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Friday, July 31, 2015


First of all, if a child is truly in any danger that you're aware of - yes immediately call the police.  In 99.99 percent of the cases that is the absolute right thing to do.  However, please just keep this in mind for the other 0.000001 percent of the time.

My daughter had been sexually assaulted by a man who broke into our home.  This man was involved with sex trafficking, very bad criminals, and in his case this ring was also involved with the police.  Immediately after this assault - after taking her to hospital - we of course went through all the proper sources.  Now we were very fortunate to have a counselor in her case I was able to reason with.  I explained to this man that we had relocated immediately and this man did not live with us.  That there was not only no way he could find us - but that he would not have an easy time finding us even with his "cop" friends.  That I didn't want to undo all that work by him making a report to social services.  Because I already knew this man's power, what he could do, and what would happen.

To show you the extent of the power he had - he had a woman working for him that did blood work at Quest Diagnostics.  He had herpes that I knew about.  After my daughter's assault we had her tested.  I had told him if she came back positive - that we'd have all the evidence we needed to prosecute him.  He laughed.  I knew what that meant so I contacted Quest.  I learned that Quest Diagnostics was the ONLY lab in all of Nevada.  I then asked if someone who took blood had the ability to access files to change results.  They admitted reluctantly "yes".  Now in my case I was fortunate enough that I had obtained this man's phone records. From those phone records, I was able to find out who he knew at this lab.  By knowing her name, I was able to get her ability to access files to change a positive result to a negative.

However, I was concerned that she'd be able to get a friend to be able to make the change should my daughter's lab results come back incorrect.  Now they told me they changed their computer system to where those who drew blood were not able to access that part of the computer that had the results to where she could change results.  I don't know if they pulled my leg because they honestly were talking to me "off the record".

To be on the safe side - all i could do was find a lab that would do her test results other than Quest.  But that wasn't covered by insurance so I had to pay for it.  Thankfully it came back negative.  However, this man did have the ability to have had those results changed and would have done so had I not been more street smart about what that laugh meant and getting his phone records.  That said - don't tell me there aren't other traffickers that can go in and alter lab results to suit their needs.  So what I'm telling you here is that if you're dealing with that powerful of an operation - then use an outside lab where you can get testing done using an anonymous name they can't mess with the results.  There are labs where you can mail the samples in for testing and pay for it out of pocket.

But this man clearly had a lot of friends in high places.  He had already messed with the brakes on my car.  Knowing we were going to the police - he had gone into the parking lot and adjusted my brakes so they'd fail once they got hot.  I was fortunate to have a crappy car that broke down before that could happen.  The mobile mechanic came out to fix one problem and then pulled me over to say "I don't know how to say this lady - but your brakes have been set up to fail".  He then showed me what had been done.  There's normally something that will make a noise when you have metal nearing the brakes.  That had been bent back so it wouldn't warn me there was a problem.  Brakes get hot after a few minutes of driving in Vegas heat - and mine had been set to fail.  So I would have gotten about 15 minutes from home he said and then sailed through an intersection.  He didn't charge me for this as he felt pretty sorry anyone would do that to me so i don't think the mechanic lied to me about that to get more money out of me.

So I'm dealing with someone who had friends at the lab.  Knew how to rig my car.  Plus he had friends with the cops, sheriff's, marshall's, etc.  There was something very weird about the assault that bothered me.  I couldn't help but feel he wanted us to make a report.  Then CPS would of course come to investigate and well all the horror stories I hear - who knows what they might do.  They have the power to take your child anywhere they want and I'd heard a lot of stories about what happens to kids in the Nevada system for kids.  So I didn't want to risk it.

But it was up to my daughter.  I asked her if she wanted to file a police report.  She felt it was what he wanted.  She felt it was too dangerous to provoke him further.  She just wanted us to move as we had, let her focus on her recovery, and to not worry about him coming after us because we'd filed charges against him.  Right or wrong I felt it was her decision and that's what she wanted to do.  But it ultimately also was up to the counselor.  We asked him if he would not make a report about the assault.  We showed him proof she was safe now and therefore reason to believe it would not happen again.  We also showed him enough evidence to show that prosecuting a man like this would put her in more danger.  He agreed to keep the secret.

Now we don't know how they found out - but he was charged with not making that report and he lost his license for a year.  But he didn't hold that against my daughter.  He said it was "his decision".  After he got his licensed renewed she went back into counseling with him and he was a man who proved to my daughter not all men were bastards.  For that I'm grateful.  Especially after what I went through with my daughter as it was without that report.

Here's what I'm trying to say.  In some very rare cases - it might be better NOT to bring in the authorities automatically.  It depends on the situation, the authorities, the person, everything.  That's a decision that's up to you to weigh.  But in some cases I've seen the system worse than the problem.  I look to my own abuse as a child.  Yeah it was bad.  But when I hear what kids went through in Los Angeles in the 1960's - I was honestly better off in that home.   I think I was anyway when I hear about what the other kids went through back during that same time in foster care, group homes, etc.  Especially if you knew the rest of my family who they might have had take me!

Life is sometimes a grey area.  Before just calling, if it's not an emergency, check things out.  Remember that horror story of that father who burned his kids alive?   The social worker let the children go into the house ahead of her.  Then the father shut the door - blocking her out - and then set the house on fire.  I kept thinking how bad her training must have been to let those children run ahead of her into the house.  I mean didn't she know to leave them in the car, check out the situation, and then bring them in if it was okay?  Yes I blame the father - but I also blame a social worker who wasn't very well trained nor very street smart.  She supposed to look out for them.   I've seen these workers' case loads.  I don't blame them.  The system gives them an insane amount of cases to manage and no human being could possibly do what they ask them to do for the money.  I know they're doing the best they can and I blame the lack of funding and training for things like that - not the worker personally.

But before you just call 911 and assume that kid is going to be okay  - don't assume.  Follow up.  Ask to see where the child would go.  Ask to meet the therapists, social workers, foster parents.   Make sure you can visit the child and get updates from the CHILD - not the workers telling you that kid is okay.   I've seen kids go walking right out of Child Haven, and I've seen children die in their care also.  I remember when they even lost a kid.   Again, not that they were doing a bad job.  Poor staffing, lack of training, not enough hands on deck, maybe they need better security cameras, and certainly needing better everything.  But until then you had to stay involved.  Children the system knows are being watched, the people ask questions, that people will visit, are going to be treated better.

Let me prove it to you.  The first time my daughter was hospitalized after the assault she was put in Monte Vista psychiatric unit.   The nurses there saw me bring her PJ's, and her dolls, and her snacks, and they saw me at every single visit.  I called every night to speak to her.  I was at every session.  I asked the nurses every shift for an update.  I drove them NUTS making sure she was okay.

About a week into what should have been a 28 day stay I get a call "come get her".  I'm like "why?"  They said "come get her".    Okay I went down there and a very wonderful nurse told me that there was another woman who had just come onto the unit with a history of sexual violence.  This woman had set her sights on my daughter.  The nurse felt it was in my daughter's best interest to get her the heck out of there.  So without the doctor's approval - she took it upon herself to warn me and let me get her out of there.

Years later I met a woman whose grandson was poisoned by Monte Vista.  One nurse gave him his medications, and then the next nurse did also.  And the next and the next.  No one was checking the notes and they overdosed him.   So he was brought in for a suicide attempt and the hospital OD'd him.  Now I'm not saying it was the family's fault.  But somewhere along the way when my daughter was being lined up as a target - the nurse knew that I would have sued the shit out of all of them if she'd been harmed and told me to come get her out of there.  I'm grateful for that.

If you wonder why I don't just "automatically" assume all cops are our friends - check out this report I found for 2009.  Now if a cop according to this report would try and find out someone's IP address because their blog criticized his church - can you imagine what he might do if you were charging his friend with sexual assault of a minor?  This is why we made the decision we did consider her assailant was friends with 1/2 of Metro and the Chief of Police.  By the way, there was no Internal Affairs in Las Vegas at this time because of a lack of budget for the office.   The only person you could complain to the chief about - was the chief.

