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Since the hate sites went up recently against us - I've been asked this question a lot from people calling.  How do I know who to trust?  I've already said a lot about this in other blogs, things like none of those attacks are from actual members, we didn't suddenly turn bad a few months ago after operating since 1987, etc.  I've already ventured from what a member told us she thinks is going on - these sites are smoke screens to gather information on who is contacting us, etc.  But I do want to address this directly because it's a valid question.

This isn't a popularity contest.  This isn't about how many friends I have or how many people like me.  I don't care if everyone in the world loved me or if everyone hated me.  My "like" factor is not the question.  If anything history shows us the more good someone does - the more likely they are to NOT be liked.

I mean look at how people have treated people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Gand…