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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Before Google - if you were a wealthy, famous, or powerful man who couldn't risk something like what happened to the Secret Service down in Columbia happens when you pick up a street walker, or what happened to Steve Sassa when an escort's pimp was blackmailing him, or when Donald Banks got blackmailed by Teofil for $500,000 - the sex industry had madams.

Madams allowed students, aspiring lawyers, house wives, writers, and anyone who wanted to work as an escort without fear of records of phone numbers or ads coming back to haunt them years down the road - would work for a madam so they could maintain their confidentiality.  They also worked for madams because the calls were pre-screened and they knew what they were walking into as they walked in to it.  That's what they paid for.  Madams had "black books" of clients they did business with regularly so they knew who they were sending young girls, or boys (think American Gigolo), into seeing.  So there wasn't any real danger - usually.  If a guy was dangerous - the madam knew about it and would "black list" them.  Ethical ones anyway.

The clients paid the money to maintain discretion.  If the prostitute would steal something - I'd take it back to the client because I wanted his repeat business.  If one of the girls got sick - I'd make a discrete phone call to him rather than the health department.  If one of the women started even thinking about blackmail - I'd threaten to blacklist her out of the business.  Because again I had a regular clientele I wanted to keep happy and keep coming back.  These men could come to my house I'd set up so these women, and men, wouldn't know the clients real names, or have anything they could blackmail them with again like we saw with the Donald Banks case.  If he'd paid a madam in the old days - that whole scandal would not have happened.  If it had been attempted - we'd go deal with it, get his money back, and that would have been the end of it.  So if you think about it - confidentiality has always been a big deal to me.  

But again the internet has changed things.  Now one thing also used to happen with madams that I talk about with Iran Contra with me, and other things.  I was approached by men within our own government wanting information on girls who had no family who would question their disappearance.  They wanted white girls, blue eyes preferable, without a drug problem, and who didn't have anyone who would miss them if they were to disappear.

I was offered $25,000 a woman and told all I had to do was send her on an appointment where they'd be waiting with chloraform to knock her out.  Then she'd be loaded onto a diplomat's plane which is not stopped or searched.  Thinking if this was real I needed to stop it - I asked to know more details.  I was then shown everything about the operation - including that the women were being sold or traded for oil deals, government contracts, trade secrets, drug deals, etc.  For all I knew - this was a set-up to see if I'd bite.  Maybe it was just some guy yanking my chain.  So to see if this was for real - I asked to see more of the operation by pretending to entertain their offer.  

Once I saw this was real, and had names, addresses, planes even - I of course then went to law enforcement who didn't believe me.  Remember, we as a world didn't believe sex trafficking existed in the 1970's and 1980's.  So I set up my own security to protect us - hence why I had a warehouse by the police station that was armed with security equipment, cameras, a computer, etc.  ( for clippings).   

Now I refused to make these deals because I'm just not that kind of person.  Because I refused I was told I had better comply or they would "arrest me and take everything I earned and wipe me out" which is exactly what they did.  Then they tried to make a movie glamorizing me as they'd done with Dolly Pardon and the madam down in Texas who ran the "Chicken Ranch".

Only I began to notice a pattern.

I watched that film, and others like the "Happy Hooker", (which in today's world would be Magic Mike XXL), and it enticed me into the business.  I then started seeing the other madams who were arrested having the same type of movie produced.  I then went to each of them from the Beverly Hills Madam, the Hollywood Madam, and the Mayflower Madam to name a few and asked them why they let such an unrealistic movie be made about them.

In each case I heard "who cares about the truth - I got paid".  Okay that's my answer.  I began to see these films as "inphomercials" to entice others to replace us - just as Heidi Fleiss then thought she could rise up and replace Alex and me.  Because of course "she's smarter" than us and "could make it work" as every addict tells themselves.

Even Jeane Palfrey had the same experience.  We heard about this when I knew her and even from Montgomery Sibley in his interview with us.  When she refused to sell women for government deals - they busted her, took everything she owned, and I believe killed her to silence her when she was trying to warn us.  Again, she refused a plea bargain to walk because she wanted to get the proof out there in her phone records of what was happening.

But the internet has pretty much wiped out the madam.  The porn industry has "agents".  Strippers have "managers".  But madams are pretty much extinct.  Prostitutes can use google phones, and hushemails, and run ads where they "anonymize" their email address while TOR can "anonymize" your IP address.  

So what replaces us with respect to who is going to funnel information on men and women in the sex industry to men like I witnessed if the days of the madam are over?

I invite you to read this article very carefully.  This computer system database is not just in Las Vegas either.  When Rick Rizzolo was in custody in California - there was an Orange County Sheriff who was busted,  and his computer privileges revoked because he was supposedly selling information to Rick    on people in the porn and strip industry out of this computer spoken about in this article here -

Now - notice how this computer in Orange County also says it has in it's database a list of "informants".  As I've told you in previous blogs, I was approached by law enforcement years ago and offered a monthly salary in exchange for being an informant because of answering our hotline and running many of our meetings, and talking to our members all over the USA.  I refused.  

