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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Shortly after Dennis Hof announced he was running for the Senate - a woman calling herself "Jennifer O'Kane" starts blasting all over social media that she was "raped by Dennis Hof" and inviting other victims to CONTACT HER.  Not to CONTACT THE POLICE.   Not to CONTACT A LAWYER.  But to contact HER about the case.  


Good question.  She says she was "raped by Dennis Hof and she wants to build a class action lawsuit so she needs other victims to contact her".  Interesting.  

Because I've dealt with REAL sex workers and REAL trafficking victims both out of Nevada since the 1980's I know a little bit about this subject.   Especially since I've also worked as a paralegal for 30 years now.  Why a paralegal?  Because most attorneys' won't go near defending one of us because of what it will do to their reputation - that's why.  Another reason they won't is because if you're good at defending us - the government tries to put you out of business.

Take for example Mitchell J. Stein.  His paralegal also is on the board of Safe Passage.  They help REAL trafficking victims.  NOT FAKE ONES like Chong Kim, Rachel Moran, Samoly Mam, and a few others I can name who are complete fabrications designed to either generate a lot of cash in donations, or spread a lot of propaganda about sex work and trafficking, or both and/or snitches.  
Yes "snitches".  Because another common tactic law enforcement uses these days is to create false "advocates" who claim to be "survivors" who use that to try and pump people out of information that's then subpoena and then they're forced to testify against the people they had said they were "advocating" for.  So I'm not saying that all of these "snitches" are voluntary - some are just drug into it involuntarily - but testify against the sex worker is still what they're doing in the end result who told them things in confidence thinking they were protected on that level and they were not.  

Anyway, back in 2013, when a lot of trafficking laws were being passed, I remember a woman from Finland who came to the states claiming to be a "photojournalist".  She claimed she was wanting to do a "photojournalist art project of sex trafficking victims" and she wanted to photograph "real" sex trafficking victims for an "international magazine spread".  

This woman showed me a portfolio and I verified she was working at a Finnish magazine, but when she showed up to meet with me - she didn't have a camera with her.  When I asked where it was, she said it had been "stolen from his hostel room".  Now any PHOTOJOURNALIST I've ever met has $1,000's of dollars in equipment and they're not going to leave that in a hostel, but will pay for a room.  

I suspected a "catfish" situation, so I handed her my camera.  I asked her to show me how to operate it and she couldn't!  I got a lame excuse about her "not knowing my camera" and then she started pushing me to meet members we'd rescued.   I told her that if she wanted to "photograph victims" then we needed to go down to Metro and see what they were bringing into the jail about midnight.  Then I wanted to take her to Judge Voy's courtroom and let her talk to teens there being treated like animals.  She refused.  Not making sense here.  

I had just learned to use Google image search so I ran her portfolio through it and found that voila!  Her photos were stock bought from three different photographers - so not hers.  I called back the magazine who said she was there only a short time as a free "intern" and they'd never seen her work.  I had a friend pull her cell phone records and interestingly - her phone calls for that week were only to three people.  

One was Melissa Farley and the other was Dennis Hof.  I threatened to file charges against her for fraud which would prevent her from going back home if she didn't tell me what the hell was going on.  So have I "threatened" people?  You're damn right I have.  Here's a woman asking me to be introduced to people who have ESCAPED sex trafficking which would expose their new address and appearance to being sent back to the people they just escaped from.  

So yeah I wanted to know what her story was.  Her answer was quite interesting which I got from her in writing before I agreed to not file charges and keep her in this country.   But let's just say some people go to very extreme lengths to find out where women who have left the sex industry go when they quit and want to be left alone and not drug back into the business.  

As well as to get evidence out of your hands you have to prosecute someone with.  It's a well known tactic I've seen to contact people who are about to file charges against someone like the police department for sex trafficking, and a "reporter" will contact them wanting to see their evidence.  They show it and voila!  The evidence is suddenly just gone.  Either that or they're silenced.  

I had this one pulled on me in 1984.  I was approached by producers giving me a song and dance about a movie and a book they were going to do based on my experiences.  I signed their contracts and nothing happened.  When I was asked to do interviews, they told me I had signed a contract and I couldn't do so unless they approved - which they never approved.  I had a director friend of mine contact me saying he'd heard I'm signed an agreement which basically "shut me up".  I asked him what he was talking about and he starts laughing.  

This was before the internet readers - so you have to understand I had no idea that Republic Pictures didn't PRODUCE anything!  They strictly marketed John Wayne movies.  My friend educated me that what I had signed was a "silence" agreement.  I've since seen this used on many people like "Heather" who shot Neal Falls.  Where did she go?  

According to a call I got some supposedly her on a phone which was in her house so I believe it was her - she had also been approached by producers talk about the movies they were going to make about her, only she'd also been locked into a "silence" agreement instead!

Back to attorneys' however, look at Jeane Palfrey's attorney, Montgomery Sibley.  He was disbarred and chased down to Florida for defending her case well at first.  The man who defended me in my case had his life threatened more than once by people trying to get him to drop my defense.  They confiscated my money so I couldn't pay him for ages also.  If we hadn't of been family friends for years - I wouldn't have had an attorney helping me.   But my point being I've seen the extent some people will go to in order to silence people they want to silence.  

