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The below is an email I just sent to a reporter named Dana:

Okay cool.  I've been up all night doing some homework. You might like what I just figured out.

THIS is why the "end demand" has been manufactured and why Facebook is trying to give free internet to India!  You may not realize this but the webcam world shuts down at 2:00 a.m. in Pacific Time.  
Why?  India's men flooding them with requests for free porn. These men completely jam up the line.  You can't even talk when they're on because there's so many of them asking for free webcam!  I know because many of our members have gone from prostitution to webcam work in order to get off the streets. 

But then they realize it's not working and call us.  They need free porn because they can't pay for anything with a debit card in America so they come begging for free webcam as a result.  Yes it's a huge …


Let me point out first of all that predators do everything they can to control you and isolate you.  They try and tell you who to hang out with, who to be friends with, and they do everything they can to make sure that you don't have friends outside of their sphere of influence.  They want to make sure that you don't have anyone that would back you up against them right?  My father kept me isolated from all the other kids at school.  He kept my mom isolated from having any friends.

So I'm going to warn you that if ANYONE is telling you who to talk to, what group to go to, who to hang out with, who to like, don't talk to this person, that's not a cool group, etc.  then you need to be running like hell.  If ANYONE threatens you with "social shunning" if you don't do what they want say what they want, hang with who they want you to hang with - you need to realize that's how predators work and get the hell away from them.

Now when I speak about bein…