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Genevieve Gallen

What I was trying to bring out to this group is like ANY field, especially one so new as the human trafficking field where the TERM even of "trafficking" was not even coined until the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed (before then we called it simply "white slavery", pimping, or "forced"), and where there is no standard licensing of professionals or even many groups, nor even laws about any type of regulation set about in motion - there is not only fraud, but a lot of corruption involved.

We've been here since the beginning as the modern founders of this movement.  For that reason, we know all the players, and we know when something is "wrong".  Which is why when something, or someone has been "wrong", and even outright harmful to victims, and the movement, we've been the ones to step up about it.  As such, these con artists are not happy about us getting in their way and screwing up their plans.

To try and cover their tracks…


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU General Sam for I"m SOOO TIRED of feeling like I'm like the only person in the world who sent this woman a REALLY NASTY email cussing this artist lady out. Do you know why? Because it's way way way more than just "a complete waste of time, energy, money and social media energy". Oh no it's way more than that.
Let me see how I can be short about this explanation in support and gratitude to you at what you posted here because I was beginning to feel like the only person on the face of the earth feeling this same exact way but on a much deeper level and let me explain why. Thank you also for showing me there are still some sane rational people left in this world also because frankly lately I've been beginning to wonder. First of all, let me tell you who FUNDED this project. Ashton Kutcher. You may remember him from his use of social media to convince Target to install a ba…


Jody Williams (702) 488-1127 Cell Phone May 28, 2016
Eileen Decker United States Attorney Via Fax  (213) 894-0141
Re:          Joohoon David Lee
Dear Ms. Decker:
First of all, congratulations on your position now as US Attorney for California.   I read about your background online when I was doing research on the Joohoon David Lee case.   I have great hope when I see a woman with your smarts, and education -now coming into a position such as this, and also knowing you had something to do with Joohoon’s situation being exposed, and then dealt with.  
I was wondering if we might open up a dialogue.  I am the founder of the first “everything” to do with the issue of sex trafficking in modern times when I opened the first safe house for adults, first hotline for adults, first 12 step program for recovery for adults, etc.  Not just for those who were “trafficked”, but for anyone who for any reason wanted help to get out of any part of the sex industry.  I…


Revolution, TRUE revolution, doesn't come easy.  When I first formed our program, originally called Prostitutes Anonymous, now called Sex Workers Anonymous, my sponsor gave me an assignment.  He had me study not only the greats of civil rights movements such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and others, but also the founders of 12 step programs such as Bill Wilson, Jimmy Kinnon, Roy K., Ruby, etc.

Why 12 step programs?  Because before Alcoholics Anonymous was founded, there was no such concept as there could be person with a disease.  Alcohol was viewed simply as alcohol and you either could drink or not.  It was viewed as a choice, and choice only, back before AA.  Only when AA came out, suddenly a person was being recognized who didn't have a choice, and for them to drink was not good.

Also, AA had their opponents.  Opponents who still exist today.  Not just the alcohol industry, but there's also the church.  Before AA the church made a lot of money off sweep…


This email is to Mr. Joe Jeronimo who now works for FLETA

Dear Mr. Jeronimo:

I'm writing you about the case involving Joohoon David Lee.  I suspect this case might be connected to a letter I wrote to the Office of Professional Responsibility about a trafficking operation I've been trying to pull victims out from under since 2004.   While you did catch Joohoon, the ring itself is still operating.  So too are other officers like him that I have yet see answering for their crimes.  Officers who are not only threatening their victims, but also threatening me to stop helping them.

Why?  I tend to wonder if Joohoon for example wouldn't have been called into play if not for the letter I sent to the Dept. of Transportation at LAX advising them this ring was bringing in women from China and to be on the "lookout".  It was shortly aft…

Something is being taken out and road tested here and I'm not sure if people see this for what it is.  The mere fact that my IP address has been blocked from commenting on any articles posted on the LA Times website making it so the only way you're able to read my comments now is that I know about how to use TOR to anonymize my browser.  What I mean by that is that I can no longer even post comments on this site using my own computer.  However, I have no problem when on TOR.  Meaning that my IP address has been blocked.

So yes this IS about free speech. Because it's not just the LA Times that's blocking me from speaking.   Maybe they got tired of me finding out the things they're reporting on in some cases are completely fabricated for one thing.   Then there is the issue of free speech which is not free speech when you're standing alone where people can't hear you.  I t…