What threw me about Jennifer's accusation against Dennis is she didn't come to me, she went to Melissa Woodward SUPPOSEDLY.  I say "supposedly" because I've got a stack of phone numbers of real live sex workers telling me that THEY called Melissa at Awaken for help and they didn't even get a return phone call - but supposedly Jennifer not only got through to her - but got advice on what to do about Dennis raping her.  


So what was the "advice" Melissa Woodward supposedly gave Jennifer O'Hare about being raped by Dennis?  Well the first thing I'd do of course would be to make sure she went to the nearest hospital, ER, or called an ambulance to have a rape kit taken.  Now granted Nevada hasn't been testing rape kits for a while - but that's still what you need to do in order to gather and preserve evidence.  Now considering how many women in Nevada, and men, have told me they've been raped, I well know that there are no laws in Nevada REQUIRING law enforcement to take, keep track of, test, etc., these kits.  There's 1,000's of them sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.  So while yes I would tell someone to go to the nearest ER to get a rape kit taken - I personally would also advise anyone telling me they were raped in Nevada by anyone, not just Dennis Hof, but anyone, to be sure to get a duplicate set of that evidence taken, and to send it to an independent lab outside of Nevada yourself.  

What I mean by that is NOT Quest Diagnostics.  I've seen people connected to the legal brothel industry, and sex trafficking, SHOW ME with my OWN EYES that they can alter test results out of Quest Diagnostics just by pushing a few buttons.  They do this why?  TO PROTECT THEMSELVES from things like DNA gathered at crime scenes, etc.  

Now if you can't get to a hospital right away, still go when you can.  The other thing of course is to CALL THE POLICE AND MAKE A REPORT.  Real simple right?  Because the DA's office can't file a case against someone if they don't make a police report.  The DA does NOT file CIVIL cases - only criminal.  So for the "DA" in Nevada to have charged Dennis Hof, a police report has to be filed.  And filed within 2 years when it's a rape accusation.  

So here's where Jennifer and Melissa's story began to unravel and bother me.  Supposedly Melissa Woodward had "advised Jennifer to go to the Pahrump DA's office and file a criminal case" against Dennis Hof.  Okay, but the DA can't file anything without a police report first.  Then they need evidence.  If they don't have evidence they need a witness.  But they need SOMETHING.  Because if they don't get evidence, and a witness, and SOMETHING within 2 years of the rape - then the DA can't file a rape charge.  

On one hand Jennifer's telling me how "great Melissa was about taking her to the Pahrump DA's office" but then she's on the other hand telling me that (1) no police report was made, (2) no rape kit exists, and (3) no criminal charges filed.  I mean the DA can't just file a charge on someone - you need EVIDENCE and they won't file unless there's enough EVIDENCE to prosecute someone.

Jennifer tells me that she "escaped the rape by trying to climb out a window of the Bunny Ranch but then the other women beat her up so badly she couldn't get out".  But that after they beat her up, she managed to get out of the Bunny Ranch who LOCKS THEIR GATES and where it's AGAINST THE LAW TO LEAVE AT NIGHT because of curfew laws.  I asked her how she got out of the locked gates and considering the curfew laws - how did she get off the property then?  Then she says "oh the police were called".  Well which is it?  I'm getting conflicting stories here.  Which is not uncommon in rape and trauma victims - so that's not the problem here for me.  

But if the "other women" at the ranch beat her up, then THEY need to have police reports filed for assault and battery then.  Now if I was Melissa Woodward and I heard that "the other women beat me up so I couldn't leave" then I might advise Jennifer to file a police report against THOSE women for beating me up!  Because they're also witnesses to the rape right?  Meaning you'll need their names - which you can then get off the police report.  But I'm again now hearing there's "no police report".  

The DA is not going to again file a civil case against Dennis.  That's something a PRIVATE attorney has to do.  So in midstream Jennifer now claims it's a "civil action" she's filed against Dennis in the Pahrump court.  Okay that means that an attorney who is LICENSED TO PRACTICE IN PAHRUMP, and willing to go up against a judge who has been sitting on that bench for who knows how long.  Only that's just it - there's only ONE judge in Pahrump.  Now I've spoken to EVERY attorney who is licensed to appear in Pahrump (it's a short list) and NOT A ONE OF THEM IS WILLING TO SUE DENNIS HOF.  

If you want to know what type of cases the DA up in Pahrump sues over - check out the court calendar for that town:  What I see is a very very LONG list of people trying to get restraining orders.  Why?  But take a close look - and do you see an attorney in there also suing for a civil case on these cases?  

So to sue Dennis Hof you would have to bring in an outside attorney - someone from outside of Nevada who then has to get himself admitted to the Bar so he can then sue Dennis - which takes an out of state attorney.  I also know from experience that the Nevada DA's are not willing to sue ANYONE from the brothels either.  Again I know because WE'VE TALKED TO THEM.   To find a DA willing to prosecute the owners of the Shady Lady for what they were doing to the women there - we had to make a special arrangement with the CA US Attorney's office to do so.

Meaning if Melissa Woodward advised Jennifer to do what Jennifer is saying she did - she's either an idiot or lying or someone is yanking her chain because it just won't work that way.  And why Jennifer would then be PRAISING Melissa Woodward for sending her on a wild goose chase that led nowhere in the real world - I sure as hell have no idea.  

