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Thursday, December 24, 2015


You need to be aware of what's going on with Maxine Doogan considering not only that she's a convicted pimp, considering she's also suing the state of California to decriminalize prostitution, but also because of her activities which are increasing in extremity.

Maxine Doogan falsely took responsibility for the cancellation of the so called "reality" show "8 Minutes".  The show was canceled four hours after I served all parties with a notice that I was going to sue them for "fraud and defamation".  The notice of my "intent to sue" was posted on the A&E comments website.  The only way to remove the comment and the link to this letter about the impending lawsuit was to remove the whole website.  The whole website was removed before the announcement went out the show was being canceled.  

Yet Maxine Doogan took her connections with the media to have "WhoreNation" take credit for the show being canceled because of her supposed complaints not that the show as a staged faked scripted show - but for "breach of contract".  The claim of "breach of contract" was over supposedly promising the women in the show help to exit prostitution, but not delivering that assistance.  

However, the one woman who was supposedly yelling the loudest she "didn't receive assistance" also was claiming to be enrolled in a program run by Katherine Griffin-Townsend in Houston.  Meaning SHE WAS RECEIVING ASSISTANCE to leave prostitution.  

Second, the show was scripted and staged.  This woman, going by the code name "Kamylla" for her fund raisers, told me that she was paid $200 to "pretend to be a prostitute that Kevin Brown could rescue in 8 minutes".  Now if the woman knew she was going into this show to pretend to be rescued WHY ON EARTH WOULD SHE THEN COMPLAIN SHE DIDN'T GET ANY HELP TO EXIT PROSTITUTION when the whole thing on the face was a fraud?  That is like saying I'm being hired to be an actress pretending to be running a bakery and then I'm going to sue producers because I couldn't get a loaf of bread?  

It doesn't make sense because it wasn't real.  Now why would Relativity Media be so desperate to cover their tracks the show was staged they'd allow this woman to run around claiming she wasn't helped and there was a "breach of contract"?  Two reasons - the investors for one.  The investors paid them to create a reality series they thought was Kevin Brown getting women assistance to leave prostitution.  The investors upon finding out they were defrauded sued Relativity Media and even called them "con artists".  

Now Relativity sued for "defamation" which means the only defense is that it's the truth.  Meaning Relativity Media now has to prove the show was not scripted and was real  or they're in a very bad financial position not only with respect to this lawsuit, but also future and other ongoing projects they're involved with.  

How would you do that?  By having someone sue for "breach of contract" for one.  So they had a "Jane Doe" sue which still isn't producing a "real" person by the way.  Then by laying the blame on the fact the so called "rescue" you were going into the project thinking you were going to use was in fact a bad project.  Thus why the fake media about Kathryn Griffin-Townsend.  that has popped up AFTER the show was canceled.  

The only problem was the voices of this "Kamylla" don't match.  When she called me, when she called all these other reporters in this huge "catfish" con, she said she was from Brazil and has an accent to match.  That's when we were speaking to the "real" woman when this whole thing started.  

Then they started planting videos of "Kamylla" claiming all these horrible abuses at the hand of Kathryn and why she couldn't get help from her and thus supposedly turned to the producers - only these later tapes had the voice of a woman with an Asian accident.  When I pointed that out to people (the voices didn't match), the video of course was taken down off youtube.  However, I know how these people operate and that they would take the tape down once we were able to prove the voices aren't of the same person - so I made a video backup of that video showing what they had circulating online for some time that was bashing Kathryn falsely as their back-up story to cover up the truth.  If you'd like to see the video I made of the youtube video before it was removed - just ask and I'll send you the file.  

The truth was that the show "8 Minutes" was completely fraudulent.  It was scripted and staged and there was no "rescue".  Meaning everyone connected to them Nancy was also a fraud.  D'Lita Miller for one.  Or was she?  I've been speaking to Alice Jay, from Sister Survivors, who reports to me that  FAST, Families Against Sex Trafficking, was founded by a woman named Dee who then had this D'Lita Miller come into her program as a volunteer supposedly.  She then has reported that she was smeared and that D'lita Miller "took over" FAST.

I personally have no idea what's going on with Dlita Miller.  I spoke to the woman once when she called me a week before CNN was filming "The Truth Behind 8 Minutes".  She said she was going on the show and was thinking about bringing me on with her.  Basically she wanted to know what I would say.  She reported to me  they "had to stage" the show because "no resources exist" as to the logic behind the staging supposedly.  

