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I saw this about strippers getting tired of the false images of them coming out in the media - and wanting to put more "reality" back out there.  Here's the article -

The below is the comment I posted on that page:

The reason why the media is being flooded with information on the sex industry that's not accurate is because THERE IS AN AGENDA going on.  No different than when big tobacco lied to Congress about their product "not causing cancer" and "not being addictive".  If you study any big industry's history - you find the parallel's between them and what's happening now in the sex industry.  Including when big tobacco used to fund research by straw groups who distorted data to their favor that was completely unrealistic AND when they used to do very cleverly disguised marketing campaigns designed to help "stop smoking".  Or how big…

These two films explain EVERYTHING about how the sex trafficking movement has been hijacked out from under the very survivors who founded the movement to now where the Catholic Church, and those who want prostitution legalized, have accomplished their "hijack" step by step by step.
Right down to the well funded groups that are appearing to be about "us" who aren't. Take for example Wilthelma Ortiz Pettigrew. Funded by the McCain Institute and the California Endowment. Same as Samoly Mam who was put together by the same image maker as the one Facebook used to launch her campaign trail as a "survivor". Samoly has told the press she was "approached by the media who told her she could make a lot of media if she started talking about being a sex trafficking survivor". Which Nichol…


In 2005, I was approached by a man who came to my regular "home group" of Narcotics Anonymous in Las Vegas.  Everyone who was in NA for some time knew I was a member of the program, and also if they knew me they knew I already went to the midnight Saturday night meeting on 3rd and Bridger.  I often took men and women I was working with there when they'd have trouble sleeping on a Saturday night in early recovery from drugs and sex work.

I came out of the meeting to find my car wouldn't start.  A handsome young man offered to help me start the car who had been at the meeting.  I allowed him to and he got it started.  I later learned he had gone out during the meeting to rig the car to fail in order to get to know me.  He then said he'd come by and finish looking at it at my house the next day and offered to follow me home to make sure I got home okay.  How caring!

My mother went into surgery a few days later and didn't wake up for ten days.  My husband had jus…