Because there's another problem in that WHO IS GOING TO REPORT ON IT?  Up until recently, I've talked to the staff who was at the Review Journal up until the sale of the paper a few years ago.  NO ONE at the RJ up until the sale of the paper would DARE  have published a story like this.  Not without PROOF to back up every single word Jennifer said as being true.  In fact, I don't know ANY reputable reporter who WOULD print a story like "Dennis Hof raped me and I'm suing him in court" who wouldn't say "can I see the paperwork please?" before agreeing to print the story.

So I'm asking Jennifer for the paperwork and she's not giving it to me - but she's asking me to believe her.  But ANY reputable reporter is going to do the same thing.  So this is a question that if you want to be BELIEVED,  then you're going to need paperwork.  

She tells me that "Monica Foster and Desi Foxx all know about my case".  I've never met Monica Foster in person.  Sure I've seen some pretty crazy videos she has online, but I've NEVER met this woman in person.  As for Desi, she used to have a lot of "anti-sex trafficking" websites up, but the woman never returned my phone calls and so I never met her in person either.  

And yes, Monica and Desi are printing some pretty elaborate stories about the so called "Dennis rape".  But I'm not seeing any PROOF.  I see a twitter post up about "here's my case number" supposedly, only when you open up the picture it's a letter from Dennis Hof's attorney telling her to "knock it off".  I can't say I blame him.  You don't go around saying someone "raped you" unless you have some kind of proof.  

So I contacted Dennis personally and asked him about Jennifer - to which he then did something illegal for any employer, or doctor even to do.  He then started telling me about Jennifer's "psychiatric history" basically and other personal medical issues about her and saying that's why he hasn't sued her yet to shut her up was because he was "feeling sorry for her and she needed help".  

You know what?  If Jennifer was a secretary who worked for Dennis at one point in time and started telling everyone about her personal medical history like that - that's illegal.  

But it didn't stop Dennis from posting other very PERSONAL details about past employees with Desi either if you note this article here -

You know what?  The sex industry likes to say "this is an industry" but then they don't want to FOLLOW INDUSTRY LAWS".  Meaning if this was ANY other type of business, you don't go shooting off your mouth about your past employees medical conditions, or things that led to their termination from your employ without expecting to get hit with a lawsuit.  

Which is why I've been saying for over 25 years now that the legal brothels in Nevada either need to have a UNION or they need to have an ADVOCATE, because they don't follow basic employment laws that any other employer has to follow while also claiming to be a "legitimate business".  Only you leave the employ of the brothels and guess what?  You're going to get blasted all over the internet - that's what.  Because I've seen other ex-employees of the ranches have their bosses totally violate labor laws by posting details about THEIR version about why this person left that is completely illegal.  

But yes I was seeing all over the internet how Monica and Desi were siding with Jennifer over this rape.  Only for MONTHS I asked to get a name, a phone number, a report, SOMETHING - and got nothing.

But boy Jennifer wanted to know if we knew anyone else who had been raped or harmed by Dennis Hof REAL bad.  She said she was trying to "file a class action lawsuit".  Okay that requires a special attorney.  That also requires FIVE  people with EVIDENCE  and WITNESSES.  So she's asking me to introduce her to people I know that have this, but she's not showing me anything back.  

Then I get a call months later from her saying "I have a case number".  Okay what is it?  It wasn't a case number.   Then it was - oh that's my attorney's phone number who is prosecuting the case.  Okay who is your attorney?  She won't tell me but she wants me to call this phone number AND have other victims call this number.  Again, why would I expose other people to being identified until I've verified this story is even real?  

I had the shock of the century when I met a reporter last night for the Review Journal who is part of a new hire that I believe is a REAL investigative journalist.  Someone who would DO HIS HOMEWORK but also publish the truth if he saw it.  He says he "wants to talk to anyone victimized in Nevada".  Okay well let's let him talk to Jennifer.  

Her phone is disconnected.  Her twitter account is down.  I go to Monica's social media and the only thing up are some youtube video.  I found all media for Desi Fox has just disappeared also.  All of Desi's old sites go to porn sites now that don't even have her name on them.  

What does that mean?  I don't know.  Maybe they're all hiding in fear or maybe it was another catfish bullshit story designed to flush out REAL victims so they could be threatened into silence before Dennis runs for Senate.  

So Jennifer, Desi or Monica - I have found a REAL reporter who will publish the FACTS, if you have them, in Nevada, which has been impossible to do for the last 10 years - and if you have information for him to review I'm sure he'd review it.   

But you're nowhere to be found.  


If you're raped in Nevada - call an ambulance or go to ER and get a rape kit done.   Get a second set of evidence to take to an outside of Nevada lab that isn't Quest Diagnostics.  That's the FIRST thing to do.  

Or call the police.  They have to also make sure an ambulance is called to do a medical exam if you're raped.  Get a report.  Get a copy of that report.  Then make sure you take it to the local DA's office who, like in the OJ case, is going to tell you you'll need a good attorney to file a civil case.  Why?  Because there's evidence you can't get for a criminal case that you can get if a civil case is going.  Remember, OJ lost on the criminal case but won on the civil case.  So they're DIFFERENT.  

You have only TWO YEARS to file a complaint within or that's it - it's over.  You also have to realize if you sue a corporation, there's also other laws which mean you might have to get permission to sue them before you can sue them.  If the police are involved, you have only six months time to file a complaint.  

