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Thursday, February 9, 2017


After watching what happened to Dr. Sharon Mitchell, it was the final nail in the casket for me.  If you were to sit down and make a list of people who those in the sex industry looked up to as someone they trusted to lead them, trusted had their best interests at heart, and trusted them as to things like what petitions to sign or what to vote for - I have watched as everyone on that list, including myself, have been systematically targeted.

But I've been trying to figure out why.  I did some homework on what happened to Sharon after this, and it appeared she briefly had announced she was going to reopen in connection with Harmony Dust at the "I Am Treasure".  Only that church outreach had been focusing on strip club outreach where women were being taken to homes ran by Mercy Ministries.   Mercy Ministries got exposed as targeting these women to use them in baby mills.  So bold were they that they actually would call the homes on their websites "safe houses for trafficking victims" while having adoption applications right on the same sites!

Then poof!  Nothing.  I can't find a trace of Sharon or AIM anywhere.  People in the porn industry have been disbursed.  Just as the African American community has been disbursed since the riots.  I did a google search on all of the local charities right now in the south central part of Los Angeles - Watts, Compton, etc.  What I found was over and over again there were Catholic Charities being run by white people.  I couldn't even find a major church in those areas being run for the community by the community.  Even volunteers were being shipped in from the valley - without them generating volunteers within the local community.

Why?  Disbursement.  Divide and conquer.  A few months ago I could see the problem right now in the industry is all the glue has been removed.  We need to start banding together again.  So I looked up Phyllisha Anne and Amanda who are working on organizing a union right now that ties together all of the sex industry.  I found smear after smear and attack on them in the social media for the industry.

Now I warned Phyllisha when I met her that once word hit that her and I were talking together about working on bringing the community together as a whole that she was bound to be getting some "friend" making a phone call putting a bug in her ear that she needed to stay away from me for some reason.  I warned her about this in November.

I explained that's how they've been preventing people from creating new bonds to replace the ones that are being destroyed by these people.  I had seen the same thing happen when these same people took over control of both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  They got rid of the old guard and then when the ones left over started to regroup - they would step in and break down those ties from connecting also.  Always with some back door phone call from some "friend" issuing some "warning" about why they needed to "stay away from so and so".

But it appears they've already begun.  I've been getting text messages from someone who appears to have Phyllisha's phone number.   It's very easy to spoof text messages by the way.  Here's one site of many for example which allow you to do this very thing -

I've been getting text messages that tell me "Amanda" is a separate person from "Phyllisha".  Next thing I know she's sending me an email claiming I'm "not paying attention" and pissed off that I don't know these are not two separate people.  What a great way to get people fighting with each other!

Here's another one of their tactics to "divide and conquer".  Some of you who follow this blog know I had posted something about John Meekins in the past.  Something I misunderstood about him.  He reached out to me and we talked and I realized I had been misunderstanding something.  So I deleted the blog post and printed a retraction.

He and I started talking.  John was working as a guard at a prison where a lot of the women there were prostitutes.  He told me they were getting ready to unblock the phones to allow inmates to be able to call Polaris.  I had said what a great idea and could we also get them to unblock our hotline number also seeing as I actually run a program which will help these women do re-entry once released whereas Polaris just refers them to call programs like mine?

I thought we were building a great alliance.  John even told me of a publisher who ships a lot of books to the inmates who I could donate some bookmarks with contact information on them for  So we had started building an alliance.

Only I stopped hearing from John for a while.  Then I went online one night and he was lashing out at me pissed as all hell.  I finally managed to get him calmed down and ask him why he was so angry at me.  He then tells me how he got fired because of me.  I was like "how?" clearly because I had no idea what he was talking about.

He then tells me he was pulled into an office of the Florida Inspector General's office who told him I had called them up and accused him of trying to pimp women out of the facility.  Further he says they played him a phone call that was supposedly me calling them to make such an accusation and showed him emails I'd sent them supposedly of our conversation on Facebook.

Only I never made that call and I never sent anyone copies of any Facebook conversation.  Oh course John thinks I'm lying to cover my own ass so I demanded to know the name of the person who pulled him into this back room and made such an accusation.  He told me the woman's name was Cynthia Paddock.

So I wrote to this office about the fact they did this to John and blamed me and demanded to know who this "Cynthia Paddock" is.  Let me show you an email I just got back from them about this:

What do I make out of this?  Is it possible to disguise my voice and make a recording that someone can say is me?  It's so easy it's scary especially since I know multiple people myself who sound just like me on the phone.  For one my daughter.  People have talked to her on the phone and they've gotten angry at me because they think it's really me they're talking to.  It's not.  My daughter sounds identical to me on the phone.

But she's not unique.  We have two other members of SWA who sound identical to me on the phone.  One of them is Karen.  I have her answer the hotline a lot for me when I'm sick because people think she's me because she sounds identical to me.  I don't have an accent.  I was put in speech therapy as a kid to get rid of a southern accent I had.  So actually my voice is pretty generic.  The only thing that's really unique about my voice is my laugh.  But my voice can be easily duplicated with modern technology and using people easy enough to find.

Now what do I make out of that?  Is John lying?  No he's pretty upset so I believe him that he got fired and I was blamed for his firing.  I think that's the point.  Send John off into the trafficking arena claiming I "was the one who got him fired".  Great way to "divide and conquer" isn't it?

This was exactly what I was talking to Bill Margold about before he died.  He was one of the few people left who seemed to be able to get two or three different factions talking to each other.  Bill had agreed with me that everything was all disconnected now in the industry and we needed to find a way to rebuild the sense of "community" that the industry once had that was OUTSIDE of within the corporate culture.  Sure the people at Vivid bond together as a "family".  But where is the bonds OUTSIDE of that office?  Where does the industry bond together from say Playboy or Hustler and Vivid?  The AVN?  That's another whole corporation and machine that's not the industry.  It's the OWNERS of the industry - not the WORKERS.

If you watch this film with Sharon Mitchell you can see what I mean.  She was a point of reference that bonded the industry together outside of one corporation/production company, as well as outside of the AVN corporate structure also.  Sharon was able to shut down the whole industry with one phone call.  She caught the HIV/AIDS outbreak within a matter of DAYS.  This clinic had that kind of power.

Since AIM has shut down - we are in the middle of another HIV/AIDS epidemic that's struck the industry.  Yes Talent has got three offices where the industry can be tested but note it's THREE.  There isn't one person, nor one office, nor anything that unifies the industry through those offices and the industry sure as hell doesn't trust Michael Weinstein at the AHF.

The charges I saw coming down at these people were all bogus and manufactured - leading me to know right off the bat that I'm sure the accusation she was taking bribes was also probably manufactured.  How else did anyone know about it otherwise?  What happened after she started to regroup with this church outreach who was probably connected to her shutdown in the first place?  Am I wrong?  Look at what they did to Snowden - traitor.  Look at what they did to Assange - rapist.  Dave Elms - tried to murder a sex worker supposedly.  It's a pattern as clear as the nose on my face that when these people want you shut down - suddenly charges are manufactured against you for something.

I've made a list of the leaders and shakers in this industry and I've seen every single one of them now targeted, shut down and most of them had some kind of criminal charges manufactured against them.  It's literally so clear to me that unless I see they're coming after you then I don't believe you're of any threat to them.  The question is why?

It may not seem related but it is.  Watch the film "Concussion".  It shows how the NFL spend a lot of money to make sure the players didn't know how badly they were injured or about traumatic brain injury.  Why?  Look at how much it's costing them now to pay for that damage.  Dr. Amen's been setting up a whole clinic not only teaching these men how to help repair that brain damage, but also he's been able to get a lot of those men off opiate pain medications for those injuries.  I watched how Dr. Omahu was also attacked the same way Dr. Sharon Mitchell was.  He had to move and also you can't reach him easily because of the threats he was receiving.  I saw an online campaign organized against him to try and stop the movie from being made.  There was even a petition to try and get Will Smith not to be in this film because that would guarantee it would be made.

They did the same thing with the people who blew the whistle about the water quality in Michigan.  In a documentary I saw on this every single person who tried to alert the public to this being a health hazard was also soon discredited, smeared, even arrested.  Same as they're doing in North Dakota with those people protesting the oil pipeline there.  Amy Goodman was another one arrested just trying to report on that!