Make noise.  Ask questions.  Let them know you see them.  Let them know you know their name.  Ask for their names and cards.  Take notes.  That really makes them nervous!    But before you call in the authorities if it's not an emergency - weigh the situation carefully - and get involved.  Make sure that child is safe and don't blindly trust any system.

If you're not sure who to call or what to do - call the hotline 24/7 at  They've been working with this since 1979.  They can advise you the right thing to do when in doubt.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - All Rights Reserved)


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Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's normal to want to do research on someone before you go stepping out into this arena of trying to help someone, or yourself, to leave the sex industry, especially if they're having to leave sex trafficking.  I'm going to show you some examples here of why I'm learning I have to  take what I read in the media these days with a grain of salt.

I read this article where it says that "deputies are patrolling undercover looking for underage prostitutes forced into the trade".  Well why waste all that time "looking" when I know right where some are I'm thinking?

I wrote Jim McDonnell's office and asked if I could speak to him about this.  He was running for office for Sheriff so I figured certainly he'd answer.   But I didn't get a response until he won the election from his press assistant MONTHS after I sent in my email, and my background information on Sex Workers Anonymous.  She said that "they were in transition" and "once she knew what their policy was going to be then she'd have the right person get in touch with me".  (Note - no one has still gotten back to me.)

Now wait a minute.  Policy?  This says they're "patrolling" already. Well I need to speak to whoever this is I explain.  "Oh that - that is what we CAN do not what we're DOING" she tells me.


She explains to me that this article was to show people what he "could" be doing if Jim got elected - not that he's actually doing this.  I told her the article sure looked like "doing" present tense active to me.   I explained to her I've been doing this type of work since 1987 and wanted to talk to someone in Long Beach about doing some type of outreach work down there with them based on me having been doing that kind of work effectively since the 1980's.  She said someone would get back to me.

Since then, Long Beach has received $650,000 to set up a task force.  No one has called or emailed me about anything.  Now mind you - I'm the founder of the movement itself.  I created the first outreach, the first program for adults, the first hotline, etc.

What I find interesting in this article is what's left out.  Where are the male victims for one thing?  Why won't anyone call me back about the information I have on the heads of a multi-national trafficking ring who reside in Pasadena, California?  I guess easier to go after some videotape about some street pimps seen in a target.  Isn't this whole thing a bit racist?  I keep seeing the cops focusing on African American street pimps - but not on those who might be Asian, white, Russian, etc.  Just street pimps.  I mean while he's doing this - I can point him in a direction where he can just scoop them up.  But I'm not hearing from him despite sending faxes, emails and leaving voice messages.

So I see Don Knabe in the article.  I've written him too offering to help and be a resource.  I get no answer to the facebook, email, or fax messages I've sent him.  My phone calls go unreturned.

Where's mention of Children of the Night?  They created the first hotline for child prostitutes and the first program which is still operating right in Van Nuys, California.   They operate a program where I've seen their good work.  They have beds and are up and running - so why are these articles talking like "nothing exists".  Again I'm not working with them in any way and I know there's other programs out there - I'm just using one as an example of a program I know is there, effective, and can take a kid in now.  So I asked Lois if she's getting any of these child victims put into her program.  She's telling me they "don't exist".   She assured me that they "checked out that program" and that when she's dispatched someone to go talk to these so called "victims" they either don't exist or they're an abuse victim being called a "trafficking survivor".

What?  The media is lying to us?  I was watching the documentary about the "Amazing Randi" on Netflix recently.  He told about how he pulled pranks all the time with fake news articles he said no one bothered to check out.  Check out this article about Kevin Brown.

When this guy called me up talking about Kevin Brown's "outreach" and how he was "taking women to a ranch and getting them out of prostitution" I asked him to see the ranch, meet his success stories, etc.  He start stuttering, blows me off and disappears.  That's because it was all fake.  There was no outreach, no success stories, and the women in the show "8 Minutes" were hired to pretend to be rescued.  Someone is pulling a pretty big con on us here. 

Check this out - a lot of money to announce a campaign to "spread awareness about sex trafficking" and our kids.  Now again Children of the Night runs a hotline and has a residential program right in Van Nuys, California.  I don't see Lois Lee anywhere in this press conference - do you?  This press conference is dated April 22, 2014.  Now she has a program and hotline again of very highly trained staff - so highly she trains other hotlines.  I can't help but wonder why are they re-inventing the wheel here?  Why aren't they putting up her hotline number or mine even for that matter?

 I mean how experienced can the people be answering these calls I can't help but wonder.  Trust me - you have to know how to handle these calls too.  Think you don't?  How about this call "I've just drugged my pimp with knock-out drops and he's out cold.  But I can't roll him over and he's sleeping on his wallet with all the money and my ID in it.  I can't call the police for help.  I have no clothes because he burned them during the argument we had before I knocked him out.  So I can't leave the room.  What do I do?"

TRUST ME - you need someone on the line who knows how to handle calls like this.  That by the way was a real call.  In her case, I asked her what hotel she as in.  She told me.  I called down to the manager at the desk and asked him if he'd be willing to take one of the maid uniforms up to her room to help her.  He agreed.  I told him the situation, told him to get her dressed and out of the room before the ambulance came.  I told him he didn't need any more bad press than this would be.  I then told him and her that a SWA member would be by in a few minutes to pick her up and sort her out.  The manager went and got her dressed and put her in the next room while the ambulance came to make sure the pimp was okay.  Then a local SWA member came and got her and then drove her to the nearest domestic violence shelter.  Problem solved.  That woman has five years clean now and out of prostitution.

Anyway, a lot of money for billboards and signs that directed  people to go to went up   I then took a screen shot of what was at that web address when I went to check it out.  The press conference was held in April right?  Check out an email I sent Mark in October of 2014 stating the web link was going to a bus schedule.  So for SIX MONTHS if a victim of sex trafficking tried to reach out for help when they went to that address - they got a bus schedule that looked identical to this page -  Meaning the site hadn't been built or uploaded yet.  Think about this - for six months after the press conference - no site was up.

I wrote a few more emails to Mark stating that six months AFTER his press conference, the web address on his campaign was going to a bus schedule.  He never returned my calls, answered my emails, etc.  That was a lot of money also for these signs.  However, everywhere these signs were placed they could have been placed for free and then that cash used to actually provide services such as housing, counseling, outreach, etc.

About two weeks ago, I went again to the link to see how the progress was going.  This was up there as of July of 2015.   Now the website says to "call to report someone you think is a trafficking victim".  I DON'T see anything like "if you want away from a pimp - call this number".  I don't see anything on here in fact that would tell me I can call that phone number to get help.

Only guess what?  Most victims are what are called "millennials".   Those are the young people right now.  Young people don't like to call 800 numbers or people generally.  They're a "texting" generation.  That aside - do you honestly think any phone a victim goes near that a pimp isn't going to have a phone app on there that notifies them of whatever call she's making?  Which they do.

The pimps have shown me, bragging, about how any incoming or outgoing call into her phone is sent immediately back to their phone on an alert.  Further, not only do they know the phone number of anyone calling or being called immediately - but that they can HEAR the phone call.  I had coffee with a pimp in Las Vegas who showed me that whenever anyone using one of his phones talks to someone - a text of the conversation is sent back to her phone.  Smart phones can also trace locations of where the phone is going.  Meaning without calling anyone - if she tries to leave the house he'll know about it the minute she does because he'll be alerted she's moving and where she's going.

Don Knabe was putting a lot of money and energy into a court program where supposedly teen victims are getting help.  Here's a link to a news article about it.  Note please note the quote from D'lita Miller.  I first spoke to D'Lita Miller in connection with the show "8 Minutes".  She called me up before a CNN appearance basically wanting me to co-sign what she was going to say.  She wanted to try and run by me that "there's no resources for trafficking victims".  I said "that's not true - there's lots of resources for trafficking victims".

