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Thursday, August 4, 2016


I'm literally about to vomit.  I just saw a commercial for Catherine Cortez Masto where she's running for Senate now.  Her platform on the commercial was her claim she "helped sex trafficking victims".


Take a real good look at the commercial.  The person she has speaking for her first is Karen Hughes.  Yes the same Karen Hughes who is no longer the multiple head of N. Las Vegas Vice, head of N. Las Vegas Internal Affairs, and head of N. Las Vegas police that I filed a formal complaint with Internal Affairs about.  You can search my blog to find my post about those complaints and Karen further here if you'd like.

Want to know why all three?  So that I couldn't figure out who to complain to about her, and other police officers, who were actually involved in sex trafficking that's why.  With Chief Gillispie having finally stepped down, along with 15 other officers, with him, for corruption, I mean who am I supposed to go to with complaints about officers involved in the sex trafficking when that very person is the heads of all of those departments?

Can anyone remember "Operation Dollhouse" for example?  They caught two officers, who were not just officers, but also on the trafficking task force, right in the house with the raid.  Did they charge the officers?  No.  They accepted the claim the "cab driver took them there by mistake for a massage".  They accepted that excuse BECAUSE KAREN REFUSED TO SPEAK TO ME ABOUT THE TRAFFICKING SITUATION IN THAT CASE.  One that did by the way involve a minor.

Only one ride through Las Vegas from where the officers came into town, to where these houses were located, would have shown you that they passed by at least a dozen commercial massage parlors on the way to the houses.  But note the key word here "cab driver".

Why?  Because the trafficking operation in Nevada was/is set up so that Mandarin speaking cab drivers would pick up Mandarin speaking businessmen coming out of the airport with tickets in hand from China.  Those were the ONLY men allowed into these houses of prostitution to keep the police out.  Which is why I had arranged for this reporter on that case to make that raid that day - none of us could get access to those women without an arrest.  An arrest we weren't getting to happen while Karen was in charge of the Vice Dept. at that time because she was covering for everyone.

I knew they took over the cab companies because I've lived here in Nevada since 1996 helping trafficking victims.  When I first moved here, one of the first things I did was make friends with local cab drivers.  Victims of sex trafficking are kept drugged up most of the time remember?  Their pimps keep their ID from them.  If they're not American, they keep their visa's even.  So how do they get around town if they can't drive?


For YEARS cab drivers would bring victims of sex trafficking, and/or prostitutes who wanted out of the game, to our doorstep for help.  It was simple - if a woman is getting into your cab in a highly emotional and drugged state who is clearly a prostitute and is crying to you because her pimp just beat the shit out of her and she wants to get the hell out of there - the drivers all knew to bring them to Jody's doorstep.  

That was until 2007.  I remember the year because it was after my mother had died, and we gave the press conference you can read about at about sex trafficking existing in Nevada.  A press conference I'd like to add Catherine, nor Karen, were neither involved with.  Go on - look.  Do you see their names as being in attendance at this press conference which was the first to alert the public about sex trafficking in Nevada given?

Up until that point, I knew all of the cab drivers by their first names.  I knew the publisher of the cab drivers' trade journal who used to run free public service announcements for our group alerting new drivers to what we did.  Word spread that if a woman needed to escape to bring her to my door and we'd take care of her.  I can't tell you how many 2:00 a.m. drop-off's we had when the women would get off a shift at the local strip club and decide they just didn't want to go home anymore.

But then suddenly it stopped.  I began to wonder what was happening so I called a guy who was a supervisor at the major cab company we had always worked with to find out he'd been fired.  I then started calling all the cab drivers we'd worked with that I knew their name and number and found they were no longer working as drivers either.

When I got the one supervisor I used to call "Big Don" because he used to be a professional wrestler, he told me that a strip club owner had come in and bought out the cab companies.  Then he'd fired every driver who had ever given us a drop of a victim - and then told any other drivers that he had the GPS on the cars, the cameras going on the inside, and if anyone was caught so much as even calling us on the phone to come help one of these women that they would be fired immediately.

While all of this was going on, we had tried working with Catherine as Attorney General under the mistaken idea because she was a female she'd give a shit.  As a matter of fact, when Aubrey had decided she wanted to file what would have been the first ever case of sex trafficking with respect to someone who had been forced to work within a legal brothel, we contacted Catherine's office to discuss the case.  She refused to talk to us about the case at all.

When she launched her so called "law to help sex trafficking victims" in 2013, AB67, of course I asked to be put on the list of events around the state to discuss the law.  Especially after reading it.  This law had NOTHING  to  do with helping victims.  If anything, it was going to get victims murdered.  More than that, it's a thinly disguised "shake down" law if you ask me.  Giving the police the right to "ease drop" without a warrant, and then go in and ask for a fine EVEN WHEN THERE'S NO CHARGES BEEN FILED.

If she's "done so much to help crack down on sex trafficking" where's the charges?  The police executed a search warrant on Molly Moll but yet NOT ONE ARREST.  Huh?

Is the reason because of a lack of victim testimony maybe?  Victim testimony they don't have because no one in Nevada's police department, or Attorney General's office, will return our phone calls?  Why would they when they aren't even doing anything when they have one of their own saying that John Hambrick "bullied his way" into being speaker of the house and STILL THEY DO NOTHING?

Couldn't be this is part of an organized campaign funded by Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Review Journal, to expand legalized prostitution in the state where he owns a non-union casino now could it?

Where's the charges against Snoop Dogg who ADMITTED he trafficked for a year, did it through Nevada, and for which we have a victim we rescued in Nevada willing to press charges?  Only we can't because we can't get anyone from the authorities to FILE.  All of the evidence by the way appears on Twitter on Montana Fishburne's account.  So all the evidence to file trafficking charges against Snoop exist - but our letters to Catherine's office asking why she won't file, and that we have witnesses we've rescued willing to testify, have gone UNANSWERED.

Go on - read AB67.   Read it carefully and then tell me how on earth that law helps victims.  ESPECIALLY when our group was getting nowhere trying to get cases filed against traffickers with her office.  So when she announced the hearings about the law being passed, we of course asked to be put on the mailing list to be notified of these events so we could participate.  Not just me mind you, but actual survivors of NEVADA sex trafficking this law would have an impact on.

I've posted on another post in this blog that not only did her office refuse to give me any notices about these hearings, but she further insisted on being removed from our mailing list as well.  This is a woman who mind you back in 2007 I was trying to tell her someone was connected to Operation Dollhouse with Immigration who was ignoring me.