Oh and by the way - the medical association has been coming after Dr. Amen basically calling him a "quack" just like they did John Mack with his research on people saying they were abducted for research purposes.  Same as they came after Dr. Omahu trying to clam he had screwed up on some case also.  I watched this film out recently about Hemingway and how they were coming after him also.  Now it appeared he really was running guns to help Cuba but the point still remains that in the film it showed how the government was targeting him to press criminal charges to try and stop what he was doing.  Makes me wonder if he really committed suicide now to be honest.   I say that because I've seen how the ones who keep going past that point - they either wind up a "suicide" or found hung somewhere like they did Sandra Bland.

I went and did some research on if this was true by looking into Brazil where it's legal over there.  I saw the same thing - their sex worker advocates and organizers have all suddenly disappeared.  Websites are down.  Phone numbers disconnected.  I can't find a way to reach certain people.   I mean what's this all about?

When I was arrested in 1984 I remember specifically asking the cop who formed a task force to get me arrested what was so fucking important about me to do this?  I asked him why me when I'm surrounded by monsters who are beating, kidnapping, raping, and otherwise horribly abusing women in this industry - why are they coming after me when I'm creating a safe working environment, and setting up women I'm working with things like unemployment, disability, long term nursing home care if needed, paying their taxes, and even getting them credit ratings so they can buy a house or car one day.  Why come after me when I'm doing this?

I asked him "why are you coming after me when the alternative would be for me to be standing on a corner with a needle in one arm and a pimp on the other"?  He replied to me "that's just why I'm coming after you because that's where you all belong".  I didn't understand that for years and years until I started really looking at what would happen if we did become an industry like any other.  Meaning we could also file for unemployment benefits, workers compensation, disability, etc.?

What does that mean to the state in the terms of dollars?  Imagine if a porn performer or stripper could actually qualify to get disability for 52 weeks if we went through another crash like 2008?  Imagine if they get HIV/AIDS then they can qualify for vocational rehabilitation.   How much does all of that cost then the state to be shelling out?

Damn that's a lot of money.  Now there's laws against union busting.  So anyone who tries and organize a union can't be stopped or they can step in with the lawyers.  If all of this is really to try and stop a union from forming - then what would be the most effective way to stop it if you can't directly do any "union busting"?

I've watched other organizations such as PETA, NRA, the Monsanto protestors, and even the civil rights movement groups - how were they brought down?   They weren't really brought down by the direct opposition as much as the "insiders".  I read last night how a completely bogus group called the "Invaders" was set up to try and discredit Martin Luther King.  This group gave out wooden sticks to kids and stirred them up to break store windows.  Then Martin Luther King was blamed saying he was a "hypocrite" because here he was "using violence when he preaches non-violent protest".

Let's translate this into modern terms.  Could there be a completely fake group out there trying to say they're trying to organize a union for sex workers while in reality NOT doing that?

How do these guys fight?  For one thing, when they really want to fight you they won't print your name anywhere.  Take a look at the social media for me - and you won't find my name anywhere.  I saw whole sites taken down and rebuilt just to wipe out all traces of my name including the site for the show "8 Minutes".  It was taken down so all traces of my comments even were removed.  The Tits N Sass blog was taken down, my name white washed, and then put back up again with them featuring the leaders THESE people wanted them to feature.

So we know when they're really coming after you - they don't print your name.  You won't find my name anywhere in the Review Journal post-2007 except for one quote one reporter had to slip past his publisher to get printed to show I was still there.  I can't find anything like an interview with Sharon Mitchell or Dave Elms since they were both shut down.  It's like they, and I, don't exist anymore.

Meaning in a way you can tell more about someone by what's NOT being said here than by what is.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Dear Members of ABC:

Please allow me to introduce myself.  Now let me ask you a couple of questions before going further.

1.  Have you heard of sex trafficking happening today in America?

2.  Are there legal brothels in California?

3.  Have you heard or seen of the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Here's why I ask.  In the late 70's and early 80's - America devoutly did not believe sex trafficking was real.  So much so that the "Happy Hooker" was on the NY Times Best Seller list, the XXX film "Deep Throat" was being played in mainstream theaters that if you were "hip" you saw it, Playboy had it's "Gold Key Club" across the country that wealthy businessmen had their business functions at, and Dolly Parton was singing "nothing dirty going on" in her musical about a brothel in Texas with Sylvester Stallone as her romantic lead where she was the madam and he was the local sheriff (based on a true story).  The "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" was a huge musical romantic comedy by the way where the song Whitney Houston later remade of "I will always love you" was the hit song of the musical.

When Linda Lovelace herself got up and told America she had been forced to film "Deep Throat" with her pimp pointing  gun on her off camera, and the film had been financed by the mob, with no one on the set stepping up to stop him or free her - audiences in America would literally "boo" her or shout out "liar" to her when she was on talk shows.  

Prostitutes were viewed as either "worthless criminals" where the police would go out weekly in buses and arrest them in "sweeps" while churches organized "projects" where they would go out and chase the prostitutes out of that area like they were cockroaches - and their murders were being completely ignored.  The "Grim Reaper" had murdered so many African American women in Los Angeles, leaving their bodies in dumpsters, that even when their mothers protested how LAPD was not investigating these cases - nothing was done until 25 YEARS later when a white reporter here in the states picked up on the story.  They were also viewed so much as a "health risk" that in 1986 a Bill was proposed to try and put prostitutes on an island to "quarantine" them from harming "society".  

I want you to have an idea what I was up against and why the first "safe house" for adults in this country was called a "brothel" in the news.  You can see the clip at where it shows I had a warehouse next to the police station with iron bars and surveillance cameras which shot footage sent to a camera off site where I would put those we had to hide from traffickers.  Why not just put them in a shelter or drug treatment program?  Because if you were a prostitute in Los Angeles - one prostitute who had been stabbed 51 times was refused to be admitted by a hospital, the drug treatment centers and the shelters would REFUSE them admittance because back then you were a "criminal posing a health risk".  

I knew the media wouldn't believe that warehouse wasn't a brothel for the very reasons I set it up - no one believed any of this stuff was real any longer.  In the 1968 "Thoroughly Modern Millie" starring Julie Andrews - it was a musical comedy about Asian sex trafficking where the owner of a hotel for young actresses was drugging them and then selling them into an opium den brothel.  The "finale" was her organizing a rescue and burning the place down.  It was very clear they were spoofing these ideas as "jokes" and not "real" if you watch the film today.  

So from 1984 until 1987 - I got mentored.  I went out and put together a board of people who had not only been a part of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous but who had also "changed the world".  I mean people used to think that alcoholics were winos in alleys.  Not until Betty Ford stepped up to confess she was one - did they really believe this disease could affect anyone.  Which meant 12 step fellowships also brought about change.  

Yet while AA was accepted - in the early days of NA addicts who would attend would be arrested.  For that reason, the early meetings of NA had to be organized like drug deals!  Laws had to be passed just so they could meet in peace and addicts on probation wouldn't be violated for "associating with felons" by going to their NA meetings to stay clean.  Imagine that world - where to stay clean and attend an NA meeting you had to hide it for your probation officer because he might violate and arrest you for such an act!  

I had also got a lot of help for my own PTSD with a holocaust survivors group I joined.  The members there taught me a lot about how Hitler came into power, as well as the way propaganda was used to justify the way they were being treated.  I mean something had to be spun to stop people from marching up the street to shut down the gas chambers who were burning so many people the cafeteria owners would have to come in early just to sweep up the ashes from the bodies that would float down over their cafes overnight.  

They introduced me to some people who were organizing some events at the East West Center.  They introduced me to people who had walked with Gandhi, and knew Malcolm X personally.  So by the time I walked onto that first talk show stage in 1987 to say that (1) sex trafficking was real, (2) our country needed to change in order to help us stop this from happening and provide the victims with proper care afterwards, (3) not all prostitutes were junkies with pimps, and (3) promote our hotline and program which was the first national program for ALL adults (male, female and transgender) who were straight and LGBT, as well as any, or no, religion - I had a lot of people behind me who had armed me with knowledge of the American civil rights movement, Gandhi, Nazi Germany, prohibition, womens' movement - and essentially any movement which required changing the world view in order for change to be accomplished.

The reason why I asked about if you'd seen brothels in California is just the next year, 1988, Joe Conforte, the previous owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel, had decided he wanted to expand the legal brothels into the state as a "solution to the HIV crisis".  He bought himself a college to research his brothel and declare that "no brothel prostitutes have HIV" which the street walkers of Los Angeles had shown an 80 percent infection rate.  Joe also put up a $1,000,000 into a PR firm to help him win on that project.  