She then went into this whole rap about how when she needed help for her daughter "nothing existed".  I said "that's not true - did you call Children of the Night?"  And she said "who?"  I'm like wait a minute - you're in Los Angeles working with trafficking victims and you don't know about CON?  She had no idea who I was, or who CON was.  I then started naming off some other programs like the Dream Center in Los Angeles for one.  Covenant House for another.  She clearly had no idea what i was talking about.  I finally told her "look - we can get any victim just about any resource you can think of they need".  She then started telling me how "over whelmed she was" trying to find resources for victims she couldn't find.  I told her basically that was ridiculous.

There are plenty of resources and I offered to meet with her to show her where they were, how to access them, etc.  I mean I've been doing this since 1987 starting in Los Angeles - I know where to find whatever they need.  She then stopped talking to me completely.  Stopped returning my calls and stopped returning my emails.  Now this was a personal issue of her not liking me - I let her know we had other members she could speak to that would be happy to work with her to help the victims she's working with.  I still got no response out of her.  Again, if you're going to start an alcoholic treatment program wouldn't you at least talk to Bill Wilson for five minutes before doing so?   I'm wondering why she's not interested in talking to our recovering members or finding out about the resources in town i'm aware of  - so I went to check on her website.  Now in case it changes from what it is now - ask me for the original screenshot.  I'll show you because I keep finding the minute I start pointing to things - they change.  So I screen shot.

Pretty picture - but I see no phone number for victims to call who need help.  Okay maybe she's got a built-in referral system where the victims already know her phone number.  Okay well well about those who lose her phone number or hear about her work?  Where is the number for them to call?   I also don't see anything about what type of program she's offering.  Is is peer support?   Do they have PTSD therapy or drug treatment?  Do they help with job training or housing?  I mean what does she offer?  I see she's baking breadsticks - but where's the program?

I watch the CNN show and she tells the audience three different stories.  The social media is going nuts saying her stories "don't match".  But she did say basically she was a "consultant' for Kevin Brown's "program" that he was taking prostitutes into on the show "8 Minutes".  Only Kevin Brown didn't have a "program".  The women on the show were paid $200 to act as prostitutes.  Polaris even asked Kevin not to use their phone number.  The "success stories" admitted they were actors.  The pimps on the show were also paid to pretend to be pimps.  I remember when his assistant called me up saying he had a "program" I asked to see it and the guy ran off.  If there had really been a program - he wouldn't have had to hire actors to pretend to be rescued.   Now if the guy was running a bogus program that he was lying to the LA Times, to CNN and even for the cameras on the show "8 Minutes" and there is no program - how can D'Lita Miller be a "consultant"?   If she is talking to "real" victims - how can she help them without resources as she claims?  The MINUTE I posted online that the show "8 Minutes" was a fake and I intended to sue for fraud and defamation - the show was literally canceled four hours later.  All the videos of the show taken off the website.  Now canceled shows leave their videos up online all the time.  They're covering up that the whole show was a complete fraud.  Meaning that D'Lita was a part of it.

That aside - if she's working with real victims they should know about where there's real experienced true help they can access.  ESPECIALLY if any of those victims are suffering trafficking at the hands of law enforcement like the ones I'm talking to all over this country who are.   So I repeated to her that I wanted to show her how to resources and help for these victims and asked to meet with her to show her what I know and could offer victims.  Not me personally - but programs I know about that are good solid programs.  Job Corp. in some cities is really good.  I know kids that have entered the Job Corp. and they've come out with  a degree, a job, and their own apartment.  DeVry has a wonderful program where they offer housing, food, scholarships, and a student can start a class at any time.  I mean there's just so much more.  But when i offered to show her where they are - she bails on me.   Makes no sense.

Unless you realize she's helping to apply for a $3 million dollar grant by saying "there's no resources" then it makes more sense why she doesn't want to hear about existing services.   Oh but she has this on her site.    When I started up SWA - I interviewed over 2,000 prostitutes still in the game as to what they needed.  I also asked them about their "relapses" and what led them back.  Then I interviewed another 2,000 who were "out" of the sex industry at least five years and clean from drugs.  After that, we formed a mentor board of people who had founded and ran effective programs like AA, NA, OA, DA, GA, etc.  

From that we then spent TWO YEARS running experimental groups and workshops until we found a system or program that WORKED.  Because what we found before that was you could offer them a house, a job, free drug treatment and a free scholarship - and all they would do would be run right back to sex work.  Something else had to be done to stop that cycle.  That something that got built into our program.   So you'll have to excuse me if I look at this "curriculum" and laugh a bit.   Speaking as a con artist in recovery - I know bullshit when I see it.   Well the links to a homeless center in San Diego at least came down.  Those were up on her site until about a week ago.  I have screen shots to show this.

I'm sorry but "Woman of the Year" means nothing to me.  Can anyone say "Samoly Mam"?  She got a lot of awards too - didn't mean I didn't smell bullshit there too.  Now if you read what they do - they "work with existing services" within the probation and the county mental health department - which quite a few people are protesting right now.

At the July 14, 2015 meeting of the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors - two people got up and accused the board of there being active "pimping going on right in the foster care system and no one is doing anything about it" and a mother got up to say her kids had been taken from her illegally, they had been abused, and now she had them back "no one was investigating what happened to her".

Now to be at that meeting - one has to sign in.  There is a record of their names.  To see if what they said was true - that "no one was investigating" I wrote an email to all of the supervisors.  I asked them who those people were and if their accusations were being investigated.  The only response I got was from Sheila telling her assistant to "look into this" for her.  I still haven't heard a word back.  Yet real priority here.  Watch the boardcast to see what I mean.  Because from what I'm seeing - money is being put into a system that doesn't work and a religious program that's cleaned up their website a lot recently.  I know because when I went onto the "Saving Innocence" program they were having workshops to teach these young girls how to be "virgins again".  I'm sorry - poetry and art classes?  Who is doing this?   Well a woman who didn't see straight through Kevin Brown in five minutes.  Something is very very wrong here.

By the way, they know we offer real services that work.  They had someone call our hotline to try and "fake me out" who got very upset when we passed muster.  Shame.  Because if they were really about helping victims - they'd be talking to us about how we're doing it.  Not trying to poke holes in us because we're whistle blowing.

These are just a few examples of what I've seen in the media that just aren't what they appear to be.  So approach any media you find with a bit of caution and check out your sources.  What they print bout isn't always what is happening.  Also, the people on these committees need someone on them who understands how pimps operate and control their victims.

We have an 800 number - 888 253-9619 - where victims can call us from any pay phone to get help.  That way the call is not traced or tracked.  Also, they can call 702 4684529 collect from a hotel phone or even from jail.  I've gotten many a call from jail because it's the only time their pimp isn't watching them 24/7 and they can talk.  Then I've made arrangements to pick them up when they got released and they just lied to the pimp about the date they are getting released.  Then we have a SWA member that can be pick them up from jail and take them to a safe house.

What I've found however, is that whenever we've been welcomed onto these committees that are actually trying to do something - they're trying to do something to help victims.  The problem is what I've been seeing lately is that people are using trafficking money as their personal kitty to dip into whenever they need cash.   For those phony committees - no we're not allowed on them.  I'll go into these types of things more in another article.  But for here - I'm just pointing out you can't always believe what you read is true.

What's happening here is the taxpayers are thinking something is being done.  They're looking up at these signs and thinking "oh someone is doing something".  Well they aren't.  The victims don't even see this type of sign - and if they do it's not something they can use.  When a pimp finds out you've called someone for help - there's hell to pay.  So they don't call for help unless they think they can do it without the pimp finding out.  Right now with cell phones built the way they are - most aren't going to pick up a phone and call a number for help.  Taxpayers' money is being wasted and that opportunity to help a victim has been lost.  That might be your son or daughter trying to find a way home next time.  Remember that.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - All Rights Reserved)


Below is a copy of a letter I just sent to Cathy Scott.  Cathy Scott is a woman who has written some crime books that seemed to me like she wanted to expose to the world another side of what's going on out there.  So I wrote to her like I'd also written to Ann Rule.  I wrote to Ann Rule a few years ago when I realized how much damage my grandmother's murder has done to generations of our family that still lives on.  I thought about doing a book like she does on the murder - only adding in that extra layer of how it's affected our family in different ways.

