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For people who want to sit back and say "oh Jody is trying to make money" - please please explain that to me.

First of all, I do not have any basket passed at our meetings.  Why?  Because if any person at that meeting is engaged in illegal prostitution and we accept money from them then we're guilty of a felony crime of "pimping".  Now can I sit there and ask every meeting leader to demand a financial accounting from the members?  No because to do so would be incriminating them.  So we do not pass any basket at meetings UNLIKE every other 12 step program I'm aware of who does.  AA passes the basket.  NA passes the basket.  Sexaholics Anonymous passes the basket.  Gamblers Anonymous passes the basket.  We do not.  So we have no basket donation income ever period anywhere.

Second, we have a copy of our first edition "Recovery Guide" on LuLu for $4.95.  Out of that, we net about $3.50.  In the TOTAL time that book has been listed on LuLu - we have s…