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Friday, December 11, 2015


Dear Nicole:

One of our members sent me this article about Live Nation.  I guarantee you there's more to this story than meets the eye.  I would assume off duty cops have a permit to carry a gun for one thing.

For another, I came to know Live Nation in a weird way.  In 2003, Snoop Dogg was traveling the USA on a Playboy tour on what I call a "pimp revival".  He would sweep into town, have young women come onto the RV (so he wasn't on hotel grounds), and then ask them to "fulfill his fantasy by turning a trick for him as their pimp".  The tricks were NFL players.  This is a young woman by herself in an RV full of drunken, stoned, wealthy famous men, one of who has a murder charge behind him he beat.  He claims because he "gave the money back" that it's okay.

After he got done with the women, the local pimps would scoop them up since they'd already been "turned out" and clearly had some cash value now because of where they'd just been.  Some of those pimps weren't so nice.  No state - no prosecutor, no cop, no attorney general wanted to touch the case so he had a free pass to do what he did.

I only got called into this when one of the girls happened to have a Nevada senator as a "friend of the family".  I got a call from him asking me to go and rescue the young woman who was four months pregnant and chained to a toilet.  They didn't want to arrest him because he would have fingered Snoop and then all hell would have broke loose.  So yes I went in and got her out of there, and of course then set about trying to do damage control for the rest of his tour from that point on.

To try and stop what he was going, I contacted his promoters to ask them to have him stop.  At this time, I was also being asked to film a documentary by MTV on domestic sex trafficking and was being promised a series of public service announcements.  Only after I started trying to talk to Snoop's people - I found my producer fired, and no one knew anything about the PSA's.  The whole project in fact was moved to Sweden - so MTV Exit launched in Sweden that year instead of the USA as previously scheduled.

I couldn't say anything until he did or I'd be sued for defamation.  After his confession in Rolling Stone - I started a boycott of "Turbo" where his character was a cartoon pimp making him "kid friendly".  I started to organize a boycott of the film online.  The MINUTE that I announced the boycott in the trafficking groups I belonged to - suddenly a woman appears out of nowhere claiming to work for "Traffick Jam" who starts a smear campaign against me.   That's a group that organizes concerts to raise money for sex trafficking victims.  

I say "said" she works for Traffick Jam because I contacted their founder who said he "had no idea who she was" when I asked him why this woman would be attacking me so viciously.  She literally went to every moderator of every group and demanded I be removed or she was going to "take her membership elsewhere".  She was throwing a lot of money around also at the time, and promising people a percentage of the funds raised.  I sat down and clocked this woman and she was literally spending 8 hours a day, five days a week, just calling people up, emailing them, and doing whatever she could in her power to smear me.  She filed complaints against me with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General's office, the IRS, anyone she could think of she'd write.  She was so desperate for dirt she would tell people that "Jody is a con artist because she has three names".  I've been married twice - so yes I have my maiden name and then both my married names.  I didn't know it was "suspicious" to have been married and divorced twice!

Every time she'd come at me I'd say "why aren't you directing this at Snoop?"  Eventually people started going "yeah why aren't you directing this at Snoop" and she faded away into the sunset.  That was after she got my facebook accounts shut down for two weeks, my websites taken down for two weeks, and basically she jammed up all our online presence for the first two weeks that "Turbo" opened.  Then once I got people starting to notice her anger was being a little bit misdirected, and other people started confirming she was lying about who she was or was not, and they also started noticing that ALL she did all day was stir up shit at me instead of traffickers while claiming to be an "anti-trafficking activist"  - then she did finally leave me alone.

Snoop had signed with Live Nation at this time by the way.  I didn't think much about this until a few years ago.  Charlie Sheen learned he was HIV/AIDS positive in 2011.  In 2011, he signed with Live Nation and launched a one man show that had everyone scratching their head trying to figure out what the hell he was doing.  It was so bad that he canceled the tour quickly.

At this time something else happened.  I guarantee you prior to this no other group would dare set foot in Nevada to fight sex trafficking because of the presence of the legal brothels but me.  I have had my car trashed, bombs found in my outreach RV, my front door kicked in, death threats, my daughter mowed over with an SUV - so trust me no one else wants to fight trafficking in Nevada.  Go look at where the "abolitionists" have their meetings and convention and you'll see it's FAR from Nevada.  But out of the blue this group the Cupcake Girls sweeps into town.  