So by 1988 - not only we were founding the modern day sex trafficking movement which achieved federal recognition with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000, but we also defeated the push to expand the brothels into California.  By the way - no one stood up with me on that fight.  They were all too scared of Joe because of how he murdered that boxer in cold blood and didn't do one day in jail!

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas didn't just appear overnight.  For quite a while, the mayor, Oscar Goodman, and brothel owners like Dennis Hof and Lance Gilman, along with many celebrities who included Gene Simmons for one, and many business owners like the Cashman family who owns the Cashman Center and the car dealership - wanted to put a legal brothel where that museum now stands.  Also on that clip site I sent you is him being quoted as talking about how they could build "magnificent brothels" in Las Vegas.  Something Oscar would promote to investors about how profitable it would be with it being an "international stop for businessmen from all over the world".  

I was also the only person I saw around me fighting that fight also.  In fact, when we walked into the legislature in February of 2013 to testify against the project to expand the brothels into Las Vegas - we were literally the ONLY opponents to speak up against the brothel lobbyist at that hearing.  We watched 45 so called "abolitionists" get up and walk out of the legislature right before that hearing started in fact.  Not one of them would even join us for moral support.  The important thing is the legislature did the right thing and voted against that idea.  

So when I approach you I do so as the "founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement" with documentation attached to prove this statement.  I also am the reason why we don't have legal brothels in California or where the Mob Museum now stands in Las Vegas.  I'm telling you this because I want you to first of all understand I don't come to you with a bunch of "theories" or "opinions" but with actual real world experience at literally "changing the world" and "starting a movement".  

Tell me if Vegas isn't going to be a different place entirely now with not only that museum there instead of a brothel - but also because of the arts district that went in around that area also, which led to a farmers market, and now talks of a grocery store moving into that part of town where many poor and disabled live because of the cheap rents.  All things I accomplished without any money, looking like Barbie, or having rich famous powerful "friends" in high places.  I mean let's get real - by the early 1980's I was considered one of those "junkie prostitutes".  

We have a lot more in common than maybe you realize at first glance.  First of all, I appear "white" but in reality I'm the descendant of a union between a slave owner and a freed slave who ran off to have a family together.  I also am part of a Native American and white couple - so slavery and 'forbidden love" are part of my ancestry.  It also means I'm African American by blood.  Something I wasn't even aware of until I did my genealogy.

One of the reasons why I wanted to change things was because I was in the middle of what's now been called Iran Contra.  For those of you who don't know anything about this - I'd suggest "Charlie's War" for one, as well as "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", "Cocaine Cowboys" and also "Crack in the System".  Essentially, our government wanted to buy guns for the Contra's but couldn't get the budget officially to do so.  So to raise cash "off the books" they didn't have to answer to anyone about - they were the ones who arranged to flood this country with cocaine. 

All while blaming the African American gangs for the epidemic.  Ice T also talked about this being part of the frustration that became the LA Riots in his documentary.  Remember, we didn't have the internet back then.  The major media was blaring it's propaganda with the only voices they had in south central being rap music which was being sold out of the trunks of cars - and the Molotov cocktail.  John Singleton took to writing to carry his message in films like "Boz in the Hood" and Mario Van Peeples in "New Jack City".  

But realize that the music and film industry of the 1980's that was revealing the whole true story to us - wasn't controlled by the very people who were part of the problem back then unlike today.  After the Telecommunications Act of 1995 - things changed dramatically.  For one - the law REQUIRED that every time Joe went onto TV in 1988 - he had to have a "counter opinion" air with him.  Something not required today by the way.  

I used to run public service announcements all over this country with our hotline number on it.  That meant if you turned on the TV at 2:00 a.m. in New York, Seattle, Chicago, etc. you would see Frances Nuyen saying "do you want help to leave - call (818) XXX-XXX".  We also had a weekly public access show we filmed here in Los Angeles.  I would interview a different survivor every week on that show.  Then I'd duplicate it and mail a copy to another TV station in another city who would air it there, and so on and so on until we had these airing across the country on public access channels.  This gave voice to survivors in their words unedited and unsponsored - and not asking for money either.

After the Trafficking Act of 2000 got passed - I made the mistake of thinking "we're done".  The truth is it had just begun.  That's what I'd like to talk to you about.  Because everything I learned about social change and activism was done BEFORE things changed.  If you have watched the movie about "Wikileaks" you'd know that basically the internet created a world where many people in power realized they couldn't hide a lot of things any longer.  What this did was set about a way of "countering" movements using technology and the understanding of people into "smear" campaigns.  

Take a look at what's happening right now to KFC as but one example.  They're suing a marketing company who created a social media campaign against their company who was spreading rumors they were serving "deep fried rats" and other such horrible lies to smear them.  Now I want you to think about how much money KFC generates in sales - and compare it to what you think sex and drug trafficking mean - and you'll realize that if certain people use these types of smear campaigns over chicken - they sure as hell will when it comes to other things also.  Especially when it comes to things like how our country just set aside over TWO BILLION dollars to "fight sex trafficking" in countries where prostitution is legal by the way.

Let me ask you something - if you were a politician and you wanted to go into a country who had no "weapons of mass destruction" what would you do?  Now Bush went into Iran even after being told they "didn't have any" under a thin veneer of saying he "thought they had them".  But what's the one thing some countries do have that don't have weapons of mass destruction that could be something so powerful as to incite this whole country to agree that it's "worth invading them over".  

Welcome to what's happening right now with the modern day Iran Contra.  Only to push this agenda - it's also become the new "war on the African American community".  I came out saying that the traffickers we were fighting were men in power - police, politicians, prosecutors, film makers, etc.  The people who hijacked our movement - follow around behind African American men calling them "traffickers".  

When Jada Pinkett-Smith led the CNN Freedom Project on their crusade against "traffickers" where did she go?  Did they go where we held a press conference in 2007 to say it's an "out of control epidemic"?  Where Bob Herbert from the NY Times wrote that he validated my statement that you could "throw a rock and hit a victim" that had Oscar threatening him with a "baseball bat to the head"?  

No.  She led you into Atlanta, Georgia where every "trafficker" shown was an African American male and every "victim" was a young African American girl.  Check out this no "No Such Thing" campaign funded by the McCain Institute with Malika Saar wearing corn rows and their "poster child" is an African American girl.  Meaning if you watch every major media show right now out about sex trafficking - you will see the brainwashing of America into thinking this is about the African American community.  

While the reality is the traffickers I'm fighting today wear badges and are of every color and country.  So I was hoping maybe I could just connect to some of your group and we could talk.  I wanted to also point out that the methods I learned from the "masters" of social change - lived in a different world.  I say that because I'm seeing many groups report they're getting hurt by not updating their methods.  I have seen Monsanto protesters report their cell phones were cut off during  protest, and hackers went in and canceled their events.  I'm reading people at the Million Man March speak about how major media didn't even cover the event except to smear them.  

I have sat by and watched as major media has outright lied and staged things that are beyond believable when it comes to sex trafficking.  Things the FCC has told me there is "nothing that they can do" and even now Fox has won the legal right to not only spread a false story - but further can threaten to fire a reporter who balks at reporting a lie.  I don't mean "spin" either - but I can show you articles and pieces where they've even set up "fake" meetings of ours to blast out on media to destroy a reputation that took me 30 years to build they destroyed in seconds.  That was even after I sent them a legal notice threatening to sue them - they still aired a segment on NBC where it was entirely staged.  I did threaten to sue them for copyright and trademark infringement for using our group's name without my consent  - but the damage is already done.

I can show you things they've done that would led me to believe that even Sandra Bland's being pulled over for no accident.  Her story is tied to why I had to tell every member of SWA to not "identify" as such.  We had to take down our groups, our facebook profiles, our forums, etc. and we had to tell every member to remove all reference to our name even on their profiles because we were having members report back to us of being stalked, threatened, even fake criminal charges suddenly appearing on their records.  

So I'd like to talk to you about the "modern day tactics" if I might.  I'm working on a book about the whole thing right now I'm going to call "Anatomy of a Movement" but while I'm working on it I was hoping maybe we could talk.  

Thank you for your time.