I responded truthfully that this isn't the truth (and was banned from the show and the social media discussion connected to the show).  There are resources.  Nancy, with one phone call from anywhere in this country, I can take someone male or female under the age of 18 years of age into a bus station or an airport where Children of the Night will then fly that child at their expense into their program.  A program where I've seen their graduates go on to college, get married, have kids, and on to whole new lives as I've been working with them since 1979 when they first opened their doors. 

It was because they cut off services at the age of 18 years of age that I went and converted a warehouse I had used as an incall service into the first "safe house" for adults in this country in 1984.  I run a hotline where I have been placing people into the services they need for 30 years - so resources do exist.  I then told her that since she clearly wasn't aware of these resources that she could either (1) call our hotline when she needed something, or (2) I'd be happy to share my information on resources with her so she'd know where to find resources for her clients - and offered to meet with her to show her how we provide resources to our members and callers to our hotline.  

She then responded by blocking my number from being able to reach her.  The website for FAST keeps changing constantly while at the same time also going nowhere.  I save the changes as the site morphs and can show you how the links on the site keep taking us to other programs that are not FAST and don't even know who Dlita Miller is.  

But she keeps being written about in the newspapers.  Well so did Kevin Brown for that matter Nancy.   Only we now know that these articles are completely fake.  The media has the legal right to lie now Nancy so anything in major media has to be questioned with a careful eye.  I have learned this after seeing interviews I supposedly gave to reporters I never did being published, as well as other interviews I've seen about our program which were also completely staged and faked as well.  I've gone to the FCC, to their legal departments, etc., and my only recourse over the fake media about us is to file a copyright/trademark infringement lawsuit.  

Also, "8 Minutes" is now the 4th so called "reality" show I've managed to get taken off the air because it was not the reality of either the sex industry or sex trafficking.  Why does it matter to me Nancy?  I am the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement Nancy.  When I put together the first safe house for adults in this country it was because NOTHING EXISTED for adult sex trafficking victims OR PROSTITUTES as well.  

Meaning that if you were a prostitute seeking drug treatment, or even trying to get into a homeless or domestic violence shelter, you were refused admittance back in 1984.  There was no distinctions made between those who were trafficking victims and prostitutes or sex workers like strippers or porn performers - if you were identified as being in the sex industry in 1984 - the "system" not only treated you as a criminal across the board but the whole world viewed us as disease ridden criminal deviants that should be left out in the cold to die.  

When I took a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by the men who were identified as the "Hillside Strangler" but who had started out as pimps to the hospital Nancy to be stitched up - the hospital had to be threatened with a lawsuit and press in order to even get her stitched up.  I know as I drove her there and I was the one threatening.  No doctor, no nurse, no one wanted to even touch her because of her being a prostitute and everyone's fear of AIDS as well as the public's perception of who prostitutes were.  After they agreed to stitch her up, but not admit her into a bed to observe if she was going to be okay (were any organs nicked for example - no x-rays were taken), I took her to the police who then refused to issue a warrant on the property where I'd just removed her to go find her blood which might have still been there.  Why?  Because the Chief told me "we can't execute a warrant based on the word of a whore".  Why?  Because prostitution is illegal in all but a tiny part of Nevada which means prostitutes equals criminal in the eyes of the law that's why.  

After seeing what I'd seen in that world, women sold like cattle, women being forced to prostitute, children being sold like objects by social workers, I knew something had to be changed.  I also knew it wasn't going to be changed until we got people to understand what was going on and that these things were real.  In other words, there would not have been the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 Nancy had not for 13 years prior I had gone onto any talk show, news show, tabloid show, etc. from Jerry Springer to 60 Minutes talking about what sex trafficking was, and that these victims needed our help, and that the current system we had must change in order to be able to help these victims. 

So yes, the public perceptions about what the sex industry is, as well what sex trafficking is, are very important to me because we are not "done" yet.  We still do not have a working system in place that addresses sex trafficking that can provide assistance to these victims.  Victims who are mostly female and then put into a correctional and criminal justice system filled with males who then have total power over them.  Power that is then still abused by them.  That's been shown by the case against the Kern County guards for sexually abusing inmates and then offering them $200 and a bag of chips not to  file charges against them for this abuse.