Then after complaining finally to the Office of Professional Responsibility BECAUSE I COULD NOT GET KAREN HUGHES NOR CATHERINE NOR THE CHIEF OF POLICE to listen to me - I had to go to the OPR to file the complaint which then resulted in the arrest of Joohoon David Lee.  A case where Catherine's name appears nowhere.

By the way - do you know what Joohoon is doing now he's a man convicted of using his office to sex traffick women through California and Nevada?  Including DESTROYING a local Las Vegas business in his campaign to cover up his tracks and be a trafficker?   HE'S DRIVING A LIMO IN LAS VEGAS NOW ON PROBATION.  By the way, most cab companies in Las Vegas are also the same as the limo companies such as Bell Transportation.

Catherine lied to the press about AB67 for one thing.  She told the press that "there was no opposition to AB67" when there clearly was.  Not only did we send her a letter registering our objection to the law, but we also had members of SWA appear at the hearings.

 Aubrey testified at the hearing against the law, and even read a letter on behalf of those who couldn't get up to Carson City to register their testimony against the law to Catherine.  This is clearly reflected in the videotape of the hearings.  I have the disk of the hearing if you'd like to see what REALLY happened instead of Catherine's lies to the press and other people about what happened.   Aubrey then went up to Catherine who told her "she'd look into" the filing of a case against her pimp who had trafficked her that she NEVER FOLLOWED UP ON.

Not only did she then refuse to return Aubrey's, or my calls, to file this complaint against her trafficker, who was threatening to use her children in kiddie porn by the way,  but she then again lied to the press saying nothing about our letter, our objection to the law, and nothing about the fact we'd asked for her help against these traffickers.  Aubrey also swore to me she saw Catherine taking a check for $17,000 from Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch, at this hearing.

If Catherine cares so much about helping trafficking victims - then why doesn't one single survivor appear in her ads?  BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T HELP US THAT'S WHY.  Let 'me point to Uber and her keeping Uber out of Nevada.  For one thing, that's jobs our survivors could be working at.  Many of them now are making a living out of Uber in other states.  It's one job where the traffickers can't get them fired because they can't get physical access to them once they leave.

But it's more than the jobs Uber can provide survivors who need the type of work Uber would provide.  Yes they're arrested a few guys for using cabs in connection with organized trafficking.  But that didn't stop the SYSTEM.  The reason why racketeering laws were invented was because organized crime is like a wagon wheel.

If you take out one or two spokes, the wheel still turns.  There's a reason why the cab companies want to remain in power in this state and it's not about money.  It's about sex trafficking and the control having cabs, and the ability to threaten to fire drivers who help victims escape, offers.  Having Uber in Nevada breaks up the control the traffickers have over victims on both levels - from providing them a way to work to providing them a way to escape.  

Something Catherine has blocked from happening in this state.  Something that she might know if she talked to someone who WORKS WITH VICTIMS RATHER THAN JUST FUND RAISES AND GRAND STANDS!  Catherine is running for Senate for one reason and one reason only - legalized prostitution.  The REAL traffickers in this country are trying to use the logic that legalized prostitution is the best way to eliminate sex trafficking.  If that was the case, then please explain why Amsterdam shut down it's windows district in 2007?

Explain the level of trafficking in Germany where it's legal.

Explain New Zealand where it's legal.

In fact, name me one case of organized sex trafficking that Catherine's even filed in the state of Nevada.

According to my research, I can't even FIND a case against traffickers Karen Hughes executed.  I type into Google "sex trafficking arrests Karen Hughes" and come back with ZIP.  Here look

I lobbied Catherine's office many times that their resource list for help for victims on her page as Attorney General was useless.  I gave her a step by step explanation about how those resources not only didn't provide help to sex trafficking victims in Nevada, but that they especially didn't help those in the strip clubs, massage parlors, or legal brothels.  She not only refused to change this resource list - I'd like to know why the strip clubs, massage parlors, and the legal brothels in Nevada STILL are not required to post the National Trafficking Hotline in them just as California has passed already with SB1193?  Again, you can search my blog further to see where I've written her and written her and written her - only to get NO RESPONSE.

In other words, Catherine won't speak to the FOUNDER of the movement, the FOUNDER of Sex Workers Anonymous, and she wants to call herself a "sex trafficking crusader"?  Really?

In fact, under Catherine as Attorney General, the brothels have just expanded their reach outside of the tiny counties they're physically in.  BEFORE Catherine was Attorney General, the brothels were limited to advertising only locally, and also only seeing customers who visited the brothels physically.

However, under Catherine's regime as Attorney General, the brothels are now advertising outside of the counties such as Pahrump, Nye, Storey, etc.  In states such as Oakland for example where not only does Dennis have billboards all over, but also we now have heard of the Oakland sex scandal involved guess what?   MORE POLICE OFFICERS!

But further than this, the brothels are now allowed to send "outcalls" which they couldn't do before Catherine.  Meaning that all a client has to do is visit the brothels one time to set up an account.  Then after that first visit, a prostitute can be sent to him anywhere in the world from there legally.  Yes, this expansion of their ability to operate now anywhere in the WORLD is thanks to Catherine Cortez Masto.

Now with the link already established that sex trafficking is at it's WORST where there is legalized prostitution, and with Catherine's regime allowing the expansion of the legal brothels, then please please explain to me how on earth she's being allowed to make the claim that has been doing ANYTHING to help sex trafficking in these commercials?

Which is why I'm going to be seeing about filing a formal complaint with the FCC about her ads shortly for making false claims to the public.  I'll also be further researching if there's any other type of committees, boards, etc., that I can file a complaint against her for these false claims in her ads.


I was fighting the brothels back in 1988 as you can see here.

If you are opposed to sex trafficking, and consider yourself an "abolitionist" DO NOT SUPPORT CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO running for Senate.

Don't believe me.  Don't believe the hype or press.  Go and look for yourself and tell me what has she done for us to help us since being in office?

As a matter of fact, we have testimony from people who have told us that they were told they would be "immune from prosecution for fraud" with their fraudulent fund raising using sex trafficking as their platform because Catherine was using their efforts to get "dollar matching" funds.

If I'm wrong, then tell me why all these people were complaining to her to investigate pastor Troy Martinez, whose documentary on "sex trafficking" in Nevada by the way COMPLETELY AVOIDS the strip clubs, massage parlors, and the legal brothels in Nevada where even Bob Herbert of the NY Times went out and independently verified my statement of it existing there in the highest concentrations is in fact true.   A fact which angered Oscar Goodman so severely he physically threatened Bob Herbert?


