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PROOF OF HOW THE OTHER SIDE OPERATES The program we operate has members coming to us who can't come to the police because either there is no trafficker to have arrested, or because the person who trafficked them might even be the police.  Take for example the case of Celeste Guap.  Let's say you were her and you wanted to leave.  The news has released information she was told by one officer when and where NOT to be in order NOT to have any contact with any of the trafficking outreach projects their task force was operating. Which by the way proves MY POINT that REAL trafficking victims aren't found in such a manner as the fact remains REAL traffickers always either are the police, or have police informants, and thus would be so tipped off by such outreach projects and that's why we don't conduct our outreach in such manners - but let me go back to my main subject here.  Which is we have members like Celeste, like Jeane Palfr


CALIFORNIA As you know who follow my blog, I'm having problems with police all of the time who are involved in some fashion to sex trafficking. Since I do most of my "face to face" work in California and Nevada - most of the calls I get on the Sex Workers Anonymous hotline is in those two states. Since 2013,  I've been trying to get someone to talk to me about what's going on in Pasadena, California's police station for a while now because of the "Music" case.  This is a woman who called for help who lives in Pasadena - and claims two Pasadena officers drug her out of her home when she told her traffickers she wanted to leave and they slapped her with two phony prostitution charges.   I then got my own threats from a man saying he was a Pasadena officer when I was helping her - and then I've had some weird issues with their chief.  For example, he tells me he "didn't return my calls because he's already working with a trafficking