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Below is a letter we just sent to the AP about the "No Such Thing" campaign: Our hotline has taken over 500,000 calls since 1987 when we founded Sex Workers Anonymous. We also created the first safe house for adults in this country, as well as the first alternative to sentencing and diversion programs. I am the founder of this modern trafficking movement. I can verify this with clips at You will not find anyone else speaking about us needing legal reform in this country because we were being forced into the sex industry during the years of 1984 until the Trafficking Act of 2000 OTHER THAN US. Right now we have 190,000 current members with 50,000 subscribers to our blog. These are all survivors who were trafficked as juveniles and then as adults who are now in recovery. They are PISSED we are not being included in this discussion. Especially since they do not feel this is doing anything but targeting juveniles for MORE trafficking when you r…