But remember this, on the show "Cathouse", a prison guard in Nevada was uncovered as also being an actor on that show and it cost him his job.  Dennis has friends with people like John Hambrick - men who men like Chris Edwards in the house are saying are "intimidating" him and "bullying their way into the speaker of the house" seat - his words not mine.  

Joohoon David Lee, with Homeland Security, ICE and the trafficking task force is now driving a limo with CLS limo, the same limo service Dennis uses.   Joohoon is IMMUNE from prosecution for sex trafficking because he did it while ON THE JOB.  Catch this - IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION.  The only thing he could be charged with was bribery by a Mr. H. (whoever that is).  A "Mr. H" who wasn't charged at all in that case.  

Dennis is running for Senate.  He's donated checks to the US Attorney.  In other words, he has a lot of "friends" so do you really think you should go walking to the the Pahrump's police, court or DA's office to make a complaint without a really good lawyer, and a really good recorder, going. 

The KARDASHIAN PRESS PERSON during the Lamar Odom case has told the world Dennis told her to "shut the fuck up" and didn't care about what the PR person for the Kardashians' said because he knew he was going to have the ears of the press, not her.

Now, do you REALLY think you should be going up there rattling cages unless you had a really good team of backup behind you first?  

Why do you think we operate this hotline at  If you need help, and something has happened to you and I don't care WHO did it to you - you contact us for help and you'll get that help.  Most important I know that we know how to GET you that help - not send you off on wild goose chases and then a few months down the road you've disappeared off social media.  

Great job Melissa Woodward.  You really showed Jennifer O'Kane how to prosecute Dennis Hof for rape!  You really "advocated" for Jennifer didn't you?  Only, as usual, I don't see jack shit in reality out of you Melissa but that everyone's gone and I don't see any charges - so like usual I don't know what the hell you're doing over at Awaken but the victims who call me for help say you don't lift a finger to help them. 

Now maybe you help some burned out street prostitutes that are cast off's of the legal brothels - but you sure as hell don't seem to do a finger for someone trying to get out of the sex industry in Nevada.  If you did - where's Jennifer?  

Where's Dennis being "drug off in handcuffs"? 

Now I think Dennis revealing private medical information about an ex-employee was illegal and wrong.  But I sure as hell don't see him being arrested for rape - so one has to ask - WHY was Jennifer all over social media trying to get "other" victims to come forward?  Where are they?

Friday, October 16, 2015


In the old mining days - miners used to send a canary into the mine ahead of humans.  If the canary died - they knew there was a gas leakage and to get out of there.  So the term "canary in the mine" is the smallest weakest one is your warning sign.

Hitler didn't rise overnight.  He started out gaining control over the press by attacking the pornographers.  No one cared about them.  So they let the freedom of speech and press go - and he gained control over the media.

He didn't start up with the gas chambers.  He started with a group of disabled and retarded children no one cared about because they were in a home.  No one cared and let it go.  Then he put the Jews into the Ghetto.  When no one complained - then he knew no one would care if they were gone.

"Prostitutes" are the canary in the mine.  Take a look at this case.  Another police officer involved.  A man who was not treated properly in custody.  THIS IS NOT SOME STREET PIMP.  I started this movement so people could see that trafficking, whether it be drugs or sex, ALWAYS involves a corrupt system.  Only we have a system written by our forefather's that WORKS.  The problem is when it's messed with.  WE HAVE GOT TO REPEAL THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1995 and put the press back in the hands of the people instead of the corporations.  We need the press to shine the light on corruption!

If I had the same press that led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - maybe just maybe this situation in Nevada might have been dealt with sooner.  Because there is a system in place in Nevada that is connected to the press, the police, the jails, the attorney's, the politicians - all the way up to the point where we now have an Assemblymen saying he was bullied into voting John Hambrick in as speaker.  Well if anyone had listened to me in 2013 - maybe Chris Edwards might not be complaining now about what happened to him this year.

The same with Lamar. This didn't happen overnight.  I've been telling the world since the 1980's that women are being treated horribly by the sex industry in Nevada - including the so called "legal brothels".  Which is even worse in that those women aren't going to be arrested, nor can they cry "trafficking" to get the authorities involved to help them.  This is why we in Sex Workers Anonymous have always focused on anyone for any reason who wanted help to get out of the sex industry - got it.

When we started building the first case of sex trafficking while a woman worked in the legal Shady Lady - what did they do?  Sold it to Dennis.  All the witnesses, the paperwork, records, everything is just gone.  Her life was threatened and so was mine to the point where we had to leave the state physically to be safe and protect our children.

Lamar, Barry.  People start listening before it's you next.  The Kardashians blew me off when I started calling them two years ago.  They didn't care what happened to these girls.  Well Karma is a bitch isn't it?  Then again maybe this is all God's way of getting people up on their hind legs and GIVE A DAMN.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I'm writing you from another email because it appears you BLOCKED me from the one I originally wrote you from.  Excuse me but I'm of the understanding your office is that of a public servant.  I am a registered voter and I pay my taxes.  I am not a criminal and I'm a USA born citizen.  Meaning when you write me back to state you "can't help me" and then block me - I would think a better response might be to TRY and help me.  I'm not a political science major for one thing.  I'm not an attorney.  I am simply a recovering addict and prostitute who has been clean and straight since 1985 who tries to help others like me do the same.  A little HELP would be appreciated.  