Monday, October 12, 2015


Jody Williams
Email –
(702) 468-4529

Internal Affairs for Nevada
Via fax and emai

Dear Sirs:

Back in 1988 – I did a Sally Jesse Raphael show where I appeared against Joe Conforte, the previous owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel. He brought with him four prostitutes who worked at the ranch – and for an hour the audience heard this was a “victimless crime” and how much “money they were making”. The purpose of the show was Joe was trying to get his brothels expanded into California and outside of the small rural communities that these legal brothels operate out of in Nevada spread across the state.

When the camera was off – I had one of these women run up to me in the dressing room begging for help to escape. She claimed she had been drugged, then placed on a charter plane at gunpoint (there's a landing strip at the ranch), where she was told to say what she said “or else”. Her fear was because she said other women were “disappearing” into the night and that Joe was physically abusive to the girls. Luckily, the show was being filmed in Chicago. I was working with Genesis House up there at the time so we staged a fake ambulance call to get her out of the studio and placed with them (they don't exist any longer).

Clearly I'm concerned about what this woman is telling me. I then started calling the police who were in charge of that area in 1988 and received nothing but the brush-off. Now I understood that because of the very reason I was on that talk show in the first place. Society didn't believe that sex trafficking was real – or that women could be victim of force and coercion in the sex industry. Not when the “Happy Hooker” was on the best seller list back then and musicals were being made starring Dolly Pardon singing about “down on the chicken ranch – nothing dirty's going on”.

So I packed up my family, shut down my business, and sold off my real estate in 1996 and moved to Nevada so I could help them. Mind you this was before the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed that even gave sex trafficking federal recognition. I knew that my calling for help was going to be received about the same as if I called up saying “little green men were forcing women into sex work” back in the 80's and 90's. Meaning that if anyone was going to help – it was going to be me and not law enforcement.

I had gotten to know Sharnel Silvey at this point. She used to be a madam at the Mustang Ranch before Joe fled the country and the IRS took over the ranch about 1992. Sharnel got clean from drugs, left sex work, became a caretaker by day, joined a local church – and we started the first alternative sentencing program in all of Nevada with her taking the helm in northern Nevada. I held down the fort on the southern Nevada end of the state. Working together – her and I tried to get help not just to someone being forced to work in the sex industry – but to anyone who wanted help to exit the industry. She was then “set up” in my opinion on a theft charge that shut down the program.

Why shut it down? The stories we were hearing out of these women about law enforcement's treatment of them wasn't exactly “flattering” when it came to helping them when they were in trouble. I'm going to invite you to listen to Aubrey's interview at She was working at the Shady Lady brothel that's now closed. Aubrey claims that when an officer would come down weekly to pick up the HIV test results – that she would be drugged by this officer, and then raped. Further, that this was done in exchange supposedly for not picking up any “real” test results from the girls. This isn't just an issue about her being drugged and raped – but one of a threat to the public health and safety.

So what do I want to do about it? At that time, I went onto the internet to find out who I could complain to about this officer. At that time, the website said that I had to take all Internal Affairs complaints to the CHIEF. However, at that time, the chief was the officer in question. Now what do I do about this? I don't know – you tell me. Go to the Attorney General? The Attorney General was trying to get AB67 passed about this time and doing everything possible to avoid speaking to me. To the point where even when our group read a letter to the Attorney General on the legislature floor – she then lied to the press saying there was “no objection” to AB67. So who do I complain to about this? No idea.

Look – I'm just a recovering addict, sex worker, and survivor. What I do well how to do is I help others to leave the sex industry and find recovery also. That's what I do. I'm not a cop. I'm not an attorney. I'm not a political science major nor a politician. I shouldn't have to have some kind of advanced degree or connections in order to register a complaint against an officer. Nor should anyone with a complaint either.

Now I invite you to look at the site for Reno Nevada now with respect to Internal Affairs. I can assure you the LAST thing we're going to do to make this complaint is her and I go waltzing into the police station where this guy worked. You have a phone number for a victim to call. However, this woman has two small children who are home and awake during the day. The only time she's going to want to CALL = would be after hours. Also, to be honest – calling leaves her voice on the recording. If she was going to have bothered calling – she's not going to call and have the officer recognize her voice. Yet nowhere on the site is there simply an email address for her to make an anonymous report. Of course it also says “write to the Chief”. Yeah right. I'm sorry but my understanding about Internal Affairs is that it's supposed to be someone you can report an officer to – not someone who is going to cover for another officer.

Which is what happened to me when I started dealing with victims of Kemp Schiffer and Chris Butler. Those are the names I can mention publicly because they're now been arrested and found guilty. However, I want you to think about the position I was in getting calls from women they were victimizing BEFORE this happened. Both of these men were part of a very large crime ring that was/is networking itself across the USA. Las Vegas is only one stop on the network. A network that if you read up on how Chris operated – you'll see that I was dealing with the cops and private investigators as part of this operation. The drugs, guns, money, and even the women are transported in police/sheriff cars. That way they're not stopped. Genius right? Especially when you're putting on all kinds of public events pointing the fingers at street pimps as the “real traffickers”.

So genius that when I went to Chief Gillespie about the information that I had – names, addresses, phones numbers, etc. and gave him the file to do something about this the very next morning I had a pregnant woman on my doorstep. When I asked her what was going on - she told me that the “chief had come in at midnight clearing everyone and everything out”. Describing to me even the walls were cleaned with bleach to remove any fingerprints or evidence in the brothels & drug houses. After putting her into a motel – I then went to check all the addresses I'd given the chief to find – everything had been cleaned out.

EXCEPT the Asian operation. This was Asian women in private homes speaking only Mandarin. I can't knock on the door of these homes and say “do you need help” like I could at a massage parlor or a strip club. We couldn't even get a “fake john” into the house because they were only accepting men getting off the plane from China getting into cabs at the airports with plane tickets as clients. So what am I to do? I looked on the Metro Internal Affairs website at that time in 2007 – and there was no IA at all. There was a website that said “due to a lack of funding” there was no Internal Affairs.

So I went to a friend who was a reporter and “Operation Dollhouse” went down. Then I saw 24 women sent back to their pimps despite bags of drugs being found in that house simply to make a case go away against two officers from San Mateo that was EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TRYING TO GET EXPOSED.