Meaning when "8 Minutes" was on the air showing completely unreal images of what the sex industry was, what sex trafficking victims were, and how a "rescue" means a lot more than calling up a hooker off an ad on Backpage and giving them "8 Minutes" to accept an offer of help - yes I was in there threatening to sue the producers to shut down so a farce which would mislead the public as to what it is that we DO NEED to help us to escape REAL sex trafficking.  

So it was also important to me that the public realize why the show was shut down - not because Maxine Doogan was claiming "breach of contract" which was fabricated to cover up Relativity Media's backside from being sued for fraud by it's investors so they didn't wind up like this -

In doing so, Maxine set up a fund raiser for Kamylla which resulted in about $15,000 being distributed supposedly to her.  These are hookers and drug addicts Nancy.  This whole thing gave them "ideas".  

So when the news broke out that a woman named "Heather" shot some guy in W. Virginia supposedly in self-defense - guess what?  Maxine Doogan, along with Domina Elle, and Relativity Media flew to W. Virginia to get her to sign over movie rights and they set up another crowdfunding for her.  You know why crowdfunding right?  Because Paypal wouldn't allow such types of things to happen - and once the donors discovered they'd been defrauded they would refund the money.  Crowdfunding doesn't offer this type of protection to the donors.  

Nancy, I've been getting some very strange phone calls and texts into my hotline.  They say that these women, including Heather, are active using drug addicts as most prostitutes, and even trafficking victims, are.  One of these texts claim they handed $17,000 in cash to a using addict and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what would have happened next - she went on a drug binge.  One report says Heather took the cash, went on a binge, and then got checked into a drug treatment center for help.  Believe it or not - there's reasons why our program DOESN'T HAND OUT CASH TO THESE WOMEN and this just illustrates one of those reasons.  If they're an addict looking for a scam to raise cash to get high - they curse at us and move on.  But if they really want to get out of the whole thing - they bless us on the back end once they're out.  This has been verified not only by reputable reporters, but in their own words which we have recorded some at

Relativity Media films other shows besides "8 Minutes".  They also film "Jails", and "OC Jails", along with "Catfish" and "Intervention".  Meaning they have connections with all kinds of treatment centers across this country.  Not every treatment center in this country offers ethical treatment of prostitutes Nancy.

You don't follow the same shows on TV that I do but if you look at the series "Intervention" from it's launch until the last couple of seasons - you'll see something very interesting happening in the show.  They have been using an increasing number of prostitutes as their subjects.  First of all, it gives the impression that if you check into treatment you're going to find "hot easy women" there.  It's actually a form of great marketing for treatment centers.  Which is what the series "Intervention" was created to be you know.

Nancy, I've been in recovery since 1985.  I know the whole history of all of these movements.  I remember when there were no treatment centers for addicts at all because Jimmy Kinnon, the founder, refused to allow any literature to be written to open one.  Literature which was required by insurance companies to pay for treatment since addicts don't generally have cash to pay for treatment.  There were three men, one who founded Impact House, another was Cri-Help, and another man connected to Clare who felt Jimmy was stopping them from opening these centers - so they had an illegal board meeting and removed Jimmy from the office.

Once they got Jimmy out of the way, and control over the copyrights, they made the literature they wanted and opened the first treatment programs designed for addicts only (instead of alcoholics).  But once they opened, they couldn't get addicts to go into them.  They were sitting empty.  So these centers started appealing to family members to have the addicts "committed" against their will.  That didn't go over so well and was just winding the addicts up in the psych wards - not the drug treatment centers.

So they started creating the job of "interventionists".  These people would go out for free to the families of addicts and offer to help them PUSH the addict into treatment by disconnecting all of their resources so they had no choice but to admit themselves into treatment.  Did it work?  Look at the statistics.  An addict pushed into treatment doesn't stay clean.

But guess what?  There's the power of TV.  You put a pile of shit on TV and it will sell like hotcakes.  So the show "Intervention" was born.  Only look at the early shows.  Who wants to go into places full of addicts like those guys?  It was scaring people - especially males - from entering into treatment.  The show also was running into problems of who would broadcast on national TV that they had a family member who was needing help?  The show did become a great marketing tool for treatment centers.  Of which there's a lot of money in that line of work.  So what do you do?