Now I wrote you for a reason.  You need to forgive me for not being more clear.  Just as you know your job well and would find it very difficult to explain to outsiders - so too is mine.  Our group does not work with street prostitutes except once in a blue moon contrary to the public perception that's been created by people who are not part of our group.  So I'm not writing you about street prostitutes as your response to me seems to imply you think I am.  

First of all, I'm the founder of the sex trafficking movement.  Not a movement to help prostitutes.  A movement that I started because I was seeing men working within our own governmental system (politicians, cops, judges, prosecutors, senators, congressmen,etc.) involved in Iran Contra, and oil deals and government contracts, who were trafficking in women and children (sometimes boys depending upon who they were working with) who were using prostitutes to extract information, blackmail people into deals or silence, run prostitution rings to raise money "off the books", and even sometimes outright sell an American girl to a cartel.  

I could not raise a defense that the warehouse I was using as a safe house was such, and not a "brothel", because I knew to "prove" my case I would only be shut down by men claiming "national security" (you can read more of my clippings here at to see what I mean)  My attorney argued we would expose these men while they pushed to have me incarcerated to silence me.  The end result was them threatening to charge my mother and grandmother if I didn't take the plea wherein they then spent another year trying to get my probation violated to put me in jail to silence me from talking about what I knew about them.

As I'm going through this - I didn't think it was fair that I was threatened into doing what I was doing by fear of people being either framed or murdered where it would be made to look like a suicide or another serial killer targeting prostitutes - so I started talking in the press about this in 1987 (once my probation was over), and demanding that this country realize that not all of us were there by choice. As such, those of us who were not - needed to be able to get help as "victims" instead of being treated like criminals across the board like we were back then.  We made ground with the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed 13 years later.  

However, that movement got "hijacked" by people wanting to silence us yet again.  Now that I had the public's awareness this was real - other parties decided to take over "spinning" the idea of what exactly trafficking is away from us, the actual victims.  Fake victims like Samoly Mam, and fake rescuers like Bill Hilliar, were created to embark upon a media and government grant campaign filled with media images of street prostitutes and street pimps along with the word "trafficking".  It's a well known brainwashing and/or marketing technique.  Bombard someone with something long enough - and the mind accepts it.  See once I made ground of convincing America trafficking was real - then certain powers got scared of Americans then asking "what is it?".  That's when all these "fakes" started hitting the media at the same time we were now being excluded.  

This is why in 2008 Jeane Palfrey stepped up with her Black Book that contained in it names of men like Randall Tobias, David Vitter and even Dick Cheney.  She wasn't trying to say these men were "customers".  She was trying to say these were men who were controlling her, and her escorts such as Brandy Britton, in a modern day version of exactly what I went through in the 1980's.  Only she was murdered in my opinion before she got that chance.  I know what she was trying to say because her and I spoke every day for two years before her death.  That was no suicide.

Prior to this "hijacking" - I used to have men in law enforcement who would do things to traffickers who were not street pimps.  Men like Chris Butler or Kemp Schiffer who were using the badge to traffick.   Only for a few years now there's such a media campaign to go after African American street pimps and call that "trafficking" - I find that when I'm talking about REAL trafficking operations I'm getting people who don't understand what I mean by that.  You sound like one of those people when you tell me you "don't see how your office relates to this".  

Because right now in this country things have changed dramatically since the "old school mob" has crumbled.  Street gangs have united with Hell's Angel's and infiltrated law enforcement, as well as politics in much the same identical manner as we witnessed in Mexico when Pablo Escobar became part of their congress, and too when the drug cartel infiltrated the Columbian government over there.  I'm seeing now the same system has developed in this country since the "old school mob" has been dismantled.

I point you to the very tip of the iceberg, the canary in the mine of the DEA owned strip club in NJ that was in the news recently.  The owners, DEA agents, were also partying with Colombian Cartel, where the Colombian police were holding their guns while they danced.  The dancers in this club were illegals from Columbia.  Meaning they weren't going to say anything for fear those same police would visit their family members left back home.  THOSE are the women being left out of this movement right now for many reasons.  We only heard about the DEA agents being exposed because a congressman stood up to do something when he heard about the partying.   However, this still means those women were not given a way out before then - a special exception.  Meaning despite all the money being through at police departments right now to "fight trafficking" - we STILL haven't addressed how trafficking works in this country currently.  

Why is that?  One, I'm being told by the vice departments they "don't have the budget" to do anything but bust johns or streetwalkers and call that a "trafficking rescue operation".  Why?  Because they have a department who is counting on a trafficking grant that's why. So they need to arrest people to show "numbers".   A grant that is then used to do what the Vice Department should be doing.  I point to a recent arrest in Vegas not by Metro, but by the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force.  A task force that was supposed to be designed to HELP RESCUE trafficking victims.  An objective that's now going to be shut down by those two defendants having to mount a legal defense now instead of cooperating in finding, and saving, trafficking victims.  What I mean is the Nevada trafficking task force is out arresting people - not rescuing them.  Of course the fact no one on their committee with even speak to me - might have something to do with this practice.  