So now what? I turned to Terri Miller who was director of ATLAS who told me that “making complaints about the police was not her job”. Especially since Metro had just given the Salvation Army $370,000 – I bet. So I went to the FBI and got threatened with a 5150 if I didn't “back off”. Which was a great position to be in when I had fresh information coming in on the Jessie Foster case. I went to the detective listed on her page as being in charge of Jessie's case. He didn't return my calls. I went to Terri who again blew me off. I went to the DA's office – only to run into David Shubert who has since died from a drug overdose.

Now for years I've been getting calls from prostitutes needing help because of a lot of good cops. Cops who were handing out our cards to prostitutes they'd meet who said they needed help. So at one point in time – I had seven women who wanted to step up to testify against the men involved in the same ring as Kemp and Chris (this was before they got arrested mind you). They asked me to find out if they could be safely protected if they testified against an officer, a judge, a city councilman, etc. I was also talking to Jeane Palfrey then who was releasing names in her “Black Book”. While releasing names – she was not talking about who was doing what. Not until she could figure out if she could be made safe if she did. A valid concern if you look up the position those strippers in that DEA owned strip club in NJ are in. If one of them is killed or disappears – I have no way of knowing. Which is what many of these women look to me as – someone who will know if they go missing and do something about it because I won't shut up.

Lois Lee suggested I go talk to Vic Vigna. I called asking if he would show me what steps could be taken to protect a witness who wanted to testify against an officer, politician, judge, etc. He agreed to meet with me to show me. At the meeting where he showed up wearing an FBI t-shirt – he then asked me if I wanted to be a paid informant. Then after asking me if I knew anything about street pimps (which was not the point of the meeting) – he then blew me off – refusing all future phone calls because I said I didn't want to become a paid informant. When I went back to speak to these women – a few of them laughed saying they'd had some less than nice “encounters” with Vic and they weren't surprised I was treated this way.

When Lt. Karen Hughes took over – I thought things would change. What changed was the cops who were giving out our number to prostitutes they'd meet who wanted help suddenly came to a halt. Then Mayor Goodman had threatened all Metro officers if they even spoke to me – they'd be fired. This was when he was trying to get a brothel put in where the Mob Museum now sits. I was now getting calls from cops telling me that anyone who would even mention my name, especially in a good light – was finding themselves being run right off the force or fired. Okay what do we do about it? I go online to find that Karen is also head of Internal Affairs. She's also part of the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force.

A task force that I tried to get help from when I was finding out about underage trafficking in Nevada. I have documentation showing of multiple attempts to reach out to Karen at Metro, and to the task force, about underage trafficking I had learned about – and getting no response back. Now – who am I going to complain to about this when she's on Internal Affairs?

Last week I got a call from Officer Bolzack (I don't know if that's the right spelling). This officer said that since Karen Hughes is “no longer with Metro there's nothing he can do”. When asked who replaced her with Vice or the task force – he said he “had no idea”. Funny. This is an officer supposedly from Internal Affairs who doesn't know who is the head of Vice in Las Vegas? Seriously?

I'm still getting calls from prostitutes in Las Vegas telling me one thing or another about officers. I'm hearing about raped, beatings, threats, intimidation, blackmail – the whole nine here. I'm also still hearing about officers who are working for this trafficking network that is still operating with a few new players.

The reason for the RICO act is because you could arrest a few men – and the operation continued. Men like Kemp Schiffer and Chris Butler have been arrested yes – but the operation is continuing on. I've now built up information about the heads of this operation that is based out of Pasadena, California. I know why too – because everyone is telling me they “can't do anything” until there's a police report written up out of Pasadena, California. Easy to say when witnesses are being drug out of their homes by Pasadena officers and having fake charges slapped on them signed by Pasadena judges. Easy to say when trying to help them I'm getting threatened by a Pasadena Officer.

When I escalated this to get a return call from the Chief of Pasadena Police about the situation – I then witnessed all these private investigators staging what appeared to be the building of yet another 5150 campaign on me. One where if I walk into the Pasadena police to file a complaint about anything or anyone – I'm going to be the one carted off. Now no offense – but after what happened to Sandra Bland who was also complaining about the police I'm not touching that one with a 10 foot pole.

So Karen Hughes is with the Wynn now. So what? The reason I started the modern day sex trafficking movement is because our system was not set up to address sex trafficking WITHIN OUR CURRENT SYSTEM. Back in the 1980's I was witnessing sex trafficking during Iran Contra. This meant the men involved were police, politicians, diplomats, judge's, prosecutors', etc. Men who knew how to make evidence disappear – again as we saw with the file burning and Iran Contra. There are no system then for me to go to with what I saw happening to put a stop to it – and THAT'S what I wanted to change.

Now I look at Metro's page for Internal Affairs for Las Vegas. I have emails from Metro officers telling me they're afraid to even mention my name or they'll find themselves being thrown right out of the force. That's a problem. Now I ask you – where are they going to go to file a complaint about the fact they're being intimidated? The information on your website hasn't changed when it still shows Karen Hughes as the person in charge over there for north Las Vegas (where most of this is going on). If IA doesn't know that Lt. Spencer is in charge of Vice and I can find that out on Google – it tells me your IA Dept. is pretty much out of touch. Now Karen didn't act in a vacuum. Other officers acted with her. And I'm not hearing out of Officer Bolzack anyone really seems to care about that fact either.

I want to know where I can go and have complaints about officers actually investigated and not find myself on the other end of the threats. I am not alone either. I've got a couple of files on my desk from tax paying citizens of other cities where a sex trafficking victim came to them for help. They went to the police – and they got threatened. Serpico himself is reported to be living in a cabin off the grid because of threats he's receiving from police. He's stated we have a “serious problem” with Politico Magazine. So I'm not just ranting and raving about little green men here.

Now I want to know what's going to be done about this?

Jody Williams


Before I go into this - if you need help to leave the sex industry in any way for any reason - contact

And here we go again . . . .

On October 10, 2015, I wrote this letter to Congo Justice asking to attend the meeting    that's scheduled to be held on October 30th. 

On October 12th - I got this response from them -

If people want to know why I'm frustrated and angry lately - read my response back to them to this blow-off -

Congo Justice has at the bottom of the announcement of the meeting they received TWO grants from the Dept. of Justice to hold this meeting.  Now I don't know if this meeting has been canceled or not because according to their website - it appears to still be happening - not "postponed".  I see no announcement of it being postponed online.  Not like I'm not being lied to a lot by people surrounding these issues either - so excuse me if I would like to see some type of actual evidence this meeting is actually being "postponed" or if I'm just being blown off from attending.

