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Thursday, October 8, 2015


The movement itself for modern day sex trafficking was founded not only by myself - but in Los Angeles, California in 1987.  If you'd like proof of that - look at the new clippings at   You'll see there I was not only stating this was real, happening today, happening in the USA to Americans, but also I'd set up the first international hotline for adults to call for help, along with the first program for adults to find recovery.

The reasons were simple.  If you called 911 back then for help - the police would laugh and then hang up the phone.  If you called back - they're threaten to come out and arrest you for wasting their time.  So the police didn't believe us.  If you were a victim and tried to get counseling - they would not believe your stories and if you persisted they were "real" they'd try and lock you up for "observation".  How do I know this?

From experience.  I was witnessing Iran Contra - where our CIA was bringing the cocaine into the USA to sell for cash to buy guns for the Contra's.  If you don't know what I'm talking about watch the films "Cocaine Cowboys", or "Charlies's War" or even "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" or google Gary Webb.  Then check the dates on those films.  You'll see why when I was talking about the "Dating Game" being a cover for an international sex trafficking scheme - the counselors threatened me with a straight jacket in the early 1980's.

The so called "brothel two blocks from the Van Nuys police station" was a "safe house".  I put it there as a safe guard thinking we wouldn't be attacked so close to the police station.  The reason I was dubbed the "High Tech Madam" was because of all the security and surveillance systems.  Now I ask you - why would a brothel have hidden cameras going to a video recorder off site?  Why would it be on the 2nd floor with iron bars and bullet proof glass in a warehouse - rather than a house?  The only "safe houses" for trafficking victims other than mine was the one for those under 18 years of age at Children of the Night.  Sex trafficking victims weren't safe at places like Covenant House or other places where runaway kids were placed.  But there was no safe place for adults we'd retrieve from these traffickers and the police wouldn't help us - so we had to help ourselves in those days.

You have to realize when I stood up in 1987 and said that this was real and that our country needed to help these victims - I was received in the same identical manner as if someone stood up today saying that aliens from mars were kidnapping people for sexual slavery and the police, our courts, and our mental health system had to do something to save these victims, and then offer them counseling to treat their trauma after their ordeal.

So I'm used to being called "crazy" believe me.  However, back in 1987 I had some big things in my favor.  One was our Mayor Tom Bradley - a true visionary.  Cutting all red tape he put together a board that had myself on it, and Rev. Ann Hayman.  She was the executive director for the Mary Magdalene Project.  While they had the only house in this country to help rehabilitate adult female prostitutes - they were not designed for trafficking victims nor did they take males and transgenders.   Also on this board was a representative from the Los Angeles probation department, the police, social services, mental health, etc.  We also had the Sheriff's backing, the CDC and a UCLA professor which for the life of me I can't remember his name.  (I lost all my paperwork in the 1994 Sherman Oaks earthquake.)

With that board - we created the first everything.  The first alternative sentencing program, the first residential home for trafficking victims, the first home for transgender prostitutes, a diversion program, and we even started clearing out the jails.  Through that board - we took 400 transgender prostitutes that were being forced to sleep in the day room at the mens jail and got them into alternative sentencing.  HUD got them a house.  We created jobs for them through a special program doing HIV outreach to the sex industry.  Mayor Bradley even set up a special testing site where if a prostitute or sex worker was told they were in fact HIV, or not even, but they wanted help to leave their pimp, or being trafficked, they were able to go out a back door to safety while security escorted their pimp out the front door.  It was the first program of it's kind.  Out of that the AIM clinic was developed that did testing for the porn industry for years directed by a doctor who had once been a porn performer, Dr. Sharon Mitchell.

So when I left Los Angeles in 1994 - I left it I thought in good hands.  In June of 1994 in fact when I left there was a meeting of Prostitutes Anonymous (as we were called back then) in W. Hollywood, Tarzana, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Van Nuys, and San Diego, as well as a meeting that was being held in the Mary Magdalene Project.  I moved to Nebraska where I could buy a house in the middle of the midwest far from the traffickers network for $5,000 to $10,000.  This way I could take victims from either the east or west coast and relocate them out to the midwest to start over again.  We really had set up the first "underground railroad" for victims then.