Two, a move that's being supported by the people upstairs who view trafficking  as a platform to advance their careers.  I point you to John Hambrick in Nevada.  After the Review Journal "set up" Assemblyman Bob Beers who was trying to do something to help trafficking victims in massage parlors on a phony ethic's charge to get him out of the way, and a few death threats thrown in - John Hambrick was presented as the "savior" of trafficking in Nevada in his place.  Put there not by Nevada trafficking victims - but by people who have an agenda in this country to turn trafficking into their platform to advance the issue of eliminating abortion, and access to things like Planned Parenthood, and other measures to take control of womens' bodies - failing to see that trafficking affects men and women.  

Only when I first heard of John Hambrick and reached out to make contact - he completely blew me off to instead favor con artists like Congo Justice and Annie Lobert.  Congo Justice was a man flown in from Nigeria to show films of trafficking in the Congo as how "horrible trafficking was" that had NO RELATION to NEVADA TRAFFICKING but sure raised some money.  Who then partnered with Annie Lobert and Pastor Benny Perez to raise over a million dollars to supposedly set up a "home for trafficking victims" - where when the truth came out that house never opened (because of me), he just filed bankruptcy while continuing to pocket the money.

While actual victims of Nevada trafficking were being completely ignored, I saw a bus loading up 45 people I'd never seen in my life to head up to the legislature to push through a trafficking bill that had absolutely NOTHING to do with helping trafficking victims in Nevada.  Oh it was very dramatic what with Andrea Swanson up there crying about her daughter being a "trafficking victim" whereas the reality was her daughter was nothing more than a common run of the mill prostitute.  There is a difference.  

While we had "real" trafficking victims who had been trafficked in Nevada who were being ignored.  These were women who to protect their lives we had to relocate out of Nevada once they were rescued.  For this reason, we asked if they could testify at these hearing via phone or skype.  We were refused.  We tried to reach out to John Hambrick to speak for us - only he kept refusing our calls while claiming to represent "us" mind you.  All while going on about trafficking in other countries.  

But the legislature insisted that the ONLY testimony they would hear from us as trafficking victims in Nevada was on camera testifying at the hearings with us present in Nevada.  Well we weren't going to send them into the hearings that were being held at the martial arts studios where they train police officers.  Not considering every one of them has reported to me being raped by police officers, beaten by police officers, blackmailed by police officers, etc.  I sure wasn't going to go there either since I've had my life threatened on three separate occasions by Nevada police officers either, and I've had bad dealings with Chief Gillispie before he stepped down because of corruption charges.  That left us with the only place we'd feel safe enough to testify would be at the hearings at the courthouses.  

While everyone agreed there was no way they were going into the Vegas courthouse because of the prevalence of people we know wearing uniforms who are also part of a network of traffickers who are involved in a ring that spans this country, but also has as one of it's "stops" Las Vegas, and the legal brothels and strip clubs up into northern Nevada - we did agree we would feel safer going into the Carson City hearings on the same day we heard about that bus ringing in those 45 "abolitionists" because we felt more people around us would mean more press and thus we'd be safer.  We also made the silly mistake of thinking we'd get more support for our views because of these people representing themselves to "be on our side" once we were able to meet them in person.  They had all been refusing our calls and emails prior - but we felt once talking to them in person maybe things would change.

Why is Nevada such a big stop for the traffickers?  Because Nevada is one of the few states where the legal age is 15 years of age for one.  For two, there are the legal brothels here.  It's also a state where a girl can dance in a club where she's not old enough to legally drink.  In other words, a 15 year old girl can be brought to Nevada, can obtain a license to work at a legal brothel, and no one is currently charged for sex trafficking.  Whereas in any other state, or even outside of those tiny counties, this same act would land someone in prison for a very long time.  I'd like to point out that 15 years old is also too young to even drive or get a drivers license.  Meaning these girls are dependent upon transportation to get around.  

Also meaning if they want to leave this situation - they have to rely upon a cab.  I point you to this story here about a cab company that was controlled by traffickers up until this arrest. in 2014.   Meaning that anyone connected to the existing cab companies prior to 2014 was "forbidden" to even give rides to these victims.  We were even banned from cab rides during this time.  Drivers were threatened with being fired if they even so much as picked me up to take me, or these victims, somewhere - that's how bad this was in 2013 during those hearings.  

Now there are currently no cab companies in the same towns as the legal brothels.  Nor are there any limos.  The closest thing one can do is to call in a cab or limo from Carson City or even Pahrump to try and get out commercially.  However, if they will come out - that requires cash money.  The brothels won't pay these girls - they'll only pay their managers.  So if they want to leave - they have to leave without a dime and without commercial transportation.  Can they walk out on foot?  No.  There are laws that prevent them from leaving on foot.  In fact, when they first come into the legal brothel they're not even allowed to leave the grounds for at least 48 hours under a rule they disguise as being about the blood test for HIV.  If they are caught out on the streets walking - there are laws that allow the police to literally either arrest them or drag them back to the brothels.

FACTS LIKE THESE were being completely left out of all of those so called "trafficking awareness campaigns" that were being led by John Hambrick.  Events that no matter what I did - I couldn't find out ahead of time when and where they were being held so we could do something to tell people about these types of things WE were suffering.  I would write in to Catherine's office at the Attorney General asking to please be on the event list for the trafficking bill hearings and events  - only to never receive them.  I was told at one point to "take it up with my assistant" which I did.  I then asked her to please send me the list of when and where the trafficking events were being held so I could bring actual victims of Nevada trafficking into town to appear and speak there about NEVADA trafficking.  Only to get an email back from her secretary at one point saying "we're not having any hearings on human trafficking".  I have copies of all of this correspondence by the way.  To say we were blocked is an understatement.  