My father had a breakdown for example.  Deciding life was too short he embarked upon a white collar credit scam where he ripped off as much money as he could.  I sometimes think he's the reason why credit cards and bank cards now have "real time" accounting.   Because here's how his scam looked - he would open up a Sears card for example with a $200 limit.  In those days, they didn't report sales for two weeks.  So we would go to the hardware department and buy $200 worth of hardware.  Then $200 worth of clothing.  Then $200 in the appliance department.  Then another $200 in the electronics department.  Then after we'd hit every department - then we'd hit another Sears.  Then another and another until we had about five warehouses full of stuff.

Then he went and took out loans.  Only they didn't report you had a loan out for 30 days so he took out as many loans as he could all over Los Angeles county.  So he had something like 10 loans for $30,000 each.  Of course making sure it was my mother who signed all the papers.  Then once he had everything loaded into a house and warehouses in Las Vegas, Nevada - he told my mom she had to stay in Los Angeles to file the bankruptcy papers and fight back the police who were wanting to charge her with fraud.  He then told her he was going to rent us a house in Idaho, cleared out all those storage units - and left my mother and I stranded in a hotel with the rent coming due in three days and my mom out of work because she'd just had back surgery.

My uncle became the biggest drug dealer in Venice, California.  If you bought drugs in Venice, California during the 1980's you know my uncle.  He had a place right down at the beach where you could come in off the boardwalk, cop, and then go on to your party.  Because of his beachfront apartment, his Mercedes, and his money he got some wealthy women to give him a lot of stuff also and take care of him.  He actually supported himself still dealing during his first five years of sobriety in Pacific Group.  Many of his clients got sober through him leaving the table to go to an AA meeting - so I'm not one to judge.  I counted 100's actually of his clients who got sober watching his sobriety.  He even came and got me out of a bar in Hollywood when I was so delirious from a drug run I didn't even know where I was anymore.   All I could remember was his name to tell the operator to try and connect me.  He came and got me.  Let me sleep it off and then proved to me that "just one more" never works.

My aunt became a caretaker.  The stress I think has gotten to her because she has crippling depression and arthritis now.  I don't know how she copes with it.  Especially after losing two children.  She lost one shortly after the baby was born.  Then her 30 year old son was killed in a horrible car accident in the rain leaving behind a wife and two children.  After my mother died I was completely lost for a whle and couldn't even think straight because of the depression.  She helped guide me through a very bad time when I had police harassing me, my daughter we thought was severely bipolar, and I was in a lot of physical pain because of a stroke I'd just had and coping with the loss of my second marriage as well.  It was a tough time and I thank her for the emotional support at a time when I know she was having trouble holding onto her own ass.

So I can see the effects my grandmother's murder has had on all of us.  My real grandfather had died of alcoholism.  Falling down drunk one night, hitting his head, and then choking on his own vomit if I remember.  They lied to me for years when I was young saying it was a heart attack.  My grandmother then married another abusive man.  He would beat her and even broke her arm once.  I never liked him and they said I threw candy he'd tried to give me back at him when I first met him.  She knew she was going to die and had come to talk to me about "finishing school" the night she was murdered.  They say you can feel these things coming and I think she knew.  He waited for her to come home and then chased her down the street shooting her five times before she fell.

I had woken up the minute she was murdered with nightmares.  Then in the morning I woke up to the grown-ups all in my living room.  I saw a newspaper on the coffee table that read "Bell Woman Murdered" and realized that was my grandmother.  Harold, the murderer, got only five years.  Then swore he was going to murder my mother and myself.  He tried to find us for many years.  I'd have the school administration, or a landlord, telling me a man fitting his description was trying to find us.  That's why I started young not having an address easy to find.

But Ann Rule said she'd look at the manuscript when it was done and even said if she liked it she'd let her agent review it.  She was kind, supportive and encouraging to me.  It's one of the reasons I'm living in Los Angeles now . I want to get access to the court records of Harold's trial for the book.  I have photos of her I've been saving also.

The day I found out she had died I wrote to Cathy asking her if she thought doing a story on the new members Sex Workers Anonymous has been seeing that are veterans if she thought that would be a good or bad thing.  I see a lot of stories being done on the men being homeless, drug addicted, abusing their wives, with their legs shot off - all trying to bring attention to the fact these warriors and heroes need more help from the VA.  I'm seeing them have to prostitute to survive and I don't know if showing this would be helpful or harmful.  Since she'd just done a book about soldiers - I thought she'd be a good person to ask.

I already knew she wasn't interested in doing a book on sex trafficking or Iran Contra.  When I read her book on Rick "Freeway" Ross  I thought she might be interested in doing our story as a sequel so that's how I first had met her - reaching out to do our story as a part II to Rick's.  Until she told me "good luck" on finding someone who would write on the subject.  When I asked why she told me about Gary Webb's death.  When I said "oh I see you're afraid" she rejected that idea but the project as well.  She's not afraid but she just doesn't touch the subject.  I got it.

Knowing that she's friends with Rick "Freeway" Ross, and also Snoop, who he's been hanging out with since he got out of prison, doesn't surprise me that she doesn't want to write about the subject.  I've learned when people are turning a "blind eye" to one thing they have a very big "blind eye" to a lot of things - including how Snoop has this campaign suddenly that's taking over one high school at a time that's supporting pimps on these school grounds.   It's why I put up the site at

I've been listening to every interview Rick's done on Iran Contra and not once have I heard him touch on the sex trafficking part of the story.   Which maybe he wasn't aware of.  I don't know.  I didn't see him at any of the sex parties we threw for some of these drug lords.  I didn't see him on the landing strips.  I didn't see him at any of the meetings I was at like the one where the dentists got together in Woodland Hills and agreed to try and do the paperwork to bring cocaine legally into the country through their dental practice.  Or the meeting I was at when the Colombian who had the raw coca leaf needed to find a chemist in America who could help them to process it into paste so they asked me to help them find one.  So I don't know what he knows about it.

But I have tried to get onto some of the same interviews he's been on only to have the producers tell me they can't.  More than one has told me they'd be fired.  One radio host told me she'd been threatened not to even allow me to be a caller to the show where he talked about Iran Contra for two hours.  When I pushed to know why all she told me about was the audit that their station was going through and she couldn't risk "rocking the boat".  My ex-husband is on the board of that radio network and even he says he can't risk putting me on their station in any way because of the audit.  He's not speaking to me right now because he blames me for the audit in the first place.  Not knowing if Rick is aware of any of this I have been trying to reach him because whoever did kill Gary Webb is still walking around and a lot of people are sure trying to silence my side of the same story he's being allowed to tell for some reason.  I'd asked Cathy to help me speak to him or relay some information and she'd refused.

After I set up the I wondered if she'd react at all.  She sure did the day Ann died so maybe she was just waiting until Ann's friendship was severed before lashing out at me like she did.  Anyway, after I wrote a letter back to her - I thought I'd share it with you all.  I had to take out her email address so I sent it to myself before printing it.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - All Rights Reserved)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CIA & Las Vegas - Ken Waither, Steve Schorr and Tom Ragan

Early May of 2015 I got a phone call from a man who said his name was Ken Waither.  Here's an article on him.  On the phone he sounded friendly and said since he's retired he's gotten very interested in sex trafficking in Nevada.  He said he wanted to meet for coffee.  I was driving from Vegas to Los Angeles at the time and said I would be back in a few days and we could talk then.  However, I tried to get him to talk to me on the phone and he was unresponsive pretty much.  In my experience when someone wants to "meet you for coffee" but doesn't want to talk too much on the phone - there's something they want to say to you they want to be careful it's not recorded.