Meaning when I moved back to Los Angeles last year - I thought I'd be welcomed back with open arms by the county officials here.  Especially since we received federal recognition for sex trafficking with the Trafficking Act of 2000 - and because I'm hearing from the prostitutes and sex workers out here there's another HIV epidemic breaking out again.

One of the first things I did was to start writing the people I was reading about were involved in the issue of "sex trafficking".  Only no one was calling or writing back.  Now since I was also writing not only to say "hello" but to also report that I needed someone to look into a case I have where a victim in Pasadena says she was carted out of her home by two police officers when she told her traffickers she wanted to quit - yes I thought someone would answer me at least to look at the information on the case.  Especially since when I started trying to help her I GOT THREATENED by a Pasadena officer myself.  Then when I tried to speak to the Chief about it - he wasn't responding at all - at first anyway.

Thinking maybe I'm "out of the loop" I watched the July 14, 2015, meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.  A transcript of that meeting is here -

There's a couple of things I'd like to point out to you I witnessed.  The first is on page 106.  It's speaking about how the meeting to decide upon who is going to be head of the Child Protective Services is being held "behind closed doors".  That's an alarm bell to me.

I'm also going to point to page 116.  On this page a man named John Walsh who has the blog at is telling the board that he is aware of sex trafficking going on where a foster care home run by a "friend of Mark Ridley-Thomas" has pimps targeting the kids in this home.  I'm going to work on getting a clip of this segment because what I saw was John pointed his finger right at Mark when he said "and Mark Ridley-Thomas knows about it".  I then saw him cut off with the remark his "time was up" and off camera I'd swear I heard what sounded like this man carted off physically.

Then Mark Ridley-Thomas says he's "having to restrain himself" from a response.

My point however is that I don't care if the Pope was being accused of "knowing about it" SOMEONE should have found out the name of this foster home and checked this report of trafficking out.  I don't care if the man was a raving lunatic - what I've heard from every child protective officer I've ever known is that even if they have every reason to believe a claim is completely false - there is STILL a legal obligation to check out all claims of child abuse of which trafficking is child abuse.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because money doesn't fix a system that's broken.  A system that's working means that when someone says that there is sex trafficking going on - then I don't care who is "offended" then the powers that be have a legal obligation to investigate this claim.  I don't care how "crazy" they think someone is - they have a legal obligation to investigate this claim.

I know for a fact that traffickers will drug their victims, and then brainwash them SPECIFICALLY so if they do go to the police for help they SOUND CRAZY.  That's one of their tactics.  I know that when I tried to report what I saw going on - I got phones slammed down on me and thrown out of cops' offices with them thinking I was "crazy".

So I then contacted everyone on the board of supervisors asking them (1) did they know who this guy was, and (2) did anyone follow up on his accusation about sex trafficking going on in the foster care system that was connected to Mark Ridley-Thomas?

I also asked if the woman, Astrid, who was talking about her child being taken from her wrongfully in a child custody battle that she also was trying to tell the board "no one was looking into her claims" about the case being falsified because her husband was "a wealthy actor" was being looked into that's on page 114.

The first answer I got was from Sheila Kuehl's office.  She told me she would have her "assistant look into the matter".  After a month - I got back the response that they "had no idea who either of these people were".

In September, two months after my first email to each member of the board - I got a call from a woman who said she was Mayor Antonovich's assistant.   She told me that (1) there was someone who was following up on the woman's claim made to the board, and (2) that she had "no idea who that man was who made the claim about sex trafficking going on in Los Angeles that Mark Ridley Thomas knew about going on" and also that no one had stopped him to question him as to what house he was speaking about in his accusation.

Funny - their names are right in this transcript.

So what am I to make out of this.  A man got up at the Board meeting and said that there was a "foster home that had African American pimps trafficking children that Mark Ridley-Thomas not only knew about - but that was run by a friend of his".

No one stopped him after this claim to ask him what house he was referring to.

And I got no response from anyone on the board when I asked about this accusation except from two people who told me they "had no idea" who made these claims yet once I got the transcript that was uploaded online I find out their names were identifiable.