They came bearing gifts.  They were literally showing up in strip clubs with free cupcakes, haircuts, make-overs, dental care, and even cash aid all without the pesky little requirement to get the help of quitting the sex industry like our group does.  They then announced they were having a Bill passed that would allow those with prostitution charges to get them expunged based on the claim they "couldn't get jobs outside of stripping" because of their record.  Which is total horseshit.  I've got a list of top casinos and major employers who not only regularly hire ex-prostitutes, but for some jobs they prefer them.  Jobs working with the public, marketing, sales, etc.  When I went to offer them the list since they were "having such a hard time" they blocked me and told me not to call them again!

Clearly something else was going on here.  I mean who would go to the legislature to write a Bill rather than to take a list of employers from me?  Makes no sense.  The ONLY thing a prostitution record stops you from doing in Nevada is obtaining a license to work in a legal brothel or an entertainer's license to be a stripper.  So in reality they were helping prostitutes to get licensing.  Which is when I knew they had sided up to Dennis Hof.   Now why would they do that?  So I did more homework to find out they even had a lobbyist that helped them get that bill passed.  A bill written by John Hambrick who I've seen taking bribes from Dennis Hof and who Chris Edwards is claiming "bullied" him for his vote to become Speaker of the House after everyone crucified Reid who was the ONLY one who would stand up to the brothels in Nevada.  

The same lobbyist as Live Nation has by the way.  Again, why would a company that puts on concerts be helping strippers clear their prostitution records?  The lightbulb goes on about Charlie being their new client.  Now I know he's "paid $10 million dollars to keep his secret" now I know I wasn't imagining things.  Because when an escort, stripper or porn performer realize they have HIV - guess where they go?

You got it - me.  Now I'm beginning to understand why this group has swept into Nevada ONLY targeting female strippers (not the men, not the lesbians or transgenders, not the street prostitutes, etc.) and been handing out so many goodies to win over favor - make me look like shit.  Got it.  

Then I read their company isn't allowing in police officers to concerts over supposedly their guns?  Give me a break.  Let me tell you something - what Snoop has done since the Rolling Stone interview is textbook pimping in my book on a large scale.  First you put together a football team.   You know why?  Security on high schools was locking up the gates to keep the pimps out who weren't going to school there.  So how would you get the pimps back around the high school girls?  


Especially if they're auditioning to be cheerleaders.  Once he started auditioning cheerleaders, he also opened a medical marijuana delivery service.  Have you ever seen a medical card on Snoop?  I haven't. Now if there wasn't a football league before I'd understand.  If it was free - I'd understand.  But he charges as much as the other football leagues and their coaches are complaining that he's siphoning them right out of the game.  Now what I'm hearing is the pimps are coming onto the high school grounds to "see the practice" and now the guards can't stop them without being accused of "racial profiling" to get them to back off.  

Rick "Freeway" Ross is a survivor of Iran Contra.  I was right there with Rick and so when he got released and claimed he was "going legit" I reached out to him.  I noticed his book and his documentary didn't say ONE WORD about the sex trafficking that also went along with those drugs.  In my experience, when someone won't take my calls it's because they haven't "left the game" yet.  I spoke to Cathy Scott, the woman who wrote his book and she attacked me claiming he'd "gone straight and was teaching kids to read".  If he's "gone straight" and "wants to help people" then why refuse my calls?  

Where I come from teaching kids to read while not going near people that can see through bullshit - that's "putting on a cover".  I've seen Rick being photographed recently on interviews with Snoop.  I also know Rick was pulled over recently driving on the 101 with over $100,000 in cash on him.  He told the officer he was "going to buy real estate".  Give me a break.  You show up at a real estate deal with cash and you'll raise eyebrows you're a drug dealer. No one legit does that.  He further claimed the cop pulled him over because of "racial profiling".  No - he pulled him over because he saw him on the documentary talking about being one of the biggest drug dealers of the century.  You know what?  The pimps who turned me out also used to tell me the cops who were trying to warn me were "racial profiling" too.  No they weren't.  They were trying to warn me these were bad men - their color had nothing to do with it.  Which is why I chuckle when I see the plot on "Empire" showing that the character Lucious Lyon has murdered a man but when arrested for it he claims "racial profiling".  Sounds to me like the writers know some of the same people I did at one time.  

I know what's going on and I know when I'm being targeted.  I know from a lot of past predators when someone is running around saying "don't listen to Jody - she's crazy" it's because they're covering their ass.  My dad still tells anyone who listens "Jody's crazy" too so they won't listen to my stories of his sexual abuse.  