As we were talking, he commented on how I had over 1500 "friends" on my Linkedin profile.  So clearly this guy has done his homework on me before calling.  Homework meaning that certainly he must know I co-wrote "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections" released to international press in 2007.   fCertainly then he must know I was the ONLY group doing rescues out of the legal Nevada brothels starting in 1988 when we did our first rescue of a woman who Joe Conforte had brought onto a Sally Jesse Raphael show with him.  After taping the show - she ran up to me begging to get her "out of there" saying Joe had drugged her, then forced her at gunpoint onto a private plane to bring her to the show to say what she had said.  We did get her out of there and the word spread from there.  The women aren't allowed to walk out on foot, they can't order a cab, and the police won't help them.  So I moved to Nevada specifically so I could physically go and pick these women up from the brothels when they'd call.

Nevada also has the WORST sex trafficking in the USA, and I'll tell you why.  The legal age is 15 contrary to the 18 years of age most people take for granted in other states.   Which means technically a 16 year old can strip as long as alcohol is not served in the bar.   It's also why Dennis Hof advertises in cities like Oakland.  Why Kemp Schieff used to traffick girls in from Oakland into Nevada.   Now they can't work legally at the brothel until 18 years old - so many work the streets up in Carson City, Reno area until they're of legal age.  Which means you can't just pick up a 16 or 17 year old in Nevada because they're of legal age and put them into juvenile services or drag them back home unless there's a warrant.

Anyway, I digress.  As we talk on the phone - I try to get him to "talk" to me but I'm not getting anywhere.  However, he starts telling me that they're putting together an event in Las Vegas in April and he invites me to "give him some flyers" that he can "put out on the tables".  Okay sounds good - what event?  He starts telling me that they are spending a fortune bringing "in speakers from all over the country".   Okay I'm waiting for my invite - and I hear nothing.  Now mind you I've spoken at events like the National Council on Sexual Addiction, Sexaholics Anonymous, even a Narcotics Anonymous world convention to standing applause - and again I've been working with the local Nevada victims and prostitutes since 1995.  I'm not hearing an invite.   But I am hearing money being spent to bring in out of state speakers.

However, answering our national hotline I can assure you that Nevada is a whole other animal when it comes to sex trafficking than anywhere in the USA, or even Canada.  Which is why it likes to bring in out of state speakers so that locals don't know what's going on in NEVADA.  During the 2013 Bill that was being passed on trafficking - over 45 groups came in from OUT OF STATE.  Congo Justice for one . What on earth does trafficking in the Congo have to do with Nevada?  They showed films on trafficking IN THE CONGO.  They raised money for trafficking in THE CONGO.

After our press conference in 2007 - Shared Hope came in to do trainings for Metro.  However, Shared Hopes doesn't do any "direct services" and doesn't even work with trafficking in the USA.  So please please please tell me what on earth they were teaching?  I do know that when we released the report Oscar Goodman threatened Metro officers, anyone in juvenile services, and anyone who worked with any state offices -  they would be fired if they "even read the report".  Which is a shame because Andrea Swanson's daughter got trafficked that next year.  Andrea Swanson's husband is an FBI officer from what this article says - .  Maybe they shouldn't have worried so much about his job - and more about their daughter.

The cops that I speak to in Nevada that want to help tell me that they're afraid to.  They tell me anyone they see stepping up to do anything is either fired, or smeared and run right off the force.  The one cop that I have been doing good work with for a few years now - we can't speak directly to each other because I'm sure if the force finds out who he is - he'd be fired also.  I had terrible problems with Chief Gilliespie.

I went to him once with iron clad black and white information on a trafficking ring operating throughout the whole USA that did a pit stop in Vegas with a few brothels here - and I gave him everything on the operation.  Names, addresses, car plates, phone numbers, how they operated, etc.  What happened?  Within 24 hours everyone was cleared out.   The brothels were cleaned out, the chop shop shut down, everything became a ghost town.  It wasn't a phone tap either because I handed him the information by hand.   (I did wait until they regrouped and tried another tactic to help those women - and here's what happened.  They were sent right back to their traffickers and that house.)

So I go to Internal Affairs - and there is none.   So I complain about a lack of Internal Affairs to the press and the White House.  What do I get?  Not much better.  Lt. Karen Hughes is a Vice Officer at Metro now.  She used to be a typist and answer 911 calls by the way for the police before becoming Vice.  Notice she's also head of North Internal Affairs - north being where most street level  prostitution is by the way. AND she's on the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force.  Oh and one other note - she refused all calls and emails from me.  I guess the fact I have victims calling me for help escaped her attention when she blocked me.

Now let me ask you something - how would I be able to make a report against another police officer for being a trafficker?  Or for raping a prostitute?  Of for the task force not doing a very good job with the grant money?  I say that because I wrote Lou Pascoe once about an underage trafficking ring operating out of a used car lot in Las Vegas I wanted some help with - and I got absolutely no response.  I have this documented by the way.  Now - who would I complain to about that if Karen is on IA as well as the task force?   As my grandma used to say "a fox can't guard the chicken coop".

Maybe that's why Vegas handles things like police misbehaving like this -  That arrest happened because battery is another officer.  Or this  or this Shall i go on?

As I'm waiting for Ken to invite me to come speak about sex trafficking IN NEVADA - I'm not hearing it.  Then I go into a group I belong to on Linkedin for private investigators who work on human trafficking cases.  I mentioned something about the corruption and the brothels in Nevada and Ken pops up with his comment "oh yes that USED to happen - but that's long in the past".

What?  He's not asking me if this was current - because what I was talking about WAS current.  He's in the room TELLING people that "oh that's in the past".  You know what?  I watched the 2013 legislature hearings as they rail roaded that Bill through with fake survivors in the rooms, and 45 groups no one ever heard of before or after that piled onto a bus, got up at the microphone, the news cameras all pointed at them - and then everyone denied that our members were even there.  I had to remind Assembyman John Hambrick that he was speaking to one of our members on that camera as the hearings are televised because he started to deny it flatly.  When I reminded him we had the tape of him speaking to her - he blocked us on facebook.

MTV did the same thing.  When we were scheduled to be filmed for a "Real Life" documentary and I went to talk to them about Snoop's 2003 "pimp revival" tour that he confessed to in Rolling Stone - they dropped our project entirely, fired the producer, and then made the project about trafficking in Europe - opening in Sweden.   It's real easy to talk about it some place else - but oh not here.

So why is the CIA trying to stack up speakers from outside of Nevada - but at the same time wanting my flyers on the table?  Because people are starting to notice my absence.  It's kind of hard to hold a conference on alcoholism without Bill Wilson there.  I am the founder of the movement, and the oldest and largest program of survivors in the world that's all.  That's why one conference in Chicago advertised my speaking at it for six months - until the day before the event when they pulled the plug on my speaking and then moved forward without me.   They were making it appear I was coming but then made sure I didn't get up to the microphone.

Ken then spoke about how he "was with a survivor as she was getting onto the plane with a Metro cop" only isn't that sort of thing supposed to be confidential?  He's not a metro officer and according to him he's a "retired" CIA agent.  So please tell me what the heck he's doing anywhere near a victim and a Metro officer?

When I asked him that question he stopped speaking to me.  Why?  No idea.

His wife is the  President of the World Affairs Council.  It looks like Stephen Schorr is on that Council also.

Stephen Schorr who owns the Review Journal.  Now it makes more sense.  I was told by a reporter on the Review Journal I had a "life time ban" on my name ever even appearing in the RJ after the 2007 press conference.  I asked her "you mean if people die because they don't find help because they don't know about us - that doesn't change?" and she said "right". BTW - no other sex trafficking program, nor shelter or domestic violence shelter or even the rape center transports victims to them.  Since they usually have to leave the pimp on foot with no money and often no shoes or ID - please tell me how they're going to get to help without calling SWA for a ride?

I got a call in 2013 from Tom Ragan, a writer for the RJ.  He was assigned to do a spread on Sex Trafficking in Nevada.  I told him I didn't want to waste my time being interviewed because my name would never appear in the piece.  He told me I was being "completely paranoid" and asked me for the interview.  I gave it to him just so he could see for himself what would happen.

