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DENNIS RUNS FOR SENATE  Wondering why the attacks upon us have increased so dramatically in recent days - I've come to know the pattern well.  Whenever attacks upon us have amped up - Dennis is usually up to something.   I go onto the newsletter and find that yep - Dennis has announced he's going to run for senate.

I had to admit I let out a chuckle upon hearing that he believes in "fighting sex trafficking".  Years ago when Dennis first started owning brothels I would call him for help on rescues I was doing to help get a woman either away from a vicious pimp, or away from a gang of traffickers such as the Hell's Angel's who ran women out of the Shady Lady from what the women told me before they closed.   He would always flat refuse to help us out in any way with these women.  I asked him for help with a plane ticket to get one woman back to her family, with another I asked for help to get a motel for the night, etc.

I have asked De…