Welcome to Abeni, and the Cupcake Girls, as well as groups run by D'Lita Miller, Safe Passage who was working with Kevin Brown, etc.   Here's some links to these types of groups that have popped up since 2013 and and

Please notice what each of these group's has in common - a connection with law enforcement and also with the state legislature.

Cupcake Girls - Nevada legislature.!A-Step-Forward-for-Sex-Trafficking-Survivors/cmbz/556fa0860cf219f177242529  Notice Assemblyman John Hambrick is backing them.  Only John Hambrick also backed Congo Justice who pushed to get AB67 pushed through while ignoring members of Sex Workers Anonymous who were strongly objecting, as well as SWOP members according to Jennifer Reed.  I also have a videotape of an SWA member, Aubrey, who spoke to the Nevada legislature against AB67, and also to stop the brothel expansion into Las Vegas to John Hambrick directly and he is on the videotape speaking to her - that he later than denied any knowledge of that very evening on his Facebook page.  (Aubrey stood up to George alone to defeat this bill that wasn't even listed on the calendar - and we won.  Do you see her or our name here as credited?)  

When I showed him the recording to prove he knew this woman and spoke to her - he blocked me off his Facebook page.  So no - Assemblyman John Hambrick is NOT the sex trafficking victim's friend.  But here he is pushing the Cupcake Girls with this phony claim that "they can't find work because of a trespassing charge".  Every casino in Nevada WILL hire someone with such a charge - and the only thing that is blocked from them in Nevada to my knowledge because of a prostitution arrest is to get a license to work at the legal brothels.

Let's look at Abeni.  They're listed as connected to the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.  Right here on their staff directory -

Safe Passage -  Founded by a retired cop who had partnered with Kevin Brown, another ex-cop.

Seeing a pattern here yet?

Notice something else - what's lacking?

I don't see Sex Workers Anonymous listed on this task force, nor anything to do with these groups.  In fact, each one of these groups has blocked me when I contacted them upon hearing of them to find out what they do for our hotline.  Now if they don't like SWA that's one thing.  But I do answer the only hotline currently for adults who are not just trafficking victims - but want to leave, and recover, from the sex industry in any form.  I can't do everything - so I give out referrals.

I hear about a new group and I reach out to them to find out what they do so I can give out referrals.  Only when I reached out to all three of these groups, Cupcake Girls, Abeni and Safe Passage - I not only got shut down, blocked and blown off but Meg from Abeni even started telling people that I was "stalking her, threatening her, and she was scared to leave her house for fear of me".  Why?  I can show you a transcript of the whole conversation if you'd like and tell me if my asking questions about what Abeni does would inspire you to have so much fear you'd be asking people where I live so you can swear out a warrant on me. You know with this much grant money at stake - people can get really weird let me tell you when it comes to "economic interference" as the law states and for which a lawsuit is being drawn up against these groups by the way as we speak.

Which I won't publish the conversation here because she has photos of her children of her facebook page.  Now if she wants to claim she's helping sex trafficking victims while posting photos of her children and risk their safety like that - that's her decision.  But I'm not going to play into it simply because I think she's a fraud.  If she was helping these victims - trust me someone would be threatening her children and those photos would not be online.  But maybe she's just stupid - so I'm not going to publish them.  You'll notice I don't publish any photos of my daughter anywhere despite how beautiful she is because I care about her safety.  She's not even "friended" on my social media for that reason.

But both Orange County and Las Vegas have computer databases where information on people in the sex industry is listed.  It's not "official" and Slate says it's also a database of informants.  If you saw the series on TV recently about the man who infiltrated the Hell's Angels - then you have an idea how informants work.  They gain your trust, pump you for information, and then as we saw in the Rick "Freeway" Ross case - they also set you up to get arrested and put away for life.

If you read his story - while enticing people into investing in him being an "at risk community rebuilder" he also still spoke to someone who was an informant.  This informant then threatened to kill someone supposedly to get him to agree to return to crime.  However, I know good and well from experience he could have gone to someone and agreed to put a wire on that informant, have him arrested and sent off to jail.  Certainly someone with all his connections could have done that.  But no - he went ahead and got himself arrested again.  There's also allegations that Rick Ross is even a "snitch".

My point about the informant here is this clipping shows proof that some guy was walking around on a $40,000 a year salary to do nothing but go around setting people up.

Our organization goes to great lengths to protect the confidentiality and "anonymity" of our members.  We don't sell our Recovery Guide on Amazon for one reason - Amazon can turn over a list of the buyers to law enforcement if they wanted to.  Now do only members of SWA buy the book?  No.  But some do.  So that I protect those members - I self-publish and sell the book myself.  I then burn the bank information.

