came AGAIN into Nevada to help these victims- we suddenly found ourselves not being invited to any of the task force meetings even. Other groups who were invited were telling me they were told they would "lose their funding" if they so much as even spoke to us. People like the head of juvenile social services in Clark County who turned to us to help what they said are now "third generation trafficking victims" (pregnant with their pimp step-father's baby) - were in fact fired for calling us for help. Sure the lawsuit to stop being blocked access to victims because of the abortion issue of ACLU v. Catholic Bishops hadn't been won yet, and we had people in office like Mayor Goodman wanting to fight our opposition to them wanting to expand brothels at the same time they're trying to get grant money to "fight sex trafficking" - but what this resulted in was still the fact money was being donated by people who wanted to see victims get help. Instead they got billboards, booklets, and films bordering on "Reefer Madness" that conveniently left out of the sex trafficking "documentary" any word about sex trafficking within legal brothels and/or strip clubs in Nevada. The donors got videos about trafficking in the "Congo" while actual Nevada survivors wanting to talk about Nevada sex trafficking during Nevada hearings on sex trafficking - were banned from even being allowed on the premises - let alone to be asked to speak.

When I heard about your campaign again to address the way the media is talking bout us - I reached out to you asking if we could talk. I was also very concerned about you being the "face" of this campaign while being African American wearing corn rows in your photos about the campaign while the "poster child" was also African American and then championed by African American celebrities such as P. Diddy and Russell Simmons. P. Diddy who hangs out with Snoop Dogg who STILL hasn't apologized to the victims of his "trafficking tour" in 2003 which he has bragged about openly in Rolling Stone, and Russell Simmons who I watched help keep her escorting career alive after the Eliot Spitzer scandal broke out. I'm finding their "outrage" about as hypocritical as Jada Pinkett-Smith hosting the CNN Freedom Project in Atlanta featuring only African American girls (along with only showing African American men as pimps) the same WEEK as she comes out promoting Magic Mike XXL. Once again - we seem to be having people who aren't even understanding the basics here about how sex trafficking works because frankly it seems the only thing people are listening to here is the GREEN and not the voices of survivors.

Meaning we had members of SWA who wanted to come participate in your event today. Speak to the press, your audience, you - as survivors of trafficking about what their experiences are across the board and the wide range that this thing can take. Ranges important to be aware of because as the emphasis keeps going onto African American girls - the traffickers in this country are simply switching their operations over more to Asians and males . As well as increasing their blackmail and theft of the "johns" who are finding when they go to the police they're being threatened.

In much the same manner as we just stood by and watched with Lamar. He was taken to the brothel so stoned supposedly he couldn't drive. Yet knowing this - he was then sold herbal supplements they had no idea how anything would interact with in his system. Then knowing this - he was left alone unsupervised and without medical attention called until he was found unconscious. His friends reported he had $75,000 in cash missing from his pockets. Nye County police then obtains a warrant to verify he had "every drug known" in his system. While threatening him with possible drug possession charges - suddenly Lamar is not holding the brothel liable or negligent for what happened to him neither do I see anyone charging the brothel. If that had been a bar - they would have been shut down for the same act.

Which is highlighting the cry of the "customers" of places like the Crazy Horse who have been reporting they were being drugged, their credit cards ripped off, and then when they went to file charges for the theft found themselves further threatened by the cops and the DA about how their "lives would be ruined" when the "press came out", and even possible charges against them for the drugs! I mean how do you prove who drugged who? What happened at the Crazy Horse wasn't stopped until a man was paralyzed. Am I saying Lamar was robbed? No. I'm saying if he was - could he file charges without facing charges against him? Doubtful. Now imagine if you are one of the customers up in these so called "legal" establishments that are telling me they're being drugged, robbed, and then blackmailed? And where is a victim of someone like Chris Butler or Kemp Schiffer to run to for help?

