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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Sex trafficking is rarely just sex trafficking.  Any criminal operation that sells men, women and children against their will in the sex industry - also operates on many levels.  The family that sucked me into their criminal operation were trafficking in prostitutes, strippers, and porn performers.  They laundered the money through a nightclub in the valley called "Valley West".  The doorman would sell drugs to limos that would pull up to the club, get the drugs, and pull out again.  The musicians would buy drugs from this doorman.  They engaged in insurance fraud.  I remember we pretended to book "Black Flag" and manufactured the whole appearance, then trashed the club to collect enough insurance money to redecorate!  The ring also engaged in counterfeiting, theft, fraud, blackmail, and drug trafficking.  A criminal operation is a criminal operation.  Once again "pimps" are different than "trafficking operations".

As technology evolves, so does crime.  Also the means to fight them evolves also.  Traffickers now use the gps on phones to keep tabs on their victims.  They record every phone conversation and know every call made on their phones now.  So if a victim calls for help on one of their phones - they know this.  This is why I answer our hotline "hello" and do not list our phone as "Sex Workers Anonymous".  I don't want them to know a victim is calling for help when calling us.  I also have an 800 number and a land line so a victim can call us from a payphone or call collect from jail.

Because of technology - I've had to now tell every member of SWA to not "friend" us or even "follow" us.  I've had to shut down all our online social media groups like forums and chat rooms.  I've even had to tell members not to even identify as members anymore online.  Why?  Because when a victim comes to us for help - one of the first places the traffickers are going to go to look for clues about where she is would be who we know online.

The "smear" campaigns started in 2013.  I started seeing a person appear who I would clock at spending over EIGHT HOURS A DAY just contacting people to talk smack about me or SWA to anyone and everyone who would listen.   No "troll" does that.  No one with a personal grudge does that.  That's a JOB - not a grudge or a personal offense or opinion.  The first woman who started spending 8 hours a day just contacting people to "threaten" them about how they would lose funding, or friends, or support, or respect, or whatever other button they could push to get a response out of them to block us, shun us, stop returning our calls, etc. - I had a friend send me a screen shot of this person talking in another private chat room to an employee of Dynocorp.  If you don't know who they are of what their connection is to sex trafficking - there's a movie on Netflix called "Whistle Blower".  But they're connected to Halliburton who is connected to Dick Cheney who was in Jeane Palfrey's "Black Book" and thus I began to understand why this person was expending so much energy on attacking us.

Who was she?  A survivor?  No.  She called herself an "advocate".  She claimed to be connected to a nonprofit based out of Canada.  Only when I contacted the founder of that group in Canada - he said he had no idea who she was and no connection to her.  She also had on her profile she worked with MTV.  When we checked - she didn't either.  That profile was then changed.  After we posted the Dynocorp conversation - she pretty much disappeared.

But if anyone has seen "Catfish" you're aware that traffickers are experts at using fake people to con others out of money and even support for things.  Look into it and you'll see that there are whole teams of people who pretend to be pretty girls just to get "suckers" wiring them money.  With Liang Yaohui's arrest - you also are able to see how sex trafficking works with the Triad in the USA today also.  Google the KFC lawsuit - and you'll see the Chinese also specialize in "smear" campaigns to get what they want - to the point where they'll even fake "deep fried rats" just to try and trash KFC.

I'm giving you a screen shot of something to show you that major corporations also call these people "influencers".  The police have "informants" they pay to set people up and pump for information.  These corporations also have "influencers".

Which also got me noticing something else.  When I started writing about what was going on with the Pasadena police - I started having a private investigator following me around my social media groups.  She joined all of them and every single person I'd speak to - she would call them up and basically start with the threats and the defamation.  It was "Jody is crazy" and "if you value your reputation you'll not speak to her".  I hit her with a notice I was going to file for defamation and stalking if she continued.

She stopped.  She then dropped out of these groups we were both in and disappeared. Only to be replaced by another private investigator doing the same exact thing.  I hit him with a notice - and he stopped and disappeared.  Then another one came.  When I wrote about Orange County - an Orange County investigator started this following.  Now each time - after the threat to sue - they didn't just stop - they disappeared.  Now if this was a real person with a real issue - they would have just stopped talking the smack about me after being served with the notice.  No - these people would withdraw from all these groups entirely after being served with the notice.  I shut down Linkedin for that reason after the 4th time this happened - and every "friend" I had on there was getting emails and phone calls.  Thankfully, I was forwarded these calls and emails to see the campaign that was going on.