So again what am I to make out of this?  I do know that no amount of money is going to fix a system that hasn't built into it investigating any, and all, claims about sex trafficking no matter who is "offended" by the accusation.

Because guess what?  ALL CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING INVOLVES ADULTS IN CHARGE OF THEM.  And anyone who knows anything about pedophiles knows they hide behind positions of power- priests, teachers, professors, doctors, deacons, etc.  The BTK killer for God's sake was a deacon at his church.  John Wayne Gacy was a clown for children's parties and a COP.   We can all readily now identify Bill Cosby.

So now what?  I've located this man's website.  I've emailed him asking if he can tell me the name of the house he's referring to.  But then what?  If the traffickers are being protected by Mark Ridley-Thomas we got a problem.  I do know he says he "cares about sex trafficking" but unlike Tom Bradley - I can't get a return call even from the man.  Including when I told him that a billboard campaign he's spent $1,000,000 on supposedly directing people to go to a website at for six months after the launch went to a website that only had a bus schedule on it.

I kept a screen shot of this by the way to show that despite my writing and calling him for six months to inform him this site was going nowhere - that the situation wasn't repaired until six months later.  Now for the life of me I don't know why he didn't just use the website which was already up and functional.  I mean they do run the oldest program for child trafficking victims in this country so why not use their site?

Certainly it would have been better than six months of a bus schedule up when victims were looking for help.  I take that back actually because I've studied "billboard campaigns" since the 1980's and not ONE of them have resulted in a victim calling for help.  Complete waste of money if you're trying to get help to a victim.

But then again I wasn't asked.  My calls aren't returned.  So am I supposed to vouch that Mark Ridley-Thomas CAN'T be possibly involved in something funny like this man is suggesting?  I don't know the man and THAT makes me suspicious.  Again, if you want to truly help an alcoholic - wouldn't you at least return phone calls from Bill Wilson?  Actually, if he was involved in child sex trafficking then it would explain why a million dollars was spent on a billboard project that the link did NOT go anywhere where someone would have found help, and the problem was not repaired until I spent six months complaining about it on social media and bringing it to people's attention, and honestly it might explain why he's spending another million dollars on "housing" for these victims that reports are telling me are being left empty - again instead of using to just let the kids know if they're in trouble to call them for help.

Then again I'm just "jaded".  Remember, I was abused by my father who owned a chain of law firms in Idaho who would get "morally outraged" when I'd go on TV speaking about my sexual abuse as a kid, and I also knew Iran Contra worked because the CIA knew that no one would believe back then in a million years they were doing what they were doing.  People barely believe it now what happened!  But if to me Mark's behavior just looks too darn suspicious - especially combined with the fact they are having the discussions about who to pick for the CPS director "behind closed doors" despite the person in the transcript stating flat out that this is bordering on "racketeering".

Again, if he was involved in sex trafficking then he would be making very sure whoever was in charge of CPS was one of his "friends".  So Mark Ridley-Thomas - if you want me to believe you're completely "innocent" here - then you tell me why you've been refusing my phone calls and emails not just to speak to me about the subject, but to take a look at the evidence I have about sex trafficking going on, and why if you care so much those billboards went to a bus schedule FOR SIX MONTHS after I brought it to your attention?  Why aren't you referring victims to Children of the Night?  Mostly - why didn't you put your outrage aside and ask John Walsh the name of the house he was referring to and open an investigation if you want me to believe you care about this issue so much?

I already know I can't get anyone to talk to me about what's going on at the Pasadena police.  Oh I finally did get someone to talk to me about Lt. Karen Hughes at Metro in Nevada.  I refer to my other post where I say Internal Affairs called me after she left to tell me "there's nothing we can do now she's quit" without any mention to how many YEARS I had been complaining about her while she was working at Metro.

So I'll repeat - now what?

