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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


To Reporter Craig Walls - this case is EXACTLY why our hotline is so important as well as the Children of the Night hotline for minors. Most victims of trafficking CAN NOT CALL THE POLICE for one reason or another. The National Trafficking Hotline is great - however for those who can't call the authorities for help it leaves them no options as they either report to the authorities, or they refer to a task force headed by authorities. When I founded the movement to have sex trafficking recognized - it was two parts. Yes I wanted people to know trafficking was real but the SECOND PART was that we can't call the police for help in most cases. I'm working on a case right now where a woman was drug out of her house by two Pasadena officers. When I stepped in to help her - I was threatened by another officer myself.

This case is also why Brenda Myers-Powell and i had a big falling out when she took a job working with the Chicago Police. I told her very clearly it "blinds" us to those who need our help the most - those who can't call the police for help. These cops involvement in Chicago might have been recognized sooner by our chapter there led by Brenda had she not taken the job with the police. This has been my biggest objection to the involvement of local police in the task forces being set up across the country. As my grandma used to say "The fox can't guard the chicken coop".

I'd like to talk to you if I might about talking about our hotline - where victims can call 24/7 to speak to a survivor who is NOT connected to the police so we can get them help from the authorities we know are "cool". Thank you -

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