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As some of you know, we used Planned Parenthood when I was a teen for myself and my girlfriends to get some type of reproductive care when we were too young to see doctors on our own, couldn't get parental consent, and didn't have money or insurance.  We would do this when we were raped.  We would do this when we were victims of child abuse.  It was literally the only place we knew of to go back in the 1970's.

Throughout the years - I've worked with many different types of trafficking victims.  The majority of trafficking victims DO NOT get abortions.  The reason is simple - the baby is not only the second generation of victim of these pimps to groom from birth that prostitution is "okay", but it's also an 18 year leash on their victims.  Read up on the case of Margo Compton and see how her traffickers blackmailed her with her children to control her.  I've got interviews up at where our members speak about ho…