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We need the system in place that we have to make this country work.  The system we have is why if someone is breaking into your home at midnight you can call 911 - and within minutes someone is there to help you.  If there's a drunk driver weaving down the street - the police will ticket them, the court will sentence them - and we have one less drunk driver on the street. We have a system that WORKS. Until the Telecommunications Act of 1995 that is.  Why?  Because our country has always worked on the very basic premise that people are as honest as you MAKE them.  This is why we were granted the right to bear arms - not to hunt, not even for self-protection - but to ARM OURSELVES AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT.  I didn't say that - the CONSTITUTION says that.  Look it up.   Noam Chomsky has said that "propaganda to democracy is like guns to a dictatorship".  Meaning what?  Meaning that people in a democracy are controlled by propaganda just like a dictator uses a gun t