No - there's more to the story of Live Nation and thank you for writing that article.  Just let's me know I"m right.  The traffickers who turned me out in Los Angeles in the 1980's were related to Richard Pryor.  If you remember, he would tell anyone who asked him that his mother worked in his grandmother's brothel.  I went to work as a cocktail waitress in a club I later learned was how they laundered their money.  They also used the club to pick up girls who they'd already verified were over 18 when they were stamped to buy liquor.  It was "family business" based out of a family who also started record labels to not only launder their money - but to create phony jobs and loopholes so the pimps could get paid without being charged for it.  I know well how it was set up because I was the one they sent to the banks, and the landlords, and the licensing boards so no one knew who was really behind what was really going on.  

This is modern day sex trafficking at work.  Look - I'd love to tell more cops about our program so if I can submit you an article or do a column on working with prostitutes, or however I can get some press out - let me know.  Thanks.  

Jody Williams
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Sunday, August 16, 2015


I just saw Joe Manchin's objection about MTV's "BuckWild" where he asks MTV is they want to put money ahead of the welfare of our children when he asks them why they're airing that show. The answer Mr. Manchin is yes. Yes they put money ahead of the welfare of our children.

In 2003, I was discussing with the producers of MTV doing a series of public service announcements about the only hotline in the country where anyone, male, female, or transgender, who simply wants help to leave the sex industry, whether they are trafficked or not, can call to find help to either escape and/or leave the streets where the hotline is answered by another survivor. The hotline also refers adults into the 12 step program of Sex Workers Anonymous, and those under 18 years old to Children of the Night.

We were also negotiating a deal to have a film crew come out and do a documentary on our work under their series "True Life". This was before Snoop Dogg had made his confession in the Rolling Stone interview that he was "putting together an organization" where he was transporting prostitutes on his tour bus from city to city to "sell pussy". Women without checking their ID for their age, were put into a closed room with men who were rich, famous, and stoned - many of who were NFL football players so they were also 300 pounds and then asked if they would allow Snoop to act out his "fantasy" of selling them to these players. I can't imagine a 110 pound lone female is going to say "no" thinking something might not happen to her safety if she did. They were stoned anyway - so how would they tell if she felt uncomfortable and afraid to say "no" so I venture to say this is a form of rape.

Once he "turned them out" - other real, dangerous, street pimps then scooped them up into actual trafficking. I got a call from a politician in Nevada on the "down lo" to go and rescue a young woman who was pregnant and chained to a toilet because they didn't want the publicity that would result from sending in the police to rescue her - and then file charges that would lead directly to Snoop. Meaning that our police are paid to protect us - but they called our group to go in and rescue this poor girl because they were afraid of being sued for defamation or wrongful arrest.

Because this tour was moving onto the next city - I reached out to MTV's producers to help me contact this tour's organizers to see what they could do about shutting this down since the police clearly didn't want to get involved in a Bill Cosby scandal times 10. Their response was to fire the producer who was working on our PSA's to help save lives, and then redirect the trafficking program they'd just launched to instead of opening in the USA originally as planned - to open instead in Sweden to address European sex trafficking.

He has bragged about this pimping - and has never apologized to the many victims we rescued from that tour. In fact, he's now gone on to start the Youth Snoop Football League spreading across Los Angeles, with cheerleaders, while he invests in a marijuana delivery service and I have yet to see his carrying a medical marijuana card while being around our young girls and boys in a role model and authoritative position.

I have organized until something is done to address the fact that prior to the Youth Snoop Football League high school security was able to tell pimps who did not attend those schools to get off the grounds. Now all they have to do to enter these school grounds is simply say "I'm here for the game". Snoop is actively hanging out with Rick "Freeway" Ross, who was connected to drug trafficking during iran Contra - which also trafficked our American young women. Despite him promoting his book now discussing his drug trafficking - he will not address the sex trafficking that went on during those years at all on interviews I'm also blocked from being involved with to discuss the sex trafficking part of Iran Contra.  

But then I heard Rick's song and dance about "going straight" and caring about our youth before. If he did - he'd be calling upon Snoop to take measures to protect these kids in connection with his football league with respect to sex trafficking that has become such a major problem in Los Angeles recently - the Board of Supervisors just approved a $7 million dollar budget to do something about this epidemic. One that starts with Snoop Dogg making an apology - and doing something to address trafficking that may be happening in our schools with a police force letting fear of a lawsuit stop them from protecting our citizens - young or old.

So yes Senator Manchin - MTV cares more about money than the well-being of our children. So if you want to do something about this besides just complain - I ask you to put together a committee of some kind to investigate pandering charges against Snoop Dogg, and MTV for "promoting prostitution" which is a felony in this country, does not require the receipt of money, nor does the consent of the victim negate the crime. I further add that maybe we should boycott MTV to put a hurt where that dollar is until they do something to address sex trafficking right here at home in the USA.
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