Jody Williams

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I got a disturbing call today from a woman in Detroit, Michigan.  She's a single mom of two kids with one disabled.  She wound up homeless for some reason with these kids.  Her social worker hasn't been able to find her housing so they put her into a mens shelter (what are they thinking?).  They wouldn't give her a written lease, a key, nothing that showed she was a legal resident of this shelter.  You know why?  They want to be able to call her a "trespasser" any time they want and put her out.  However, under the tenancy laws of Michigan - if you're invited to enter a property then you are not a trespasser, but therefore a "squatter".

Either way, they have to still give you a legal notice to evict you.  Even if it's a 24 hour one.  However, what disturbs me greatly is the fact I just read that Michigan passed a law in 2014 that squatters can "be forcibly physically removed" from the property?  Are you kidding me?

Since when does this law give anyone the right to touch another human being without their consent?  I don't see anything in this law defining the difference between "removal" and "assault".  If you ask me it's inviting landlords to harm tenants physically who can't afford lawyers to sue for assault.  To me - this is unconstitutional.  You can't deprive someone of their property, home or freedom without "due process of law".

So I talked to the mother on the phone.  I told her I would send a written legal notice to her case worker, and to the landlord, that if they forced her and those kids out on the streets I would sue them for everything I could find on the books to sue them for myself.  I could go to the ACLU for sexual discrimination for throwing the only female out of that shelter.

You know what she tells me?  I don't "want to make trouble".  This woman is African American by the way.

The two sisters I was helping in Miami were African American.  They were in a motel room they had paid for.  The law states even in a motel room that they have to legally evict them.  I was being told that the soonest we could get them into a program is three weeks.  I could fight that out in court.  This meant that when the landlord came to throw them out - they just had to refuse to leave along with demanding a legal lock-out notice.  Then I could also fight that in court to get those three weeks until we could get them into a program.

You know what she told me?  "I don't want to make trouble".  I told her I could offer the landlord advertising and a donation receipt for the value of the room for the time she stays there so he's not at a total loss for the time.  She refused.

The one sister bailed on me back to the streets because she "didn't want to make trouble" with the landlord.  The other one didn't want to go and we've helped her into another program by arranging to get her out of Miami.

What's going on?  Why have I gotten these calls this week with no homeless beds available for women in both Miami and now Detroit?  Why are two African American women telling me they're afraid to stand up and tell a cop "you touch me I file assault charges?"

I can't help but think Sandra Bland has got these women terrified.  I'm terrified.  The media has a lot of power.  I've watched a lot of Derren Brown videos and I know the power of putting the same images into someone's eyes and I can't help but think we've been seeing a lot of the Sandra Bland's stories.

Where are our hero stories?   Why is the media not inspiring us to fight back right now?  Why are we talking about fighting sex trafficking when we've got young women being put onto the street - and what do you think is going to happen?  That is just the prey that pimps are looking for being cast right into into the streets like shooting fish in a barrel.  How much money is being put into fighting trafficking - yet these women are not getting housing?


Saturday, August 8, 2015

SPIKE LEE'S "BLOOD OF JESUS" FILM  Welcome to watching Spike Lee try and find his place in this 2014 world.  One where Bill Cosby is now a serial rapist.   I don't think anyone is going to think of him as Dr. Huxtable any longer.  

But I am a Spike Lee fan.  Most people look at me and think I'm "white' so they probably don't understand.  I'm also Native American AND African American.  Back in my great-grand parents generation we have a slave owner who had a plantation in Arkansas.   One of our relatives is black.  Growing up people used to tell me "girl I'd swear you were black but you're very white".  It was in recovery I did a geneology and learned how the white man "whiteized" us as Indians by putting us in white schools, with white clothes, and white teachers, and making sure we didn't know our own language any longer.  Breaking us away with our connection to the earth and our spirituality.  But also that yes I am part African American as well.   I am truly an American "mutt".

Anyway, I've always liked Spike Lee, and his films, and what he's been trying to do with his films.  I even remember when he was trying to save a New York neighborhood from being "gentrified" as he called it.  He lost - but he tried.  So of course I have to admit i was shocked to hear he was making a horror film.  So I sat back to watch it when it came out on Netflix last night.  

Welcome to the parade of prostitutes.  We have the prostitute who wears a nice dress, and hangs out in jazz clubs.  The one who never quotes a price until she's back in the house or hotel with the man's pants around his ankles.  This lovely lady was clearly uneducated, couldn't even talk properly - but of course knew how to quote him $500.  Her response to her request for money was instead to have her neck sucked on by the main character and murdered.  Because of course prostitutes are disposable you know.

So we go from the nightclub prostitute to the ghetto single mother prostitute.  The great wealthy learned cultured man strolls down into the ghetto to sit next to a single mother living in the projects.  She knows the game and in her financial desperation even invites him into her project apartment with the baby in the next room.  As he also strolls out after murdering her without one thought of what would happen  to that baby in the crib in the next room.  We can even see the financial desperation on this character as she struggles against saying "no" but then realizes she also needs to feed this child she clearly loves.  He seems like a nice man though doesn't he?

Then we see the marriage whore.  The woman who marries for money.  Tell her that her husband who paid her bills is dead - and she doesn't bat an eye marrying this guy who told her the news because he's got a big house, a nice car and even servants.  A girl has to take care of herself now doesn't she?  We even got the "whore story" every trick wants to hear our of his whore about how he's saving her life from such a horrible upbringing as we got out of this prostitute in the film.

Then we got to see the "fancy prostitute".  She's the one who has her own place, but travels to see other men in her field that want a "good time">  She's so used to the game that when she gets a call to come have a lesbian one-nighter with his new wife - she's right there with her party hat on.  She doesn't get paid by the hour either - but she is the type who gets a grant or a job or even an expensive gift she can sell to pay her mortgage.  Maybe she gets a boat or a cottage donated to her work.  But she's still just another form of whore.

Spike - what the hell is wrong with you?  This is how you're portraying African American women today?  As just a bunch of different types of whores?  If any other film maker had made this "parade of prostitutes" of African American women in the 1990's - you would have ripped them apart.  Seriously Spike - what is wrong with you?  This isn't even your type of film - let alone you hating on black women today.  Is is any wonder we have a Sandra Bland viewed as "disposible"?

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Let me ask you something - if you were an illegal alien being targeted by sex traffickers - where are you going to go for safety and protection?  Don't you find it interesting that Dianne Feinstein is now trying to get the "sanctuary cities" shut down?

Now I've already learned what side California US Attorney Kamala Harris is on with respect to sex trafficking.  She's on the side of her donors.  When homeowners were illegally foreclosed upon by Bank of America, as well as companies like Wells Fargo, etc. - those homeowners went out to get an attorney to help them who said he "wasn't afraid of the big dogs".  One of those attorney's was Mitchell Stein.  Mitchell also knew that some homeowners didn't even know they had recourse.  So to find those homeowners - he embarked upon a marketing campaign.

Then I saw happen what happens when you go up against one of these people.  First, Kamala supposedly "accidentally" burned the records needed from the homeowners to do something about their situation.   Mitchell brought a lawsuit against her for that. There was some brief applause - and then the plan went into effect.

I've gotten so used to it I just turned to my daughter over dinner and said "well they'll be coming after him next and the smear campaign online will be starting soon".  Which is exactly what happened.  Here's the "smear" (anyone who tries to help these homeowners is a con artist  if you read this article - which by the way you don't have to be a lawyer to help someone in a situation like this and as far as I know there's no law against using telemarketers to generate leads to find clients for any service even for attorney's) -

I mean read between the lines here.  This article says a judge got the marketing shut down BUT NO CRIMINAL CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED -;_ylt=A0SO8oc6hcNVN30A50pXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyNmR0bjRmBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDQTAxNTZfMQRzZWMDc3I  Which means the judge shut down their efforts to find people to let them know they had legal recourse - but "no criminal charges" had been filed against the company.  Also, from what I see nothing was illegal.  If this type of advertising was illegal - then the ads for the NSPCA would have been shut down entirely for making people think their donations benefit the program nationally - and not just one shelter.  Now I got news for you folks - what happened in this case is just about how every law firm acts these days.

They have an operator answering the phone who has "little or no legal training" because she's a RECEPTIONIST.  Then the receptionist has a PARALEGAL call you back to get the information on your case who also IS NOT AN ATTORNEY.  Then the information is reviewed, and if everything is in order, THEN an attorney will call you back to discuss your case.