I mean all of this press and attention over labels - some of these victims I'm speaking to would like some attention drawn to their issues, plights, and needs. These women want to see the licensing process in Nevada change for example. They would like to see the legal age for the brothels and strip clubs to at least increase to 18 years of age. They would like to see an orientation at the licensing where they can be offered the National Trafficking Hotline to call for help before being swept into a brothel where if they try and leave within the first 48 hours - they're threatened with arrest.

They'd like some of this press over the fact that the only ones receiving any help from these "trafficking programs" right now are those arrested that you're speaking about in your campaign. You're talking about how the press is calling them "child prostitutes" when arrested. Okay well at least they're getting help at whatever they're called. I've got victims in RI for example who up until 2009 prostitution wasn't even illegal. I've got victims in NJ, FL and PA strip clubs at 16 years of age where it's legal. They aren't able to get a trafficking charge filed against their pimps because the only witnesses are other people working at the club. Or worse are working at clubs like the DEA owned strip club in NJ. How do they get help?

So did I get a call from you? No. Meaning that for the voice of this one woman you focused on in your campaign - you are refusing to acknowledge, incorporate, or even show an interest in the voices of many other victims that I've written you asking if the ones we have who lives in the San Francisco area could come and be involved in your event today.

Where the lack of response tells me it's not the "voices of survivors" you're interested in at all - but only this one. Which tells me it's not about "our" voices - but more sounding like you found one that mirrors what ever this is really all about that you're exploiting for some purpose. I'm sure the election coming up and this being sponsored by the McCain Institute has nothing to do with the timing of this either.

But this is also why we're saying that "anyone about us - needs to include us". Because one of the biggest problems we faced when Samoly Mam started spreading her agenda around and she wasn't "real" is that she was mouthing what the press who put her up to that farce wanted her to mouth - not what are the issues WE want addressed. Not much different really than when the Nazi's had the Jews leading the Jews into the showers. They did that to get "compliance". They knew if the Nazi's were leading them into those showers - that all hell would break loose. The victims walked into those showers thinking they were coming out because they felt their "own" wouldn't "do them that way".

I wasn't asking you to do anything but to speak to "us" about this. Hear our voices. Consider our feelings. Again, as the oldest and largest group of survivors in this country - if the campaign is to be about US - then we need to have our voices heard. I hear you speaking out for one person - well then why not hear from others of us when representing us? Don't you think that's fair?

Ms. Saar - you are a female attorney and activist. I however am not a female attorney. Now I ask you - how would you feel if I started writing a letter to the press and organizing a campaign to have all of the media in the country start referring to ALL attorney's as either "female attorney" or "male attorney" because I felt it was an important distinction? Not being an attorney - how would you feel about me doing such a thing with the representation of your career and how you're going to be written about in history for years to come when people google your name? How about a group of pimps who start lobbying to have them referred to as "alleged" victims since they haven't PROVEN they're even a victim yet in a court of law?

Meaning unless you want to come out and say you're a survivor yourself - we're right back to the fact we've asked you to involve some of us in the campaign you were organizing about what the media is to call us and I haven't received a call from you, the McCain Institute, the California Endowment, etc. Nothing. Meaning you sure don't seem to interested in hearing from our survivors for some reason - but yet you do seem really interested in an agenda with respect to what we're labeled in the media. An agenda you sure seem pretty set on putting an African American face upon too at the same time. Now if you have a shortage of white, Russian, Asian, Hispanic, etc. victims - we can put you in touch with survivors of every race, religion, etc. Including males and transgenders we weren't seeing represented either.

We also addressed the letter to you to the press club you are appearing at. The press is also supposed to be hearing about "us" so we thought someone there might be interested in hearing from some of these survivors. They didn't seem interested either. Again, I'm not talking about "me". I'm talking about the survivors who live up in the area who would have loved to have come and spoken to you, to the press, etc. They weren't too interested either evidently in speaking to other survivors either as we got no response back from them either.

Funny how you seem so interested in this one voice - but then not interested in others. So I guess I'm just writing to let whoever is reading this know we asked and offered - and were ignored. So in our opinion this isn't about us at all.