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PRESS RELEASE - Press and the Music Industry

Date: July 10, 2015

Re: Call Out to Press & Music Industry to Give More Attention to Positive Spending
We are routinely seeing a great deal of press being given to rappers and musicians who go into strip clubs “making it rain” with bricks of money upon strippers. This sort of thing gets a great deal of press while we're trying to do outreach to our communities about the potential dangers not just in the sex industry – but even strip clubs for customers.
Drake has reported to have dropped $50,000 in a strip club – and even supposedly $8,000 in the parking lot of one. Fabulous has reportedly dropped $28,000 while Ludacris has dropped $10,000 at one pop. Chris Brown - $15,000. Akon - $50,000. While photos of Bieber and a stripper went viral.

The message the media is sending young women is clear – be a stripper and you make lots of cash and meet rich and famous men. The message to young men is also clear – you want to be cool? Throw your money around a strip club l…

Glendene Grant, Jessie Foster & ATLAS

I got contacted by Lois Lee from Children of the Night.  She asked me to "keep an eye out" for Jessie Foster and forwarded me the photo and information.   I contacted the coroner who didn't know anything so that was a good sign. 

I emailed the mom, Glendene Grant, and didn't get a response.  As you know, I operate the hotline and I'm in touch with people who are just coming in off prostitution.  So anyone "fresh" might have seen or heard about her.

I asked around and no one had really heard much.  But someone said "you know I heard about a couple of escorts that have gone missing in the last few weeks" in Vegas.  Which is unusual because usually it's the street prostitutes who go missing.  I checked the newspapers and found they were right - two escorts had gone missing recently.…

Kamylla and "8 Minutes"

About a year ago, I got a call from a man claiming to be Kevin Brown's assistant.  He told me how Kevin Brown had been a cop for 20 years and then upon retiring "found God" and then went out to "save prostitutes" through a trafficking outreach.  When I asked how he did this - he said Kevin would call prostitutes out to a motel room like they were going on a date.  Then he would offer them a chance to leave with him to go to a ranch he had in New Mexico where they would get "rehabilitated".  He claimed that women he had "saved" would be in the hotel room with him speaking to the prospective prostitute to assure them it was the "real deal". 

I knew it was bullshit right there.  For one thing - trafficking victims don't get sent to hotel rooms without the client being "screened" first or "known".  The reason is simple - so that if the woman disappears the pimps know right where to go to find their victim and r…


I have no idea who this woman is.  Never spoken to her.  Never met her.  Never heard of anyone in her ministry.  When I got the screen shot of Beth going to Shawnee however with this crazy accusation I was a "pimp" and even "dangerous" - it was being reinforced however by this woman Laurin. 

I have sent each one of these women a "Cease and Desist" notice attached.


I warned Shawnee that if she didn't take these lies down - that I would create this post.  She did - but then reposted it a few days later when she thought I wasn't looking.  I keep my word - so here's what happened.

I run the hotline as you know and have since 1987.  When I hear about new people - I invite them to come speak at our phone meeting, or to be on our radio show at  To date, the only people who have refused to be on this show, or speak at a phone meeting, have turned out to be either completely fake "survivors" or up to some kind of con artistry as well.  Clearly they refuse because they know you can't "bullshit a bullshitter" and we'd see straight through them if they did.  Well, I invited Shawnee and she refused - so she went onto my radar as possibly having an issue about credibility then.

I didn't think anything about it until I saw her running for an award in Ohio where she claimed …


In July of 2015 - the  phone I use for both my personal cell, and hotline, (because I can't afford two separate cell phones), started blowing up from phone number (412) 423-5951 sending me text messages starting about 12:30 a.m.  I have to figure out a way to scan them and will be posting them shortly.  Area code 412 is in Pennsylvania.  The text messages were taunting me to "go check out".  The registration for the site has the same information as sites registered by Domina Elle for sites like and others. 

The person of course was taunting me thinking I didn't know who was behind the calls.   I went to Intelius and ordered a phone report on this number.  For some reason, the site would not allow me to order a report on that number.

So I ordered a report on the number that Domina uses on her site and advertising.  It came back-  Apple Cheek Productions is r…


Beth Jacobs is a woman living in Arizona.  When we first heard about her - she told us she was the founder of "Willow Way" in Tucson, and that she was providing counseling for women who had been detained through Project Rose through Cactus Counseling Center.  Cactus Counseling was providing counseling through a contract they'd received for this purpose.

I had just moved into this one apartment when I first spoke to Beth - so it had to be about December of 2012 - January of 2013.  I remember because I was still unpacking.  I then did not get a cell phone until March of 2013 - so it probably was about March or April of 2013 that I first spoke to her. 

People had been telling me that Beth had been very hostile towards us and I had no idea why.  I've never spoken to her and since I understood the program she had worked with back east used our "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings with success I was co…