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Here's the deal - we're being excluded as you know from the very system we created. 

WE'RE the program who came to the courts FIRST in 1987 when NO ONE wanted to lift a finger to help us.  We're the ones who said first and without a fund raiser or a federal grant - "until you are going to decriminalize prostitution then the least you can do is court order them into our program in place of jail being that these are not criminals - but instead women feeding their children, junkies looking for a way to feed their habit who can't get into treatment because they're prostitutes, and also because victim services won't help them when raped, kidnapped, stalked and beaten because the system considers them as "criminals", women who can't get jobs because of porn of them appearing online alone with having a criminal record which means they can't deny the photos are in facts theirs, criminal records preventing them from obtaining work licenses such…



Before "Dreamcatchers", Brenda was just another resident at Genesis House in Chicago.  Genesis House had been founded by a nun named Edwina Gately.  Prostitutes Anonymous was our program's name in 1988 when we got a call from Edwina for help.  She said none of the women in the program were relating to her being she was an older white female who had never been a prostitute herself. 

I had no way of affording a trip to Chicago and she was barely getting by, but many of the talk shows were filmed in Chicago back in the late 1980's.  Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Oprah were all filmed out of studios there.  I told Edwina I had an idea which worked - I'd get booked on a talk show which would pay for my round-trip and hotel to get there.   I booked the first show and came bearing copies of our "Recovery…


For people who want to sit back and say "oh Jody is trying to make money" - please please explain that to me.

First of all, I do not have any basket passed at our meetings.  Why?  Because if any person at that meeting is engaged in illegal prostitution and we accept money from them then we're guilty of a felony crime of "pimping".  Now can I sit there and ask every meeting leader to demand a financial accounting from the members?  No because to do so would be incriminating them.  So we do not pass any basket at meetings UNLIKE every other 12 step program I'm aware of who does.  AA passes the basket.  NA passes the basket.  Sexaholics Anonymous passes the basket.  Gamblers Anonymous passes the basket.  We do not.  So we have no basket donation income ever period anywhere.

Second, we have a copy of our first edition "Recovery Guide" on LuLu for $4.95.  Out of that, we net about $3.50.  In the TOTAL time that book has been listed on LuLu - we have s…

Yesterday's "War on Drugs" is Today's "War on Trafficking"

Before starting our 12 step program which was originally named "Prostitutes Anonymous" in 1987 (we renamed ourselves in 1995 to "Sex Workers Anonymous" to include those doing webcam work, porn and stripping), I created an "advisory board".  (I have clips here at that verify the date, and I'm the founder this program.)

On that advisory board I tracked down the still living founders of other 12 step programs such as Roy K., who founded Sexaholics Anonymous and Ruby who founded Overeaters Anonymous.  I then added in people who knew how to run a 12 step program such as Bob Stone, who was Narcotics Anonymous executive director for 12 years before his death of cancer, as well as a woman who was the Treasurer for the General Office of Alcoholics Anonymous to name a few of them who have passed on now so I can speak about them (Roy and Ruby have passed now also.)

I also added on people who had been in the Black Panthers, along with surv…