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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


You can imagine the hard time we had defining what exactly our 1st step was in the first “Prostitutes Anonymous” meeting we held (as we were originally called in 1987 before changing our name to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995). The escorts felt they were “better” than the “prostitutes” who worked on street corners. The street prostitutes argued a “blow job's a blow job” and there was no difference between them and an escort. Of course the madams felt above either of them as did the porn stars on their way to break into “real” films who weren't even “prostitutes” at all but instead “performers”.

But we had to come up with a 1st step at our first meeting. What is it we were all “powerless” over. Were we powerless over money, sex, sex work, the industry, men, what exactly? Because until we defined our 1st step we certainly couldn't define what a day of “time” was. Was it a day without sex for money? Was it a day of not stripping? I mean what was our 1st step and therefore our definition of “time' was a very big argument during those first meetings.

To determine this – we had to figure out what we were “powerless” over. Now many of our early members had been sold as children. They didn't have any “choice” in even being sold – so they asked “are we powerless over the guys who sold us, the ones who bought us or the clients who rented us for the hour?” It truly was a big point of contention.

Those who felt they had made a “choice” to enter the sex industry argued no one made they do anything against their will – but yet they couldn't seem to stop being in the sex industry. Others argued they wanted to leave but couldn't because of economic desperation. They felt they had “no choice” but to be in sex work because of not having other work options – not because someone was threatening them with a gun.

We finally agreed upon the definition of “prostitute” as defined in the dictionary of being “one who was debased for money”. Every single member agreed that whether it was the industry they felt “debased” them, or the clients, poverty, drug addiction, a pimp, or simply not being able to leave when they wanted to – all of our members did agree they had been or felt “debased for money”.

Which even tied into our “post-prostitution syndrome”. What's that? An alcoholic has a “dry drunk”. This is what separates him from a heavy or abusive drinker. Meaning they will continue to act and feel like an active drinker even when sober without an AA program. In our research, we'd found many of our numbers had left the sex industry – but were finding they were STILL “debasing” themselves whether that be taking a crappy job for no money with a jerk of a boss, or entering into an abusive marriage with a wealthy man who used money to control us. Those coming to our program had in fact found most of the time leaving the sex industry was easy. What wasn't so easy was leaving behind the self-abuse – or finding someone to do the abuse to us. THAT required “working a program” to start finding our “recovery”

The Trafficking Act of 2000 made a legal distinction between a criminal and a “victim”. It had to make the distinction because prostitution is illegal in this country. Therefore, once they recognized sex trafficking was real – rather than decriminalize sex work so we could start looking for these victims without witnesses having to incriminate themselves in order to help us, or even ourselves for that matter - they wanted to reserve being able to arrest those they considered “criminal” while offering help to those they determined to be “victim”.

They then put the police and the courts in a position of being the one to determine if a prostitute was a “victim” or a “criminal”. However, I don't believe they're qualified to do that. In the many years I've worked with 1000's of people – I can't tell you how many don't even know themselves sometimes the answer to that question until they've been off drugs for a while, away from the situation, and put into a different environment. Sometimes it's a matter of perception.

One woman explained it I felt very well. She was 16 years old and just gotten pregnant a second time. Her mother told her “well you're going to just have to go out and prostitute honey to support us because I can't make enough for all of us”. When she went out on that corner – she felt she was “taking care of her family”. She had no concept her mother was “pimping” her or “forcing” her to prostitute herself rather than meeting her own financial and legal obligations as her mother to provide for her children until she had a couple of years clean and away from her mother so she could view her objectively.

She said she didn't “feel like a victim” but was “proud she was taking care of her family” and “keeping them off the streets” and “making sure they didn't starve” because she “loved” them When her mother threatened if she didn't prostitute that social services would come in and “break them up” this woman felt she was “keeping the family together” and thus what she felt at the time as “loyalty” she didn't see as “betrayal” until she started raising her own children and thus seeing the position her other had put her in. That's when she was able to see the truth more clearly. So if the police had asked her if she was a “victim” of her other at 16 – she would have absolutely not identified as such.

Statutory rape is another legal term. Loretta Lynch, the country western singer, married her husband when she was a 13 year old virgin. Within a year of marriage – she was popping out babies. He was a much older man too mind you. So when laws were passed calling for sex with any minor for any reason across the board as “statutory rape” - there were a lot of wives and mothers who simply scratched their heads in confusion and said “I gave consent – I married him and bore his children”.

Now when that term “statutory rape” started being applied – if this had been done sooner my own mother would have gone to jail when she was pregnant with me. Why do I say that? Because my mother was 18 years old when she got pregnant with me in the back seat of a Chevy. My father had lied about his age. While he drove a car and had a job – he was only 17 years of age. In California, if that had been 1980 instead of 1960 – my mom would have been thrown in jail as a “child predator” and my father would have become a “statutory rape victim”. I would have been born in jail.

I understand why this was done. Child pedophiles were tricking children into “giving consent” therefore using that perceived permission as a loop hole to avoid being stopped and treated like the criminal they were. But since I've seen these “statutory rape” laws coming into effect – I've also seen our whole culture change. Believe it or not, it used to be quite “normal” in many communities to be married and pregnant at 16 years old Look at the gypsy culture as one example. They've had to make some serious adjustments to their culture, or relocate to other states where the legal age is much lower like Nevada where it's 15 years of age.

But let's face it – the USA doesn't even have that issue worked out yet entirely Not when the legal age of consent is 18 in California, and across the border into Nevada it's 15 years old Not when a pimp wanting to avoid sex trafficking and statutory rape charges transports a 15 year old girl from California into Nevada specifically to avoid facing criminal charges where he then gets her a job working at either a legal brothel or strip club. Now what he's doing in the eyes of Nevada might not be statutory rape – but I personally may feel that it is. But the law will force me to say that same girl in Nevada is NOT a statutory rape victim – as well the fact she's in a legal club with a license from the state does not mean she's not a trafficking victim to me either.

So I think the issue becomes really complicated when you mix in legal terms, with moral terms with cultural terms. They are not always interchangeable. But if we don't even have words yet to describe rape across the board that everyone agrees upon – I don't know why people are trying to find words that everyone can agree upon for sex trafficking victims. Especially when those arguing are not victims themselves. I find that as offensive personally as a white person telling an African American he can't use the “n” word. He may be right but I don't think it's his place.

We also need to understand the words we use when doing outreach also must be very different. You want up to any addict in active addiction and say “you're an addict” and you're liable to wind up with a pretty big argument on your hands. Besides, you can call that person an addict all day and night and it's not going to make any difference in their lives until THEY say they have a problem.

Where I'm having a problem is with non-survivors going to people within the media and trying to convince them to change the language they're using to address this issue. The media is not a legal arena. It's not a medical arena. Nor is it the streets where these victims are even. So we're not talking a legal debate about what's a “victim” and what is a “criminal”. We're not their therapist trying to figure out if this person was being harmed by themselves or another to help them with their recovery. We're not even standing in front of a person in a strip club or a street corner trying to talk them into getting some help.

There's only one reason and one reason only for going to someone in the media and trying to convince them into changing their language. Noam Chomsky spoke about it in his book “Manufacturing Consent” when he said “language is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship”    meaning you can control a group of people just as effectively with violence as you can with words. THAT'S what's going on when so called “activists” are going to the media trying to tell them what to call us without involving us.

That's about control – not about “help”.  Because while you're arguing about "what" to call us - we're dying.  I need people to make phone calls, hang signs, knock on doors, hand out cards, etc  That's what I need.  While the legislators are arguing the law, and the churches are arguing that all sex work is rape and wrong, and the shelters are trying to write up a program that will not block them from getting federal funding or private grants (much as we've seen how Planned Parenthood has to structure themselves a certain way to qualify for funding so they're making program design decisions based on funding also) - I'm out here with the actual victims.

Prior to the Telecommunications Act of 1995 - our hotline used to get free advertising at night with free public service announcements that TV and radio were REQUIRED to run from 1987 when we started to 1995.  Meaning at 2:00 a.m. you used to hear Frances Nuyen's voice and lovely face smiling at you saying "do you need help to leave?  Then call  . . . " and we generated calls that way all over this country and into Canada.

Once that Act yanked that requirement - so too did our free ads and our free weekly cable show go by the roadside.  Suddenly I can't even BUY ads.  You know why?  I'm told that this will "anger their bigger advertisers" who are in the sex industry.  Legal brothels in Nevada buy a lot of ads.  So too do strip clubs and massage parlors and chat lines, webcam studios, porn movies, male enhancement products, adult toys like "Adam and Eve" - all don't want an ad for Sex Workers Anonymous running saying "do you want help to leave?"  Hell no.   So I've had many major shows and publications REFUSE ads from us.  Now groups like Polaris have enough money to go up toe to toe with those other advertisers.  We don't.

