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In the days of African American slavery on US soil, the idea of a slave running away to freedom was viewed as a "disease" caused by the "loss of respect" the slave had for the owner.   Thinking I'm kidding?

Before I founded Prostitutes Anonymous, then changed our name in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous, my sponsor suggested I study all forms of social change and revolution including the civil rights movement.  He did this because he was showing me people always do what they think is "right".   If a slave running away was viewed as a "disease", that you as a slave owner needed to address in order to make sure you were being "respected", then this was also the same view shared by every slave owner in order not to be completely scoffed at like we now do today.  Take a look at it.  Because we laugh today - but back then this man was conside…


Yes you're right. We as EX sex workers are being left out of this conversation as well and told WE "don't exist". Well we do. The USA database of members for Sex Workers Anonymous is 190,000. The subscribers to our blog is over 59,000. We have meetings all over the USA, in Canada, five other countries, and three jails. SWA is the oldest and largest program of ex-sex workers in the world.

We have more members than SWOP so where is our voice in this piece? Mary - we contacted you directly asking to be included in this conversation that we started 30 years ago and you asked us to "leave you alone". You have ignored us, blocked us, shut us out, and then tried to pretend we don't exist.

EVERYTHING that you're complaining is being done to you as an active sex worker. Well guess what Mary? One of these days' it's highly likely you might decide to le…