Mind you - I once had the Nevada Attorney General's secretary, during the time they were trying to pass AB67, actually send me that email that said "we're not working on any bills concerning human trafficking" when they kept refusing to send me hearing dates on AB67 so we could attend also.   It's a little hard to register an objection to a bill when NO ONE WILL TELL YOU WHEN AND WHERE THE HEARINGS ARE.

From what I see - this meeting is still happening on October 30th.  So I have sent a copy of the correspondence to Joseph Husted who according to the DOJ website is in charge of the grant issues for Nevada and we'll see what happens from there.

I also found a Linkedin for Patricia Spencer.  The news says she's the new head of the task force.  However, if one goes onto Google and types in the key words "sex trafficking" and "Las Vegas" one is not going to easily find help.  I will address that in another post - but my point being that Nevada has received a considerable amount of money by grants and donations to DO SOMETHING about this issue.  Prior to 2007 - something WAS being done about this issue.  It was also being done without one single grant or fund raiser.  Meaning the more money that's been thrown to certain people - the less help these victims are getting because things need to CHANGE.  Something that I'd like to address at the meeting supposedly scheduled to be held on October 30th - that I'm now being told was "postponed" without being told a definite date.

Now considering my last interactions with Congo Justice - you'll have to forgive me for being a little suspicious about whether even that is true.  I'll go into that in another post.  But I sent off an email to Patricia Spencer - and we'll see if she's a "new sheriff in town" hopefully soon.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


In 2006, Melissa Farley was asked to do a report about sex trafficking in Nevada.  Since we were the only group she was aware of who was actually working with anyone exiting sex work, and sex trafficking (there is a difference) in Nevada, she contacted me for help.  She wanted to interview women who had come through Nevada whether legal or illegal sex work, and whether trafficked or just exiting the sex industry for the report.  So I agreed to work with her.  The report I was told was to get the funding approved to set up a program in Nevada to help trafficking victims  That to get grant money made available - we had to first prove the problem existed as well as the need for help.  Okay I agreed.

Hearing about me working on this report, I then got a visit from Adam Freer from the Salvation Army in August of 2006.  He said he could not find anyone that was working with prostitutes in Nevada other than myself, nor could he find anyone that WANTED to work in Nevada with these victims either that had any experience.  I asked him "do you want me to help prostitutes or do you want to save trafficking victims?"  To which he said "the grant money is to save trafficking victims".  I looked at this budget and said I could help him but I needed TWO more things from him to be able to do the job they wanted done.

First, I said I needed money in the budget to hire a translator.  Most victims I was aware of with respect to sex trafficking did not speak English.  Mandarin, Korean, Russian, etc. but not English.  I explained I could not question every man and woman arrested for prostitution without a translator.  Because this was how the grant was originally structured - to question every prostitute arrested to see if they needed help or if they were there by choice.  I also explained I wanted to go do outreach in the massage parlors and I knew these women did not speak English.

I also said I needed the name of an agent who would be willing to arrest a Metro officer, or a judge, or a city councilman  I explained that in my experience most trafficking was being aided by, protected by, or even done by someone in authority such as the Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer cases have born out.  I told him I wasn't going to ask a woman if she was being trafficked - and then when she would tell me officer so and so was her pimp - I needed to have someone willing to arrest another officer that I could call.  I say that because most officers won't arrest one of their own  They protect each other because of the "brotherhood".  We saw this in the movie "Serpico" if you don't know what I mean by that.

Adam agreed and said he would go back to Washington and get the budget and the name and get back to me.  He was promptly fired.  Only I didn't find out about this until I opened up a newspaper in February of 2007 to read how a school teacher named Terri Miller had taken the job as "director of ATLAS" - the trafficking task force job.  When I called her up to introduce myself - she had no idea who I was.  So whoever hired her - she had not even been told I existed - let alone I had been promised the job by Adam months ago.  That's when she told me Adam was no longer with the Salvation Army.

Then came the Operation Dollhouse arrests.  Terri called me up and said "let's go" and we were down at the Salvation Army 20 minutes later only to be told the women had just been sent home.  When I asked to see their case files - we were told "we didn't make any because we didn't book them">  When I asked for the address of the house - they said "we didn't make a file because we didn't book them".  We raised a stink because the grant specifically said we were supposed to question everyone arrested for prostitution - and here these women had been let go before we could ask them anything.  

The result?  Metro gave the Salvation Army a $370,000 grant to "restructure" ATLAS.  This meant that Terri was not allowed to even speak to a victim, or suspected victim, unless Vic Vigna, who was head of Vice at that time, gave her the referral directly.  I asked because I'm getting calls on our hotline constantly from people telling me of victims, or they are victims, or they need help, etc  She told me that I could only get help from ATLAS if Vic cleared it.  

Okay problem with that is that the people who call me again were victims of rings like the one Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer were running.  Meaning when they run - they're now running from police, the IRS, etc.  So the big question is "how do you protect a victim from harm if they're going to make a case against their trafficker?"  Because I was told in order for Vic to clear a victim to refer to Terri to get help from ATLAS (which meant things like free housing, free medical, free rehabilitation, free counseling, and even witness protection), that a case had to be filed against the pimp or trafficker.

So for a victim of trafficking to ask me "if I make a report to Vic - will I be protected until I make it to trial?" is a reasonable question especially after what happened to Margo Compton when she turned against the traffickers.   Granted, this was in 1977 but it still sent a powerful message that if you're going to testify against anyone in the Hell's Angel's - you'd better be sure you're going to be safe.

Now you may know that the woman who testified at the Nevada legislature in 2013 was speaking about being trafficked inside the Shady Lady brothel which was owned by Hell's Angel's.  I can say that openly now where this was happening because the case is no longer being put together.  The Shady Lady shut down and was bought by Dennis Hof  Meaning the witnesses to her being forced to work there, her rapes, etc. have all been scattered.  I'm not even sure we can even prove she even worked there in the first place now that they've been closed down  

But if you listen to her story at - you'll hear that she wanted not only to file charges against her pimp for forcing her to work as a prostitute from 12 years on, and not only because he drug her and forced her to work in a legal brothel once she turned 15 years old so he couldn't be prosecuted for pimping - but she also wanted to charge the cop who was drugging and raping her weekly when he would come to pick up the HIV test results (supposedly).

Now before I'm going to tell Aubrey that she can go to Vic and make a report and be kept safe - I told her I'd find out where the victims were going to be kept.  Because if she was going to just be put in the Salvation Army - these guys would find her in two seconds.  The same for her home - they knew where she lived.  So I called up Vic and asked if he would show me what steps they take to protect victims that are reporting trafficking that involves corruption.  He agreed and told me to meet him at a Starbucks.  I also told him I didn't want to be seen meeting with and talking to a cop  I promise our members "anonymity" and I don't want anyone thinking I'm "ratting" on anyone if they see me in a coffee shop talking to a cop.  He told me "don't worry I know how to be discrete".

