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After reading this letter -  about "fake" reality TV shows - I wrote to Mr. Gardner the below letter:
Dear Mr. Gardner:
Can we talk about Relativity Media with respect to the “fake” so called “reality” TV?  I’ve now been involved in taking three shows connected to them and the sex industry off the air because they were complete “shams”.   I also briefly was able to get the series “Cathouse” relabeled as not being “reality” TV.  I know that Fox has won a lawsuit recently that it’s okay to defraud the viewing public.  I know the FCC has also weighed in there’s nothing they can do. 
I learned that when I watched a series of fake media go out about what was supposedly the group I founded - Prostitutes Anonymous.  I’m the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement.  You can verify this at  In other words, I’m the “Bill Wilson” to “alcoholism” only with respect to sex tr…