We also take more calls that Polaris or Children of the Night even does.  Why?  We take calls from any adult - male or female - in any part of the sex industry - whether trafficked or not - if they want help to leave.  That's it.  Now experts have said that trafficking is maybe 7 percent of the sex industry - meaning the other 97 percent are going to want to quit one day.   Meaning I'm getting calls from strippers whose knees just gave out and want to quit for that reason - not because they're being trafficked or to get away from a pimp.  You can hear some of our members at

Now yes Polaris has passed a law requiring that a sign be posted with their hotline number upon it in many businesses in different states.  For example, in California, it's supposed to be in all sex industry locations - as well as truck stops and emergency rooms.  I can assure you it's not in any of them that I've walked into.  Who is enforcing this?  No one can answer me.  Those who don't have the sign are supposed to be ticketed.  Yet I can't get an answer from anyone as to who to call to make a report to get a business ticketed and who is going to do that!

Now to prove these signs are not up - I'm embarking upon some research   I'm starting with  Once done, I'm moving on to another city and another.  While we're out there however asking if signs are up - we're going to be handing out signs and looking for signs of trafficking.  We're also going to let the sex workers know we're not the cops and we're there to help them if they want to leave.

We need help.  Cars, gasoline, bodies, people to hang signs, etc.  So please - stop trying to argue about language and let's get on with the DO.  If you don't know what you can DO right where you are in your city or state - ask me.  I can use help on the phones.  I'm sure you have massage parlors and strip clubs and red light zones by you or TV stations you might be able to talk into free advertising.

So instead of telling reporters what to call us - call me.  I'll show you ways you can make an impact today.  Not when some million dollar grant comes in - but now  Please stop with the fund raisers.  I got a call on the hotline last weekend from Miami to help two women.  Every number I called to find them housing - everyone was gone at a fundraiser to raise "awareness".  Enough.  Please enough.

Let's get on with the work. 


In 2006, Melissa Farley was asked to do a report about sex trafficking in Nevada.  Since we were the only group she was aware of who was actually working with anyone exiting sex work, and sex trafficking (there is a difference) in Nevada, she contacted me for help.  She wanted to interview women who had come through Nevada whether legal or illegal sex work, and whether trafficked or just exiting the sex industry for the report.  So I agreed to work with her.  The report I was told was to get the funding approved to set up a program in Nevada to help trafficking victims  That to get grant money made available - we had to first prove the problem existed as well as the need for help.  Okay I agreed.

Hearing about me working on this report, I then got a visit from Adam Freer from the Salvation Army in August of 2006.  He said he could not find anyone that was working with prostitutes in Nevada other than myself, nor could he find anyone that WANTED to work in Nevada with these victims either that had any experience.  I asked him "do you want me to help prostitutes or do you want to save trafficking victims?"  To which he said "the grant money is to save trafficking victims".  I looked at this budget and said I could help him but I needed TWO more things from him to be able to do the job they wanted done.

First, I said I needed money in the budget to hire a translator.  Most victims I was aware of with respect to sex trafficking did not speak English.  Mandarin, Korean, Russian, etc. but not English.  I explained I could not question every man and woman arrested for prostitution without a translator.  Because this was how the grant was originally structured - to question every prostitute arrested to see if they needed help or if they were there by choice.  I also explained I wanted to go do outreach in the massage parlors and I knew these women did not speak English.

I also said I needed the name of an agent who would be willing to arrest a Metro officer, or a judge, or a city councilman  I explained that in my experience most trafficking was being aided by, protected by, or even done by someone in authority such as the Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer cases have born out.  I told him I wasn't going to ask a woman if she was being trafficked - and then when she would tell me officer so and so was her pimp - I needed to have someone willing to arrest another officer that I could call.  I say that because most officers won't arrest one of their own  They protect each other because of the "brotherhood".  We saw this in the movie "Serpico" if you don't know what I mean by that.

Adam agreed and said he would go back to Washington and get the budget and the name and get back to me.  He was promptly fired.  Only I didn't find out about this until I opened up a newspaper in February of 2007 to read how a school teacher named Terri Miller had taken the job as "director of ATLAS" - the trafficking task force job.  When I called her up to introduce myself - she had no idea who I was.  So whoever hired her - she had not even been told I existed - let alone I had been promised the job by Adam months ago.  That's when she told me Adam was no longer with the Salvation Army.

Then came the Operation Dollhouse arrests.  Terri called me up and said "let's go" and we were down at the Salvation Army 20 minutes later only to be told the women had just been sent home.  When I asked to see their case files - we were told "we didn't make any because we didn't book them">  When I asked for the address of the house - they said "we didn't make a file because we didn't book them".  We raised a stink because the grant specifically said we were supposed to question everyone arrested for prostitution - and here these women had been let go before we could ask them anything.  

The result?  Metro gave the Salvation Army a $370,000 grant to "restructure" ATLAS.  This meant that Terri was not allowed to even speak to a victim, or suspected victim, unless Vic Vigna, who was head of Vice at that time, gave her the referral directly.  I asked because I'm getting calls on our hotline constantly from people telling me of victims, or they are victims, or they need help, etc  She told me that I could only get help from ATLAS if Vic cleared it.  

Okay problem with that is that the people who call me again were victims of rings like the one Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer were running.  Meaning when they run - they're now running from police, the IRS, etc.  So the big question is "how do you protect a victim from harm if they're going to make a case against their trafficker?"  Because I was told in order for Vic to clear a victim to refer to Terri to get help from ATLAS (which meant things like free housing, free medical, free rehabilitation, free counseling, and even witness protection), that a case had to be filed against the pimp or trafficker.

So for a victim of trafficking to ask me "if I make a report to Vic - will I be protected until I make it to trial?" is a reasonable question especially after what happened to Margo Compton when she turned against the traffickers.   Granted, this was in 1977 but it still sent a powerful message that if you're going to testify against anyone in the Hell's Angel's - you'd better be sure you're going to be safe.

Now you may know that the woman who testified at the Nevada legislature in 2013 was speaking about being trafficked inside the Shady Lady brothel which was owned by Hell's Angel's.  I can say that openly now where this was happening because the case is no longer being put together.  The Shady Lady shut down and was bought by Dennis Hof  Meaning the witnesses to her being forced to work there, her rapes, etc. have all been scattered.  I'm not even sure we can even prove she even worked there in the first place now that they've been closed down  

But if you listen to her story at - you'll hear that she wanted not only to file charges against her pimp for forcing her to work as a prostitute from 12 years on, and not only because he drug her and forced her to work in a legal brothel once she turned 15 years old so he couldn't be prosecuted for pimping - but she also wanted to charge the cop who was drugging and raping her weekly when he would come to pick up the HIV test results (supposedly).

Now before I'm going to tell Aubrey that she can go to Vic and make a report and be kept safe - I told her I'd find out where the victims were going to be kept.  Because if she was going to just be put in the Salvation Army - these guys would find her in two seconds.  The same for her home - they knew where she lived.  So I called up Vic and asked if he would show me what steps they take to protect victims that are reporting trafficking that involves corruption.  He agreed and told me to meet him at a Starbucks.  I also told him I didn't want to be seen meeting with and talking to a cop  I promise our members "anonymity" and I don't want anyone thinking I'm "ratting" on anyone if they see me in a coffee shop talking to a cop.  He told me "don't worry I know how to be discrete".

He showed up at the meeting wearing an Metro ball cap and an FBI sweatshirt.

Then he asked me if we could go outside to his car.  I thought that meant he was going to show me how he would protect these witnesses.  Instead he puts me in a car with three other agents and proceeds to grill me like I've just been arrested.  He starts pumping me for what I know about these women.  I don't know anything - I don't ask them.  All I'm doing is seeing if they'll be safe IF they TALK TO HIM.  That's what he agreed to show me - how he protected witnesses.  Instead he yells at me and grills me to the point where I'm flashing back to my arrest days and my PTSD starts kicking in and all I can think of is I want out of that car  

Then he asks me "do you want to be a paid informant?"  I said no - and he tells me "call me tomorrow" and throws me out of the car.  I asked "will you show me the information you promised me tomorrow?"  He said "yes".  

The next day no one ever answered the phone nor returned my calls.  

I went back to these women and then they all started laughing.  I said "what's so funny?"  They then proceeded to tell me stories of supposedly Vic trading sex with prostitutes to let them off being arrested.  Then I speak to a private detective who tells me the prostitutes he knows are telling him the same thing.

Well if that's true - then Metro is NEVER going to refer one victim/prostitute to ATLAS because he'll be busy covering his ass.  So I go to Terri and ask her  "Has Vic ever given you ONE referral?"  to which she says "no".  I then said "don't you think that's strange?"  She said "I"m not his keeper."  I then asked her "how many prostitutes are they arresting a day?"  To which she said "not my job".  Now mind you ATLAS has now received $870,000 and $370,000 that I'm aware of in grants and "that's not her job?"

