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When you're leaving a pimp/trafficker - there's things you need to know.  The first is they have software that can send their phone a record of every call you make, along with a recording of the call.  It can be done automatically so you don't realize it's being done.  This is why we have an 800 number our for hotline.  I want you to be able to go to a payphone and call our 800 # and then you know they're not over hearing your call.

Another thing we have to do is when we pick you up - we have to get rid of your phone.  If you have any contacts in your phone, you need to delete them.   Realize also these people know how to call you from what appears to be a different phone number than theirs to trick you into not knowing it's them.  They can also track your physical location.  Meaning if you have your phone on you, they can track your every move.  So if you're going to a "safe house" or the house of a friend to hide out - they can trace where you w…