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People I think misunderstand me when I point out things like the NY cop who was caught pimping over 10 women while not only a cop himself, but married to another cop!   When I do this I am NOT saying "NY cops are pimps" or "NY cops are corrupt".

What I'm saying when I point this out is the women who were pimped by him are AFRAID.  They're afraid to call another cop for help because it might be his wife!  They're afraid they might call a buddy of his who backs him up.  They're afraid they're going to get another cop who tells them to "shut up" or doesn't believe them or worse arrests them for coming forward on some bogus charge.  Even worse is they don't know who to trust.  It's not like he's going to introduce them to another cop and say to her "he's a good guy so don't call him".

What I'm pointing out is if they call Polaris and get referred to a local task force in NY to call that's headed …


Dear Morgan:
I produced PSA's for years that produced wonderful results for our 12 step program until we were no longer afforded free commercials after the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1995 (we were founded in 1987).  Since then, we have been denied many media's paid advertising for fear we would "upset their other advertisers who support the sex industry".  
This does not stop us from doing our outreach however.  Our social media along brings in a couple of hundred contacts a day, with our hotline receiving at least a few calls a day as well.  We have 50,000 subscribers to our blog currently, and 190,000 "active" members in our database who are survivors.  In other words, we know what works and what does not with respect to prompting those who need help to reach out and call us.  So if you'd like some input on your PSA's - we'd be happy to provide that.   
I have heard the "Blue Campaigns" current radio commercials and I …