Do you see my name anywhere?  After he interviewed me - he said he was impressed.  Then he went out to interview other people.  He called me back about a week later and asked me for a photo.  I told him it was a waste of time.  He insisted that he was going to "make me the cover story" on the piece.  When I asked why - he said "because you're the only group out here actually doing anything for these women that's why".

Then I read that piece.  I asked him "what happened?"  He grumbled a bit about how I was right  and gave me some information I won't repeat.   A while after that - I found a photo of me online during my weekly google.  It was the photo taken by the RJ photographer only she was in Kentucky now.  I asked her what was up.  She said that her and Tom "demanded that they run the story on Sex Workers Anonymous" and well they both got fired she said.  She told me she "wanted to do something" so she at least posted the photo.  I asked her to please take it down but thank you because I don't want people seeing what I look like unless they know me.  She understood and did.

A bit after that I saw Tom back on the paper.  He must have worked things out.   He called me again in August for a quote.  I said "why bother?"  He says "trust me".  He got my name in the RJ!!!

So Mr. Schorr, if you and the World Affairs Council and the CIA don't want my name to appear in your paper or to speak at your event - that's fine.  Because people who I am helping and people who see my work are beginning to notice the loud glare of my absence.

As for other groups working with sex trafficking who aren't based in Las Vegas - do you see this kind of thing going on anywhere else?

Now you know why I live in California to do my Vegas rescue work.  Now you know why I say that sex trafficking in my opinion is at it's WORST in Nevada because the very "powers that be" are trying to cover everything up.  In early recovery they used to tell me "you can't cover your ass and your face at the same time".  Who is more important here?  Young 16 year old girls being trafficked and helping them - or cover up what's going on by men in uniform, judges, city council, etc.

Now you know why I say a trafficking victim is not safe in a Salvation Army shelter.  Look at the kind of people they're having to run from?  This CIA man is with a Metro officer speaking to a trafficking victim, while his wife is on the World Affairs Council, who hob nobs with Steve Schorr - I mean mean can you imagine if you had something they wanted to cover up where are you going to run?  Not like the press will print about it after Bob Herbert of the NY Times did and ex-mayor Oscar Goodman threatens him with a "baseball bat to the head" for talking about sex trafficking IN Las Vegas - not Wisconsin or the Congo.

Follow-up - The Salvation Army Seeds program that was listed in the Ragan piece has folded.  Annie Lobert?  Pastor Benny Perez filed bankruptcy and ran off with over $1,000,000 in cash raised to open Destiny House.  Annie ran off to Africa for six months to let things blow over.   Her A&E show got yanked after one episode because it turned out there was no house.  I got left getting the women jobs, housing and support.  I could go down the list of groups that folded after the bill got passed but I need to go do laundry instead of being here another hour.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Nevada Revised Statute 176.515 New trial: Grounds; time for filing motion

Speaks about a law to help you erase your record if you have a prostitution conviction.  As for Nevada, I wanted to weigh in on this issue for a few reasons.  Yes having a criminal record can at times be a barrier.  Sometimes there are jobs you might not be able to get, and even some landlords won't rent to you.  We've been dealing with this issue already in Nevada for some time - so let me go over a few points you might not be aware of.

First of all, are you trying to get a work permit or applying for a job?  If you're having a problem where obtaining a license, or work permit, is an issue, here's what I've seen done in the past.  There's a hearing you can go to where you can speak to the city council about giving you the card anyway despite your record.  Now I've seen people go in there prepared.  They don't wear cut-offs, or flip-flops.  If you feel you don't have a decent wardrobe, go to Savers, or the Goodwill, or some place where you can get cheap used clothing.  There's a big Savers down on Flamingo where I've been able to get all kinds of court clothes, work clothing, uniforms, etc. for like $1.00 literally.  So be sure to go in dressed for court.

Need a haircut?  You'd be surprised at how often they're advertised free in Craigslist.  Many new hairdressers do that to bring in new customers.  So check out the "free" section.  If not, Super Cuts usually has a $9.95 haircut option.  Can't find them?  Check out the beauty schools.  They have $5.00 haircuts.

Second, take some SWA members with you.  If you don't know any, get in touch with us at  Many of us have gone through the process and can walk you through this.  But we can go along for moral support and also offer up a character reference.  When they see people coming in with you - they don't have to hear them speak.  They know you must be "ok" if you have friends coming into the meeting with you.

See if you can take other people with you to provide references like  your landlord, an ex-landlord, a pastor you know from church, a teacher, a counselor, social worker, etc.  I've shown up with my counselor before.  They usually can arrange to get paid for the time to go with you and usually love to have a field trip.

So if you're being blocked on a work permit because of your past record - you can sometimes go in and appeal this.  So far, every time I've seen someone go in with an SWA member, and a character reference of some kind, and someone from the company who wants to hire you - I've seen them get approved.  That means if the manager wants you to have the job - ask them if they'd go with you to the hearing.  Again, I've found they like field trips so don't be shy about asking.

Now if you're having trouble finding a job - please get in touch with us at  We have a list of companies, especially casinos, that will hire you even with a prostitution record.  Even with a drug charge.  I've seen them hire people with drug sales and transport charges.  The only thing I've seen casinos balk at is fraud charges or ones involving violence.  But as long as you don't have a fraud or a violence charge - I've not seen you have a barrier to working in any of the major casinos.  There are a few that even hire felons.

Now they won't put you on a job handling money.  You won't be hired as a cashier, or a money changer, or taking money in any way.  But they will hire for other jobs like housekeeping, porter, marketing, food service, hostess, etc.  I've seen all kinds of jobs in the casinos even with a prostitution charge and even with a felony.   Now I'm not going to publish that list anymore than they do.  It's bad press to say "hey this casino hires ex-prostitutes and ex-drug dealers" so I respect that and don't publish the list either.

But my experience has been don't be afraid.  Over 80 percent of those working in Vegas are not saints.  They are forgiving if you're HONEST.  Now if you have a fraud charge or a violence change - then you might have to get creative on work.  There are day labor companies like Labor Ready where you get paid daily and they don't care about your criminal background.

There's a company I like to use in Henderson with people new in recovery.  They pay you $40 cash daily to come sell vitamins over the phone plus commissions.  Now $40 a day times five days is $200 a week.  There are weeklies in Vegas for $150 a week if you look around and $80 a week through the Alano clubs.  So on a bad week you can squeeze by with a job like that.  They don't ask about your background and don't care.  My experience has been any phone sales job in Vegas could care less about your background.

If you can stand on your feet - there is a company that pays you $25 an hour to do time share presentations.  They're always hiring.  You're not doing the selling - you're doing the presentations.  But just about any marketing company, or sales job, in Vegas will not care about your background.  Sitel has opened up a branch in Vegas and they also do not care one bit about your background.  So be open about it and don't bat an eye and they probably won't either.  I've done some sales jobs where I'm making $10,000 a week - so it's nothing to sneeze at.

When I've been cornered about my background, I've written it off as a "misunderstanding that I'm trying to get money up for a lawyer to repair" which is the truth.  I've had people go "oh I understand" and then it's not a problem.  Remember, this is Vegas where it means nothing generally unless you're trying to get a job at some churches.

If your landlord has an issue - tell them the same thing.  It's "a mistake and you're trying to get the money up for a lawyer to repair your record".   Nine out of 10 times I've heard them go "ok".  But if you're renting at the weekly motels like Siegel Suites or Sky Harbor - they could care less about your background.  If you're having trouble getting up the rent - I know lots of places you can get help with back rent, or money to move into another apartment.  Just ask us.

Now, SWA does know attorney's willing to donate their time to help you out on these types of matters IF you're committed to not returning to sex work.   Legal Aid sometimes can be of help but they're slow.  But if you feel you need an attorney - then let us know and maybe we can connect you to one who will donate his time.