You can easily find hookers on Backpage for shows like "8 MInutes" and also "Intervention".  Suddenly you're getting cute hot girls doing your shows and now entering treatment doesn't look so bad.  Great marketing for the treatment centers.  Great TV for the producers.  

Only what about Heather?  Anyone knows serial killers keep souvenirs.  What did a search of Neal Falls' home reveal?  Where's his psychiatric records?  Where's the ex-girlfriends who he abused?  Where's past criminal records for abuse, TRO's, violence, stalking, anything consistent with serial killers?  Where's the receipts proving those items in his car were his - and not something planted?  There was "no money in his wallet" which was on his body I'm assuming that Heather was alone with before running out of the house to go to a neighbor to call for help.  Something for some reason she didn't do from inside the house after he was dead and she could have safely called for help from inside her home.  But she went outside to call for help - which means she could have also been outside to put those items in his car for all we know.  

I've read there's not been any DNA evidence linking him to any of the murders of other prostitutes.  I believe that Jessie Foster was murdered by her pimp Peter Todd - not Neal Falls.  A lot of men lived in Nevada during the time of her disappearance.  That doesn't mean they all killed those women.  Was anything from any of the victims found in his home or car?  He's been labeled a "serial killer" and thus Heather is a "hero" for which $17,000 was raised supposedly and delivered to her to "leave the sex industry".  

Only it wouldn't make any sense to people to raise $17,000 to hand her to leave sex work when she can do this for free by calling us now would it - which is why our program has been undergoing a smear and stalk campaign since this whole thing started Nancy.  If you look online - you'll not find one bad word about us that's appeared before April of 2015.  Not one.   The only two websites that have been created bashing us were put up by Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle - who are behind these fund raisers.  This is how they're justifying the fund raising - oh we can't refer her to SWA because "Jody is a predator". 

The only real problem with their campaign is it's not based in reality.  First of all, I'm not the only one answering our hotline over 30 years.  We have our phone in a system which I forward to members of SWA who have over 5 years of recovery.  These members take shifts for me.  They use code names to protect their anonymity for one thing.  For another, it tells me who was answering the phone if there's a problem.  If someone says "yes I spoke to Karen" then I know they were speaking to so and so and this helps me understand if an accusation is true or not. 

So far everyone keeps saying that they "spoke to Jody" on our hotline which never happens even when I do answer the phone myself.  I even have a code name I use when answering the phone so that we can also identify when a call was mine.  Otherwise, how easy would it be for someone to just say "oh yeah I spoke to Jody and blah blah blah".   I was arrested in 1984 because an angry pimp made a false accusation that the safe house his victim was being protected in was actually a brothel I was running.  Now do you really think after that experience I have not learned how to protect myself from pimp's false accusations that happen when I take their victims out from under them?  Knowing that - why on earth would I, or anyone, answer our hotline by the name of "Jody"?  Meaning these women saying they were abused on our hotline by "Jody" are lying.  

I also don't run every meeting we have in the USA, Canada, and now five other countries.  For example, Heather in W. Virginia if she called us for help would be then referred to the local W. Virginia group which I don't run, don't attend, and have nothing to do with really other than I provide them with the literature they use to run these meetings.  The only meetings I run are the ones that are in the town that I am living in.  Meetings in other states where our program exists, and countries, such as Canada, Russia, New Zealand, France, and any place farther than 20 miles from where I live are NOT run by, nor attended by, myself.  Below is a 10 year study done by professor Sharon Oselin where she interviews women who are part of the program I founded.  I don't even know these women.  So please explain to me how my being some kind of "predator" as these sites claim have any basis in the reality of how our program is run?

So these websites are all part of the cover story to cover up the show "8 Minutes" being a hoax and also to further fuel these fraudulent fund raisers.  The site claiming I was a "predator" was set up to drive people to these fund raisers, and to explain why they were even being held instead of these women being referred to us for help.  The campaign against Kathryn Griffin-Townsend is also just that - a campaign for the same purposes.  I did some homework and found that Kathryn wasn't even running a diversion program during the time period that "Kamylla" claimed to be in her program and being abused by Kathryn.  The Houston jail says she was running a jail program, and her social media showed she was out doing voter registration NOT running a diversion program.  Meaning that both Kathyrn and my program were being bashed for the purposes of these people's scams.