It's probably why I'm now on the "second generation" of victims in our work.  What I mean by that is that I'm now getting calls for help from mothers we helped in the 80's and 90's who are now finding their kids being trafficked and want to call someone they trust for help - so they call us.  

There's another group who protects the confidentiality of their clients -  They do NOT take federal grants, nor are they structured in such a way where they can be audited by an outside group that would reveal donor, client, or other information on people who call their hotline, or go into her program.

Notice a pattern?  That the same places that DON'T list us - also aren't listing Children of the Night.  So is this personal against me?  Nope.  We're not affiliated with CON or Lois Lee in any way.  I've never even met the woman in person.  So it's not personal against us nor against them.

What's the common denominator?  Abeni claims to not be faith based - although the other groups are. So it's not that we aren't faith based.

So what's the common denominator?  We protect the anonymity of those we help.  That's one thing.  We also aren't using these people as research data - but actually helping them.  Nor are we pumping them for information and then casting them aside - we're actually helping them.  Hence the common denominator.  

Now here's something interesting.  I got a call from a woman who says she connected to the Cupcake Girls in Vegas when they were in a strip club doing make-overs for the strippers.  She got pretty pissed because she says she can't get a job outside of prostitution because she's from another country and she can't get her birth certificate - so she can't get an ID and thus can't work.  But rather than help her - they're giving make-overs and blew her off when she asked them for help.

Now I'd like to add in strip clubs they have undercover cameras that take your photo.  If she asked for help from the Cupcake Girls inside that club - she gave them contact information.  There's also cameras inside the clubs which can easily go back and take her photo after she'd identified herself to this Cupcake Girl rep.

But here's a little known fact - if someone gets your photo they can put that photo into security cameras that are in casinos like the Cosmopolitan.   That casino takes a photo of your face when you enter the casino.  It's then ran through a database to see if you're a card cheat - or have a warrant out.  Then they alert security  so that you're to be escorted out of the casino.

Now this woman told me she'd been working as a hooker out of the strip casinos for about eight months without one hitch.  Friday night she walks into the Cosmopolitan and security is on her.  She swears she wasn't doing anything but had just walked into the casino.  Then security came up to her and said either she could go with them "willingly or she'd be handcuffed".  I asked her "you do know that's kidnapping right if they try to restrain you or hold you without being arrested?" To which she said "but they were going to hand cuff me".  Well she still complied so technically she gave them consent.

She then told me the same story I've heard 1000 times out of Vegas and other clubs - they were photographed and then told if they "come back again they'll be arrested".  They do this because they don't want accurate records in Nevada for the prostitution activity.  They also don't charge them with prostitution because the law states anyone arrested for prostitution in Nevada has to have an HIV test.
After Nevada prostitutes came back with an 80 percent positive HIV rate  in the 1990's - they stopped arresting most of these women for prostitution.  Instead, they do a 24, 48 or 72 hour hold where they're not even arrested or charged.  They're just held in the jail for that time period - where of course they get paid per day for each day these men and women are in custody.

Now their numbers of HIV positive prostitutes disappears.

What a racket.

If they do charge them with anything - it's trespassing most of the time.  You really got to piss someone off to get arrested for solicitation in Nevada.  I did an informal interview once inside Clark County jail for women and literally half of the women in custody were on a 24, 48 or 72 hour hold where they were told to either accept the hold or have a prostitution arrest on their record.  About 25 percent of the women told me they were not prostituting but they would be so ashamed of a prostitution arrest on their record - they simply took the hold without question rather than risk a record.

What a racket.

But my point being that this is not the first call I've gotten where someone has found themselves magically arrested for something within a very short period of time after talking to the Cupcake Girls.

If you ask me - people have learned a lot from watching me - but they're doing it the wrong way.  In 2012, I spoke to someone who worked at Polaris.  I explained there was a woman who wouldn't leave the pimp's house or watchful eye except when she was on a call.  To extract her from the pimp - we'd set up a fake appointment with a volunteer who pretended to be a customer.  We found a hotel where we could take her out of the window of the room (not easy when most windows nowadays don't open in motels), to get her away from the pimp.  I had explained the "sting" to Polaris - and then interestingly I see the premise of "8 Minutes" pop up with the whole "john sting" idea in a motel setting.

Not unlike how I sent a letter to NBC about how we'd also find out trafficking information by going online and pretending to be a young pretty girl to flush out the pimps.  A year later - we see Chris Hanson with "To Catch a Predator".

These people also know that members talk in our meetings about their lives, and what they've gone through.  They know or they wouldn't have approached me to pay me as an informant.  They came to me in the late 1990's and asked me for "research data".  When I refused - well we have Polaris now don't we?  Who doesn't do anything that 911 doesn't do.

