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I have an interview up with a woman who says she was "trafficked" starting when she was only four years old at  The man was her grandfather who was part of the military she says.  I have recently met another survivor who told me an almost identical story.  Their stories speak about how they were put into child pornography and child sex parties that then led them into being trafficking victims.  Once they're "broken in" - the pimps view these as "easy pickin's". Then who is going to listen to the word of a "junkie whore" right?

Which I saw as a tactic back in the 1970's and 80's when I witnessed two cousins who were pimps do the same deal.  They would literally kidnap women off the streets as they were walking to school, or the corner store, etc.  Then after holding them hostage, beating them, raping them, torturing them, etc.  - they then put the women into a motel room.  Once in the room they would t…