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Dear Mike Kulich:
I'm writing you after seeing your offer to Thomas Bagley intended to "shame" him for "outting” Belle Knox for having posed for porn.  Belle Knox as she's known now by her stage name, was an adult in college when she made the decision to appear in that porn.  To my knowledge any way, she's not spoken about being forced in any way to perform in the film, nor to sign the model release form, nor has she reported being motivated by a drug addiction, nor forced to film by her pimp as Linda Lovelace reports was her case in making "Deep Throat", nor even to get money to feed her children or pay late rent.  
But that she made a conscious adult choice to use porn to pay for her college tuition. Something which a lot of other students are doing by applying for scholarships or even finding ways to put themselves through school while working. I know one woman for example who drives a cab…


I came across an article on the career future for Belle Knox. Belle Knox chose a porn career to pay for college.    To tell you the truth,  I've been curious about her future myself. I say that not only as a former sex worker whose past included not only being in porn, but also as a former sex worker, and as the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement in the USA.
I'm also curious as someone who runs a 12 step program designed to help people totally leave the sex industry in any form, porn included, and recover from any damage the industry may have done to us. Damage like which even Belle herself has acknowledged she's already suffered to the point of contemplating suicide as many of us do because of the way outside society reacts to us upon learning of our involvement in the sex industry. Depression that hit her once she realized those photos were more than just a job sh…