On October 12, 2015, I got a call from John Walsh.  He writes the blog John Walsh Confidential (not the one on TV).  He told me that THIS is the house that he was talking about at the 7/14/15 meeting of the Board of Supervisors -  The reporter, Garrett Therolf, did a very brave job writing about this.  Especially when it appears that some people didn't want the story coming out.  According to John - when Sheila first came into office on the Board of Supervisors - she asked an investigator to go out and check on these kids.  They found some pretty awful stuff.  John says some people got pretty upset with her and threatened to get her off the board if she didn't "back off" the issue.  But it had already become an article in a May issue of the Times written by Garrett.  So put on the spot, supposedly Mark Ridley-Thomas promised that a "report would be done in 90 days".  That was May.  I went onto Google to see if there was a report anywhere online and I'm not seeing it.  So I've written to Garrett asking if maybe he can put me in touch with whoever is overseeing these kids.  If they are being targeted by pimps - then I need to get down there to offer some kind of training to these kids on how to deflect this type of thing.  Locked doors - no locked doors - this is not an issue about doors.  I'll keep you posted on how this develops.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's normal to want to do research on someone before you go stepping out into this arena of trying to help someone, or yourself, to leave the sex industry, especially if they're having to leave sex trafficking.  I'm going to show you some examples here of why I'm learning I have to  take what I read in the media these days with a grain of salt.

I read this article where it says that "deputies are patrolling undercover looking for underage prostitutes forced into the trade".  Well why waste all that time "looking" when I know right where some are I'm thinking?

I wrote Jim McDonnell's office and asked if I could speak to him about this.  He was running for office for Sheriff so I figured certainly he'd answer.   But I didn't get a response until he won the election from his press assistant MONTHS after I sent in my email, and my background information on Sex Workers Anonymous.  She said that "they were in transition" and "once she knew what their policy was going to be then she'd have the right person get in touch with me".  (Note - no one has still gotten back to me.)

Now wait a minute.  Policy?  This says they're "patrolling" already. Well I need to speak to whoever this is I explain.  "Oh that - that is what we CAN do not what we're DOING" she tells me.


She explains to me that this article was to show people what he "could" be doing if Jim got elected - not that he's actually doing this.  I told her the article sure looked like "doing" present tense active to me.   I explained to her I've been doing this type of work since 1987 and wanted to talk to someone in Long Beach about doing some type of outreach work down there with them based on me having been doing that kind of work effectively since the 1980's.  She said someone would get back to me.

Since then, Long Beach has received $650,000 to set up a task force.  No one has called or emailed me about anything.  Now mind you - I'm the founder of the movement itself.  I created the first outreach, the first program for adults, the first hotline, etc.

What I find interesting in this article is what's left out.  Where are the male victims for one thing?  Why won't anyone call me back about the information I have on the heads of a multi-national trafficking ring who reside in Pasadena, California?  I guess easier to go after some videotape about some street pimps seen in a target.  Isn't this whole thing a bit racist?  I keep seeing the cops focusing on African American street pimps - but not on those who might be Asian, white, Russian, etc.  Just street pimps.  I mean while he's doing this - I can point him in a direction where he can just scoop them up.  But I'm not hearing from him despite sending faxes, emails and leaving voice messages.

So I see Don Knabe in the article.  I've written him too offering to help and be a resource.  I get no answer to the facebook, email, or fax messages I've sent him.  My phone calls go unreturned.

Where's mention of Children of the Night?  They created the first hotline for child prostitutes and the first program which is still operating right in Van Nuys, California.   They operate a program where I've seen their good work.  They have beds and are up and running - so why are these articles talking like "nothing exists".  Again I'm not working with them in any way and I know there's other programs out there - I'm just using one as an example of a program I know is there, effective, and can take a kid in now.  So I asked Lois if she's getting any of these child victims put into her program.  She's telling me they "don't exist".   She assured me that they "checked out that program" and that when she's dispatched someone to go talk to these so called "victims" they either don't exist or they're an abuse victim being called a "trafficking survivor".

What?  The media is lying to us?  I was watching the documentary about the "Amazing Randi" on Netflix recently.  He told about how he pulled pranks all the time with fake news articles he said no one bothered to check out.  Check out this article about Kevin Brown.