Okay I table the whole thing until I get calls from prostitutes giving me leads on the Jessie Foster case.  I go into that on another blog posting.  

Speed ahead - at the end of the year ATLAS has not served ONE victim of trafficking.  The task force is defunded and shut down. 

I'm then told Karen Hughes, who used to be a police typist in dispatch, has now been made head of vice.  I think "great - a woman"  Wrong.  I reached out to Karen when I first heard she'd taken over as head of vice which was sometime early 2008 - and she wouldn't return my calls.  I wrote her emails asking to speak to her, introducing myself, letting her know I was the person who was gave the press conference and co-wrote the report on "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections", etc. 

Now, with a woman in vice these victims are thinking maybe she'll be different  So Aubrey asks me to see what they can do for her if she files charges.  She can't file charges in northern Nevada because those are the cops who raped her.  Yes, the Chief is the one who collected the HIV tests, and the Chief is also head of Internal Affairs in northern Nevada - so she can't go to them.  So I write Karen and let her know I have women who are victims who would like to know what can be done to protect them if they file charges - and I get no answer.

When trafficking bill AB67 was going to the Nevada legislature - I reached out to Karen again.  I sent her a copy of the letter that was read at the legislature about how we felt about AB67 and what we would like to see done to help us get help.  

Her response finally?  "Take me off your mailing list".  Okay - yes I've saved those emails and phone logs to show the attempts I've made to reach out to Karen Hughes - with no response.  Including when I tried to make a report about underage trafficking going on inside a car lot on Boulder Highway to the task force and received no response.  I wrote her again anyway asking for help.  After no one responded back to me - I went ahead and took those girls to the bus and sent them to Children of the Night.  

Recently, I complained about Karen in this blog.  In response to that complaining - our hotline got this call from Officer Boznack (I don't know if that's the right spelling) from Internal Affairs this morning.

If you don't want to wade through the whole phone call it goes basically like this - Karen Hughes is no longer head of Vice therefore we can not take any action against her for any claims (I have emails from other cops claiming she would "run officers off the force if they tried to help trafficking victims or gave them SWA's phone number or spoke highly of me in any way" - and I think it's very wrong that when I'm trying to reach her to give her information on open cases, or to come help or investigate a trafficking case she blows me off).

When asked who was her replacement - he said "I don't know".  He tells us to "call Vice".  Well Vice isn't going to reveal information on their agents.  Their standard routine is to tell us to call the Press office who will then tell us "until we get a press release we don't know".  How do I know this?  Because that's what they did to us for a year when we tried to find out how to get in touch with the task force, and who the new director was  

I basically asked for help in speaking to whoever her replacement is so that things can change and he tells me as a man in Internal Affairs that "he has no idea who is in charge of Vice".  You're kidding me right?   Internal Affairs does not know who her replacement is?  Plus, when exactly was the world going to be told she's no longer in position there of any kind and retired?

If you google Karen Hughes right now, today, you'll find this about her:

Looks to me like she's STILL head of Vice, STILL head of Internal Affairs for N. Las Vegas, and STILL on the trafficking task force to me anyway  

Now like me or not - I operate the ONLY hotline in this country that is national, that is for male and female adults, and that is for ANYONE exiting the sex industry NOT JUST trafficking victims.  While Polaris is taking calls from trafficking victims - I'm taking calls from anyone who wants to leave for any reason.  Not just prostitution - but the sex industry.  Meaning porn performers, strippers, prostitutes, escorts, madams, strip club owners, massage parlor owners, porn producers, etc.   This makes me the OLDEST and LARGEST hotline for adults in the country.

Like me or not - that's a fact.  Now - every "crazy" claim I've made has proven to be true.  There WERE 24 Chinese women in that house with TWO COPS and bags of drugs in Operation Dollhouse  Kemp Schiffer WAS an IRS Agent who was trafficking girls into Nevada from California.  Cab drivers were being used by the trafficking ring as was proved by their arrest.  Chief Gillispie has stepped down because of corruption charges.  The prosecutor, David Schubert, died of a drug overdose proving he was on drugs at the time he was in office.  This means that every "crazy" claim I've made about what's going on in Nevada has proven to in fact be true INCLUDING that we rescued victims of a trafficking operation that had Snoop Dogg connected to it during his tour that I was saying happened YEARS before he confessed to this in Rolling Stone.

Including the "crazy" claim I was making that Chong Kim, Samoly Mam and Bill Hilliar were FAKES. That proved to be true as did Gigolo's prove to be actors and Annie Lobert's Destiny House not opening in reality also proved out to be true.  

So please - out of all the "crazy" claims I've been accused of making EVERY SINGLE ONE of the has proven out to be true.

Now this call we got today was from Nevada's Internal Affairs  Granted, Karen Hughes might not still be in office. But the fact remains I've had phone conversations with officers, and I've got emails from officers in Metro who reported to me they were "chased off the force" for even speaking about us or to us and they were forced to work with us in secret because of Karen.  Now SHE DID NOT DO THIS ALONE.

When I was trying to get fresh information looked in the Jessie Foster case - I also had other detectives assigned to that case who REFUSED to look at FRESH information and to speak to FRESH witnesses on that case coming into our hotline  What about them?  Are they still on the force?

Either way I didn't exactly hear from this phone call that Internal Affairs is that interested in rooting out any wrong doing in their department with respect to Vice or even Homicide.

Nor are they telling me who Internal Affairs might be for Pasadena, California or Phoenix, Arizona either.  Two cities where I also have complaints against officers I'd personally like to file but no one wants to  give me a straight answer as to where to go to file such a complaint.  

I do know this - Aubrey said that the officer who was collecting the HIV test results at the Shady Lady was drugging her and raping her.  Now is he still in office?  Since we "can't do anything about someone who isn't in office anymore" what about him?  Does his office handle Internal Affairs for where the Shady Lady was located - or is that still going under the Chief's office?  Because when her and I looked it up online - it was the same man who was Chief at that time in 2013.  

Now for whoever did take over Karen's job - I would like to try and have a better relationship with you than I had with Karen.  You can reach me at  I'm going to follow up this blog with trying to find out who you are and send you an introduction email. I'd like you to see the "Code Red" we put out for Nevada.   

Thank you.  


For those of you new to this game - let me recap something.  Last night I saw this post on Buzzfeed  This post is saying that a lawsuit was filed against Relativity Media claiming "breach of promise" essentially against the show for supposedly not "coming through on promises to deliver up exit services to the women filmed on the show, as well as "invasion of privacy".  The date of the filing was Friday, September 26th, supposedly.

Now, let me point you to something else going on with Relativity Media, the production company that filmed "8 Minutes" -  Note it's dated September 28th - two days after the lawsuit was supposedly filed by these "sex workers".

The very day that Relativity Media canceled the show "8 Minutes", Tom Forman put on his Twitter page that they were "going to start looking for investors".  However, on July 30th, they filed for bankruptcy.  Meaning they weren't finding any buyers.  Word about Hollywood is that the company produces garbage, and that Kirk, the owner, is a "con artist" according to comments pepping Variety and the Hollywood Reporter.

Notice what happened on September 25th - the day before the lawsuit was filed supposedly about this "invasion of privacy" and "breach of promise"  The quote for the 25th was:

Today was the deadline for bids to take the studio out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Yet “nobody has come close” to a $250 million offer for the entire company from creditors informally known as Stalking Horse Bidders, the person told Deadline. Apparently, “all bids are quite low.

So suddenly, this lawsuit is filed  Now I assure you as a paralegal who has worked in the field of litigation for the three decades now I've been out of sex work - no lawyer in his, or her, right mind, would sue Relativity Media knowing they're filing bankruptcy.  You can't sue the producers "personally" meaning you would have to sue the corporation.  Only the corporation is filing bankruptcy, or might be sold   Meaning unless you can get a judgment into that bankruptcy before it closes - you don't stand a chance in hell of winning a monetary judgment.  Meaning the only reason or why any attorney would help or file such a lawsuit would be to prove a point - not for a monetary judgment.

This frankly is why I started hitting the brakes myself on the lawsuit I was preparing for "defameacast" on the show.  The show "defamed" sex workers AND sex trafficking victims both equally.  As for sex workers, it made them appear to be nothing more than mentally ill junkie whores who couldn't take care of their own children and this was the only thing they could think of to do to pay the rent because they were too lazy, or crazy, to get a "real" job.  Not a very good characterization of sex workers. 

As for sex trafficking victims - it was also "defaming" in that it made them appear that the only thing stopped them from being a victim was a job or a brain.  I mean here they are being offered a tiny bit of financial assistance from Kevin Brown and they are given 8 minutes to "accept the help" and THAT'S called "rescue"?  It implies that a trafficking victim has a choice.  So it also "defames" sex trafficking victims by implying they're really just prostitutes who need drug treatment, a counselor and a job to be "free".

