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Dear AVN:
I wanted to bring your attention to the petition against the Cupcake Girls.
There seems to be some problems associated with them. First of all, they're spreading "mis-information" by stating that "strippers aren't able to find jobs outside of stripping if they have a prostitution conviction on their record". That's just not true. Not only have we been placing women in jobs with prostitution convictions in both Las Vegas and Portland for years now, if you walk into any employment agency in Vegas they have a list of employers who will hire you with a record of some kind - along with a very very short list of those who won't.  
Essentially the only crimes where you can't find work in Nevada pretty much is if you have a violence charge or a fraud charge. Anything else - I've seen people with drug running charges hired for jobs in Nevada. Th…


This is exactly what the devil/disease wants by whatever name you want to call it -  in the story where Christ went into the mountains He was tested.  He was tested how?  With money, fame, power, and even with the idea of being God himself when Satan told Him "throw yourself off the mountain and let your Angels come to save you".

What did Christ do?  He resisted temptation and then went seeking his disciples where he then TAUGHT.  He found Mary being about to be stoned to death and didn't say to her "I'm going to love you where you're at".  No.  He said "go and sin no more".  Then what?  She followed Him.  As she was puttering around in the kitchen - He then told her "come over here and sit and learn with me".   His band of disciples then went out and did what?

Did Christ ask the people to come up with the bread and fishes when there wasn't enough to feed the people?  Or did He create enough?  God is the source of whatever our n…


We found this letter in response to Kelly House's article on the Cupcake Girls.  My daughter read it by the way who has grown up around sex workers and said "let me get this straight - they sit around the club and get paid without taking their clothes off - boy have they got a hustle going.  Shame they're taking away tips from the ones taking their clothes off or tending bar for living."  Got to hand it to you Joy - you found a way to get tips with your clothes on as my daughter says!

Look folks Joy married a Christian.  He clearly wanted her out of the business.  She had a baby and can't shake her ass for money any longer but clearly can't leave the lights and music behind.  In AA - they call it a dry drunk.  She's just found a new way to hustle in the club with her clothes on.  

Here's th…


Does anyone remember Kemp Shiffer?   This guy used to be a cop in California.  Then he became an agent for the IRS.  The IRS took over running the Mustang Ranch.  Only a little too well.  The government found that old Kemp was bringing girls who were 16 years old over from California into Nevada to work at the Ranch.  It was legal - but distasteful.  So they fired him after about a year.

(Which by the way if you watch the movie on Joe with Helen Mirren - you'll see the one girl talking about being offered a job in accounting - this was how Kemp justified what he was doing.  Claimed he was helping these girls "learn a career".  What they left out of the film was that same girl came back…


PS - when looking at media about someone you're thinking about donating money to - look for a reputable reporter or researcher writing about the person or group.  After writing the letter below I discovered that it's Operation Hope that's providing the free medical and dental work for the Cupcake Girls.  ttp://

This is Operation Hope -   However, the "doctor" they're referring to is the guy who runs Congo Justice.  Only I checked with the Medical Board of Nevada and he's not licensed in Nevada anyway.  When I challenged him on this - he said I "misunderstood" him and that he "worked with a doctor".   

He told me he was a "doctor" when he thought I was an active prostitute and he was trying to ask me on a date.  I have the screen shots of that conversation if anyone would like to see them by the way.  Okay but to me - if they have acce…