When this guy called me up talking about Kevin Brown's "outreach" and how he was "taking women to a ranch and getting them out of prostitution" I asked him to see the ranch, meet his success stories, etc.  He start stuttering, blows me off and disappears.  That's because it was all fake.  There was no outreach, no success stories, and the women in the show "8 Minutes" were hired to pretend to be rescued.  Someone is pulling a pretty big con on us here. 

Check this out - a lot of money to announce a campaign to "spread awareness about sex trafficking" and our kids.  Now again Children of the Night runs a hotline and has a residential program right in Van Nuys, California.  I don't see Lois Lee anywhere in this press conference - do you?  This press conference is dated April 22, 2014.  Now she has a program and hotline again of very highly trained staff - so highly she trains other hotlines.  I can't help but wonder why are they re-inventing the wheel here?  Why aren't they putting up her hotline number or mine even for that matter?

 I mean how experienced can the people be answering these calls I can't help but wonder.  Trust me - you have to know how to handle these calls too.  Think you don't?  How about this call "I've just drugged my pimp with knock-out drops and he's out cold.  But I can't roll him over and he's sleeping on his wallet with all the money and my ID in it.  I can't call the police for help.  I have no clothes because he burned them during the argument we had before I knocked him out.  So I can't leave the room.  What do I do?"

TRUST ME - you need someone on the line who knows how to handle calls like this.  That by the way was a real call.  In her case, I asked her what hotel she as in.  She told me.  I called down to the manager at the desk and asked him if he'd be willing to take one of the maid uniforms up to her room to help her.  He agreed.  I told him the situation, told him to get her dressed and out of the room before the ambulance came.  I told him he didn't need any more bad press than this would be.  I then told him and her that a SWA member would be by in a few minutes to pick her up and sort her out.  The manager went and got her dressed and put her in the next room while the ambulance came to make sure the pimp was okay.  Then a local SWA member came and got her and then drove her to the nearest domestic violence shelter.  Problem solved.  That woman has five years clean now and out of prostitution.

Anyway, a lot of money for billboards and signs that directed  people to go to went up   I then took a screen shot of what was at that web address when I went to check it out.  The press conference was held in April right?  Check out an email I sent Mark in October of 2014 stating the web link was going to a bus schedule.  So for SIX MONTHS if a victim of sex trafficking tried to reach out for help when they went to that address - they got a bus schedule that looked identical to this page -  Meaning the site hadn't been built or uploaded yet.  Think about this - for six months after the press conference - no site was up.

I wrote a few more emails to Mark stating that six months AFTER his press conference, the web address on his campaign was going to a bus schedule.  He never returned my calls, answered my emails, etc.  That was a lot of money also for these signs.  However, everywhere these signs were placed they could have been placed for free and then that cash used to actually provide services such as housing, counseling, outreach, etc.

About two weeks ago, I went again to the link to see how the progress was going.  This was up there as of July of 2015.   Now the website says to "call to report someone you think is a trafficking victim".  I DON'T see anything like "if you want away from a pimp - call this number".  I don't see anything on here in fact that would tell me I can call that phone number to get help.

Only guess what?  Most victims are what are called "millennials".   Those are the young people right now.  Young people don't like to call 800 numbers or people generally.  They're a "texting" generation.  That aside - do you honestly think any phone a victim goes near that a pimp isn't going to have a phone app on there that notifies them of whatever call she's making?  Which they do.

The pimps have shown me, bragging, about how any incoming or outgoing call into her phone is sent immediately back to their phone on an alert.  Further, not only do they know the phone number of anyone calling or being called immediately - but that they can HEAR the phone call.  I had coffee with a pimp in Las Vegas who showed me that whenever anyone using one of his phones talks to someone - a text of the conversation is sent back to her phone.  Smart phones can also trace locations of where the phone is going.  Meaning without calling anyone - if she tries to leave the house he'll know about it the minute she does because he'll be alerted she's moving and where she's going.

Don Knabe was putting a lot of money and energy into a court program where supposedly teen victims are getting help.  Here's a link to a news article about it.  Note please note the quote from D'lita Miller.  I first spoke to D'Lita Miller in connection with the show "8 Minutes".  She called me up before a CNN appearance basically wanting me to co-sign what she was going to say.  She wanted to try and run by me that "there's no resources for trafficking victims".  I said "that's not true - there's lots of resources for trafficking victims".