Only that's not the case either.  The word "victim" implies they can't leave.  Not that they haven't got the right job offer yet  Not they haven't found the right church yet.  Not that they can't afford an attorney.  But "trafficking victim" is a word designated to be for someone who CAN NOT leave.  Not "doesn't want to" but "can not".  Big difference.

Patty Hearst, daughter of Randolph Hearst, was sitting in her home with her boyfriend when SLA terrorists broke into her home, kidnapped her, brainwashed her, and then had her help them rob banks to raise money for their terrorist activities.  She was initially put into prison for bank robbery.  However, realizing she had been a "victim" of these terrorists, and brainwashed into robbing the bank she robbed at gunpoint - she received a pardon from President Ford.  Patty was a "victim".  

A sex trafficking victim CAN'T leave  They're either held in active captivity with handcuffs, locked doors, guns, chains, etc. OR they're forced to do sex work under threat of someone they love being harmed, or some kind of blackmail, or even deceit.  But either way a true sex trafficking victim can't leave just because Kevin Brown says "we're going to give you a place to stay and some counseling and education".  Poverty is not captivity.  

Now the women on that show signed contracts releasing their image, voice, etc  So there's absolutely not one single ground for "invasion of privacy".  You don't sign a contract to be filmed for TV and then claim "invasion of privacy".  To file for "invasion of privacy" it has to be something that's in fact "private.  Now, Texas has a law whereby you can legally record someone in a private bedroom without their consent.  SO this means again that no lawyer would advise them they have one single leg to stand on for "invasion of privacy" because they "failed to blur their faces as promised".   Now Relativity didn't publish their diaries, didn't publish their private emails, nor did they reveal their real names, where they live, their social security numbers, or anything that is considered "private" under the law.  For something to legally be considered something "private" - it has to be something kept "private" like a diary, an email, a phone call, etc. NOT YOUR FACE.  You are not granted an automatic "right to privacy" over your face.  I am however granted by law the privacy of my emails, or my diary, or my phone calls, as well as personal information like my social security number.  

So let's get to "breach of promise".  The only thing promised to them that's recorded as "proof" of that promise is Kevin Brown offering to take these women onto his "ranch" where he was supposed to offer them a residential program  Only there was no residential program.  There is no church.  The address for his church is a bunch of doctor's offices.  Kevin told reporters he "found God" right after he retired two years ago which would be about 2012.  However, the church was incorporated in 1994 - while sex trafficking was not granted federal recognition as even being a real thing until the Trafficking Act of 2000.  So he didn't start the church two years ago, nor to save trafficking victims.  

The women were paid $200 to "pretend" to be prostitutes he was saving  Now IF and I mean BIG if the producers offered to help anyone leave prostitution off camera - it makes no sense.  Here they are staging a fake rescue - why would they even think these people knew anything about a "real" way out?  Now Kamylla herself has stated she was already attending Kathryn Griffin Townsend's program  So she was already IN an exit program supposedly.

So let me get this straight - I'm hired to pretend to be taken to an imaginary bakery.  Then after the filming is done I tell the producers "you know what?  I think I'd really like to go to a real bakery - can you hook me up?"  To which they supposedly said "oh yeah sure I can get you to a real bakery" off camera, not in writing, etc.  The only thing that is recorded and proveable in a court of law is the recording of them offering to take me to a fake bakery.  But now six months later or so I'm going to sue them for not taking me to a real bakery?  The judge would laugh this one right out of court.  

And any lawyer knows that.  So if there's no way to get a monetary judgment, and there's no way they're even going to win such a thing what the heck is going on? 

Everyone knows that the majority of people who contributed to Kamylla's fund raiser were sex workers.  I'd be willing to bet at least a portion of them do not work at the legal brothels - meaning they're illegal sex workers.  Now, they've entered into these fund raisers their legal names, and their banking information even if they only donated a dollar.  So these sex workers are now in possession of contact and banking information for sex workers.  

Now if they have sued Relativity Media, then that gives Relativity the right to do what's called "discovery".  Meaning they can now subpoena all of that information, and now make it public record.  That's one possibility

The other is that this is possibly a desperate attempt to cover their ass.  Because the whole thing is one big fraud.  Now let me ask you something - why is it soooo important that people believe "8 Minutes" was "real" and not staged and scripted by actors?  Everyone knows that "Gigolo's" is scripted and has actors.  Even the clients are actors.

How?  Because that's another show I went to Metro and had pulled off the air. They were portraying to be "real" male escorts.  Only I knew it was another fraud.  Not only a fraud about what real male escorts are like, and their clients, but that Heidi Fleiss and Dennis Hof were using that show to defraud investors out of millions of dollars by making them think it was real - and that when Heidi opened up her "male only brothel" in Pahrump - that this type of straight male escort thing was going to sell enough to make them rich.  That's why I did it.

So then when Metro gets on them about filming "illegal prostitution" it comes out the whole thing was fake  They told metro that the men were "actors" and the clients were "actors" and the whole show was a completely staged fake.  Therefore no "real" prostitution - therefore nothing illegal.  So they're proudly waving the fact this show is staged and faked to protect themselves from Metro  Even the men on the show state they're "actors" when you get to know them better.  

But now they've been trying DESPERATELY to convince everyone "8 minutes" is not fake.  A couple of reasons why could be for one  - Dlita Miller.  Ms. Miller's story was falling apart so badly on the CNN "Truth Behind 8 Minutes" that twitter was jumping with people talking about how her "story was changing", and how she couldn't follow the story, etc.  Ms. Miller's website for Families Against Trafficking - when the show was canceled had nothing on it but links to a homeless shelter in San Diego.  There was one blog post about her baking bread, and then a few blurbs about the show.  But this was a woman who at the time was claiming to not only be a survivor herself - but also that her daughter was - and she was "consultant on the show 8 Minutes and also running Families Against Trafficking".  

Ms. Miller also helped Jim McDonnell apply for, and receive, a grant for 4.5 million dollars to "work with juvenile trafficking victims".  This application was based on news stories, and other public appearances of Ms. Miller, and Jim, saying there "are no resources for these victims".  However, there are.  Children of the Night for one.  They've been around since 1979 and are right in Van Nuys, California.  Covenant House also is a residential program for juveniles.  For adults, the Mary Magdalene Project is also in Van Nuys.  We are headquartered in Van Nuys - but we have chapters in Long Beach and San Diego.  There is also a home for trafficking victims in San Diego that's been around a few years.  So THERE ARE RESOURCES.  

When I did have Ms. Miller speak to me on the phone - she tried to run that "there are no resources" game on me.  I countered with "yes there are resources" and started naming them off.  She complained to me they were telling victims "they had no resources"  Well that's just unacceptable when in fact there are.  So I offered to meet with her to show her the many resources that do exist to help get men and women out of sex work.  There's Mercy Ministries also in Los Angeles that takes in adult women wanting to get out of the sex industry.  There's Treasures.  I mean I could go on  But the minute I started talking about the resources that DO exist - she got off the phone and wouldn't return my calls again.  

So if "8 Minutes" has a guy up there claiming to be running a rescue program that doesn't exist, with Samoly Mam's up there being his "consultant" for the show, and CNN is putting her on instead of someone like myself when trying to tell the public "the truth about 8 Minutes" - I mean why is it that CNN and Buzzfeed and Daily Beast will absolutely not mention one single word about the "notice of intent to sue" I slapped on Relativity Media four hours before they took down the page with the videos of the show on it, and 8 hours before they canceled the show while Maxine had been "complaining' about them for weeks with no effect - and Buzzfeed, Daily Beast and CNN will mention THEIR lawsuit - but not mine?  

Because this lawsuit makes it appear that the show was "real" and that the producers just didn't come through on promises made.  Clearly this has something to do with the bankruptcy - or I should say Relativity trying to entice buyers during the bankruptcy.  You're not going to convince me it's a complete coincidence about the date of the filing of this lawsuit and it being the date after bids closed being one day apart.  Nor are you going to convince me this is a "real" lawsuit when any lawyer I don't care how dumb or desperate they might be would not file such a lawsuit.  There's no grounds, no money to be won, no point to be made - so clearly this lawsuit is just a tactic.

Now whether it's to cover up the fraud that's connected to a lot of money that was given by people thinking the show was real when it was filming and then aired, or whether it's got something to do with trying to not make them look like complete shysters while they're trying to sell the company, or whether it's a tactic to legally release information on active sex workers in this country without a warrant - I don't know.  

