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There are a lot of interviews up with survivors who are part of the Christian church.  However, Jewish women can be victims also.  Sex Workers Anonymous is not a religious program, although it is a spiritual program.  One of our co-founders, Jaime, was Jewish.  We have men and women of all religious belief's, and none.  The choice of a higher power is individual within the 12 step program structure. 

Please note the fundraiser Jacqueline was speaking about in the interview is over. We did help her with this through TAPS, not SWA as a 12 step program can not be involved in fund raising. 

Within the sex trafficking world, there are not many Jewish based programs who get involved in this issue.  I have seen the Federation of Jewish Women, but the Anti-Defamation League told me in an email they "did not want to discuss sex trafficking" with me whn I wrote in to their main office.   …