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Dear Editor:

I'm writing you as founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  I have news clips up at dating back to 1984 showing that I was the person who created the first "safe house" for adults in the USA at a time when our culture was denying this was even a reality.  I say that because I witnessed people like Linda Lovelace try and educate us she was forced at gunpoint to star in the adult film "Deep Throat" by her pimp on a mob financed film when she released her memoir "Ordeal" in 1980. 

I watched as audiences everywhere as she tried to promote her book so people would know the story would stand up and "boo" her, call her "liar", and accuse her of only being "jealous" of her pimp's new protege', Marilyn Chambers.   Realizing the world wasn't going to acknowledge our plight, let alone do anything to help save us, I created the warehouse which got me arrested and dubbed…