I then only had the Facebook after shutting down the Linkedin account.   Which clearly that's what these attacks were - to chase me off having a presence on Linkedin.

To see if this is a pattern or "system" - I joined a whole bunch of groups that have nothing to do with trafficking and nothing to do with nothing actually.  Just random groups.  I then posted about the lawsuit in San Diego harassing strippers - and within 30 MINUTES - one of these "catfish" profiles pops up, joins every group I belong to, calls me up with a bogus phone call, etc.  Look carefully at this profile.  The account is years old - however this person never posted one single thing until the day I posted about San Diego.  Then three posts about her mother where she posts a photo of Kathy Griffin as the "Houston attorney who trafficked her mother".  I then tried to follow up with that person - and got nothing.

I already know from the pattern that the next move would have been this person would then start talking to everyone I talk to in order to smear me.  Is this personal or about me?  Not at all.  Because I've now got a file from five other people who have reported on sex trafficking in their city - and they've had the SAME EXACT campaign step by step hit them.

What these people say is the same pattern  - they have tried reporting sex trafficking in their city.  No one would do anything.  When they tried to push - the smear campaigns started.  Some got fired.  Some lost freelance jobs.  Some lost friends.  Some have received threats from police and even attorney's that if they don't stop they'll get a TRO filed against them.  In the meantime, these people say that these people are contacting everyone on their "friends" and "follower" and smearing them every which way possible.

So yes to test if this is a "system" I set up those fake groups on Facebook and then made the post about San Diego police to see what would happen.  Within 30 minutes of that - this fake person then went and joined within 30 minutes of me posting something about San Diego online.  We have a serious problem now when we're getting attacked not by the traffickers - but by supposedly law enforcement and/or those we're supposed to be going to for help for these victims.  If I'm wrong about this - then explain to me why:

1.  I've asked Pasadena Chief of Police what trafficking group he works with so I can take this case of "Music" to them to see if they can help.  I get no answer.  That's not confidential information and the person running the hotline for SWA should be able to know the name of the group they're working with - especially when we have victims calling us for help.  So why did we not get an answer?

2.  I've brought to the attention of the OC Human Trafficking Task Force that Kevin Brown and Greg Reese were running a phony "outreach" that got exposed with the show "8 Minutes" and even the investors of Relativity Media are claiming they got "conned".  Correction - when they said this Relativity hit them with a counter suit and they retracted the accusation.  But - have they returned my calls to ask me for further information about the fact these guys were running around supposedly taking prostitutes to some "ranch in NM that doesn't exist"?  No.  As the OC Human Trafficking Task Force SHOULDN'T they be investigating this further?  I mean WHERE were these women GOING if there was NO RESCUE?

3.  A man got up at the LA Board of Supervisors meeting and said there was sex trafficking going on in a foster care home run by a friend of one of the members of the board.  ALL CASES OF SUSPECTED CHILD ABUSE HAVE TO BE INVESTIGATED.  Yet I heard no one going up to him asking him what home he was speaking about or what children.  I was told by a member and the mayor that 'no one knew who this guy was" to ask him what house he was talking about - yet his name was right in the transcript.  Strange.

4.  I've written to the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force to ask what can be done to correct things that led to cops being sued for harassing strippers down there while they're supposed to be building alliances with these women to help root out trafficking and offering my help to change things as I've done with other police departments in the past - and after a WEEK I've received no answer back.

5.  I've received not one single response from Jim McDonnell's office who just got 4.5 million dollars to "fight trafficking".  I've written him saying I have information on the heads of a multi-national trafficking ring residing in Pasadena I'd like to share with him - and I've received not one call or email or response.

For that kind of money - I should be able to get someone to give me a return phone call.  No - there is a "system" in place here that goes into effect the minute you start trying to bring to certain people's attention evidence or information about sex trafficking in their town that is designed to shut you down, discredit you, and get you to drop the matter.

Now why is that?

But take this tip - if you're working in this field trying to help victims:

1.  Don't put up photos of your kids online and where they go to school.

2.  Don't put up information about where you work, go to church or temple, where you hang out, etc.

3.  Don't list any of your real friends or family online in case you get them targeted or threatened.

4.  Keep your personal information private and confidential or off line entirely.

5.  Don't keep victims or survivors information anywhere it can be hacked.

6.  Put tape over your webcam.  These people turn it on trying to get photos of you or turn on the mike so they can hear what's going on in your house.

7.  Put protection on your phone - because they turn on your phone and follow your movements and hack into your contacts.

8.  Don't enable your locations on your computer or phone.

Use common sense.

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