But the truth always comes out in the end - just like it did with Samoly Mam.  I will say this - whoever is investing in Relativity Media or buying it - you'd better be sure to do your homework.  Unless this is also a very clever way to disguise some of Liang's money being laundered into the USA in what looks like the buying of an American film company and this might be some way to bypass the rules that apply in a straight sale.  I say that because I saw a photo of the guy who is in charge of the company that's supposedly investing in them right now.  He looks like he's Chinese, and he's 26 years old.  I mean who put this young pup in charge of that much money?  Either he's being duped or we're being duped in a very clever money laundering scheme.  But there's definitely more here than meets the eye.  

Just remember this - anything filed in a court of law is done so under penalty of perjury and there is no statute on that.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


After I wrote the below response after reading the Buzzfeed article stating that supposedly imaginary people filed a lawsuit against Relativity Media - I'm asking myself "why are they going to such an extreme measure to try and make that show look like it was real instead of a total scripted fraud?"

I've learned how these people play and I say to myself "they're up to something".  Sure enough - I discover that the very day this lawsuit was filed this happened -

Very clever.  He's trying to score millions of dollars so he doesn't want people thinking he's a complete con artist who catfishes people and exploits real sex trafficking victims, nor that he's doing it to cover up real trafficking that men like Liang Yaohui were involved with who got arrested finally a few months ago.  No we don't want people thinking that now do we?  Watch that lawsuit disappear the minute they get their check!

Here's the post I put up a few minutes ago before I learned about the bankruptcy:

The show "8 Minutes" was a complete sham.  They paid the women who appeared on the show as "victims" $200 to appear.  They gave them a script and told them what to say.  The men playing "pimps" were stage hands, or even husbands and boyfriends of the actresses.

After the show started airing, a woman who had second thoughts about whether or not her face was going to be blurred contacted me.  She told me she really "wanted to quit" prostitution and asked for help.

Before I could do anything - I got swept upon by lawyers urging me "not to go public" with the fact the show was faked.  Then two active sex workers swooped down upon her telling her a whole bunch of lies about our program.  She signed a release for Relativity Media to use her image, her name, and to speak for her in the contract.  I learned this when I confronted her with things she was supposedly saying about me online.

Her response was "I don't have a computer or internet - that's not me talking".  She told me she was going to speak to them about "taking the lies down" that were being posted about me.  That was the last thing I heard from the "real' woman.

I'm wondering what's the big fear here?  The media lies all the time - so why are they SOOOO afraid that I'm going to say the show was staged, scripted, etc.  They didn't seem to mind when it came out that "Gigolo's" was scripted and had actors portraying real hustlers.  So what's the big deal here?

Well the big deal here is that this show was being used in conjunction with a lot of fund raisers and also some very large trafficking grants for millions of dollars - that's why they're so scared that it's going to come out this show was faked.

But people have been listening.  People have been listening that "Kamylla" was asking for rent money on an apartment that was flooded.  However, it's illegal to even charge rent on a flooded apartment!  Every reporter that "Kamylla" spoke to confessed they had not matched a contract with a photo with her on film with the show even.  Relativity Media wouldn't even confirm she was even on the show either when we talked to them months ago.

So that's why they're scared.  Because a lot of money was raised on this show being "real" and Kamylla's story being "real".  When I spoke that I had talked to the prosecutor, the court clerk, the vice head and Kathryn Griffin Townsend who were all telling me Kamylla's story wasn't washing and they had no records matching this story - that makes the fund raiser and the grant money a pretty big fraud.

So they're desperate to cover their ass that the show wasn't staged or faked.  Now what do they do?  Oh hold onto your hats because this is a pretty desperate move.

Yes they're now going to essentially sue themselves to make this look "real".  How much you want to bet that before the discovery process - they'll reach an "out of court settlement"?

Well now they've really dug a hole.  Because anything said to the court that's not 100 percent true - can be prosecuted for perjury and there's no statute on the time limit either.  Here's a comment I posted under the article which I'm sure they'll delete soon:

What an extent these people are going to in order to try and cover up the whole thing was a fraud upon the viewers. Wow! There was no "breach of promise" because the WHOLE THING WAS STAGED. Now to cover your ass you're going to claim the show was canceled because they "didn't keep their promise" like the show was actually "real". Well to "make a promise" would mean Kevin Brown really had an outreach. Which HE DIDN'T.

The only reason they're doing this is because they know I've been preparing a lawsuit to show the entire thing was a conspiracy to commit fraud - not upon the actors they hired to film the show - but as a fraud upon donors and the federal government who was giving people associated with Kevin Brown and his "fake outreach" millions of dollars in grant money. I haven't done so yet because it's been very time consuming to gather all the evidence and I have at least a year for a statute so I have time. Now this?

Well it's too late. We've already spoken to the Texas prosecutor, the Houston police, and Kathryn Griffin Townsend - and we know the whole story by "Kamylla" was a fake and I have their statements recorded. To cover their ass from the fraud charges - they're now so desperate to make this thing look real - now they're staging a lawsuit against essentially themselves to try and cover up their tracks from what was an attempt to defraud the American government and donor?

Well just remember - things entered into the court system are done so under penalty of perjury. Meaning as the truth comes out - anything you submit to the court in this lawsuit had better be 100 percent the truth - or I will personally make sure those who did perjure themselves are prosecuted further.

Buzzfeed - you are going to be reported to the FCC. When I tried to show you the "notice of intent to sue" that got the show canceled - you refused to report a word of that to your readers. But you did induce people to go and donate to the fund raiser which is what this is about - a desperate attempt to cover up that people were defrauded into donating and those grants to OC were also done so fraudulently.

When I told you we were going after criminal complaints for fraud, and preparing a defamation lawsuit against Relativity for defaming "real" sex trafficking victims - you did not report a word about our lawsuit. But you'll report on this? This "Kamylla" never saw on episode on air. No one has seen her contract. No one has seen one single shred of proof she was even on the show. I do however have a phone recording from the "real" Kamylla saying she signed over the rights to use her name, likeness, etc. and that the people who were posing online supposedly as her were not in fact her.

The courts claim after extensive research that no one was in their court under any name who was being evicted at the same time they were also being charged for prostitution and an illegal. The woman was trying to raise money to pay rent on a flooded apartment - when it's illegal for the landlord to even charge rent on an "uninhabitable unit". So the show, and Kamylla's "fund raiser" was not only a fraud - but was also done to solicit out information on active sex workers. By the way, the money received from "known" prostitutes - makes the receipt of that money a felony. It's called "pimping" and I've already been talking to the Attorney General of Texas about going after the recipients of that fund raiser for that felony. I have a meeting with him in a few weeks to discuss further actually. Your "fund raiser" knowingly solicited from, and took money from, "known" prostitutes working in illegal prostitution - meaning receipt of which was either felony pimping or it was money laundering. That's what they can't decide and why I need to speak to them in a few weeks.

Now you're further deceiving the public by reporting on this desperate attempt to now try and cover their asses by essentially now suing themselves to try and make this whole thing look real? There was no "breach of promise" although I'm sure to cover their ass Relativity will probably plead guilty rather than have the truth come out this whole thing was staged in the first place - a fraud being assisted by Buzzfeed now which is why I'm making a formal complaint against you to the FCC as well the Attorney General.

Problem with your plan is I already have phone recordings from more than one person telling me the whole thing was staged - right on down to a man who was a stage hand who was hired to pretend to be a pimp. So I'll be noting the case number and moving to join the cases and we'll get to the bottom of this. Just remember moving forward - if anything you say is proven to be a lie - I will move the court for a perjury ruling. I can already prove you knowingly solicited money from, and received it from, known prostitutes which again is a felony.

Have a nice day! Oh this is hilarious. I can't wait to show this to my friends! . and


Dear Democracy for America - I understand you're campaigning for Kamala Harris and Catherine Cortez Masto.  I'm sending you over a link to my experiences with these candidates. and  I represent the voice of the truly "voiceless".  Most of the victims of trafficking can not violate their "anonymity" by stepping forward to speak about their experiences.

Out of those who are willing to, many can't vote.  The majority of trafficking victims are under the age of 18 years old - meaning they can't vote.  Studies have proven that in the majority of sex trafficking of minors - the people caring for them are the traffickers.  Meaning those caring for them who are old enough to vote - are NOT going to vote for anything, or anyone, that represents their bests interests.  Those who have survived and are over 18 years of age, many now have felony records that is going to take them years to expunge.  Meaning many of the adults can't vote.

My experience in 30 years of working with these victims is that very few of them become economically successful.  The vast majority are so damaged that they live on disability or welfare to get by.  The select few that are able to physically and financially to finish college - they are the select few who can vote - but they can't come forward about their past without risking their new lives and careers.  I can cite you many who have been fired when they have been open about their past - or it's held against them advancing or even getting tenure.

So we truly are the "voiceless" who have to depend upon those in power to protect our interests.  As the founder of the movement itself - I chose to be open about my identity in order to be believed and to thus create this movement out of nothing.  So they ask me to speak for them.  Only when our representatives won't even speak to me - how am I going to speak for them?  Catherine and Kamala have refused all attempts on my part to open up any dialogue with me while building and advancing their careers, and their pocketbooks on the platform of human trafficking.