She then went into this whole rap about how when she needed help for her daughter "nothing existed".  I said "that's not true - did you call Children of the Night?"  And she said "who?"  I'm like wait a minute - you're in Los Angeles working with trafficking victims and you don't know about CON?  She had no idea who I was, or who CON was.  I then started naming off some other programs like the Dream Center in Los Angeles for one.  Covenant House for another.  She clearly had no idea what i was talking about.  I finally told her "look - we can get any victim just about any resource you can think of they need".  She then started telling me how "over whelmed she was" trying to find resources for victims she couldn't find.  I told her basically that was ridiculous.

There are plenty of resources and I offered to meet with her to show her where they were, how to access them, etc.  I mean I've been doing this since 1987 starting in Los Angeles - I know where to find whatever they need.  She then stopped talking to me completely.  Stopped returning my calls and stopped returning my emails.  Now this was a personal issue of her not liking me - I let her know we had other members she could speak to that would be happy to work with her to help the victims she's working with.  I still got no response out of her.  Again, if you're going to start an alcoholic treatment program wouldn't you at least talk to Bill Wilson for five minutes before doing so?   I'm wondering why she's not interested in talking to our recovering members or finding out about the resources in town i'm aware of  - so I went to check on her website.  Now in case it changes from what it is now - ask me for the original screenshot.  I'll show you because I keep finding the minute I start pointing to things - they change.  So I screen shot.

Pretty picture - but I see no phone number for victims to call who need help.  Okay maybe she's got a built-in referral system where the victims already know her phone number.  Okay well well about those who lose her phone number or hear about her work?  Where is the number for them to call?   I also don't see anything about what type of program she's offering.  Is is peer support?   Do they have PTSD therapy or drug treatment?  Do they help with job training or housing?  I mean what does she offer?  I see she's baking breadsticks - but where's the program?

I watch the CNN show and she tells the audience three different stories.  The social media is going nuts saying her stories "don't match".  But she did say basically she was a "consultant' for Kevin Brown's "program" that he was taking prostitutes into on the show "8 Minutes".  Only Kevin Brown didn't have a "program".  The women on the show were paid $200 to act as prostitutes.  Polaris even asked Kevin not to use their phone number.  The "success stories" admitted they were actors.  The pimps on the show were also paid to pretend to be pimps.  I remember when his assistant called me up saying he had a "program" I asked to see it and the guy ran off.  If there had really been a program - he wouldn't have had to hire actors to pretend to be rescued.   Now if the guy was running a bogus program that he was lying to the LA Times, to CNN and even for the cameras on the show "8 Minutes" and there is no program - how can D'Lita Miller be a "consultant"?   If she is talking to "real" victims - how can she help them without resources as she claims?  The MINUTE I posted online that the show "8 Minutes" was a fake and I intended to sue for fraud and defamation - the show was literally canceled four hours later.  All the videos of the show taken off the website.  Now canceled shows leave their videos up online all the time.  They're covering up that the whole show was a complete fraud.  Meaning that D'Lita was a part of it.

That aside - if she's working with real victims they should know about where there's real experienced true help they can access.  ESPECIALLY if any of those victims are suffering trafficking at the hands of law enforcement like the ones I'm talking to all over this country who are.   So I repeated to her that I wanted to show her how to resources and help for these victims and asked to meet with her to show her what I know and could offer victims.  Not me personally - but programs I know about that are good solid programs.  Job Corp. in some cities is really good.  I know kids that have entered the Job Corp. and they've come out with  a degree, a job, and their own apartment.  DeVry has a wonderful program where they offer housing, food, scholarships, and a student can start a class at any time.  I mean there's just so much more.  But when i offered to show her where they are - she bails on me.   Makes no sense.

