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Dear Chris Hanson:

I don't know if you remember me at all - but I wrote you a letter back when I saw your show "To Catch a Predator".  I saw the way you were setting up pedophiles and after having met John Quinones when he came out to Vegas to interview me and check into our program, and after seeing his "What Would You Do"? show - I wrote you pitching the idea that you set up a combination show where you do kind of the same concept as you do with the pedophiles - but with pimps.

Then I wanted you to consider staging a situation whereby we show how when these types of pimps kidnap women right off the street to then rape them, brainwash them, and then "turn them out" onto the street - I wanted your cameras to show how NO ONE generally will intervene.  I say that based on 1000's of stories I've heard over the years from the members of Sex Workers Anonymous who have told me that even though these things were happening in broad daylight - no one …


As you know who follow my blog, I'm having problems with police all of the time who are involved in some fashion to sex trafficking. Since I do most of my "face to face" work in California and Nevada - most of the calls I get on the Sex Workers Anonymous hotline is in those two states.

Since 2013,  I've been trying to get someone to talk to me about what's going on in Pasadena, California's police station for a while now because of the "Music" case.  This is a woman who called for help who lives in Pasadena - and claims two Pasadena officers drug her out of her home when she told her traffickers she wanted to leave and they slapped her with two phony prostitution charges.  

I then got my own threats from a man saying he was a Pasadena officer when I was helping her - and then I've had some weird issues with their chief.  For example, he tells me he "didn't return my calls because he's already working with a trafficking group…