Try it sometime.  Because this article makes it sound like anyone who would advertise or try and find people to help with their foreclosure is some kind of con artist that has to be "shut down".  Only it says very clearly that no one had been charged with fraud.  Mitchell didn't even go to jail over this - he went over something else the state dug up against him.

As for Dianne Feinstein's "office making referrals" it's very possible that people in her office did make referrals that Dianne would have no knowledge of because she doesn't answer her own phones - but interns and assistants do who very possibly might have given homeowners' the attorney's phone numbers to call for help.  But what went on here is that people who were trying to scout out homeowners who had no idea what their legal rights were in the foreclosures in order to help them file a suit for the laws that were violated, and maybe even keep their homes, were blocked by the people who are supposed to be representing us.  Heck they even got an injunction, which is like a restraining order, to STOP anyone from reaching out to help these people.  Then we have the news making it appear that anyone offering to help you against them is a "con artist" even though "no criminal charges have been filed" (because it's not illegal what they did)- and what you have is that the California US Attorney is a guard dog for the banks NOT the people.

Now I ask you - if they would go this far to attack people who are trying to find clients who were wronged by the big banks in this country then how come I can't get a phone call back from her office about a multinational sex trafficking ring that's operating in this country that I DO have evidence against who reside, and operate out of, California?  A ring where three people have already been convicted and sentenced for pimping in Wichita, Kansas, and for which now Liang Yaohui has been arrested who was a member of the National People's Congress,   and also had almost 900 massage parlors, 3,000 escorts, and was operating a brothel out of the Crown Prince 5 star hotel in China.  A ring where when a victim called me for help - I got threatened by a police officer and an attorney who somehow knew about her call like my phones were tapped?  Hmm?  Oh, and the man who offered to help me help her?  He's being audited also by IRS.  You can read more about her case here -

With no client making a complaint against Mitchell Stein (who I don't know personally by the way) - the whole power of the government came down upon Mitchell Stein until they got him in prison for the next 17 years.  THAT'S what happens when you try and go up against the big dogs.  She's cheap though.  Supposedly Bank of America only donated $1500 to Kamala from what the records show any way for this support.

US?  I don't work.  After my landlords being harassed for a while, the third ones in a row who mysteriously kept being targeted on "zoning violations", I decided to rent a trailer and move around every few days "off the grid".  I work for myself so I don't have anyone who can be threatened into firing me.  I don't have a grant coming in that I'm lobbying for.  I know my donors will just be targeted for harassment so I don't ask for donations.  So I can speak my mind without fear.

But they found a way anyway.  My ex-husband is on the board of Pacifica Radio.  They got slapped with an audit and are dangerously close to being shut down.  So close my ex-husband told me I not only can't put a show on their station about sex trafficking in the USA, but even the DJ's at the station have been told to not accept me as a caller.  I found that out when I tried to call in with a question when Rick "Freeway" Ross was on talking about Iran Contra and his new book.  So much for "Sojourn for the Truth" anyway.

The joke on Kamala though is that my ex-husband isn't involved with our activities since our divorce and he doesn't speak to me.  Why?  He can't cope with the fact our daughter has a brain tumor very well so he doesn't call or come visit us because "he can't cope".  So she's not really harming me here - only the people at Pacifica Radio and the listeners who think they're hearing the "real" truth because it's public radio.

Or she's busy looking at illegally obtained and published videotapes against Planned Parenthood.  That's what a judge said when other reporters tried to do the same thing to ACORN anyway when the judge slapped the reporter with a $100,000 fine.  

Now if a reporter couldn't get it out based on the SLAPP law, or the public's "right to know", and he's slapped with a fine - then please tell me why Kamala Harris is looking at an illegal tape in the first place instead of charging whoever filmed the piece of blackmail, and then the stations that illegally aired them with the crime they're committing?  Because it is illegal to air any video that doesn't have the consent of all parties in all states except Texas or Nevada that I'm aware of.  Which means if anyone needs to be charged with anything it's the people who filmed that video - and those stations that aired it without a release.

I would like to think that Kamala Harris would be on the side of protecting not just these women who are being victimized by this sex trafficking ring - but also the many people who are falling victim to this ring.  This case here of Donald Banks?  Right out of their textbook.  Even down to the threats coming from text message to him.  Then he gets falsely led to believe the police are going to help him so he flies all the way out to California to engage in a "sting" operation against Teofil - only the one who got "stung" was Donald.

Because now the whole thing is out in the press as public record - and he can't silence everything with an injunction of it "violating his privacy" now as he could have if he had not gone to the police and the DA's office  in the first place for protection.   Plus now anyone who thinks about going to the police for help - will have this case waived under their nose along with being told "not a good idea".  I still haven't heard by the way who the gun in Teofil's trunk was registered to - have you?  You know the gun in his trunk the cop found as to why he couldn't get bail?    Oh yeah - these people are working for the traffickers - not the people they're supposed to be protecting.

I'm also now having some serious doubts about what's going on with Dianne Feinstein.  I of course reached out to her about "Music's" case where this woman was drug out of her home by two Pasadena cops, in front of her son and mother, then had two fake charges slapped against her for prostitution signed by Pasadena judge when she announced to this ring that she wanted to retire now she's about 50 years old and she's been prostituting, and helping them with their blackmail and trade secret schemes, since she was eight years old now.  One where when she tried to reach out for help to us - we then started being threatened by cops and attorney's also.  Of course I got no response Dianne's office either.  .  (Oh by the way - if you go to this link and it's "down for maintenance" don't be surprised.  That happened two minutes after I referenced the link.  However, I've learned my lesson and have a pdf saved of the page if you'd like to see it as a reference - just ask.)

No - she's too busy trying to convince us that putting a tap on our phones, without having to go through that pesky little process of having to have enough evidence to get a warrant to do so first, is the way to "fight sex trafficking".  Now I can remind you readers again that I'M THE FOUNDER OF THE MOVEMENT.  I'm the one who called for our legal system, and the world, to recognize that sex trafficking was not an urban myth, and that we needed to set up systems for the victims to be able to find help in the first place.  If you doubt this - you can read the history of the movement here on this link,    along with clippings I have proving when I started this movement in 1987 at

But instead of talking to me, and instead of returning my faxes, and emails (I can't get anything but voicemail when I try and call her and then no one returns my calls), she instead wants to go for these phone taps as a solution?  Has anyone around here by the way who is under the age of 50 years old seen the series on Netflix "En Le Boca del  Lobo"?    It details how the drug cartel got phone taps on all the phones so they could tell who might be trying to rat them out to get charges filed against any of them.  Now Pablo Escobar just went ahead and got himself into the Mexican government itself so he could have a law passed that would block him from being extradited.

Oh I'm just being "paranoid" and "imagining things" when I say that those in power who are saying to the press they are "fighting sex trafficking" while shutting our members, and myself, out of the process (we are not only the founders of the trafficking movement - but we also are the oldest and largest group of adult survivors in this country by the way and we've been headquartered in Nevada since 1995), entirely is completely a figment of my imagination right?

Check this out.   It's a letter from the Nevada US Attorney, Maria Castilla-Couch saying "what me - I'm not working on anything to do with trafficking" when I wrote her office asking to be put on the list to be notified of events going on with respect to AB67.  I had seen a few events already in the newspaper that I had not received any prior notice of so that our SWA members, and myself, could attend and weigh in our our input.  This was her answer to me -  Now not the date on this statement of June 2013 -  So the Nevada US Attorney writes me in January of 2013 to tell me "what bill?" that she just passed in June of 2013.  Nah - I'm just imagining we were shut entirely out of that process.  

So I'm not talking anything new under the sun here when it comes to people in criminal operations doing what they do to protect themselves by infiltrating and influencing the government.  It's why the minute we had an attorney asking Pasadena LAPD for a copy of this woman's booking video - he gets a threatening call from a Pasadena attorney, Bill Paparian.  Now how might I ask did Bill even know about the request?  He has some pipeline from the LAPD to his office?

I have another case where a man in San Jose filed a complaint against a trafficking ring that's pimping out his ex-girlfriend.  The minute he called the police - HE then gets threatened by a private investigator.  Now how did that information get off his desk?  If anyone has seen the series "Ray Donovan" by the way - you might remember how one investigator who wanted this main character so badly that to do so he had to keep all of his evidence in his basement because things kept "missing" off his desk and filing cabinet then you'd have an idea why this show is lightly fictionalized but very clearly based on true stories and real people.  