Yet they refuse to even SPEAK to the founder of the movement - and one who represents the voices of those who can't come forward publicly.  I have also been trying to get a large trafficking ring that's been operating in this country for years shut down.  I have finally all of the evidence, information, documentation, etc. put together to bring this ring down.  However, a case can't be started until we can get a report filed in Pasadena, California.  A city where a detective there was recorded as bragging they can "fake a homicide case" against someone as they have faked a case also against a woman who resides there - the one we need to file the report for to start this case.  However, I've now been threatened by Pasadena officers myself.

So what do I do?  I've turned to Kamala Harris for two years now - sending emails, faxes, phone calls, etc., that i can document are never returned or responded to.  Yet you want to endorse her and Catherine as "progressive voices".  No - they are not.  They are putting women into the dark ages with the other issues they support - and they are truly not "progressive".  Not when they're supporting a system that's in the dark ages about how to truly help sex trafficking victims.  I didn't come forward and sacrifice what i sacrificed in order to have money funneled to the police and homeless shelters.  I did this because the system had to CHANGE.  A change that men like Tom Bradley and Sheriff Block were listening to when they were alive - but I can't get these two women on the phone.

If anything, Catherine was Attorney General when she sent the Secretary of State after me trying to LOCK ME UP for "operating a business without a license".  I never was so happy in my life i don't make a dime at this work - because I had to show that in fact I'm broke to convince them I "don't operate a business" to avoid the six months in JAIL he was threatening me with.  For what?  Being the one group in Nevada that actually IS HELPING sex trafficking victims.  Progressive?

I gave a press conference to the world in 2007 talking about our work, showing our success stories, and revealing proof that sex trafficking existed within legal sex industries.  Bob Herbert wrote an independent article validating what I said was true - that you could "throw a rock in a strip club in Vegas and hit a victim".  For that - he was threatened with a "baseball bat to the head" by the then Mayor, and pushed off his column with the NY Times.  He's since written a book on how corporations have "hijacked America".

Well they've sure "hijacked" our movement.  My point being if either of these two women cared about this issue, other than how it advances their career, they would have come talked to me in 2007, let alone returned my calls while trying to pass bills on the movement i founded.  Before I send out an announcement to our members to start complaining to you about this endorsement - I thought I'd come to you first asking you - "are you aware this is how they behave to the smallest of us?"  The people.  Jody


UPDATE 9/30/15 - I found this today about Catherine Cortez Masto.  Evidently she's been in a film about corruption -

Back to my blog post:

Since I'm talking about my experiences with the candidates right now - my daughter read me a campaign email she got about Kamala Harris and Catherine Masto-Cortez.  Why am I not surprised they're lumped together?  Well I wrote about my experience, or lack of experience I should say, with Kamala here and I wrote about David Vitter here and John Hambrick here -

As I'm looking at their campaigns - I see the same note running through it.  That of "family values".  Let me first cite my experience a moment with the people who are backing these candidates.  I'm going to cite the lawsuit of the ACLU vs. the Catholic Bishops. and also the Supreme Court case that had to be fought over the lives, and bodies, of women in this country.

I'm also going to show you a letter I wrote to the Catholic Church and the Salvation Army (no I haven't got a response back yet).

When I started the movement for sex trafficking victims to get help in this country - it was with this in mind.  First, the sex industry is just that - an industry.  It's an industry no different than farming, manufacturing, hospitality, fishing, etc.  Other industries like these sometimes have trafficking victims forced to work in those industries.

I am not saying this as a moral statement - just a fact.  If you look at the porn industry alone - it employs a lot of people.  You have the performers yes.  But you also have the photographers, the editors, the sound people, the graphic designers, and then comes the marketing people.  Take one look at the AVN Awards and you will see how big the porn industry is.   In the 1980's - I'd be willing to bet just about every man on this planet knew who Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Chambers were.

Look at the strip club industry that's a part of the sex industry.  You have dancers yes.  So while these church teams are out trying to tell the dancers that "Jesus loves them" - there's also the bartenders, the waitresses, the DJ's, the doormen, the bouncers, etc.  They have bookkeepers, and they buy alcohol for the bar, and food for the snacks, and they hire cooks and cleaning crews.  They buy light systems and sound systems and even hire interior designers to design the look of their clubs.  They buy signs and office supplies and pay taxes.

Now take a look at Mally Mall who had his house recently raided - and now tell me this is not an "industry".  The man is on a show on Vh1.  He has a record company, as well he runs an outcall service in Las Vegas.  He makes enough money to live in a million dollar home, buy exotic animals, and guess what?  He employs, and works with a lot of people.  He's not only part of the record industry - but also the sex industry which often overlaps.  Look at Snoop Dogg's confession he was pimping at the same time he was touring in his Rolling Stone confession.

So stop looking at this as a MORAL issue.  You want to get MORAL on me?  A lot of people have died from alcoholism. Yet the alcohol industry is alive and well and an INDUSTRY. Do I have relatives who DIED from alcohol?  Yes.  What about the tobacco industry?  My mother smoked four packs a day of cigarettes until she died because her lungs were like paper the doctors told me. So tobacco killed my mother.  Do I agree with tobacco?  No I don't smoke.  But it's STILL AN INDUSTRY.

Now you don't AGREE with the sex industry - power to you.  The FACT remains it's an INDUSTRY.  An industry that within it sometimes trafficks people.  If you look at the DEA owned strip club in NJ - those dancers were illegals and they were being trafficked in that club.  How?  They had family back in Colombia.  Family that if they stepped out of line - the drug cartel owned police would have done something to their family before they could even get on a plane here in the states.   The DEA guys who owned that club were a stone's throw supposedly to the White House.  They supposedly made jokes about "inviting Obama and the Secret Service down to the club".  It was reported that many people in law enforcement and politics went to that club.  A club where those women could no more go to a Salvation Army or a Catholic Charities shelter for safe haven than fly.

That's my issue.  First of all, street prostitutes, street pimps, junkies - that's not sex trafficking.  Is that force?  Yes.  But it's more of a drug addiction and domestic violence issue than it is sex trafficking.  Nor is it about the sex industry.  There are strip clubs operating right now where the women dancing there are not being forced to dance there, nor is their money being taken from them for dancing at that club.  There are "independent operators" in the sex industry that are there by choice, and it's their career, and no one is forcing them to do or say anything.

So number one.  I'm not trying to stamp out the sex industry anymore than I'm going to try and bring back prohibition nor am I trying to get tobacco companies shut down.  I don't drink and I don't smoke.  Period.

But no one is forcing someone to drink or smoke either that I'm aware of.  Now we have a different story.  When men, women and children, are being sold like cattle as sex slaves to trafficking rings and/or private owners - we have a problem.  We have a problem in that they can't "just say no" number one.  Number two, back in the 1970's and 1980's when I first came into the sex industry - I saw no way out for these victims.

Yes I saw shelters for street prostitutes.  I saw drug treatment centers for street prostitutes.  I saw church outreach programs like the Mary Magdalene Project to get street prostitutes off the streets.  However, what I DID NOT SEE was help for sex trafficking victims because we were not recognized as REAL.  Meaning if you called the police for help - you would be arrested or ignored.  If you went to a counselor for help - you would either be locked up as hallucinating, or they would simply ignore you.  One of the other.  We were either treated like criminals, deviants, or ignored.

Now how do we change this?  We can't change the system until people believe the issue was real.  So we embarked upon a media campaign of talk shows, news shows, interviews, public speaking, shows like 60 Minutes, etc.  By 1994 when I moved to Nebraska - I couldn't walk into a gas station or a coffee shop without someone saying 'hey aren't you that Prostitutes Anonymous lady?"  Yes I was.

So that led to the Trafficking Act of 2000.  Great now we had federal recognition.  But that also meant FEDERAL MONEY.   Now back when HIV was raging - the jails wanted rid of us.  So they handed me prostitutes on a silver plate.  Here - get them out of the jails and into your residential programs because our guards don't want to work with them.  We got the first home for male prostitutes put together in Los Angeles actually.  Then we got one for transgenders because they were having them sleep in the cafeteria because they couldn't put them in the dorms.

Okay now HIV is receding.  Guess what?  Now we have a system that wants to BUILD bigger newer jails.  They want to incarcerate anyone they can get their hands on.  Want an easy way to do that?  Simply grab a street walker, offer her a choice - say you're a trafficking victim and go into these faith based programs or GO TO JAIL.  The jails are filling up - and now they get to build those bigger newer jails.  Problem solved for THEM but what about us?