Let me explain.  When we started this work in 1987 - we went to the police and we asked them how many murder victims were prostitutes.   They told us "we don't keep records like that".  Okay.  I then went to the ER and asked them how many of the violent attacks they treated were victims of pimps vs. a husband or boyfriend.  They said "we don't keep records like that".  I contacted the Rape Hotline and asked them "how any of your rapes are prostitutes being raped on the job?"  To which I heard "we don't keep records like that".   I then went to the jail and asked them how many of their inmates were prostitutes.  We were told "we don't keep records like that".    I went to the drug treatment centers and asked them "how many of your clients are prostitutes?"  To which I heard "we don't keep records like that?"  And so on.

Frustrated, and remember I was 25 years old at this time and very naive about how the system works - I asked "well can we?"  To which I got explained about the 5th amendment right now to "incriminate yourself".   So basically the police, the treatment centers, the hospitals, doctors, counselors all told me "we aren't going to ask if they're prostitutes on our forms because then we're asking them to admit to a crime - which is a violation of their constitutional rights".

I then said "can we ask them anyway and see if they'll tell us voluntarily?"  For which they said "if we ask - then we have to mirandize them under the law because it's incriminating.  Also, if we ask them and they say yes then we're obligated to report this to the police.  We don't want to do that - it's a whole can of worms."  Ok got it.

So now we have this:

They explained that if they started asking and then made the required report to the police about their answer  - that the fear was the prostitute wouldn't seek help for drug abuse, rape, violence, etc.  I then asked "well what's the difference between saying I'm an addict vs. saying I'm a prostitute?"   Isn't it a crime to say you're using illegal drugs?

To which I got informed there are laws in place federally that state once you ask for help for drug treatment, rape or domestic violence - the laws of confidentiality go into place.  Here's information on some of those laws.

But mind you in 1987 - we had no federal recognition that sex trafficking was even real.  We didn't get federal recognition until the year 2000.   Which means we aren't going to get laws passed about the confidentiality of people seeking help until we get it recognized as real - which again didn't happen until the year 2000.  Then magically in 2002 - we get the National Trafficking Hotline.

So for a long time I tried to figure out why is the Polaris Hotline basically taking information but not doing anything for the caller?  Then it clicked - data.  You get raped and call them and identify.  Then they turn you over to law enforcement for help - but Polaris now got the data on a prostitute being raped that the police report doesn't note.

Am I wrong?  They sure get a lot of research grant money.

Polaris has acknowledged problems with the 5th amendment and their hotline.  They said to me that's "why we don't record calls unless asked to" and also said "we don't refer anyone to law enforcement unless they ask".  But this is an acknowledgment they know that what these people are saying to them essentially is a form of incrimination.

Meaning can someone in law enforcement go in and pull their 800 phone number phone logs and identify who called them against their wishes?  Absolutely.  Not something they're going to shout from the roof tops by the way along with those billboards - that yes law enforcement can issue a warrant or subpoena for their phone logs and get data on the phone numbers of people who have called them for help that are not protected under the same laws that addicts and alcoholics have in place when they call for help.

Now you know why I publish my home cell phone number along with our 800 number where someone can call my private home phone number from a blocked number.  By being an ordained minister, by using my private home phone to take calls, and by not using an 800 number that records your incoming phone number automatically on a log when you call us - no one can pull our phone records without obtaining a warrant first.  So if I hear one more person say to me "well you don't have a business line so you must not be legit" I'm going to scream.  I have a residential line so that I can protect the information on the callers to our hotline and therefore I will get calls that the other hotlines who don't - well don't.

Now I ask you - if I take these precautions to protect you so that you can come forward for help without worrying about it coming back to bite you, or to ask people who know about trafficking to call me and tip me off to it without fear of anyone finding out they told us - what about these people who say they want to help you, care about you, but don't take these steps?  Even Polaris is trying to protect you by not recording calls, and not turning over any information to law enforcement unless you ask them to (except of course where required by law such as when a child is in danger, etc.)?

Cupcake Girls?  Abeni?  Safe Passage?

How much is this data worth?  I contacted a group out in Los Angeles when I saw a big press release about them doing an outreach campaign to look for victims.  I assumed if they were doing this - then they had some resources available.  Since I'm preparing to do an outreach in Los Angeles - I wanted to find out what resources they had so if a victim says to me "yeah I want out of here" I know where I can put them.  Because I don't do outreach unless I have somewhere to take them.  Hearing they're doing outreach - I assumed they had somewhere to take them.

So I called them to ask about this.  I'd also read that Orange County had just received $400,000 to provide housing for victims     and Los Angeles had received $1,000,000 for housing for victims -    so I'm assuming they're tapping into this fund.  I can't get any information from anyone on where this housing is - so I'm assuming they'll tell me. and and  and  and  and  and and

Only I was told "oh we have a year waiting list for help".  Now wait a minute - you just announced you're doing outreach.  Why do that if you have a year waiting list?  Oh because we need to build the waiting list.  Why?  Because with a bigger list - we can get more money.  (Looking at all these grants that are offering money to work with trafficking victims - are you beginning to see why they're getting pretty desperate at finding those victims enough to possibly set up "fake support groups" to flush them out?)

