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In case people don't understand, Christina Parreira is a woman who went to work inside a legal brothel of Nevada to create a report on what it's like to work there.  She added me onto all of her social media while she was undergoing this report.   In fact, she added a lot of people - inviting them to "come watch me work at the brothel".  She was very friendly when siding up to me asking me to add her to our social media before embarking upon this research.  In other words, any social media contact I have of her was one she invited me to have at first.

While watching social media she asked me to watch - I saw her having dinner with Dennis Hof and her husband, Michael Whiteacre before going to work at the ranch.  Michael Whiteacre is a pornographer who has made a life's mission out of Shelley Lubben.  He created the "Devil in Ms. Lubben".    A facebook group called &quo…


Can't hook anymore?  Get yourself a gimmick.  

Let's convince people bars of soap with the National Trafficking Hotline number on it saves trafficking victims.   Only guess what?  If someone can pick up a phone and call for help THEY AREN'T BEING FORCED THEN ARE THEY?  If they're in a hotel room and they can call for help it does mean they're not being supervised, and they can move freely.  Where I come from a trafficking victim can't call for help. That's the definition.  I ought to know because I FOUNDED THE MOVEMENT.  A movement founded because our victims couldn't call for help and get any.   Is there anyone walking around saying they got saved from a trafficking ring by calling the number off a bar of soap?  It sure is making money for Theresa Flores though.  A woman who says she willingly left her house to meet with a pimp and run off to prostitute.  I'm sorry but in "the game" where I come from I know a hustle when I see one.  Ther…


This is exactly what the devil/disease wants by whatever name you want to call it -  in the story where Christ went into the mountains He was tested.  He was tested how?  With money, fame, power, and even with the idea of being God himself when Satan told Him "throw yourself off the mountain and let your Angels come to save you".

What did Christ do?  He resisted temptation and then went seeking his disciples where he then TAUGHT.  He found Mary being about to be stoned to death and didn't say to her "I'm going to love you where you're at".  No.  He said "go and sin no more".  Then what?  She followed Him.  As she was puttering around in the kitchen - He then told her "come over here and sit and learn with me".   His band of disciples then went out and did what?

Did Christ ask the people to come up with the bread and fishes when there wasn't enough to feed the people?  Or did He create enough?  God is the source of whatever our n…


Where do they get their funding?  Why do they exist?  What do they get out of this work?

Sex Workers Anonymous is a 12 step group.  Meaning based on the model of AA and NA.  What this means essentially is Bill Wilson was suffering with a craving to drink at 8 months sobriety.  So he set out to find someone else to "12 step" which was Dr. Bob.  This created Alcoholics Anonymous - reaching out to help another.  12 step groups are not federally funded by grants, nor by private fund raisers, crowdfunding, nor even private donations.  Our funding is only and solely by the sales of our literature, or money passed from the basket.  Now since prostitution is illegal, and receiving money from the "earnings a prostitute" is a felony - we don't pass a basket at our meetings.  This limits our income quite severely.  But why do we reach out to help others?  Because that's how we stay out - pure and simple.  I have been reaching out to help others, who want that help, a…