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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I have an interview up with a woman who says she was "trafficked" starting when she was only four years old at  The man was her grandfather who was part of the military she says.  I have recently met another survivor who told me an almost identical story.  Their stories speak about how they were put into child pornography and child sex parties that then led them into being trafficking victims.  Once they're "broken in" - the pimps view these as "easy pickin's". Then who is going to listen to the word of a "junkie whore" right?

Which I saw as a tactic back in the 1970's and 80's when I witnessed two cousins who were pimps do the same deal.  They would literally kidnap women off the streets as they were walking to school, or the corner store, etc.  Then after holding them hostage, beating them, raping them, torturing them, etc.  - they then put the women into a motel room.  Once in the room they would then force them to turn "tricks" they'd send them while scaring them into being afraid to leave.  The victims described to the news reporters how they would hide outside in the parking lot, and the minute they'd open the motel door they'd come charging back at them to beat them some more.  After a few times - they would then be so terrified they were afraid to open that door.

For a while.  Human beings can only be controlled through fear so long.  After about two weeks - these women would run.  Only when they'd go to the police back in the early 1980's and describe what happened - the police would not consider their "testimony" sufficient to get a warrant.  How do I know?  Because I took a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by these guys to the police.  We were thrown out of the station by a cop saying "the word of a whore isn't credible enough to get a search warrant".  I guess that's why they made these women into "whores" then didn't they?  It took a long time before the men who were nicknamed the "Hillside Strangler" were finally caught.  Even their nickname for some reason hid the fact these men were pimps also.

The trafficking ring that I've been trying to get this country to do something about since 2007 - they have a network that runs from California, up into Las Vegas, and then over to Kentucky and back again.  This is the one that's connected to police, private investigators, the IRS, and even universities.  Kemp Schiffer was Hermosa Beach cop before becoming an IRS investigator.  From there, he then became a UNR professor.  Chris Butler was also a cop before retiring.  Then he became a private investigator out of the San Mateo area.  The same San Mateo area where the two cops in Operation Dollhouse were exposed.

I had something very weird happen to me one night driving in from Vegas to Los Angeles.  I got pulled over by a cop.  Do you know how people look at you when they recognize you?  He kept asking me "do I know you?" and looking at me like he did.  I know that look - someone must have showed this Pear Blossom cop a photo of my face.  Why?  Good question.  Especially since the only people who have a copy of a photo of my face are the owners of the Review Journal when I was tricked into posing for it by the promise of a "cover story" that never happened.  That photo is not published anywhere online.   I was by this part of California when I got stopped.  I have been asking myself ever since "why would someone be showing my photo around to cops in this part of the state?".

Project Flicker got started when a guy took a computer in to be repaired.  He was an employee of Naval Air Welfare Center in California.  This article says this case started in ironically 2007 (that was the year we had the press conference to get the public to understand sex trafficking was happening in Nevada - and in connection with so called "legal" sex industry businesses such as the Nevada brothels and/or strip clubs).

The case got a lot of press again in 2011 - but was supposedly disbanded because of a "lack of funding".  Really?  I thought child porn was a "top priority" right now.

Which goes right back to my complaint.  You can whip up the news all you want to focus on the street pimp who is pimping junkies.  That's not trafficking - that's drug addiction and pimping.  When you get into "trafficking" - it can't happen without some type of corruption and people in authority.  We learned that with Iran Contra - another time these people smoke screened their activities by blaming the poorer African American communities just as they're doing now.

I just saw the news pump out something about 100's of "rescues".

So clearly there is MONEY to go after child predators.  I guess as long as you're not standing on a corner and instead wearing a uniform or work for our government - you get it all shooshed under the rug.  It's for reasons like this when I read these headlines of "148 kids rescued" while everyone else is jumping up and down - I am busy wondering "what's going on with Project Flicker"?  What about those kids in those pictures?  I mean do we really let predators who work for our government get away with this stuff?

But then again I still can't find anyone who will answer my question about where to go to have Internal Affairs investigate what's going on in Nevada, or Pasadena, California.  Now I know why the heads of this operation reside in Pasadena.  I've now been trying to TWO YEARS to find someone to investigate this woman's claim of being falsely arrested when she told the ring she wanted to quit - and I'm still coming up empty.  So yes I rejoice that 148 kids got rescued in "Operation Cross Country".

However, the money for this I can't help but wonder if it wasn't taken away from Project Flicker.  What about those kids?  Who is coming to rescue them?

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