This doesn't seem fair to me.  Go in and ask a victim if they want help.  Then when they say "yes" you say "ok here's a waiting list for a year".  Are you kidding me?

So I asked this woman - look I don't have housing and I don't believe in a safe house system anyway because the pimps just locate it and then target it.  So how about I come in and show your volunteers how we get housing immediately and bang names off that waiting list?

To which she said "oh no".  Huh?

"Well we need to build the list bigger so we can raise more money".  To which I then saw them put together a celebrity laden event where a plate was $50,000.  The cheapest plate to attend was $250.  So I asked them if I could get a free pass donated so one of our members could come and see how they put together an event like this - maybe it would help us learn how to fund raise.

We were denied.

So the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous can't even get a free seat at a sex trafficking luncheon.  Wow.  I need to get off the phone talking to real victims of trafficking who need help and I need to learn how to put together a $50,000 a plate luncheon to raise money by telling people I can't help these victims.

Or do I?  What are your thoughts?  Because frankly I'm getting tired of people comparing me to these groups who spend all of their time fund raising about how I don't have bells and whistles that they do because they have money and I don't.  So you tell me - because I can't do both.  I can't smooze and fund raise AND do the work that I do with this hotline and program for our members to be here for that second generation now who is calling me for help.

So you tell me.  

Monday, August 3, 2015


I will remind those new to this blog that I'm the founder of this modern day domestic sex trafficking movement before I begin this post.  If you check the news clippings at you will see that I was the first person who stepped up in 1987 - which was 13 YEARS before the Trafficking Act of 2000 was written to tell the public that (1) sex trafficking was real and happening today not something of the past as was believed at the time, (2) I set up the first hotline for adult victims to call for help (second only to the Children of the Night hotline that had been set up for teens in 1979), (3) the first program for people leaving the sex industry, some of who had been trafficked, could find help to move on with their lives to another level, and (4) calling for our country to stop treating these victims like criminals and instead HELP us.  So in other words - I'm the Bill Wilson of the alcoholism movement who founded Alcoholics Anonymous.  You need to understand this before you can understand where I'm coming from with this post to the blog.

So when celebrities first started jumping on the band wagon and saying in the press "oooh oooh I want to do something to help" I was actually stupid enough to believe them.   Please remember this is a movement we're talking about so there's a history here I'm trying to educate you about by writing this blog.  BEFORE - you wouldn't get a celebrity to talk about sex trafficking because not only did people not believe it was real - it wasn't popular.  I again point you to movies like this one that used to be very popular at one time.

Which means when celebrities started talking about sex trafficking - it was new at that time.  It was new to me to hear them talk about it also.  So when I'd hear a celebrity talk about "wanting to get involved to help"  I would then get ahold of SAG, find out who their agent was, then I'd send over information on our group, and I'd ask to please speak to this celebrity so I could get them involved in the movement.

You remember, celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker,   or Daryl Hannah,  Kristin Stewart, and 100 other celebrities I wound up spinning my wheels trying to make contact with when I would hear them make these public announcements about wanting to actually get involved with doing something about domestic sex trafficking.  Wearing a red "x" on your hand IS NOT DOING SOMETHING.  Now I'm not singling anyone out here but the reality is the ONLY celebrity who ever actually got involved to help us was Frances Nuyen - a woman who has now been threatened to "back off" helping us by the way currently.  Geraldo Rivera was another in the 1980's who helped us get publicity and exposure on his talk shows.   To be frank - Hugh Hefner actually ponied up a $1,000,000 donation to Children of the Night.  Now that's doing something!

But I kept being thanked politely for my calls and blown off by their people.  Then I saw Jada Pinkett-Smith kicking off her "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign.  This was before she got the role on Gotham by the way.  This campaign was to raise support for Proposition 35.  So again I'm making the silly mistake of thinking that she'd want to talk to me not only as the founder of the movement itself, not only as the person who announced that sex trafficking did exist within the legal sex industries such as legal brothels and strip clubs as well as on porn sets as I did in our 2007 press conference, but also as the founder of the oldest, and largest, program of adult survivors in the world, Sex Workers Anonymous.  In fact, our oldest recovering members all live in California - so I'm thinking they'd love to get involved somehow in a campaign to help victims.

I did get a call from some assistant of Jada's trying to make sure I didn't feel slighted - that was clear.  But when I would ask to meet with Jada and speak to her about what WE would like to see happen to help US - I got nowhere.  I had just started moving back to Los Angeles then and I had hooked up with an old friend who has been making movies for 30 years.  He told me that he was going to help us produce a documentary, edit it, and help us with production.  Strangely, the very week he agreed to help us he got fired from his job at Sony he'd been at for 12 straight years - but we didn't think it was connected yet at the time.