Only there's a real woman involved here - Heather.  Meaning if the calls we received are true - these people handed $17,000 to a recently traumatized woman who either murdered in cold blood or self-defense, and as a using addict of course would then go and binge on drugs.  To me that's almost like trying to murder her.  Then stick her who knows where for treatment which she's not in any condition to determine if this treatment program is qualified to be able to treat her without sexually abusing her because of her being a prostitute.

Our program does more than help prostitutes leave prostitution.  To do that, some require help to get off drugs.  Help to get off drugs they're not going to get if they wind up in some place run by men like Chris Bathum who is just going to put further pressure on them as prostitutes.   In fact, there's already been the death of Julie connected to this man's negligence of her treatment needs.  

Which is why I take this very seriously Nancy.  It's why I check out drug treatment programs to see how they treat prostitutes, which also means sex trafficking victims, because to the mind of a male sexual predator they don't make "distinctions" between a sex worker and a "victim".  To them it's all something they can victimize and she won't defend herself - or if she did no one will believe her so this is a "carte blanche" victim to them with a license to do whatever they want without being held accountable.  

I know this.  I know they won't be fired.  They won't lose their license.  They won't be shut down.  It took the Father who was molesting male prostitutes in Covenant House 10 YEARS to be ousted.  Well during those 10 years - what about those male prostitutes?  All we can do is steer this community to treatment options, shelters, programs, etc., which we have reason to know aren't going to further exploit, abuse, and prey upon them while they're trying to find recovery.  We know easily who they are - they refuse to have anything to do with us is one really quick way to spot them.  

Which is why I want these women stopped and I want to know where Heather is.  Some of these reports are telling us that they believe Heather is in mortal danger.  These people have the rights to her story for movie making purposes and the truth would just screw up a great movie.  So I'm asking you Nancy to please see what you can do (1) to investigate these people for these fraudulent fund raisers for which they are hiding behind Maxine's nonprofit status, and (2) to please see if you can find out where Heather is now to see if she's alive and in safe hands.  

If she's not in any of the treatment centers where I know staff because prostitutes are in good hands with them - that leads me to believe either she's not in treatment or she's in place run by guys like Chris is being portrayed as. I don't know if he did what the LA Weekly article accuses him of - but I do know that his programs have refused to allow us to bring in SWA panels, to work with his staff, or to run meetings for his clients - so I do believe something is wrong there.  Now I don't have the access you do as a prosecutor to find her and see she's okay.  I don't believe that case is closed as to Neal's murder and if the story we were told is true, that he was murdered by Heather, then this case does need to be carefully investigated further.  

How ironic karma is.  I started this movement angry that the "word of a whore" wasn't sufficient in the eyes of the law to get a warrant to search the property of those pimps while they were still pimps which might have stopped them before they started murdering women.   I felt our word should be "as good" as any other citizen's.  However, in working with this community for 30 years now I have seen how many of these women are so hopped up on drugs, and also suffering from other mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, that no you can't send out the police chasing after every single one of their wild accusations.  I have seen the need for something more substantive when the accusation is coming out of the mouth of a drug using prostitute.  

However, in our case I had a woman sitting in front of that police officer with 51 stab wounds freshly stitched.  Now we have the fact I've been complaining these people have been "up to something" for a while now that's just getting bigger and bigger and now we're seeing the death of Neal Falls and I have no idea what state Heather is in.  I know that I have social media screenshots I saved showing that Maxine and Domina Elle flew to W. Virginia to get ahold of Heather to supposedly "help" her.  I know that she's now not been making any public statements and no one seems to know where she is.  

That's what happens when you let someone other than Sex Workers Anonymous step in to work with this community.  It's why we've seen over and over and over again what happens when programs, and people, who stand up and say "I want to help this person exit the sex industry" whether a trafficking victim or not who DOES NOT WANT TO INVOLVE SWA usually has some other agenda in mind than actually helping the person to exit the sex industry and find recovery.  

