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Can someone explain to me why our program was not included in this report   being that we've been providing legal assistance for our members for THIRTY YEARS NOW?  

All over the United States, male and female, with many different forms of trafficking - we've been providing them with legal help with their (1) criminal cases, (2) family law issues such as divorce from their pimp, child custody issues when the pimp is involved, restraining orders against the pimp, etc., (3) issues that come up with recovery such as fighting an eviction, repairing their credit, and (4) assistance with legal forms such as applying for citizenship, disability or even student loans for school.
You clearly have us on your mailing list as we received the final report - so please can someone explain to me why we were not included in this process yet again?  Once again, I find this the equivalent of preparing a report on alcoholics while excluding Alcoholi…