Unless you realize she's helping to apply for a $3 million dollar grant by saying "there's no resources" then it makes more sense why she doesn't want to hear about existing services.   Oh but she has this on her site.    When I started up SWA - I interviewed over 2,000 prostitutes still in the game as to what they needed.  I also asked them about their "relapses" and what led them back.  Then I interviewed another 2,000 who were "out" of the sex industry at least five years and clean from drugs.  After that, we formed a mentor board of people who had founded and ran effective programs like AA, NA, OA, DA, GA, etc.  

From that we then spent TWO YEARS running experimental groups and workshops until we found a system or program that WORKED.  Because what we found before that was you could offer them a house, a job, free drug treatment and a free scholarship - and all they would do would be run right back to sex work.  Something else had to be done to stop that cycle.  That something that got built into our program.   So you'll have to excuse me if I look at this "curriculum" and laugh a bit.   Speaking as a con artist in recovery - I know bullshit when I see it.   Well the links to a homeless center in San Diego at least came down.  Those were up on her site until about a week ago.  I have screen shots to show this.

I'm sorry but "Woman of the Year" means nothing to me.  Can anyone say "Samoly Mam"?  She got a lot of awards too - didn't mean I didn't smell bullshit there too.  Now if you read what they do - they "work with existing services" within the probation and the county mental health department - which quite a few people are protesting right now.

At the July 14, 2015 meeting of the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors - two people got up and accused the board of there being active "pimping going on right in the foster care system and no one is doing anything about it" and a mother got up to say her kids had been taken from her illegally, they had been abused, and now she had them back "no one was investigating what happened to her".

Now to be at that meeting - one has to sign in.  There is a record of their names.  To see if what they said was true - that "no one was investigating" I wrote an email to all of the supervisors.  I asked them who those people were and if their accusations were being investigated.  The only response I got was from Sheila telling her assistant to "look into this" for her.  I still haven't heard a word back.  Yet real priority here.  Watch the boardcast to see what I mean.  Because from what I'm seeing - money is being put into a system that doesn't work and a religious program that's cleaned up their website a lot recently.  I know because when I went onto the "Saving Innocence" program they were having workshops to teach these young girls how to be "virgins again".  I'm sorry - poetry and art classes?  Who is doing this?   Well a woman who didn't see straight through Kevin Brown in five minutes.  Something is very very wrong here.

By the way, they know we offer real services that work.  They had someone call our hotline to try and "fake me out" who got very upset when we passed muster.  Shame.  Because if they were really about helping victims - they'd be talking to us about how we're doing it.  Not trying to poke holes in us because we're whistle blowing.

These are just a few examples of what I've seen in the media that just aren't what they appear to be.  So approach any media you find with a bit of caution and check out your sources.  What they print bout isn't always what is happening.  Also, the people on these committees need someone on them who understands how pimps operate and control their victims.

We have an 800 number - 888 253-9619 - where victims can call us from any pay phone to get help.  That way the call is not traced or tracked.  Also, they can call 702 4684529 collect from a hotel phone or even from jail.  I've gotten many a call from jail because it's the only time their pimp isn't watching them 24/7 and they can talk.  Then I've made arrangements to pick them up when they got released and they just lied to the pimp about the date they are getting released.  Then we have a SWA member that can be pick them up from jail and take them to a safe house.

What I've found however, is that whenever we've been welcomed onto these committees that are actually trying to do something - they're trying to do something to help victims.  The problem is what I've been seeing lately is that people are using trafficking money as their personal kitty to dip into whenever they need cash.   For those phony committees - no we're not allowed on them.  I'll go into these types of things more in another article.  But for here - I'm just pointing out you can't always believe what you read is true.

What's happening here is the taxpayers are thinking something is being done.  They're looking up at these signs and thinking "oh someone is doing something".  Well they aren't.  The victims don't even see this type of sign - and if they do it's not something they can use.  When a pimp finds out you've called someone for help - there's hell to pay.  So they don't call for help unless they think they can do it without the pimp finding out.  Right now with cell phones built the way they are - most aren't going to pick up a phone and call a number for help.  Taxpayers' money is being wasted and that opportunity to help a victim has been lost.  That might be your son or daughter trying to find a way home next time.  Remember that.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - All Rights Reserved)