He showed up at the meeting wearing an Metro ball cap and an FBI sweatshirt.

Then he asked me if we could go outside to his car.  I thought that meant he was going to show me how he would protect these witnesses.  Instead he puts me in a car with three other agents and proceeds to grill me like I've just been arrested.  He starts pumping me for what I know about these women.  I don't know anything - I don't ask them.  All I'm doing is seeing if they'll be safe IF they TALK TO HIM.  That's what he agreed to show me - how he protected witnesses.  Instead he yells at me and grills me to the point where I'm flashing back to my arrest days and my PTSD starts kicking in and all I can think of is I want out of that car  

Then he asks me "do you want to be a paid informant?"  I said no - and he tells me "call me tomorrow" and throws me out of the car.  I asked "will you show me the information you promised me tomorrow?"  He said "yes".  

The next day no one ever answered the phone nor returned my calls.  

I went back to these women and then they all started laughing.  I said "what's so funny?"  They then proceeded to tell me stories of supposedly Vic trading sex with prostitutes to let them off being arrested.  Then I speak to a private detective who tells me the prostitutes he knows are telling him the same thing.

Well if that's true - then Metro is NEVER going to refer one victim/prostitute to ATLAS because he'll be busy covering his ass.  So I go to Terri and ask her  "Has Vic ever given you ONE referral?"  to which she says "no".  I then said "don't you think that's strange?"  She said "I"m not his keeper."  I then asked her "how many prostitutes are they arresting a day?"  To which she said "not my job".  Now mind you ATLAS has now received $870,000 and $370,000 that I'm aware of in grants and "that's not her job?"

Okay I table the whole thing until I get calls from prostitutes giving me leads on the Jessie Foster case.  I go into that on another blog posting.  

Speed ahead - at the end of the year ATLAS has not served ONE victim of trafficking.  The task force is defunded and shut down. 

I'm then told Karen Hughes, who used to be a police typist in dispatch, has now been made head of vice.  I think "great - a woman"  Wrong.  I reached out to Karen when I first heard she'd taken over as head of vice which was sometime early 2008 - and she wouldn't return my calls.  I wrote her emails asking to speak to her, introducing myself, letting her know I was the person who was gave the press conference and co-wrote the report on "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections", etc. 

Now, with a woman in vice these victims are thinking maybe she'll be different  So Aubrey asks me to see what they can do for her if she files charges.  She can't file charges in northern Nevada because those are the cops who raped her.  Yes, the Chief is the one who collected the HIV tests, and the Chief is also head of Internal Affairs in northern Nevada - so she can't go to them.  So I write Karen and let her know I have women who are victims who would like to know what can be done to protect them if they file charges - and I get no answer.

When trafficking bill AB67 was going to the Nevada legislature - I reached out to Karen again.  I sent her a copy of the letter that was read at the legislature about how we felt about AB67 and what we would like to see done to help us get help.  

Her response finally?  "Take me off your mailing list".  Okay - yes I've saved those emails and phone logs to show the attempts I've made to reach out to Karen Hughes - with no response.  Including when I tried to make a report about underage trafficking going on inside a car lot on Boulder Highway to the task force and received no response.  I wrote her again anyway asking for help.  After no one responded back to me - I went ahead and took those girls to the bus and sent them to Children of the Night.  

Recently, I complained about Karen in this blog.  In response to that complaining - our hotline got this call from Officer Boznack (I don't know if that's the right spelling) from Internal Affairs this morning.

If you don't want to wade through the whole phone call it goes basically like this - Karen Hughes is no longer head of Vice therefore we can not take any action against her for any claims (I have emails from other cops claiming she would "run officers off the force if they tried to help trafficking victims or gave them SWA's phone number or spoke highly of me in any way" - and I think it's very wrong that when I'm trying to reach her to give her information on open cases, or to come help or investigate a trafficking case she blows me off).

When asked who was her replacement - he said "I don't know".  He tells us to "call Vice".  Well Vice isn't going to reveal information on their agents.  Their standard routine is to tell us to call the Press office who will then tell us "until we get a press release we don't know".  How do I know this?  Because that's what they did to us for a year when we tried to find out how to get in touch with the task force, and who the new director was  

I basically asked for help in speaking to whoever her replacement is so that things can change and he tells me as a man in Internal Affairs that "he has no idea who is in charge of Vice".  You're kidding me right?   Internal Affairs does not know who her replacement is?  Plus, when exactly was the world going to be told she's no longer in position there of any kind and retired?

If you google Karen Hughes right now, today, you'll find this about her:

Looks to me like she's STILL head of Vice, STILL head of Internal Affairs for N. Las Vegas, and STILL on the trafficking task force to me anyway  

Now like me or not - I operate the ONLY hotline in this country that is national, that is for male and female adults, and that is for ANYONE exiting the sex industry NOT JUST trafficking victims.  While Polaris is taking calls from trafficking victims - I'm taking calls from anyone who wants to leave for any reason.  Not just prostitution - but the sex industry.  Meaning porn performers, strippers, prostitutes, escorts, madams, strip club owners, massage parlor owners, porn producers, etc.   This makes me the OLDEST and LARGEST hotline for adults in the country.

Like me or not - that's a fact.  Now - every "crazy" claim I've made has proven to be true.  There WERE 24 Chinese women in that house with TWO COPS and bags of drugs in Operation Dollhouse  Kemp Schiffer WAS an IRS Agent who was trafficking girls into Nevada from California.  Cab drivers were being used by the trafficking ring as was proved by their arrest.  Chief Gillispie has stepped down because of corruption charges.  The prosecutor, David Schubert, died of a drug overdose proving he was on drugs at the time he was in office.  This means that every "crazy" claim I've made about what's going on in Nevada has proven to in fact be true INCLUDING that we rescued victims of a trafficking operation that had Snoop Dogg connected to it during his tour that I was saying happened YEARS before he confessed to this in Rolling Stone.

Including the "crazy" claim I was making that Chong Kim, Samoly Mam and Bill Hilliar were FAKES. That proved to be true as did Gigolo's prove to be actors and Annie Lobert's Destiny House not opening in reality also proved out to be true.  

So please - out of all the "crazy" claims I've been accused of making EVERY SINGLE ONE of the has proven out to be true.