But our experience has been that judges in Vegas are very understanding of not being able to afford an attorney.  I've done lots of things "in pro per" for myself and SWA members and the judges have been great to us so far.  We've got a lot of experience helping people prepare to expunge their records.  We know how to gather together information.  Like a list of rent receipts showing you've paid your rent on time.  Banking statements showing a stable income from a job source.  Letters from a pastor, monk, rabbi, or whatever your faith is.  School enrollment papers go a long way with judges - especially if you can show a report card.  Letters from your counselor are good talking about your "progress".  If you're attending SWA meetings - we'll prepare a letter for you talking about your attendance, and how hard you're working (if you are that is - we'll just verify what you are doing).   If you do volunteer work at the womans' shelter or food bank - that also goes a long way.  Essentially you're putting together paperwork to show that you have "changed" and you're moving forward and you have a legit source of income now.  We've found if you go in with your paperwork, a few good friends or supporters, and you speak honestly to the judge about what happened, your remorse, how you're leading a different life now, and how this record is holding you back - the judge will honor this request.  Especially if you can show him something concrete about how it's affecting you like a letter from a job saying they would have hired you but . . .

Now where we've found a real problem can be is with your porn online.  If you need to get porn taken down off the internet - we can show you how to do this in just about 99 percent of the cases we've gotten it down for you without having to pay the national debt to do so.

But that ties into knowing what's on the web about you before going job hunting.  Always "google" yourself first to see what does come up online.  Once you know what's there you can address it.

So if you need help with respect to anything to do with your record, and/or finding work, in Nevada, or any other state for that matter - get in touch with us and we'll see how we can help.

Failing that - you can look into a name change.  It is legal to do so and we've seen that in casual searches your records won't show up.  Now if you're going out for a job that requires a heavy background check that won't work.  But if you change your name legally and are going out for a simple job - it might not come up.

Also, if you had extensive domestic violence, and you have a pimp looking for you, you can talk to Social Security about changing your social security number.  They make special exceptions now on cases like this for that reason.  So you can also always talk to Social Security about changing your number also.

Another thing - if you have a charge coming up where you're going to be sentencing on a prostitution charge of some kind keep in mind that they do allow you to do "alternative sentencing" in most cases.  Not if it involved children - but as an adult yes.  What that means is that when the judge says "you're guilty" and he's going to sentence you - you can ask the judge "your honor may I be court order to a Sex Workers Anonymous program instead of incarceration?"  To that question so far, we've had the judge say yes in all but two cases.

In one case, the judge said he wanted her to have residential treatment.  Now there are no residential treatment programs in Nevada.  So we got on the phone and explained that to the judge and asked him if we could substitute in her coming to a meeting daily.  He agreed.

In the second case, the judge said he wanted residential treatment.  We pointed out there was no program in Nevada at that time.  He insisted.  Now we knew a program in Arizona that had a bed.  We asked if he'd accept an Arizona program instead of jail.  The judge agreed.   So we've found Nevada judges very open and reasonable with respect to sentencing.

Now there was a case in Nevada where the jail was very over-crowded.  We wrote the judge pointing this out and asked if she could be released considering it was her first offense, and assured him we would be offering case management of her on the outside.  It was her first offense so he agreed and let her out early.  I've also seen them shorten probation when a job has come up requiring them to move out of state.  Again showing judges tend to be quite reasonable in Nevada about these things.

But in the meantime - it is not hard to get work you can live on in Nevada even while your record stands.  You just got to know where to look!

Good luck!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

BILL 1576 - Nevada

Jody Williams, Director
Sex Workers Anonymous –
Trafficking and Prostitution Services –
American Trafficking Institute –
(702) 498-6211 Direct International Phone
(888) 253-9619 Toll Free and (310) 734-1710 Fax
Email –

Ben Hueso (District 40)
Mark Wyland (District 38)
Mark Leno (District 11)
Holly Mitchell (District 26) 
Alex Padilla (District 20)

Re: Bill 1576

Dear Members of the California Legislature:

My name is Jody Williams. I'm the founder of the above three groups. I actually founded my first group, Prostitutes Anonymous in 1987. This is a 12 step group for men and women who need help to transition out of the sex industry and need help finding recovery after having been in this industry whether it was as a prostitute, porn star, stripper, phone sex worker, madam, pimp, or even a strip club owner (as one of our members was).

This group is worldwide, it includes members who are from both legal and illegal parts of the industry, trafficking victims and non-trafficking victims, and it's for people over the age of 18 years old. Our hotline was the first ever in existence – and we've answered over 500,000 calls before we stopped counting. That's five times more calls than Polaris has answered to date. I truly doubt for this reason that there's anyone out there besides Lois Lee from Children of the Night – that's spoken to more people in the sex industry than myself.

This group was the first to ever be a part of alternative sentencing for prostitutes, a diversion program for prostitutes, that became a part of the first residential program to help prostitutes get rehabilitated from the sex industry, and that was the resource that many of the HIV clinics would use to refer someone to when they were giving them the news that they were now not only HIV positive – but also now out of a job. Because of the internet's adult filters – we changed our name to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995.

Because the number of trafficking victims in the sex industry has virtually exploded over the years because of the internet – we formed Trafficking and Prostitution Services in 2008 so that we could perform duties that we were having to do informally because they violated our “traditions” or ground rules that 12 step groups operate by. I was finding myself having to testify more and more in front of congressional and legislature hearings – which also violates our tradition of “not having an outside opinion” on issues which clearly many of us coming out of this industry do have. It's no different than when Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, decided there needed to be a National Council on Alcoholism to help further research into proving that alcoholism was a disease and not a “moral deficiency” like previously thought about them.

Because of the way I've been seeing research into our industry, and it's related issues such as HIV and STD infections, as well as about trafficking – totally slanted according to who is funding the research, or who is using this research for their own political, financial or religious issues – I've also founded the American Trafficking Institute. Ever since the FCC has dropped it's requirement that anything published on-air, or in print, have an opposing opinion placed alongside any opinions about any issue – I've seen nothing but pure outright propaganda hit the public's ears since 1995 when that requirement was dropped from the media.

Since most major media is owned by the Hearst Corporation, whose last CEO turned out to be a purchaser of commercial sex (Steve Sassa was fired when it was discovered he was sexting a high-class escort) – and I have yet to see anything anywhere near the complete truth come out of the media since 1995 – we decided we're going to start examining research, education, and even groups that work in this area among ourselves and to print “out” opinions about these “research findings”. Another problem is the fact that the news and media have become something straight out of Orwell's “1984” in that I can literally find a news clipping about someone online one day – and then it's completely gone the next. This is why the ATI was formed.

I want to first of all state I am no longer working in any area of the sex industry. I have also been clean from all drugs since 1985. That includes alcohol, which is a drug, and any prescription medications such as anti-depressants. I state this because I want it to be known I have no vested interest in the sex industry – and that my mind is completely sober.

I also have no paid position within any industry, nor with the AHF, UCLA, or any other industry for that matter. I receive no grants and have no donors to answer to. I'm not out here trying to use this as a platform to raise donations for myself or any cause either. I am not a 501c3 nonprofit, nor am I working at any job anywhere for that matter because I'm recovering from a stroke and taking care of my daughter who has a brain tumor. So I'm not answering to anyone's tune with respect to money on this issue either. If anything, I'm writing this letter on my own time and my own dime – so this is my own personal opinion on this bill 1576.