So anyway - I'm talking to him about all this website stuff I'm seeing for the "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign and how I can't find any way to speak to Jada directly and my friends laughs.  He then starts educating me on how people in Hollywood these days are picked for roles based on their internet ranking.  Meaning that the more clicks and hits you get on your name or your website - the more likely you're going to be picked to be in a film.

He then told me the "inside scoop" was that she wasn't doing a lot of work since Matrix and he believed a lot of this was hype to revitalize her career.  Then he showed me how everyone else was using the key words and hashtags of "sex trafficking" to get traffic onto their websites, increasing their "ranking" and thus making it more likely for them to get work.  Also pointing out they only start talking about this subject when they're in between films and looking for work.  Which I had to agree was true.  Daryl talked her way into doing a documentary.  Kristin had just finished her last movie about the Runaways and was in between gigs and suffering from bad press about her breakup with Robert Pattinson, and going back over the list I began to see his point.   He starts explaining how in Hollywood every is done by formula now and numbers, and how people are living and dying by the numbers on their social ranking and what better way to generate some people googling your name than talking about sex trafficking right?

Then he pointed out the obvious "you seeing her calling you?".  No.  He then predicted "watch - she'll get some new role soon and probably forget all about this".  Which frankly she did get that role in Gotham shortly after and I did see her numbers go up on the sites he showed me.   I did see her stop campaigning about sex trafficking while she was filming Gotham.  Then when filming with Gotham ended now she's started back up with this CNN show.  Notice how a week later the show aired - her ranking has gone down 216 percent by this screen shot below.   Sites like "star meter" that show ranking right on the imdb site itself.  So yes sex trafficking has been "very very good" for Jada in my Andy Kaufman voice.

As I continued to try and make contact with no success with Jada about this campaign because there are some serious flaws in the wording of this Proposition - I can't help but think he's right.  I called a woman I know who works with young prostitutes coming off the streets and asked her what she thought about this Proposition 35.  She called it a "publicity campaign".  I'm like how?  She tells me the whole wording is wrong, it's going to be kicked out (which it was), and that it's all about generating publicity - not about doing anything to create any real solutions.  If this proposition was about solutions - they have access to  the best legal minds in the world and they could certainly word it better than something they know is just going to get kicked back.  So basically I'm hearing the same take on this from two different worlds - that this about publicity not about solutions.

Now Jada says in interviews she got involved in this because of what her daughter was seeing going on in her schools.  Well I bet she was.  The whole Montana Fishburne case was unfolding at about the same time starting about 2010 when it was hitting the news.   For those new to this - Montana is Laurence Fishburne's daughter.  Who was in Matrix also by the way.  Montana has been "turned out" at about 16 years old by another 16 year old boy named Jeremy Greene or J-Pipe's.  Jeremy was also trying his hand at a rap music career as well as his new porn career when he turned 18 years old.

So he's in this whole world where Snoop Dogg is "fascinated by pimping" and his 2003 tour he speaks about in Rolling Stone - where he's now setting up this whole youth football league that's also spreading all over Los Angeles like a virus.   So how would she NOT hear about this from her school age children here in Los Angeles because we now have pimps spreading all over our Los Angeles county schools in connection with all of this?  Also, she's certainly going to hear about Montana.

But let me just ask you this - does making tougher gun laws STOP anyone from being murdered?  Does making tougher drug laws stop people from being addicts?   By the very nature of prostitution being illegal in California, and 99.99 percent of the USA, and by pimping being also illegal - then guess what?  Criminals are not deterred by the law.  Make tougher laws?   Is that a solution?

We see cases like this 16 year old in San Luis Obispo that did not roll out of bed a pimp.  Because what I'm seeing in the pimp world is the same thing you see in the drug world - you get the grown-ups to get kids to get their access to other kids.  Then you see the kids doing the stuff that would get a grown-up locked up for life.  Just as drug dealers have kids hold the drugs or transport them.  That way they go to juvie court and their life is trashed - but the grown-up just finds another kid.

So if yes Jada wanted to get involved in an actual SOLUTION, especially to tackle WHAT Willow was seeing in a Los Angeles county school system then chasing after a proposition that's just going to be thrown out is a wonderful way to increase your "social ranking" both in the public eye and also for the computer rankings that actors live and die by for jobs BUT IT'S NOT A SOLUTION.  In other words it's a great opportunity for her to advance her career - but for us - nothing.   Also the CNN documentary was filmed in ATLANTA.  I ask you - why not show us what Willow came home to tell her mother about seeing which was in Los Angeles County?  Well if this is about advancing her career - then there's no way in hell she's going to show what's going on in Los Angeles to the world then is she?

More people exploiting us for their gain - while we get nada in the way of something done to actually HELP US.   In other words, we're being pimped for someone's career.