Now this call we got today was from Nevada's Internal Affairs  Granted, Karen Hughes might not still be in office. But the fact remains I've had phone conversations with officers, and I've got emails from officers in Metro who reported to me they were "chased off the force" for even speaking about us or to us and they were forced to work with us in secret because of Karen.  Now SHE DID NOT DO THIS ALONE.

When I was trying to get fresh information looked in the Jessie Foster case - I also had other detectives assigned to that case who REFUSED to look at FRESH information and to speak to FRESH witnesses on that case coming into our hotline  What about them?  Are they still on the force?

Either way I didn't exactly hear from this phone call that Internal Affairs is that interested in rooting out any wrong doing in their department with respect to Vice or even Homicide.

Nor are they telling me who Internal Affairs might be for Pasadena, California or Phoenix, Arizona either.  Two cities where I also have complaints against officers I'd personally like to file but no one wants to  give me a straight answer as to where to go to file such a complaint.  

I do know this - Aubrey said that the officer who was collecting the HIV test results at the Shady Lady was drugging her and raping her.  Now is he still in office?  Since we "can't do anything about someone who isn't in office anymore" what about him?  Does his office handle Internal Affairs for where the Shady Lady was located - or is that still going under the Chief's office?  Because when her and I looked it up online - it was the same man who was Chief at that time in 2013.  

Now for whoever did take over Karen's job - I would like to try and have a better relationship with you than I had with Karen.  You can reach me at  I'm going to follow up this blog with trying to find out who you are and send you an introduction email. I'd like you to see the "Code Red" we put out for Nevada.   

Thank you.  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CIA & Las Vegas - Ken Waither, Steve Schorr and Tom Ragan

Early May of 2015 I got a phone call from a man who said his name was Ken Waither.  Here's an article on him.  On the phone he sounded friendly and said since he's retired he's gotten very interested in sex trafficking in Nevada.  He said he wanted to meet for coffee.  I was driving from Vegas to Los Angeles at the time and said I would be back in a few days and we could talk then.  However, I tried to get him to talk to me on the phone and he was unresponsive pretty much.  In my experience when someone wants to "meet you for coffee" but doesn't want to talk too much on the phone - there's something they want to say to you they want to be careful it's not recorded.

As we were talking, he commented on how I had over 1500 "friends" on my Linkedin profile.  So clearly this guy has done his homework on me before calling.  Homework meaning that certainly he must know I co-wrote "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections" released to international press in 2007.   fCertainly then he must know I was the ONLY group doing rescues out of the legal Nevada brothels starting in 1988 when we did our first rescue of a woman who Joe Conforte had brought onto a Sally Jesse Raphael show with him.  After taping the show - she ran up to me begging to get her "out of there" saying Joe had drugged her, then forced her at gunpoint onto a private plane to bring her to the show to say what she had said.  We did get her out of there and the word spread from there.  The women aren't allowed to walk out on foot, they can't order a cab, and the police won't help them.  So I moved to Nevada specifically so I could physically go and pick these women up from the brothels when they'd call.

Nevada also has the WORST sex trafficking in the USA, and I'll tell you why.  The legal age is 15 contrary to the 18 years of age most people take for granted in other states.   Which means technically a 16 year old can strip as long as alcohol is not served in the bar.   It's also why Dennis Hof advertises in cities like Oakland.  Why Kemp Schieff used to traffick girls in from Oakland into Nevada.   Now they can't work legally at the brothel until 18 years old - so many work the streets up in Carson City, Reno area until they're of legal age.  Which means you can't just pick up a 16 or 17 year old in Nevada because they're of legal age and put them into juvenile services or drag them back home unless there's a warrant.

Anyway, I digress.  As we talk on the phone - I try to get him to "talk" to me but I'm not getting anywhere.  However, he starts telling me that they're putting together an event in Las Vegas in April and he invites me to "give him some flyers" that he can "put out on the tables".  Okay sounds good - what event?  He starts telling me that they are spending a fortune bringing "in speakers from all over the country".   Okay I'm waiting for my invite - and I hear nothing.  Now mind you I've spoken at events like the National Council on Sexual Addiction, Sexaholics Anonymous, even a Narcotics Anonymous world convention to standing applause - and again I've been working with the local Nevada victims and prostitutes since 1995.  I'm not hearing an invite.   But I am hearing money being spent to bring in out of state speakers.

However, answering our national hotline I can assure you that Nevada is a whole other animal when it comes to sex trafficking than anywhere in the USA, or even Canada.  Which is why it likes to bring in out of state speakers so that locals don't know what's going on in NEVADA.  During the 2013 Bill that was being passed on trafficking - over 45 groups came in from OUT OF STATE.  Congo Justice for one . What on earth does trafficking in the Congo have to do with Nevada?  They showed films on trafficking IN THE CONGO.  They raised money for trafficking in THE CONGO.

After our press conference in 2007 - Shared Hope came in to do trainings for Metro.  However, Shared Hopes doesn't do any "direct services" and doesn't even work with trafficking in the USA.  So please please please tell me what on earth they were teaching?  I do know that when we released the report Oscar Goodman threatened Metro officers, anyone in juvenile services, and anyone who worked with any state offices -  they would be fired if they "even read the report".  Which is a shame because Andrea Swanson's daughter got trafficked that next year.  Andrea Swanson's husband is an FBI officer from what this article says - .  Maybe they shouldn't have worried so much about his job - and more about their daughter.

The cops that I speak to in Nevada that want to help tell me that they're afraid to.  They tell me anyone they see stepping up to do anything is either fired, or smeared and run right off the force.  The one cop that I have been doing good work with for a few years now - we can't speak directly to each other because I'm sure if the force finds out who he is - he'd be fired also.  I had terrible problems with Chief Gilliespie.

I went to him once with iron clad black and white information on a trafficking ring operating throughout the whole USA that did a pit stop in Vegas with a few brothels here - and I gave him everything on the operation.  Names, addresses, car plates, phone numbers, how they operated, etc.  What happened?  Within 24 hours everyone was cleared out.   The brothels were cleaned out, the chop shop shut down, everything became a ghost town.  It wasn't a phone tap either because I handed him the information by hand.   (I did wait until they regrouped and tried another tactic to help those women - and here's what happened.  They were sent right back to their traffickers and that house.)

So I go to Internal Affairs - and there is none.   So I complain about a lack of Internal Affairs to the press and the White House.  What do I get?  Not much better.  Lt. Karen Hughes is a Vice Officer at Metro now.  She used to be a typist and answer 911 calls by the way for the police before becoming Vice.  Notice she's also head of North Internal Affairs - north being where most street level  prostitution is by the way. AND she's on the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force.  Oh and one other note - she refused all calls and emails from me.  I guess the fact I have victims calling me for help escaped her attention when she blocked me.