Now I moved to Nevada in 1996 because I'm getting phone calls from victims of sex trafficking who are within the legal brothels of Nevada telling me they CAN'T GET OUT.  They are stuck in brothels in tiny little towns that have no cab system, no bus system, no limo system, and they're not old enough to drive, and the police are on the brothel owners' payroll, and the law says they can't walk out of there on their own two feet and hitch out of there - so to get away from their pimp they have to have someone who is going to physically drive a car up to them and get them out of there.  Before I made the extreme measure of shutting down my business, closing down my radio show I was producing with very high ratings, and selling off my real estate, and moving my husband and daughter to Nevada - yes I tried to call the police to see if they would help these women.  I got nothing.

Why?  Because to arrest someone for TRAFFICKING requires an investigation.  It requires evidence.  It requires paperwork.  However, to arrest someone for PROSTITUTION is easy.  Even arresting for pimping is easy.  You arrest a street prostitute easy.  You've seen the stings on TV.  Then she says "that's my pimp" and you got an arrest.  Easy peesy.

However, to get an arrest for TRAFFICKING is much more complicated.  Now with the federal recognition, money was yes going to shelters like the Salvation Army and the Catholic Charities.  Who were able to house women while they were prosecuting a case.  That's how the government was paying for them to stay.

But then the Catholic Bishops came in and said "well pay for the case management of any woman you put in here who is a prostitute on certain conditions".  One of those conditions was huge.  It tied into the 2003 TVRA Act.  What this meant was that they could not "partner with, associate with, or refer to" anyone who did not have a "written policy against prostitution".

Now this is a whole other story.  What this means is this - imagine if you were an alcoholic treatment program.  Now imagine that you can only refer the alcoholics in your program to people who were pushing for prohibition.  Think about it.  You can't let them go to an AA meeting, or read an AA Big Book, or even talk to Bill Wilson.  Why?  Because Bill Wilson is not on a team that is pushing to outlaw alcohol.  If anything, AA can not "express an opinion about an outside issue".

So guess what?  In 2004, we were booted out of every single Salvation Army, every Catholic Charity funded program, and the victims were blocked from even speaking to us.  The staff was blocked from speaking to us.  Why?  Not because we were ineffective.  In fact, I can show you independent research that even validates we were effective.  But because we were not calling to OUTLAW pornography and prostitution.

In fact, by stating that trafficking was a PART of the sex industry, and not the industry as a WHOLE - we were further shunned from the very movement we had created.  Now I'm sorry but I can't act out a scene from "Taming of the Shrew" and say the sky is green and the moon is out at noon just because these people are saying it is.  Sex work is an industry and no not all workers are victims.  Also, as 12 step group no I can not join in the fight against the industry itself because then I lose the very people I'm trying to help AND who is helping me to do that.

Because where on earth do you think our referrals are coming from?  Where do alcoholics come from?  The bars.  Where do smokers come from?  From buying tobacco.  Where do addicts come from?  Many times they come from doctors.  So guess where we hear about where sex trafficking is operating?  From people in the sex industry.  Okay now if I go up against a strip club and try and shut down that club - why on earth would he call me in to help a woman he sees being trafficked?  Because they're on the front lines - I'm not.  A sober alcoholic is not in the bars anymore.  I'm not in the clubs anymore.  I'm not in the sex industry anymore.  So we rely upon referrals.  People who trust we're going to help them and not bring in the cops on them.

So guess where that leaves me suddenly?  You guessed it.  I'm getting calls from victims needing help - and suddenly my calls aren't being returned from the people who are giving them housing, food donations, clothing donations.  Because most of the time when these victims call me - they're running from the pimps and traffickers and have nothing.  So from 1987 until 2004 - I've had an informal partnership with these charities.  I've had to turn to them for help with getting these men and women housing, food, clothing, etc.  To get them on their feet until we can get them working.

What do I do about it?  No one will talk to me.  So I look for legal action.  No lawyer is going to sue on a case where he's not going to win money.  So I started writing the ACLU.  We win.  Now they are court ordered by law to STOP isolating these victims and also ISOLATING from us.  Because what was happening was the victims they got were being put in these houses where they were being refused licensed therapists (only allowed pastoral counselors) and also refused any medical visits except when they were pregnant, and then only with doctors who would not discuss birth control nor abortion, which in some cases meant no doctor at all.

Now the Supreme Court decision was not until June of 2013.  But the ACLU lawsuit was in 2012.  So what happens in February of 2013?  These people are fighting for ground.  Suddenly I'm seeing trafficking bills popping up all over the country.  California, Nevada, Nebraska, Florida, etc.  I don't have a paid staff.  We don't get grants.  This is work I do in my spare time.  What do I do?  I am taught to "work with what I got" and "do what's in front of you".  So this means Nevada.

I read the news that Catherine Masto-Cortez has created a trafficking bill and there's going to be hearings on this.  Okay great.  I write her office, introduce myself, and ask if I might be involved in some manner.  I hear nothing back.  You can read about AB67 here -

Now when I gave the press conference in 2007 about sex trafficking existing in Nevada even within the legal sex industry - Catherine never introduced herself to me, expressed any interest or support, etc.  So we just gave a huge press conference that everyone everywhere across the world heard about - and she doesn't step up to show any interest in the subject, nor our work in Nevada.

But here she is now writing up a Bill to "help" us.  Okay so I read the bill and I disagree with it that it's going to help us in any way. In fact, I believe it's going to be quite harmful to us.  So I send out a copy of her proposed bill to our membership of Sex Workers Anonymous.  I hadn't done a count of us then - but when I put our names into a phone book recently, it came out about 190,000 approximately are regular members of SWA.  I took a 'group conscience" about what they thought about this Bill - also being sure I talked to members who had specifically been trafficked in Nevada.

They all hated her Bill and felt it was harmful to us.  So I wrote her office asking to speak with her on behalf of our members.  I got nowhere.  The best I could do was I asked to be on her mailing list of when the hearings were going to be on the Bill.  Her assistant told me I was "on the mailing list".  Only I'm opening up the paper and seeing they've just had a meeting - only I got nothing in the email about it.

Now to get victims of Nevada trafficking to safety - we have to get them out of Nevada.  So I can't just have someone "pop over" to a meeting when I see it's going on.  I need time to arrange to bring them in to speak.  So I take note of the events around town that are showing films, and having lectures, and other events where "one can meet and speak to a trafficking victim".  Only these people won't let me know either.

Like the Dream Center in Las Vegas.  They were holding a lot of events about the bill.  Only I'm not being told when these events are.  I'm emailing and leaving messages and sending faxes - and I can't get Aaron on the phone, nor will anyone tell me anything.  I knew people in his church.  So I asked them "can you please ask him to return my calls?"  One man comes back and says "he said he's just been busy but he will".  Then a woman comes back saying "he said he's had a cold - but he will".  Then a third person said "he's been meaning to call you but been busy - but he will".  So after a month, and a bunch of excuses being handed out - it's very clear to me that Aaron, the head pastor of the Dream Center in Las Vegas is not going to call me back.

Why?  Because he's raising up donations that's why and clearly doesn't want a little thing like listening to anyone working with trafficking victims in Nevada to be mucking anything up.  I mean he's got a fund raiser to put on.  So I offer up some real life true Nevada victims of TRAFFICKING to speak because all I'm seeing are junkie street walking prostitutes and street pimps talking - not TRAFFICKING victims.  Or victims from other countries.  What I'm NOT hearing are about Nevada TRAFFICKING victims.

When I'm calling Catherine's office about why I'm not getting invites to the events she's speaking at - her assistant just keeps handing me one excuse after the other after the other.  I heard "I just bought a new computer" and I "just moved offices" and "my kids have been sick" and for WEEKS I'm hearing nothing but excuses about why I'm not getting a list of these events sent to me by anyone.  Finally, I threatened to write about it on social media.  Guess what?  She sends me an email claiming that "we're not working on any human trafficking bills".  I have a copy of that email elsewhere in this blog.

While this is going on - the site for the Attorney General has listed "resources" for victims to call for help.  Only the resources she listed are NO resources.  First, she listed the National Trafficking Hotline.  Okay - they'll take a report.  Then they will give them a list of numbers to programs that won't provide transportation.  To date, about 90 percent of every person who has called me for help in Nevada is without money or wheels.  The Salvation Army program is 800 miles from brothels and strip clubs in Carson City, Reno, Mound, etc.  Partnership for Homeless Youth is not going to be of any help to a 24 year old stripper or prostitute in a Nevada brothel.

I"m going to point you to Christy Mack.  Not as a trafficking victim but as a member of the sex industry.  Now - let's say a trafficker got ahold of her and started threatening to kill her other if she didn't start turning over her money to them.  Now - I ask you - is she going to go to the Partnership for Homeless Youth for help or the Shade Tree homeless shelter?  She owns her own home for God's sake!  She's also over 18 years of age.