It's a no brainer.  If you want to help an alcoholic to get sober - you involve AA.  You want to help an addict - you involve NA.  You want to help a compulsive gambler - GA.  Eating disorder?  OA.  And for someone who is exiting any part of the sex industry for any reason - there's Sex Workers Anonymous.  Anyone who steps up as an active sex worker and doesn't involve SWA but says they "are there to help" it doesn't take a high IQ to know something is wrong here.  We aren't holding fund raisers.  We don't apply for federal grants.  We aren't trying to get laws changed or lawsuits won. Our only purpose for existing is to help the "still suffering sex worker" to find recovery.  

Is there anything you can do to look into all of this?  Please.  I'm very concerned about where Heather is and for her safety.  These people are clearly not looking out for her best interest and if these statements are true - could kill her either deliberately or negligently.  Doesn't matter - she's not safe with these predators around her.  

I appreciate you seeing what can be done to find her and to look into these matters.  Does all of this sound confusing?  Well yes, when you take people who are on drugs, mentally ill, and up to fraud and misleading people - then yes it's all going to be very confusing.  Then trying to explain it to someone like you is even more confusing.  So if you need help understanding what I'm trying to explain to you here is going on - just give me a call.  

Thank you.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529 Cell Phone

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


After I wrote the below response after reading the Buzzfeed article stating that supposedly imaginary people filed a lawsuit against Relativity Media - I'm asking myself "why are they going to such an extreme measure to try and make that show look like it was real instead of a total scripted fraud?"

I've learned how these people play and I say to myself "they're up to something".  Sure enough - I discover that the very day this lawsuit was filed this happened -

Very clever.  He's trying to score millions of dollars so he doesn't want people thinking he's a complete con artist who catfishes people and exploits real sex trafficking victims, nor that he's doing it to cover up real trafficking that men like Liang Yaohui were involved with who got arrested finally a few months ago.  No we don't want people thinking that now do we?  Watch that lawsuit disappear the minute they get their check!

Here's the post I put up a few minutes ago before I learned about the bankruptcy:

The show "8 Minutes" was a complete sham.  They paid the women who appeared on the show as "victims" $200 to appear.  They gave them a script and told them what to say.  The men playing "pimps" were stage hands, or even husbands and boyfriends of the actresses.

After the show started airing, a woman who had second thoughts about whether or not her face was going to be blurred contacted me.  She told me she really "wanted to quit" prostitution and asked for help.

Before I could do anything - I got swept upon by lawyers urging me "not to go public" with the fact the show was faked.  Then two active sex workers swooped down upon her telling her a whole bunch of lies about our program.  She signed a release for Relativity Media to use her image, her name, and to speak for her in the contract.  I learned this when I confronted her with things she was supposedly saying about me online.

Her response was "I don't have a computer or internet - that's not me talking".  She told me she was going to speak to them about "taking the lies down" that were being posted about me.  That was the last thing I heard from the "real' woman.

I'm wondering what's the big fear here?  The media lies all the time - so why are they SOOOO afraid that I'm going to say the show was staged, scripted, etc.  They didn't seem to mind when it came out that "Gigolo's" was scripted and had actors portraying real hustlers.  So what's the big deal here?

Well the big deal here is that this show was being used in conjunction with a lot of fund raisers and also some very large trafficking grants for millions of dollars - that's why they're so scared that it's going to come out this show was faked.

But people have been listening.  People have been listening that "Kamylla" was asking for rent money on an apartment that was flooded.  However, it's illegal to even charge rent on a flooded apartment!  Every reporter that "Kamylla" spoke to confessed they had not matched a contract with a photo with her on film with the show even.  Relativity Media wouldn't even confirm she was even on the show either when we talked to them months ago.

So that's why they're scared.  Because a lot of money was raised on this show being "real" and Kamylla's story being "real".  When I spoke that I had talked to the prosecutor, the court clerk, the vice head and Kathryn Griffin Townsend who were all telling me Kamylla's story wasn't washing and they had no records matching this story - that makes the fund raiser and the grant money a pretty big fraud.

So they're desperate to cover their ass that the show wasn't staged or faked.  Now what do they do?  Oh hold onto your hats because this is a pretty desperate move.

Yes they're now going to essentially sue themselves to make this look "real".  How much you want to bet that before the discovery process - they'll reach an "out of court settlement"?