Now I'm hearing about a protest being organized today against Dianne Feinstein on behalf of immigrants.  Here's a link to it  Probably having to organize a protest outside her office for the same reason I'm afraid to go down to the Pasadena police station now - for fear I'll be arrested on a 5150 charge and the same thing happen to me that happened to Sandra Bland.

Oh yes after some public pressure the Chief did call and invite me to come down and speak to him - the very same day some woman online I don't know and who I certainly did not threaten, who just happens to be a part of the Orange County Trafficking Task Force, started telling people online that I was "stalking her" and "threatening her" and she was "afraid for her life".  Gee that's funny.  I had tried to get information on Abeni that works with trafficking victims because I run the Sex Workers Anonymous hotline.  I didn't know requesting information was putting someone in "fear of her life".  But then I saw that the Chief also lives in Orange county - the pieces make more sense.  Especially since he's asking me to come down to speak to him in person about the officer who threatened me WITHOUT ASKING FOR THE OFFICERS NAME FIRST.

Now I ask you - how is he going to protect me from harm coming into, and leaving, the station from this officer if he doesn't know the guy's name?  I mean how is he going to take steps to protect me if he doesn't know what shift he's on or where he's at when I'm coming in.  Doesn't sound like he is going to be trying to protect me now does it?  So why am I coming in?  Now this weird 5150 complaint that happened the same day makes more sense.  No - I'm not walking into that office until I have some assurance that I'm not the one that's going to be carted off.  I'm willing to bet that is why Chief Sanchez has refused to tell me the name of the "trafficking groups he's currently working with" when I asked - I'd bet $100 cash that it's Abeni.

Sandra Bland was trying to tell us we have a problem within the police force right now.  Her death demonstrated that problem.  We have lost control of the system people, and that's why Montgomery Sibley, another person they're branding "nuts" is saying we need to have a "constitutional congress".  

This is nothing new.  Believe it or not Billy Jack tried to warn us this was coming when I was a teenager.  I just didn't understand what the heck he was talking about back then.   He also tried to make films to raise awareness about what was happening to the native Americans in this country in the best way he knew - making films.  Then when he tried to speak out about how to fix the problem - everyone just wrote him off as "just an actor".   I didn't listen and try to understand however - and now look at me.  I'm trying to go get help for this victim and now I'm the one who is being threatened - NOT THE TRAFFICKING RING.

There is something wrong here people.  The pattern is clear.  The predators have control over the system that's supposed to protect us - and its using it against us.  Ever since the FCC allowed our voices to be silenced in the 1995 laws - now anyone who speaks out is called a "fringe lunatic" because we can't get our voices back on the same level footing as they have.  That's stacking the deck against us just as they tried to shut down the people trying to tell those homeowners they have recourse and rights also.

Do you understand this is not just about a few hookers I'm trying to warn you about and rally you against?  This is exactly by the way how Hitler did it - even down to claiming that "immigrants are taking our jobs".  Isn't that what he wound people up about the Jews with the same claims?

Dianne Feinstein - if I'm wrong and you want to do something to help fight sex trafficking then you call me and prove me wrong.  I've only been reaching out to you for two years now.  These people are having to protest to get your attention.  What does it take?  You say you're "against NSA spying" but then you're calling out for wire taps to "fight trafficking" - you can't help but think I'm going to say this looks like you're trying to get wire taps on phones like mine so you can protect traffickers from people trying to go to the police about them.   Because if you don't want the NSA to have the tap - then how is this going to "fight trafficking"?

People - the fox is guarding the chicken coop as my grandmother used to say and we have to figure out what to do about it before more people are harmed by this.  Nevada Metro refuses to listen to any information I have coming into our hotline on active murder and missing people cases - so they did nothing to stop this maniac.   But Heather did.  She shouldn't have had to.  If Metro hadn't had the head of their Vice Dept. and a woman who is on their trafficking task force tell me "take me off your mailing list" and refuse my calls - Heather wouldn't have had to take that shot.

I'm not saying we need to go out and shoot people.  I'm saying she might not have had to if I could get Metro to talk to me about the information I have coming in about men like that.  But they aren't because they're too busy protecting the traffickers, especially those who wear badges.  I tried to get those women out of that house and help the best way I could - but instead everything was dismissed and they were "sent back to work" also.  Why?  To cover up for the cops involved.  Am I lying?  I don't see a defamation suit on me anywhere do you?

People - please we have to organize and we have to do something.  What's happening here right now happened in Mexico and Columbia in the 1990's.  They had to form a "faceless justice committee".   Even Serpico himself has said we've lost control and he's hiding in a cabin in the woods in fear for his life.  The Knapp Commission was disbanded by Knapp when he was made a judge.   There is no teeth anymore in Internal Affairs and the media is printing nothing but absolute lies.  Any reporter who even tries to tell the truth is fired.  Yes I have proof of that also.  I've got a stack of letters from reporters telling me they were fired when they tried to stand up for the truth.

Do you know what the traffickers say?  I don't see anyone objecting.  Just like how Snoop Dogg walks around after his 2003 operation he confessed to in Rolling Stone.   They aren't "objecting" because they don't want to wind up like Bill Cosby's victims - who only stood up after they saw others standing up first.  I've got victims willing to stand up - but no one willing to prosecute.  You think this problem is just with the police?  Pasadena Police have been audited.  The results?  They "just need more money and training".     Kamala - you sure rose to the occasion very quickly to respond to this Planned Parenthood video by the way - but when Snoop Dogg announces he "put together an operation" in the Rolling Stone, and I say I have victims of that "operation" who would like to see you press at least pandering charges, if not pimping WE don't get a return phone call?

What about the District Attorney's?  Oh by the way it says that "Kamala Harris asked the UC Irvine professor of law to do a report" on this situation.  However, he confirmed to me that he's not been even asked to look into this.  I put the screen shot above confirming he was not asked.  He had no idea what I was talking about when I emailed him about this report.  If I'm missing something then google Internal Affairs for Pasadena, California.

If I'm wrong - then Dianne where are those willing to prosecute?  I'm not hearing from them.  No I've got the US Attorney's office going after our donors and my ex-husband BUT NOT THE TRAFFICKERS.  So you want to convince us you want to fight sex trafficking?  Call me.  (702) 468-4529.

If you are a victim of trafficking, but need help to get out and find recovery - please get in touch with us at    I know not all of you can call the police because sometimes they're part of the problem and we can help you anyway because we are not affiliated with them in any way (clearly).

Which is why I'm going to tell you right now - I don't think Dianne's thinking about the immigrants when she wants to tear down their "sanctuary cities".  Places where I think some are hiding from sex traffickers.  Again Dianne if I'm wrong - then where's my phone call?

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Some of you may be familiar with the story of "Music".  A woman who came to me for help in 2013 because she was being forced to remain in the sex industry.  If you're not familiar with the story - you can look here for the history of it.

Anyway, I have been getting calls from the Pasadena Chief of Police to "make an appointment" to come down and talk to him.  Maybe after people see what happened to Sandra Bland, maybe you'll see why I'm not jumping at the chance to just run down there now I'm invited. 

The bottom line is that someone claiming to be an officer there at their station threatened me and I have a tape of that call.  When I went to talk to the Chief about this after verifying he was calling me from the station and using the name of an active duty officer (he could be an impostor), he ignored me.  When I went up over his head yes now he wants to talk to me - especially now that an audit has been done of his station because of ongoing problems.  If you ask me - I'm being ignored until the cell phone records of his call to me are no longer available to prove I did receive this call

Chief Sanchez hasn't once asked me the name of the officer so that he can take steps to ensure I'm safe coming and going from the station, or even in general for that matter.  I mean here's someone threatening me and he's not even bothering to find out anything about it so he can get to the bottom of the issue?  If this guy is an impostor, or an officer, just let him walk around thinking nothing is going to be done about what he's doing?   Not exactly making me want to come down to the station with the history of dead hookers I've seen in 30 years of this work.  Women like Brandy Britton, Jeane Palfrey, the New Orleans Madam, or advocates like Buffalo Jim where the DA still won't open a case despite his toxicology report showing enough GHB in his system to kill 10 men.  Now even Sandra Bland- who was quite vocal in her criticism against police for their racism was found dead in police custody and people think I'm sounding "crazy" for not rushing down to the station to talk to this Chief about the victim, the threat, and what's going on with this ring in Pasadena?