So I increase my attempts to get ahold of Ms. Masto to let her know that not only does her bill in our opinion HARM victims, but that her list of resources she's posted in no way, shape, or form HELPS us.  It doesn't help anyone.  She's listed Immigration on the list.  I'm going to call up Immigration and say what?  I want to get away from traffickers at a strip club in Las Vegas?  Give me a break!

The letters about her resource list are also ignored.

I then have survivors of Nevada trafficking who want to testify but they are safely outside of Nevada.  So I asked everyone I could at the legislature if arrangements could be made to take testimony by phone or skype - they refused.  They said they HAD to be on the floor and FILMED to be heard.  Now can they come "anonymously"?  NO.  They have to sign in, state their legal name, and then be filmed full face on camera to be heard.

Well I'm not going to get many willing to do that.  So I wrote up a letter on behalf of those victims.  I sent them out a copy of the letter for input to make sure it reflected the general view and consensus of the Nevada trafficking victims.  I got the letter back, and then sent a copy to Catherine.  She did not respond.

So Aubrey agreed to go to the legislature on a hearing date and not only personally hand a copy of this letter to everyone on the floor, but to also READ the letter into the transcript of the hearing.  Now this hearing was taking place in Carson City.  I was living in Las Vegas at the time.  Our outreach RV had been stolen, then returned.  It then broke down a few blocks down the road.  I took the RV to Findley RV.  Their mechanic came back and told me it had been rigged with a bomb set to blow after 45 minutes of driving - so my life was saved by the breakdown.  But this leaves me without a car.

I heard 45 "abolitionists" were going to get a bus to go testify and I asked to get on that bus.  Everyone ignored me.  I asked John Hambrick if he would take me up to the hearing with him. He said he was not driving.  Okay still will you take me with you?  He refused.  I knew others who were driving up from different churches and asked them if they would take me.  They were then supposedly told anyone who helped me "would be shunned from the church".   I didn't have money to fly to Carson City, nor take a bus.  I'm living on $720 a month in disability money mind you.  I have no grant, no salary, no fund raisers.  Aubrey is also living on $720 and raising two kids - so she doesn't have money to fly me up to Carson City either.

That left us with the only representative we had that day to walk into that floor with Aubrey was another SWA member.  One who was filming her with a phone camera.  So she read the letter to the Nevada legislature.  Aubrey also said she saw Catherine Masto-Cortez take a check for $17,000 from Dennis Hof, the owner of the Bunny Ranch.  She also said when they saw she saw it - they tucked the check away fast.

After the letter was read, and a copy was given to everyone including Catherine, Aubrey says Catherine refused to acknowledge her, look at her in the eye, thank her, nothing.  It was a cold icey response she said she got from everyone.  She said people wouldn't even sit with her while she was waiting to testify.  After the hearing - she says she went up to Catherine and John Hambrick and put them on the spot about what WE wanted to see done to help US.  They told her "yes we will look into this" and then promptly moved away from her.

John Hambrick and Catherine DID NOT appear at the "off the books" hearing to expand the brothels into Las Vegas by the way either.

I also know that Polaris came to Nevada to try and get the same sign law passed that passed in California to require posting of a sign with the National Trafficking Hotline into every location where sex work is happening.  It passed in California - but not in Nevada.  I think it's even more needed in Nevada BECAUSE THE LEGAL AGE IS 15 YEARS OLD.  Meaning yes we have 16 year old girls working in strip clubs and brothels in Nevada who don't even have a drivers' license, and aren't old enough to even VOTE.

In the brothels, they have to live there for weeks at a time.  If they are caught reading - they are fined.  So they NEED A SIGN with the hotline number placed in the brothels.  Now does the check she received have anything to do with there not being a sign law?  Don't know.  Does the fact there's no signs have anything to do with Lance Gilman owning a brothel AND being a councilman?  No idea.  So I'm wondering why I'm hearing that Polaris had sent in a representative to talk to the Attorney General about this Bill AND about getting the signs posted in sex businesses - and I then see that it got approved in California, but NOT Nevada?  Okay that means that Catherine had to approve that.

Now was she happy that I was the only person/group protesting AB67 besides SWOP?  When I saw us losing ground on AB67 I called up Jennifer Reed with SWOP>  I made her an offer (before the RV had a bomb put in it).  The offer was to take the RV on a protest run across the state of Nevada like the old days.  I wanted to put a banner on the RV and go around handing out flyers about why Nevada should NOT vote for AB67.  I can't drive the RV and hand out flyers - so I wanted to partner with SWOP to get some people to get involved and help.

Her response?  First she said if she so much as even met me for coffee, or let me interview her for that "Norma Jeane Almodavor will have my head".  So evidently because she didn't want to piss off Norma or stand up to her mouth - she wasn't going to partner with us.  The second reason was because she had been told by "someone in the legislature that IF she did quote not work with Jody that they would see to it that AB67 was defeated".  Now I told Jennifer that I'd seen those tactics before and not to believe them.  All that was for was to get her to not partner with me and to shut up until it was too late.  Then it would be "so sue me" over not honoring a back door promise?  Come on!  But she evidently bought it.  She even bought it when Congo Justice supposedly told her that we had spoken FOR AB67 when we specifically did not.  I even showed her the letter we'd read where we stated all the reasons why we were against it.

But back to Catherine.  She clearly wasn't happy about our work trying to undermine AB67 and to defeat the brothel's push to expand into Vegas that we won that round because the next thing I know I'm getting a letter from the Nevada Secretary of State.  He's claiming that someone had contacted him about us holding a fund raiser without being a 501c3 or an actual business entity.  I told him I wasn't and demanded proof.  He then shows me a website that someone else had put up that did appear to be us - but it in fact was not.  To prove it - I told him to hit the Paypal button and he'd see that money was going to someone that was not me, wasn't a partner of ours, and I further showed him a letter I'd sent this person months before stating I wanted nothing to do with her and breaking all formal ties.  To this he had to acknowledge that this site was not me holding a fund raiser.

That should have been the end of it.  But I asked him who even brought this to his attention.  I mean they're not sitting around every day looking for my fund raisers.  So what prompted this whole thing?  He then announces that despite the fact it's not me raising the money that I'm STILL "operating a business without a license" and therefore he's going to seek six months in jail for operating a business without a license".

I'm floored.  I'm like "can you repeat that please?"  He says that he's "spoken to the Attorney General and they are prepared to put together a case asking for six months in jail for operating a business without a license".  Okay I tell him - there's one problem with your premise here and that's to operate a "business" I have to be charging for something which I'm not.  I have not held a fund raiser.  I have not applied for a grant.  I have not solicited money.  I give away our books.  I don't pass the basket at our meetings.  I don't charge for my time or advice or consult - so where am I operating a business?"

He says "you offer your book for sale".  I said "okay you want to see my bank statements because I'm not selling any".  I then showed him the business code that said for a business to be considered a "business" and not a "hobby" that one has to earn either more than $10,000 from it or 2/3 of their income has to come from it.  Neither of which is the case for me.  HE'S STILL NOT BACKING DOWN.

This guy is seriously threatening me with jail!  The fact I'm not operating a business doesn't seem to deter him from telling me they're going to have me locked up for six months and that the Attorney General is pushing for this!  So great - here am I trying to help these women and not making a dime for it and I'm going to jail?

How did I back him down?  Nevada is a one party consent state.  Meaning I don't need his consent to record him and publish those phone calls on social media.  I threatened to post the calls and emails on social media while they're pushing this bill through IF he didn't back off.  He stuttered and sputtered a bit and did his postering of course - but he finally backed off.

So not only has Catherine now not involved me in any way with this trafficking bill AB67 - but now she's sic'd the Secretary of State after me to try and throw me in JAIL!  This is our "voice of the people" here who cares so much about trafficking victims that she's trying to have the founder of the movement, a survivor, and the director of Sex Workers Anonymous THROWN INTO JAIL for the work I've done in Nevada on behalf of other victims.

No - all I see she's doing is what I've seen them all do who have been using sex trafficking as a platform to get campaign money and votes and advance their careers on the backs of a movement I devoted MY LIFE to get into being even real - they are the "hijackers" that Michael Horowitz and I are trying to shout out about to you as voters.

You the voters are the line that can stop this.  What is going on right now is NO DIFFERENT than when Pablo Escobar got himself into office to protect his interests in Mexico or when the drug cartel took control of the Colombian government.  What we are seeing is THE SAME.

I am not alone in feeling she is not doing her job to protect us - the people.

There are other links you can find online talking about her corruption.  The people who are being harmed right now are mostly girls between the ages of 15 and 18 years of age.  They CAN'T VOTE.  Some of the victims have felony records and also can't vote.  Records that's going to take years to expunge.

YOU CAN.  Don't let this woman advance any further over our backs PLEASE.   DO NOT VOTE FOR CATHERINE MASTO-CORTEZ.