Well now they've really dug a hole.  Because anything said to the court that's not 100 percent true - can be prosecuted for perjury and there's no statute on the time limit either.  Here's a comment I posted under the article which I'm sure they'll delete soon:

What an extent these people are going to in order to try and cover up the whole thing was a fraud upon the viewers. Wow! There was no "breach of promise" because the WHOLE THING WAS STAGED. Now to cover your ass you're going to claim the show was canceled because they "didn't keep their promise" like the show was actually "real". Well to "make a promise" would mean Kevin Brown really had an outreach. Which HE DIDN'T.

The only reason they're doing this is because they know I've been preparing a lawsuit to show the entire thing was a conspiracy to commit fraud - not upon the actors they hired to film the show - but as a fraud upon donors and the federal government who was giving people associated with Kevin Brown and his "fake outreach" millions of dollars in grant money. I haven't done so yet because it's been very time consuming to gather all the evidence and I have at least a year for a statute so I have time. Now this?

Well it's too late. We've already spoken to the Texas prosecutor, the Houston police, and Kathryn Griffin Townsend - and we know the whole story by "Kamylla" was a fake and I have their statements recorded. To cover their ass from the fraud charges - they're now so desperate to make this thing look real - now they're staging a lawsuit against essentially themselves to try and cover up their tracks from what was an attempt to defraud the American government and donor?

Well just remember - things entered into the court system are done so under penalty of perjury. Meaning as the truth comes out - anything you submit to the court in this lawsuit had better be 100 percent the truth - or I will personally make sure those who did perjure themselves are prosecuted further.

Buzzfeed - you are going to be reported to the FCC. When I tried to show you the "notice of intent to sue" that got the show canceled - you refused to report a word of that to your readers. But you did induce people to go and donate to the fund raiser which is what this is about - a desperate attempt to cover up that people were defrauded into donating and those grants to OC were also done so fraudulently.

When I told you we were going after criminal complaints for fraud, and preparing a defamation lawsuit against Relativity for defaming "real" sex trafficking victims - you did not report a word about our lawsuit. But you'll report on this? This "Kamylla" never saw on episode on air. No one has seen her contract. No one has seen one single shred of proof she was even on the show. I do however have a phone recording from the "real" Kamylla saying she signed over the rights to use her name, likeness, etc. and that the people who were posing online supposedly as her were not in fact her.

The courts claim after extensive research that no one was in their court under any name who was being evicted at the same time they were also being charged for prostitution and an illegal. The woman was trying to raise money to pay rent on a flooded apartment - when it's illegal for the landlord to even charge rent on an "uninhabitable unit". So the show, and Kamylla's "fund raiser" was not only a fraud - but was also done to solicit out information on active sex workers. By the way, the money received from "known" prostitutes - makes the receipt of that money a felony. It's called "pimping" and I've already been talking to the Attorney General of Texas about going after the recipients of that fund raiser for that felony. I have a meeting with him in a few weeks to discuss further actually. Your "fund raiser" knowingly solicited from, and took money from, "known" prostitutes working in illegal prostitution - meaning receipt of which was either felony pimping or it was money laundering. That's what they can't decide and why I need to speak to them in a few weeks.

Now you're further deceiving the public by reporting on this desperate attempt to now try and cover their asses by essentially now suing themselves to try and make this whole thing look real? There was no "breach of promise" although I'm sure to cover their ass Relativity will probably plead guilty rather than have the truth come out this whole thing was staged in the first place - a fraud being assisted by Buzzfeed now which is why I'm making a formal complaint against you to the FCC as well the Attorney General.

Problem with your plan is I already have phone recordings from more than one person telling me the whole thing was staged - right on down to a man who was a stage hand who was hired to pretend to be a pimp. So I'll be noting the case number and moving to join the cases and we'll get to the bottom of this. Just remember moving forward - if anything you say is proven to be a lie - I will move the court for a perjury ruling. I can already prove you knowingly solicited money from, and received it from, known prostitutes which again is a felony.

Have a nice day! Oh this is hilarious. I can't wait to show this to my friends! . and

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prostitution Intervention

We continue to receive requests for information and assistance from both victims of sex trafficking as well as family members and/or significant others who want to know what they can do to help either get themselves or someone they care about out of sex work.  Because we keep getting asked repeatedly over the years from people all over the USA how to do an "intervention' on a loved one they believe has been "brainwashed" into sex work by a pimp and/or trafficker - we are organizing a workshop where we will go over what has been entailed in a successful intervention - especially in cases where drug addiction/abuse is not the issue at hand.