Sounds kind of cold and calculating doesn't it?  Especially when this modern campaign I've seen since the movement got hijacked seems to want to focus on the African American male as a pimp as their demon "trafficker".  Which of course doesn't address that prostitution and sex trafficking are DIFFERENT THINGS.  Nor does it address the fact that a PIMP is not a TRAFFICKER.  They are DIFFERENT.

When we started this movement women like Jeane Palfrey and myself were trying to tell the world that we need a system that acknowledges that sometimes the traffickers are law enforcement, (like Chris Butler), DEA (like the strip club owners in New Jersey), or CIA (like Iran Contra).

Men who are WHITE.   Men who wear suits or uniforms.  THAT'S what we need built into the system.   We need a place to run not when our trafficker is a street pimp but when our trafficker is someone like those women in that NJ strip club had to deal with when their traffickers were DEA agents.   Because you can build 100 "safe houses" - they aren't going to help us if we can't go to them because men like that are looking for us to make sure we don't make it to court to testify against them.  Jeane didn't make it to that ethics hearing and I almost didn't make it out alive either.  That DEA strip club case - wouldn't have happened without a senator speaking out to "do something" about how those club owners were partying with Colombian drug dealers.   Which is why I'm over here waving red flags begging Jada to please please help us bring light to what's going on across this country right now and instead she's joined the war demonizing African American men instead as the problem because it helps her career.

I've been told that our blog postings are very "negative".  Well let me tell you something - there's a lot of people being "positive" out there.  So positive that no one wants to say the "emperor is not wearing any clothes".  Everyone is so worried about their jobs, their reputation, their election, their grant funding, their donations that no one is going to speak out the truth here about this being bullshit.  Fine - I don't have any of that so I can say that shit stinks.

Instead of listening to me because what I have to say is "negative" I saw all the celebrities like Gloria Steinem and Diane Von Furstenberg and all the celebrities hitch their wagons to women like Samoly Mam because she was "positive".  Only she was FAKE.

I got news for you - real victims are NOT being "positive" because we're still in the war zone LIKE WE ARE NOW.  We're still in the war zone when I have a woman in Pasadena, California announce that she wants to quit hooking at 50 years of age now that her son is going off to UCLA and two Pasadena cops, and a Pasadena judge slap her with two phony prostitution charges, threatening her they'll send her back to China if she doesn't go back to prostitutution with a third charge, that will get her the death penalty back in China.  And if you read about the arrest of Liang Yaohui - you'd know that threat was very real.  That when I try and get her record cleared up - I'm now being threatened by cops.  So NEGATIVE is this - it's not even included in Senator John Kerry's Trafficking in Persons report for 2015.  In fact, I'm not even invited to the ceremony to release it.  Wow.

I'm not alone in this crisis we're facing either when I read things like this -  Which by the way - you think this problem this judge is having is solved because you read that a "report is being done by the UC Irvine professor of law"?  Guess what?  HE says "no one has asked me to do any report".

California US Attorney Kamala Harris is busy reviewing an illegally made undercover videotape against Planned Parenthood   which I will repeat was illegally made and aired - no she'll review that and make a public statement  which she should even be watching because it was illegally made and aired (remember the ACORN producer who got fined $100,000 for the same thing?), but she WON'T address the issues this judge is having.

So Houston we got a serious problem.  A problem that someone with Jada's status could actually help us shine some light on.  Only I can't get her to even call me - let alone to get involved in the fact that I got people all over California right now saying that when they've tried to go to the police with information on a trafficking ring to help a victim that THEY'RE being threatened by the cops to "back off" also.  One man actually kept pushing to help his ex-girlfriend who was being trafficked and now he's got a gag order, a TRO and they even took away his legally owned guns.  Jada - are you listening?  

No - she's not.  When she was on Facebook promoting the CNN Freedom Project show that aired last week and answering questions - I was never responded to when I talked to her.  My request she contact me after in case she wanted to talk privately well I'm not hearing the phone ring by her OR her people that say they're working with domestic sex trafficking.  I specifically said I had a case I needed help with - but her people aren't getting back to me about that case either.   I guess because it's not about street prostitution - it doesn't count.

On this show, she just went to Atlanta to do a show with CNN about sex trafficking.  One by the way that focused on children who I hate to sound really cynical here folks but let's call a spade a spade.  KIDS GOT HELP ALREADY.   If a child is trafficked and then found again - there's a whole social system in place that will take care of that child.

However, when an adult is rescued they get bumkiss.  Their rent is still going to come due and they still have to find a roof over their head the next night.  And God forbid if their case is like the Snoop Dogg case where they can't file any charges against their trafficker to even get put into witness protection - because then once they're free - they still need to now find a place to sleep that night.  Freedom still means now you got to pay rent.