There are issues and points about AB 1576 that are not being brought to your attention that I would like you to please consider. They are:

  1. The claim that “no case of HIV has been found connected to a porn set in 10 years:
    When HIV was being found in connection with porn shoots directly was when Dr. Sharon Mitchell used to be the central site where everyone in the porn industry used to go for testing right before a porn shoot. Everyone went to her for many years because she herself used to be in the porn industry. However, her clinic was shut down in 2004 – in other words 10 years ago.    
    Since her clinic shut down – there has been no centralized testing facility that the majority of the porn industry, or that the sex industry as whole, has been frequenting for their health needs. The reason for this is simple – after the AIM Clinic was shut down, someone targeted their computer system and hacked into it. They then posted all the information on each person in their database online. That information included their “real” names, as well as their “porn” names. Their home addresses, their family information such as if they had children, their contact information, and information on their health issues.
    People in the porn industry are often targeted by religious fanatics no differently than people who work in the abortion industry find themselves in the same boat. Just as abortion doctors can find themselves targeted by these fanatics – the attacks go beyond “sticks and stones”. But they find themselves the victims of stalking, and even outright murder. Abortion doctors and porn stars are targeted by these religious fanatics – and not only are they threatened – but their very lives can be in danger if delicate information such as their real names, home addresses, and their health status were to not be carefully controlled and kept private.
    Afer the AIM Clinic was shut down, because of these religious fanatics – many people in the porn industry at that time left the Los Angeles area. In other words, many of the “old timers” left the southern California area in order to protect their safety. The reason was after these records were released they did start receiving threats to their lives, they found themselves and their family members being stalked, and many of them found that the major porn companies didn't want to hire them to work on shoots out of fear their companies would be also caught in the cross-fire of these stalkers.
    What happened then was a whole fresh new batch of people started entering the organized porn  industry in the Los Angeles area. The HIV virus can take sometimes as long as 15 years before it reaches the point of incubation where it can be discovered through testing. It's highly unlikely that anyone in the porn industry has been doing this in the Los Angeles area longer than 10 years. The average porn actor/actress tends to only make movies for about a year.
    To make a claim that “in the last 10 years no one has been discovered catching HIV on a set” is a very misleading statement. First of all, someone coming into the industry is probably tested for HIV true. However, if they were to catch the virus on a set – this fact might not show up for over a decade – let alone during the average lifespan of a porn star's career.
    There's another problem with this statement. When the AIM Clinic used to catch an HIV outbreak that was connected with the porn industry – this was done more than 10 years ago as the clinic was shut down in 2004. Since then, everyone in this industry is not getting tested at one centralized location. So there is no “standardized” testing or one central database to pull records from. Different clinics may use different testing methods. We also don't know how many people are being tested under “fake” names so that their careers are not impacted and thus we would never know if they were or were not infected – let alone “how” they got infected. There's even home HIV kits right now where one can find out if they are or are not infected. At that point if one were to discover they were in fact infected – they might just retire from the industry without telling anyone the reason.
    The porn industry itself has changed dramatically over the years. Back in the 1970's when Linda Lovelace made “Deep Throat” - porn stars were usually kept within the porn industry. They did not usually go out and work as a prostitute either on the streets, in the brothels, or in the escort services. Neither did they tend to go out and work as strippers either. Strippers used to mostly just strip. Prostitutes used to just prostitute. Porn actors and actresses used to limit themselves to the porn industry.
    However, the industry has become quite multi-media as well as multi-tasking. The average sex worker today does make adult films, they travel to the legal brothels of Nevada and even Canada, and/or Australia, the UK, and even Rhode Island. They set up websites where they now find “clients” or “fans” or “hobbyists” who either fly in to meet with them – they hit the “circuit” where they are traveling from one city to the next usually weekly. What this means is that not only are they having sex with many more than the porn workers of years gone by – but they are doing it over a wider geographical area. They may make a movie in Los Angeles one month – and then spend the next year “traveling the circuit” all over the world.
    So to say that “no one has come down with a case of HIV they caught on a porn set in the last 10 years” would actually be impossible to detect – even if in fact every single porn actor/actress was in fact catching HIV at every single shoot. The reason is because of what I'm talking about above – the virus may take years to incubate to the point where it can be detected, the person can be traveling to another city the very next day after a shoot, they could be getting their test done in Los Angeles or Canada for all we know – it just would be literally impossible to detect something like this unless every person who ever made a porn were to not have sex with anyone for the incubation period, remain in Los Angeles during that time, and everyone were to agree to use the same testing site, and to publish the results so that we all would know if in fact infection did or did not in fact happen in connection with a porn shoot.

In other words, there's literally just no way to catch a moving target like this.

  1. Privacy Issues - Porn actor/actress results of STD and HIV testing require special handling for the above story I'm referencing over any other type of “job” such as bus drivers, or airplane pilots who are routinely drug tested for their line of work. Bus drivers and airplane pilots are not having their records sought out by hackers who are religious fanatics who then might start following their children to school or leaving bombs in their cars as “God's retribution” upon them. This bill has no special controls built in to the results to protect possibly the very lives of these performers if those results were to be hacked into again as has already happened. If the results were leaked, and if a porn performer were to be murdered as a direct result of this information being leaked out – then the state would actually become legally liable for that murder much as how DMV was responsible for the location and subsequent murder of an actress. They recognized this and changed the laws now to where a person can request to use a commercial mailing address rather than their home address because they recognized that actors are often stalked, and even murdered. However, no such recognition that porn performers who have already shown by history that they are not only attacked, murdered, raped, etc., but that their health records specifically will be attacked has been attached to this bill.
  2. Liability Issues - There's another issue of liability on the state if these tests are forced and then a “false negative” were to be found. If the performer were to receive a “negative” result that was in fact false, then to perform and infect another person, then discover they had in fact been positive but that the test failed – then who is liable for that infection transmission? To require these tests puts the state into a position of liability that they probably aren't prepared to take.
  3. What about “mainstream” movies where love and/or sex scenes are performed? Rock Hudson was one of the first people who we became aware of that had HIV. Rock was in many love scenes where he kissed actresses like Doris Day. While the infection risk through kissing is low – it's not impossible. Today's movies have some sex scenes in them where more bodily fluids are mixed than on some porn sets. This bill is just opening itself up for a discrimination lawsuit in that if they're made to conform to these requirements – but mainstream movies are not – then are we saying the welfare of “mainstream” performers is less important to us than porn stars?
  4. End results have to be considered – I was here in the 1980's when there was the push upon the porn industry to use condoms on the set. They tried making it part of the movies through using only “safe sex” scenes. What resulted was an epidemic of “amateur” porn for one thing. For another, it divided the adult industry even wider with respect to “soft” and “hard core” porn. Just like how prohibition drove up the cost of alcohol – so too did this drive up the price for porn that did not feature “safe sex”. This was when “gonzo” movies started coming out showing actresses being shot in the face with semen, and gang bang scenes where women became literally opaque with bodily fluids. Some even resorted to making beastiality films where no condoms were required at all. Back in the 1980's that was one thing. The media was bombarding people with messages about HIV and condoms back then. But you take the average 18-22 year old today, which is the average age of someone making porn, and you'll find that at least half of them have no idea about HIV, condoms, safe sex, etc. We don't have anywhere near the free testing sites we used to have either. Nor the amount of free condoms being given away like we used to find either. You push on the industry any further about this issue – then we're looking at not only a repeat of that – but we're also looking at creating a possible HIV pandemic now as a result.
  5. You also have to look at the knock to the economy this could create – supposedly 80 percent of the world's porn is produced right here in southern Los Angeles. One of the largest porn company's, Kink – has already threatened to go to Las Vegas if this bill gets passed. The porn industry employs a lot more people than just the performers and the owners. There are the cameramen, the editors, sound people, set production, make-up artists, hair stylists, printers, distributors, even the impact on the local strip clubs and website designers who could be losing business if the feature performers in this industry were to relocate for work purposes. What about the loss of sales tax alone if the point of sale of these videos goes outside of California? Has anyone done an economic impact study on this bill yet?

This bill is full of the potential for great economic damage to the state of California in many ways. It opens up the state itself not only for a loss of income through sales and income tax, but it also opens itself up for liability and discrimination lawsuits as well.

The intended desired result that is the intent of this bill will not be met if this bill is passed. There is no benefit to the welfare of the residents of California if this bill is passed.

It needs to be defeated.

If you'd like to speak to me about any of the above, or if I can speak to you about any other issues related to the sex industry – please keep me in mind. I do have some potential bills I'd like to discuss with you that I do think would benefit California – and that would literally save countless lives.


Jody Williams