Are my fears unfounded?  First of all, I've said that what's going on in sex trafficking right now is an attack upon the African American community, as well as minorities.  In the show "8 Minutes" I only saw minority men and women being shown as "victims" with a white male being the "rescuer" good guy. 

Now take a look at the site I'm starting to build at  You'll notice the only pimps I have up so far that are wanted and loose are African American.  When you google pimps who are being sentenced right now and are in custody - they're all African American.  Sure we have some who are white or Asian like in this case with Music.  Three people were sentenced there - an Asian woman and man, and a white man.  But compare that with the 100's I'm seeing about African American males.  I'm TRYING to find cases to put on that site that are a racial mix - and I'm not finding them.   As for the Hispanic community?  They're being hit with media about being "illegal aliens" and all the publicity about the drug cartels and drug trafficking. 

I saw Jada Pinkett-Smith just do a special on CNN about sex trafficking Tuesday night.  Every single case she showed on that special was African American.  Not a doubt in my mind why they had her as the face of that campaign.  If they'd put a white person on there - the NAACP would be all over this for being a racial attack upon the African American community. 

Which is why NBC and Harpo Productions have talked Brenda Myers-Powell, who used to be a member in our program, into speaking out for us against our wishes to attack the sex industry, and try to make our membership look like we're all minorities.  I saw "Dreamcatchers".  I saw Brenda, an African American woman, talking to nothing but other African American women who were also all street walkers.   Only problem is she was showing the camera into a fake "Prostitutes Anonymous" meeting that I've already now hit her with three "cease and desist" letters for their false representation of our program to the media against our wishes.  Programs that she's trying to make this issue appear to be about minorities and street walkers.

What about our members like Jeane Palfrey or myself who are white and don't walk the streets?  I was making $250,000 in a year in 1984, and the police came and took my homes, cars, furs, jewelry, etc. and I'm white.  Jeane was white and they came in and took a $1,000,000 coin collection from her, along with her money and property.  And in all of these programs about "sex trafficking" I'm not seeing anyone white - unless the camera cuts over to their African American pimp.  Go on - look.  I took note of the MSNBC "Sex Slaves" series and in every single case they filmed - I saw only ONE white guy there who they wrote off as her "boyfriend" instead of "pimp".

We made progress by the support of the sex worker community behind us saying that yes - these traffickers were a problem to the industry.  Yes they were targeting sex workers because they were easy to get alone and the police wouldn't even look for them when they went missing.   So when I told our supporters in the sex worker community how Melissa Farley had lied to us, betrayed us, and even falsely called me an "abolitionist" during the 2007 press conference that was SUPPOSED to be about showing that traffickers could in fact be trafficking a victim through the legal brothel industry just as much as on a street corner - what happens?

The sex worker community banded together and shut her out.   So she created the fake "Stella Marr" to try and flush out their "survivors" to parade around the politicians tables and in front of the camera to support the grant money that goes into the police and shelters' pockets - but does nothing to change the situation or to help real victims.   When she got exposed as a "catfish" - they went and had to get a real person who wasn't connected to the American sex worker community.

They got Samoly Mam.  When I shouted "fraud" I had the whole community supporting her - attack me.  Why?  Because the money and attention she was getting was draining away from the REAL issues and the real victims.  They called me "crazy" and "jealous".  So I went and tracked down some people who were able to spend a YEAR of private investigative work to expose her and it got down.  Ben Hilliar was arrested for his fraud by telling people "Taken" was based on his "true life adventures" as a "rescuer". 

They got everyone under control but the sex workers.   So suddenly when the show "8 Minutes" comes out suddenly I've got a dominatrix who is living and doing business under a completely fake name, who only advertises herself on Backpage the very days I accuse her of being a fraud,  the website where another sex worker said she was acting like she was being studied by someone who was trying to learn how to "imitate" a sex worker, suddenly must be threatened because that post came down, and this woman is now leading a brigade to have the sex worker community not trust me.  When she can't get anyone from our program to claim they were mistreated - she goes and digs up a woman from 30 years ago with a personal grudge against me because I had to stop speaking to her while I was on probation and being followed by cops.  A woman I warned needed to stop doing what she was doing or she'd wind up in prison who did wind up doing three years after that warning I should add - so of course she's going to have a personal grudge.

Now what is she accomplishing in my place?  She got this "Kamylla" to refuse our help.  Three months later she still doesn't have a job, still has legal cases over her head, is living in a flooded home with unpaid rent due - great job.  Couldn't have fucked her over better if I tried - and this is the woman telling you not to get help from us but from her instead?  Give me a break here.  THIS is what they accomplished.

To contrast  this - I had a woman a few weeks ago from Atlanta call me in almost identical the situation as Kamylla claims to be in.  She even has two small children under the age of 10 years old and she's African American in Atlanta so she's really having trouble finding work.  She had a 3 day notice on her door, and was struggling to leave sex work for the sake of her kids.  Unlike Kamylla's situation (as she claims it is), this woman has no fund raiser going for her and no husband.  The father of her children is long gone.  Within two days SWA had her rent paid, she has a job, and by the weekend she was attending a BBQ a local church group put together to get her more connected within the community and help her find more people to help babysit while she works.  We also helped her file bankruptcy to wipe out her credit card debt.

So putting aside the fact that the Houston police claim they never arrested this woman from the show "8 Minutes", put aside the fact Relativity Media refuses to confirm this woman was even on the show, put aside the fact that the "rescue community" has an absolute history and track record of "catfishing" people into doing what they want, and put aside the fact that the clerk of the Houston courts says there is no one under any name that has a prostitution case open at the same time as an eviction and immigration case, and that Kathryn Griffin-Thomas no longer runs an alternative sentencing program with the jails in Houston like Kamylla claims she was in that "failed" her also - so put aside all of these facts and take a look at what they claim to have done for Kamylla in the three months they've been helping her - and if they were her enemy trying to trash her life they couldn't be doing a better job.  Even if they did a bang-up job - they're not set up to help sex workers across this country to get services like she needs like we are so let's get real here about what's going on.

At the same time as they're trying to convince sex workers to not trust us for help - people are being bombarded with images like they saw on CNN this week about street prostitution with them trying to convince you THAT'S what sex trafficking is.  Sex trafficking is NOT sex work.  How am I going to prove that?   We had a documentary crew ready to film us doing outreach that we thought would prove the point - only they all got threatened off the project. 

So I'm going to do a report on the major cities out here in southern California just like we did in Nevada.  That got some attention.  I'm going to start in Pasadena for Music's sake.  Then I'm going to do Orange County, San Diego, West Hollywood (where many of the transgenders are), Santa Monica, Downtown, etc.  I want to show how varied the sex industry, as well as sex trafficking, can be just in one major region of southern California.  

There's all these groups out here claiming they're "doing outreach" so the public thinks it's being handled.  Only it's not.  When D'lita Miller got up on that CNN show and claimed she was a "consultant" for the show "8 Minutes" and she was "helping victims" everyone thinks it's being handled.  Only I talked to Ms. Miller.  She tried that rap on me that "no services exist" which I only hear out of people applying for grant money.  I told her there are plenty of resources, which there are, and I offered to show her how to access these services for her victims.  She balked and ran.  I went onto her site to check out her program and found her talking about baking.  I followed the links on her site and they took me to a homeless shelter in San Diego.  There was no phone number to call on the site, no email.  Nothing that would invite a victim of trafficking to call her for help.

When I sent her an email about this program being bogus - she had some woman call our hotline.  She demanded a free copy of our Recovery Guide - which I gave her.  Then she demanded to come to one of our local meetings.  Now why would I expose our real members to someone who is attacking us clearly?  So I told her she'd have to come to a phone meeting before I'd let her into a local meeting.   That got rid of her.  I'm not going to expose our members to someone who is clearly trying to stick something on us to attack us because they're up to no good.

Anyway, I'll be keeping you posted as I work on the reports.  The Pasadena report will be updated on  Once it's completed - we'll move on to work on the other cities and show what's going on in that town also.  We will have to report on the legal sex industry in order to contrast it with the sex trafficking - but we will disguise everyone in active sex work to protect them as we go forward with this project. 