As we had to resort to "street tactics" to find out where these events were being held because no one would tell us -  while we were doing this we learned there was also going to be a hearing that was "off the calendar" about the brothels being allowed to expand into downtown Las Vegas.  If you remember back then the mayor, Oscar Goodman, was trying to build "magnificent brothels" in downtown Vegas to "help the economy".  He had been courting celebrities, investors, AND politicians to support this.  But it wouldn't be done unless the legislature APPROVED this.  However, the hearing was NOT on calendar, nor advertised.  Luckily we found out about it in time to have someone there to counter-testify.  We were the only ones there to do so. 

Conveniently it was being held in a back room on the very same day as these 45 "abolitionists" were supposed to also be in the legislature, including John Hambrick.  So before this "off the books hearing", a woman who had been trafficked in Nevada's legal brothels by a violent pimp who brought her in from another state before she turned 18 years old mind you, and who was forced to work in these brothels by him holding her kids back at home so she had to return to him (as well he got all her money), named Aubrey, got up in front of all of those "abolitionists" and John Hambrick, and read them a letter on behalf of all of the women we'd rescued in Nevada about what THEY would like to see happen with respect to trafficking Bills that would help them, AND ALSO to please help her block the brothel's expansion by joining her to testify against George Flint, the brothel lobbyiest, once they were done testifying for the trafficking Bill that we, and SWOP, seemed to be the only people testifying against it.

After reading this letter to everyone there, including John Hambrick, no one would look her in the eye.  No one would even speak to her.  It was clear they were not going to offer her support at the hearing against the brothel's either.  But she specifically went up to John Hambrick, who was now advancing his career by pretending to be all about helping us poor "trafficking victims" and garnishing a lot of donations too from what we could tell on this platform - and he was polite to her - but he also turned away.  A conversation that was recorded on tape as all hearings are recorded, and was recorded by a news camera, and a friend of hers using a cell phone to record her trying to speak to John Hambrick - only to have him turn away.

Once she was done reading this letter, it was time to go up against George in another room.  No one joined her.  She went in by herself and sat through George's testimony about how "safe" the brothels were, how they "eliminated trafficking", how "no one got HIV", and how there was "security there", etc.  

Then she got up to tell of her experience in the brothels - how she was raped daily by clients with buzzers not attached in her room (which wouldn't have mattered anyway since there was no security there), how she couldn't file any police reports because the man coming to collect the HIV weekly tests would come to instead drug and rape the women in the brothel knowing full well no one was going to complain or file any charges against him because they didn't want him to actually start collect real HIV tests instead of his payola money and perks, as well how she couldn't leave because her husband had her kids at home as hostages, and he was in control of all of her money, and also how the only group that did help her out of this nightmare was Sex Workers Anonymous, etc. 

And she won.  It was reported in the Review Journal that it was voted down to expand the brothels into Las Vegas - although not one mention about her name as even being a part of the hearings or the reason why it came down this way.  But Aubrey went back to John Hambrick and asked him what could be done to stop what is happening to women in these brothels, as well as the Attorney General - and they both told her "we'll look into what can be done".  I also found it interesting that it was falsely reported that we supported the trafficking bill when in fact we did not by both the press and the legislature.  

That evening, I spoke to John Hambrick on Facebook.  I asked him what he thought about Aubrey's letter and testimony hoping to get a statement of support, and follow up what he had told her about "something being done" about what's going on in the Nevada brothels, as well as the strip clubs.  Instead of confirming he had told her he would "look into it" - he instead said he "had no idea what I was talking about".  I then sent him a video clip of her speaking with him to show that this was the woman I was talking about and that I had a tape of him talking to her.  His response was to block us from his facebook account entirely - which also removed us from being able to talk to others who were involving themselves in this issue.

People like Michael Bartell.  A woman at a local Vegas church was working as treasurer for their trafficking campaign.  She told me that Michael Bartell had raised over $3,000,000 to "fight trafficking" in Nevada.  We met when she had posted on Facebook that they had been "out doing street outreach when a 40 year old with HIV asked for help and they had to refuse her help because they didn't have a house" while asking for donations.  I then got on the phone demanding to know where this woman was left so I could go and get her help.  After a lot of jockeying I was told "there was no woman".  It was a fake story to solicit donations.  

This woman didn't know they had been lying before this.  She was quite upset to hear they were raising millions on lies, while our program was out doing the actual work - so she went to her pastor and Bartell and demanded we be incorporated into their work.  She was then told that they could not include me because the Attorney General had threatened them with an "audit" if they "even spoke to Jody".  They also threatened to throw her out of the church if she spoke to me again after that.  It turned out that many "churches" were using trafficking for a fund raising platform had been told they could say whatever they wanted, no matter how fraudulent, without being audited, just as long as they "did not speak to Jody" by the Attorney General.   Why?  Because according to these insiders - the Attorney General was using the money they raised for federal dollar matching.  

