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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LAMAR ODOM AND THE BROTHEL - SHUT THEM DOWN!  My prayers are with Lamar and the Kardasian family.  I have previously tried to reach out to the Kardasian family to no response.  The reason why I'm sure is they felt "why should I care about those girls".  Well now you understand why you should "care about those girls" Kardashian family.  Maybe, just maybe if I had been allowed to talk to their family about what "really" goes on up there Lamar wouldn't have fallen for the marketing, and the PR, about how it's all "just a good time" up there.

But honestly I'm shocked Dennis said anything to the press. I thought brothel owners were supposed to be "discrete".  I bet they found no drugs in that room.  The brothel is supplied with pot by Heidi Fleiss.  She grows it in her backyard.  Police didn't even arrest her because they couldn't find anyone to take care of her 400 parrots she keeps for that purpose.  Drugs like cocaine are brought into Nevada in cop cars ala Chris Butler.  I tried to further expose this drug delivery chain with "Operation Dollhouse" but the police swept that case under the rug.  Just as I imagine Dennis and the police are probably sweeping evidence under the rug right now about Lamar.  Not hard to do when Lance Gilman is a county councilman of Storey County and also an advisor to the state legislature, the governor and on the Nevada Board of Economic Development.  That kind of power makes evidence, and cases, disappear.

I see that his flight was delayed by the small county the brothel is in - people don't realize how remote and rural of a location these brothels are in.  Now maybe they'll understand that if Lamar was having a hard time getting medical care - maybe they'll understand my concerns about the working girls up there.  They don't have the power of celebrity to protect them when they are found unconscious.  If a working girl has no family, no money, no celebrity - now you can see how she can just "disappear" and no one knows a thing.  I've already proven the Review Journal will print whatever they want as far as the news goes.

Now maybe you'll understand why I'm bitching about these places.  This is not about someone's "bedroom".  When you purchase something and go into one of these brothels - you become under the control of these people who go way beyond Dennis Hof.  This is a "commercial service" - not someone's private bedroom.   Now Lamar was put in a helicopter.  I assure you some of these teen girls that no one knows is even there - are not so lucky to get such prompt medical care.  Which again is why I've been trying to get some attention on what's going on our there for years now.

Malika Saar - do you know why now I say there IS SUCH A THING?  A girl at 16 can get a license to work in those brothels.  That DOES makes her a "16 year old prostitute".  So stop trying to tell people to say "no such thing" exists.  It DOES.  And they're the ones being left alone with Lamar Oden handing him herbal supplements that just put him in this much danger.  My prayers are truly with this family AND with the girls who aren't so lucky to get that kind of attention Lamar's getting up there because they're not celebrities and don't have families.

They've admitted they left him alone in a bedroom for HOURS after knowing full well he had been doing drugs.  Such great care they take of him - can you imagine NOW how badly they are caring for the working girls up there?  They have no advocate, no lobbyist, no union leader - the only person they have speaking for them is ME - and I'm being ignored.

Kloe - if you need help with this "off the record" you can call me and it will not go onto the press.  You're going to need information and gather it up fast before it disappears.  You may not realize this but there is only one lab in Nevada - Quest Diagnostics.  I went through a case last year where they made blood test evidence disappear against a rapist connected to these people.  So if you have any lab results done in Nevada - be sure to have an independent lab check it out also.  If you need any help with this issue - you can call me 24/7 (702) 468-4529.  Ask for Jody.

Sign the petition to shut down the brothels -

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