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Shortly after Dennis Hof announced he was running for the Senate - a woman calling herself "Jennifer O'Kane" starts blasting all over social media that she was "raped by Dennis Hof" and inviting other victims to CONTACT HER.  Not to CONTACT THE POLICE.   Not to CONTACT A LAWYER.  But to contact HER about the case.  


Good question.  She says she was "raped by Dennis Hof and she wants to build a class action lawsuit so she needs other victims to contact her".  Interesting.  

Because I've dealt with REAL sex workers and REAL trafficking victims both out of Nevada since the 1980's I know a little bit about this subject.   Especially since I've also worked as a paralegal for 30 years now.  Why a paralegal?  Because most attorneys' won't go near defending one of us because of what it will do to their reputation - that's why.  Another reason they won't is because if you're good at defending us - the government tries to put y…


For those of you who have tried to reach the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force, and who weren't able to find them, but still needed help so reached out to us - do you need help to leave prostitution, or any part of the sex industry, in Las Vegas, Henderson, Carson City, Pahrump, Reno, Tonopah, or any place in Nevada?  Do you need help to escape and recover from sex trafficking in Las Vegas, Carson City or somewhere in Nevada?  Are you trapped by a pimp or a trafficking ring and need help to figure out a way to break away and get to safety?

You can find help at

We have interviews up at and also at

We have clips at

We are not connected with law enforcement in any way.  We are free, confidential, and we have been helping men and women to leave any part of the industry since 1987 effectively.

Dr. Sharon Oselin just did a 10 year study of three different progr…


I got a call to give a quote to a reporter who is in the northern part of Nevada yesterday, Ed Pearce.  He was there at the Nevada legislature in 2013 when AB67 was getting passed.  He saw with his own eyes that SWA was the only objector, was the ONLY group who fought the brothels back from expanding into Las Vegas at an unlisted backroom meeting between George Flynt, the Brothel Association Lobbyist, and two legislators to decide on the issue after 45 so called "abolitionists" had left the building entirely.

He's also the ONLY reporter in Nevada who has had the balls to print the name of Sex Workers Anonymous in the paper while the Review Journal has told me to my face that our name is "blacklisted for life".  Bravo Ed by the way for being an ethical honest reporter.  A true dying breed!

By the way - thank you those legislators who voted against the brothel expansion (which means the Mob Museum is now where these people had wanted to open a "magnificent …