While this was going on  - I'm collecting huge case files of just how fraudulent their tactics were to raise money.  Including a judge who lied to the Bureau of Land Management to get five acres donated to his house he wanted to build for teen girls on the claim there "was no alternatives for them" when there was.  In fact, rather than using the alternatives that did exist he would lock up girls who hadn't even been charged with anything because he was "afraid they'd prostitute".  Well the last time I looked locking someone up without them having committed a crime was illegal.  Especially when you're using them as "poster children" to raise money for your fund raiser!  Only when I went to go to the office who investigates this type of widespread fraud - I learned the office had been "defunded" and no longer existed.

Now it seems John Hambrick  has joined the ranks of politicians who have used sex trafficking to advance their careers and their paychecks while ignoring the voices of REAL victims.  He's now Speaker from what I read.  Anyone can say they're a victim of trafficking - look at Samoly Mam.  But that doesn't make it so.  We had women wanting to testify and be involved and be heard who we could PROVE were trafficking victims that were excluded from the whole process because of bribes we personally saw the brothels giving to these same people.  Because the last thing they wanted was to have it widely exposed what's going on inside these brothels and clubs (this is why they got so upset with us in 2007 with the press conference we gave about trafficking existing in legal settings in Nevada - and why they got Beers out of the way for helping to support us get that word out and replaced him with Hambrick) - as well how the whole transportation system in Nevada was involved in this.

Yes this one cab company had people arrested.  But I saw other things.  Like how Greyhound used to have a bus line that went from one end of the state to the other.  Only the MINUTE that Joe Conforte learned that we were getting employees of the brothels to take these girls to the buses whereby we could then wire them money for a ticket, and bring them to us - somehow this bus line was canceled.  There was literally not one single bus line going from one end of the state to the other for many years after that in fact.

I can't be on both ends of the state.  There are girls who need help in Vegas and also northern Nevada.  Even in the middle - it's still hours from either side of the state.  To counter the lack of the bus situation - we started partnering with truck drivers.  There were drivers who used to drive those routes almost daily.  We could have the truckers pick them up and drop them on their daily routes.  

But then Truckers Against Trafficking came in with their campaigns who brainwashed drivers into calling the National Trafficking Hotline when they heard from a victim. The hotline who then tells the girls basically to either call the police of the Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army isn't going to help them without a case pending against a trafficker - but mind you there's not been one case brought yet about trafficking INSIDE A LEGAL BROTHEL OR STRIP CLUB.  So it's just not that easy.  Meaning that went nowhere. So while these truckers are being told by TAT not to put girls in the cabs to drive them to programs for help but instead to "call the police" - which just makes the girls then run - we just had one leg in our rescue operations yet again cut out from under us.  

So we had volunteers set up informal cab services in the same cities as the brothels.  Only they'd then have the city coming down on them for not being a "properly licensed cab company" and shut down the minute the brothels learned these cabs were bringing them to us for help.  But the whole truth was they couldn't get licensing because the brothels would fight them back.  Might I remind you that Lance Gilman owns not only the Mustang Ranch Brothel - but also is a county councilman?  

We then encouraged the women to get drivers licenses.  Only we kept getting calls they were getting hassled at the DMV about getting their license.  For example, you can't get a drivers license in Nevada for the first time without taking a drivers test.  However, you're not allowed to do so with a rented car. In other states you can - but not Nevada.   It has to be a privately owned car for the test NOR can you use the car for the test that commercial driving schools let you learn on.  Meaning the only way they can get a drivers license to maybe rent a car or drive out of the brothels is if they present a privately owned car for the test.  

Now these women are surrounded by people who don't want them driving.  We have to "sneak" our relationship with them.  We have a hard enough time just getting out to them to pick them up when they want to leave the situation being they're in both ends of the state as it is.  The bus line was finally put back in about 2012 when the casinos realized they were losing money - however THEY DO NOT STOP AT THE BROTHELS.  

My expertise is in helping people escape sex work, and recover.  That's my expertise.  I run the only group I'm aware of that helps trafficking victims in the sense of American trafficking - where in most of these cases the victims are running from men in power in this country and they therefore CAN NOT call the police for help.  We still have not reached the point yet where these types of victims can call 911 and get the help they need so my work there is far from done.

However, I've seen a lot going on in Nevada.  I know it's not going to change unless we file formal complaints and rattle cages and make noise until someone hears us.  Now we were effectively silenced during what should have been OUR DAY in February of 2013.  I believe it was a conspiracy.  A conspiracy involving a lot of people.  What I need help with is I don't know even where to begin to make complaints.  I need people to help me figure that out.  Now I've heard reports from our members of things that disturb me that I'm trying to investigate.  One of that is that they have been threatened with arrest by people working at the DMV when they try and get their licenses.  Then I read that transcript saying that DMV officers "have had the ability to arrest for 14 years".  

I'm trying to sort everything out AND figure out who and where I can complaints about what.  So when you're telling you can "only take complaints against this" or that - I need a more of an explanation about what you mean by that.  I'm trying to figure out where to make a lot of complaints about a lot of people.  Any help you can give me in that area is appreciated.  

So can you explain to me MORE please of what you can and can not do please and try and help me sort out where or how your office CAN help me?  Thank you.

Jody Williams

PS - block me and I'll just write you from another email address until I feel I have the answers I'm looking for.  If I gave up easy - this movement wouldn't even exist!  There would also now be a brothel where the Mob Museum is.  Remember that.