Which is the number one reason why when an adult sex trafficking victim does escape or does get rescued - why she or he will go right back to the sex industry.  Because now they're free and now what?  That was what happened to me.  I got out from under the ring that had been trafficking me and I still had rent due and still had a car payment and now I have all this PTSD to deal with and the physical damage - so now what?  I'm going to go to work at McDonald's?  I couldn't even get a job at McDonald's back then if I wanted to I was so messed up in the head.  

So I'm wondering how Will Smith is dealing with all of this.  I like Will Smith.  You want positive out of me?  I like Will Smith.  I have admired him ever since I read that when he got into some financial issues when he was filming the "Prince of Bel-Air" that he rented a small apartment and lived on a budget so he could pay off his debts.

In other words, he's a respectable man.  He got married and has kids he cares for instead of running like some playboy.  He doesn't beat his wife that I'm aware of.  He doesn't do drugs I'm aware of.  No one has seen him at some sleezy sex swinger party.  I see him in positive roles in films.  I don't see him disrespect women.  I don't see him glamorizing a criminal or a drug lifestyle.  I see him doing something very hard for any African American male in Hollywood to do, and for anyone in Hollywood for that matter.  He doesn't take roles just to pay the bills that sent bad messages to kids.  He plays heroes for other young kids to emulate.  He is truly a role model.

I like him.  I admire and respect him.  Which is why I was a little shocked when he took the role in "Focus" to be honest.  A role where he plays a con man.  That's actually out of character for him and why I think think he's trying to tell us something America.  His father in the film that taught him the "game" from a generational perspective is white.  The woman he uses in the film is white.  In fact, just about everyone but his best friend in that film is WHITE.   The film also showed how corruption can even be in so called "legitimate" business like the car racing field.  Even the other guy that made these bets with him was Asian.

Now I think Will Smith is trying to tell us something.  

For one thing - I have seen a very conspicuous ABSENCE of him when it comes to Jada's trafficking work and shows.

Folks - I'm having a heart attack.  I just went to go find links to show that when Jada has been talking about sex trafficking that Will has not been standing behind her on these interviews and shows to prove that.  As I was looking for these links - I found out that Jada is in Magic Mike XXL  I didn't watch Magic Mike XXL because it's about stripping.  Remember, I'm recovering from the sex industry.  So I don't go out and watch movies that glamorize strippers - male or female.  And please don't hand me that the script says something bad about it.  Everyone knows that the "anti-heroes" of gangsters are considered thus because there are films made about them.

Now I'm lost.  For one thing, anyone in this fight knows that Atlanta has just about as many strip clubs as Vegas and Florida.  That rappers will drop insane amounts of money in these Atlanta strip clubs.  I mean didn't I just do a report in 2007 proving that sex trafficking exists in strip clubs?  Didn't we see that in this DEA NJ strip club arrest?  Didn't Bob Herbert get threatened with a baseball bat to the head because he heard my claims, and then went out to a random strip club in Las Vegas and in 15 minutes found a woman who was there against her will and wrote about that in his NY Post column?  That verifying that sex trafficking does exist in strip clubs so angered then mayor Oscar Goodman that's why he threatened Bob that if he ever came back to Vegas he'd meet that baseball bat to the head?

So she's just a show about sex trafficking in Atlanta last week and now I learn she's in a movie glamouring male stripping?  Why am I not surprised to also read that and then read Will Smith and her are going to divorce.  No I don't think it's because she was just in a film with a bunch of hunky men.   I'm lost.  How can this woman go out with fangs bared about sex trafficking of our children and then do a film called Magic Mike XXL?  What because it's about men it's okay?  Really?  I could put 1000 links just like this up here too.

Jada - I think a lot of people are trying to tell you something besides me that you aren't listening to.  Including Will Smith.  It's just purely coincidental I guess that you timed this CNN Freedom Project at the same time as the release of "Magic Mike II" right?  I'm going to throw up I swear.   Well I'm writing this blog to educate you about how a movement works and this is a great lesson in how celebrities will use campaigns like sex trafficking to promote movies about strippers while denouncing sex trafficking.  I don't appreciate a movement I almost got murdered 100 times over trying to make happen being exploited by out to PROMOTE YOUR CAREER?  Goes to shows pimps can be female too readers.

That's why I admire Will Smith.  Thank you.  Thank you for standing up for what you believe the best way you can - which sometimes does means "standing down".   Willow - thank you for trying to talk to your mother about what's going on in the real world out here.  

But sometimes all you can do is "stand down".  It's why you didn't see me standing around at any of the Samoly Mam functions either.   Nor with Chong Kim or Ben Hillier either at any of their functions.  Ben got arrested.  Samoly Mam stepped down.  Jada makes another film.

Register your statement that mixed messages are NOT okay - don't go see Magic Mike II.   Don't google it or tweet about it either.  Just don't go.  

(copyright 2015 J. Williams all rights reserved)