Now let me ask you something - how would I be able to make a report against another police officer for being a trafficker?  Or for raping a prostitute?  Of for the task force not doing a very good job with the grant money?  I say that because I wrote Lou Pascoe once about an underage trafficking ring operating out of a used car lot in Las Vegas I wanted some help with - and I got absolutely no response.  I have this documented by the way.  Now - who would I complain to about that if Karen is on IA as well as the task force?   As my grandma used to say "a fox can't guard the chicken coop".

Maybe that's why Vegas handles things like police misbehaving like this -  That arrest happened because battery is another officer.  Or this  or this Shall i go on?

As I'm waiting for Ken to invite me to come speak about sex trafficking IN NEVADA - I'm not hearing it.  Then I go into a group I belong to on Linkedin for private investigators who work on human trafficking cases.  I mentioned something about the corruption and the brothels in Nevada and Ken pops up with his comment "oh yes that USED to happen - but that's long in the past".

What?  He's not asking me if this was current - because what I was talking about WAS current.  He's in the room TELLING people that "oh that's in the past".  You know what?  I watched the 2013 legislature hearings as they rail roaded that Bill through with fake survivors in the rooms, and 45 groups no one ever heard of before or after that piled onto a bus, got up at the microphone, the news cameras all pointed at them - and then everyone denied that our members were even there.  I had to remind Assembyman John Hambrick that he was speaking to one of our members on that camera as the hearings are televised because he started to deny it flatly.  When I reminded him we had the tape of him speaking to her - he blocked us on facebook.

MTV did the same thing.  When we were scheduled to be filmed for a "Real Life" documentary and I went to talk to them about Snoop's 2003 "pimp revival" tour that he confessed to in Rolling Stone - they dropped our project entirely, fired the producer, and then made the project about trafficking in Europe - opening in Sweden.   It's real easy to talk about it some place else - but oh not here.

So why is the CIA trying to stack up speakers from outside of Nevada - but at the same time wanting my flyers on the table?  Because people are starting to notice my absence.  It's kind of hard to hold a conference on alcoholism without Bill Wilson there.  I am the founder of the movement, and the oldest and largest program of survivors in the world that's all.  That's why one conference in Chicago advertised my speaking at it for six months - until the day before the event when they pulled the plug on my speaking and then moved forward without me.   They were making it appear I was coming but then made sure I didn't get up to the microphone.

Ken then spoke about how he "was with a survivor as she was getting onto the plane with a Metro cop" only isn't that sort of thing supposed to be confidential?  He's not a metro officer and according to him he's a "retired" CIA agent.  So please tell me what the heck he's doing anywhere near a victim and a Metro officer?

When I asked him that question he stopped speaking to me.  Why?  No idea.

His wife is the  President of the World Affairs Council.  It looks like Stephen Schorr is on that Council also.

Stephen Schorr who owns the Review Journal.  Now it makes more sense.  I was told by a reporter on the Review Journal I had a "life time ban" on my name ever even appearing in the RJ after the 2007 press conference.  I asked her "you mean if people die because they don't find help because they don't know about us - that doesn't change?" and she said "right". BTW - no other sex trafficking program, nor shelter or domestic violence shelter or even the rape center transports victims to them.  Since they usually have to leave the pimp on foot with no money and often no shoes or ID - please tell me how they're going to get to help without calling SWA for a ride?

I got a call in 2013 from Tom Ragan, a writer for the RJ.  He was assigned to do a spread on Sex Trafficking in Nevada.  I told him I didn't want to waste my time being interviewed because my name would never appear in the piece.  He told me I was being "completely paranoid" and asked me for the interview.  I gave it to him just so he could see for himself what would happen.

Do you see my name anywhere?  After he interviewed me - he said he was impressed.  Then he went out to interview other people.  He called me back about a week later and asked me for a photo.  I told him it was a waste of time.  He insisted that he was going to "make me the cover story" on the piece.  When I asked why - he said "because you're the only group out here actually doing anything for these women that's why".

Then I read that piece.  I asked him "what happened?"  He grumbled a bit about how I was right  and gave me some information I won't repeat.   A while after that - I found a photo of me online during my weekly google.  It was the photo taken by the RJ photographer only she was in Kentucky now.  I asked her what was up.  She said that her and Tom "demanded that they run the story on Sex Workers Anonymous" and well they both got fired she said.  She told me she "wanted to do something" so she at least posted the photo.  I asked her to please take it down but thank you because I don't want people seeing what I look like unless they know me.  She understood and did.

A bit after that I saw Tom back on the paper.  He must have worked things out.   He called me again in August for a quote.  I said "why bother?"  He says "trust me".  He got my name in the RJ!!!

So Mr. Schorr, if you and the World Affairs Council and the CIA don't want my name to appear in your paper or to speak at your event - that's fine.  Because people who I am helping and people who see my work are beginning to notice the loud glare of my absence.

As for other groups working with sex trafficking who aren't based in Las Vegas - do you see this kind of thing going on anywhere else?

Now you know why I live in California to do my Vegas rescue work.  Now you know why I say that sex trafficking in my opinion is at it's WORST in Nevada because the very "powers that be" are trying to cover everything up.  In early recovery they used to tell me "you can't cover your ass and your face at the same time".  Who is more important here?  Young 16 year old girls being trafficked and helping them - or cover up what's going on by men in uniform, judges, city council, etc.

Now you know why I say a trafficking victim is not safe in a Salvation Army shelter.  Look at the kind of people they're having to run from?  This CIA man is with a Metro officer speaking to a trafficking victim, while his wife is on the World Affairs Council, who hob nobs with Steve Schorr - I mean mean can you imagine if you had something they wanted to cover up where are you going to run?  Not like the press will print about it after Bob Herbert of the NY Times did and ex-mayor Oscar Goodman threatens him with a "baseball bat to the head" for talking about sex trafficking IN Las Vegas - not Wisconsin or the Congo.

Follow-up - The Salvation Army Seeds program that was listed in the Ragan piece has folded.  Annie Lobert?  Pastor Benny Perez filed bankruptcy and ran off with over $1,000,000 in cash raised to open Destiny House.  Annie ran off to Africa for six months to let things blow over.   Her A&E show got yanked after one episode because it turned out there was no house.  I got left getting the women jobs, housing and support.  I could go down the list of groups that folded after the bill got passed but I need to go do laundry instead of being here another hour.