If you'd like to read the letter I sent to those in the sex worker community attacking us lately -

If you'd like to read the letter we sent to Chief Sanchez - it's here

For those of you wondering how Orange County, "8 Minutes", and the Pasadena police tie together - please read Chief Sanchez's profile.  He lives in Orange County.  I wonder if he goes to Kevin Brown's church.  I'll have to check that out on a Sunday sometime.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


In July of 2015 - the  phone I use for both my personal cell, and hotline, (because I can't afford two separate cell phones), started blowing up from phone number (412) 423-5951 sending me text messages starting about 12:30 a.m.  I have to figure out a way to scan them and will be posting them shortly.  Area code 412 is in Pennsylvania.  The text messages were taunting me to "go check out".  The registration for the site has the same information as sites registered by Domina Elle for sites like and others. 

The person of course was taunting me thinking I didn't know who was behind the calls.   I went to Intelius and ordered a phone report on this number.  For some reason, the site would not allow me to order a report on that number.

So I ordered a report on the number that Domina uses on her site and advertising.  It came back-  Apple Cheek Productions is registered in Pennsylvania and shows the connection with Domina.  Pennsyvania again is a 412 area code.  Interesting connection is that Domina runs "Red Cheek Productions" in Denver - so clearly Sally and Domina are friends with the "tongue in cheek" reference to the "cheeks" between the two companies - both of which are film companies.

You can see by her ad she's also using the phone number of  (720) 329-6341.  That's the one I was able to get a report on. 

You'll also see her advertising on "escorts" here using the same number and photo.

Leslie is the British name for the woman who married Renos Avraam and then changed her name to Sheninah Avraam.  Leslie died in 2007.   Here's about the name change.

However, she was not born in 1966 but the voter registration shows that as her birth year with the phone number she's operating under.  The reason why this voter registration has a different date is because the woman calling herself "Domina Elle" is not her real name.  This is how one goes about getting phony ID.

She's evidently stalked other people in her industry, and almost strangled a client according to these sites:  (postscript - after I posted this link it's been taken down.  The woman who owns the site won't answer me about why it was taken down.  I have a screen shot of this page but if she's taken it down it's for a reason.  I'm going to honor that reason by not reposting that site since she wants it down.  I can only assume she was threatened to take it down since it appeared to have been up for about a year - only coming down after I referenced it.)

Then this woman, whoever she is, sent out a massive email to people claiming she had not been sending me these "text bombs" days on end at all hours of the night and day and claiming that either I was "imagining this" or someone had "spoofed" her.  I explained that if I needed to go to the length of proving she did this - then I would have to subpoena her phone records to prove the calls came from her.  All of her phone records, which would then make them public record as part of the complaint.  Records which might include her clients.  Her response?  "Go ahead."  Proof of how much she cares about the privacy of people who call her line is attached here:

Now if I were to say something about pulling phone records out from any other sex worker in the world, legal or not, they would freak out.  She however seem pretty confident it's not a problem.  I've only encountered that kind of attitude before in specific types of situations.  Like that of Elizabeth Adams for example - the Beverly Hills Madam.  Elizabeth was an informant for the FBI who not only got me arrested twice by throwing me under the bus in 1983 - but she was the one responsible for throwing Heidi Fleiss to the wolves also in 1993.  Why? No one believed me she was a "snitch" to use the street terms.  So Alex was kind of cocky when it came to the cops also because she knew she wasn't in any danger of being busted herself (or so she thought because they did turn on her when new people came into office).  

Is this unusual?  Not at all.  Rick "Freeway" Ross was sent off to life in prison because of a snitch who was paid $40,000 a year just to get him set up to go to jail.   After failing to talk Rick into going back into a life of crime - he had to threaten a friend of his life in order to get him to cross the line.  Yes it was over turned and Rick is a free man again - but those years will never be given back to him.  

Why was he locked up?  Well read his book for one if you want to know but I suspect it was to silence him for what he knew about Iran Contra - the same as they tried to silence me also for years and why Gary Webb's death was probably not a suicide.  I mean TWO shotgun blasts to the head?  Even coroners think that's physically impossible.    Murder too extreme?  Some don't think so.

Now Domina Elle never spoke to me, bothered me, even looked in my direction until this whole "8 Minutes fiasco.  In March of 2015, I got a phone call from her asking me for information on our program.  She did not identify herself so i just sent her general information.  We did not talk.  She was emailed our general information flyer and that was the extent of it.  Why was she scoping us out in March?

I didn't hear about her until this whole "Kamylla" nonsense started.  A woman called me for help.  We told her we could provide her with everything she needed and I ended the phone call.  She gave me permission to publish the call and discuss her case with anyone we needed to.  But the next day she tells me that Domina Elle had reached out to her, bashed us ten ways to Sunday with lies, and then convinced her to let Domina Elle help her instead in April of 2015.  A fund raiser was set up for her.  Now in July I checked back on this fund raiser and the woman is still without a job, in a flooded house with back rent still due, and still has legal cases over her head.   So it doesn't sound like they did much of a job to help her.

What I found interesting was that this Domina Elle was doing the fund raising - not SWOP.  In fact, SWOP wasn't saying anything about it.   When I reached out to them to verify they knew about and who this Kamylla was - I received no answer.  But she kept posting lies about us online.  When I slapped Domina Elle with a notice that I'd serve her with a defamation lawsuit if she did not take down these lies and kept this up - she did remove the lies and stopped HER speaking them.  

But in a matter of minutes - the same exact lies, and even the same cartoons, start coming out of Kamylla's mouth online instead.  I contacted her and asked why she was posting these things.  She told me she wasn't.  She said she had no computer.  No internet access and she didn't say those things and didn't mean them.  She also told me that she'd given Domina Elle permission to post on her behalf for that reason.  

Then she said she would ask Domina Elle to remove these statements in the morning.  That was the last time I was able to speak to her other than a cryptic text I got that led me to believe that Kamylla is also being threatened and she's afraid.  This fear started after she told me she was going to ask Domina Elle to take down the lies she was posting online about us while posing as her.  I think Domina Elle didn't take kindly to the request.  Not a doubt in my mind they've told her she won't get that $5000 if she were to let me help her now is the way this thing is setting up.  

Now Domina Elle she's getting away with this by capitalizing upon the impression she's a chapter leader or chair or whatever they call it for Denver SWOP.    This article is a case in point.  Only I contacted the main office of SWOP who says that she "holds no position nor has any power" within their organization.  They said "banned was a strong word" but confirmed she holds no power in SWOP.

Wondering if anyone else has been threatened or harmed by this woman or what exactly is going on - I posted an ad on Backpage asking if anyone had any experiences with her at all, good or bad, to please get in touch with us.  I got a phone call that yes was recorded.  I get threats all the time so I record all incoming calls and delete them once we're done.  In this case I saved it in case she gave consent for me to publish the recording.  She did agree to be interviewed for our radio show but before we published anything online she wanted to get an okay from her partner.  I understood and set about transferring the tape to a format I can post online.  I had not posted it online however when I get a frantic call from the woman who made the call wanting to know how these tapes wound up on   But here's the tape in it's entirely that somehow got off my hard drive and on this site - part 1, part 2 - 

I explained to her I'd been fighting all night with both my phone and computer from a hack attack.  My computer found three threats and it took me all night to clean them off and fix my computer and phone.  My phone not only kept going crazy but it kept having the recorder turn on.  Clearly someone was messing around my phones and computers to get access to these tapes.  So I am in the process of working with some attorney's and the police over criminal and civil charges over Domina Elle's actions.  Now Domina Elle seems to have no problem clearly with you hearing what's on the tape for her to post them online - so here those tapes are in their entirety.  The caller is talking about how she has "friends within the police and the Denver courthouse".  I will be doing a court record search for these restraining orders spoken about in the call to see what I can find.   

Clearly this woman is on a witch hunt for my head.  The texts that were blowing up my phone said they would "continue until I took down our site and hotline".  So I'm being blackmailed by this woman to take down our site and hotline.   To dig up dirt on us - she had to go all the way back to a woman I had a personal fall-out with 30 years ago.  That's a pretty far stretch.  

As for Gaye - the other woman on the website supposedly attacking me - she leaves out that for years i defended her against Rachel Moran.  So you should see the things she said to me to warrant my response to her.   I'm not going to post them because clearly Domina Elle is manipulating both Gaye and Norma Jean Almodar for her own agenda to attack us.  Norma had not posted one single bad word about me anywhere online until Domina Elle approached her about this site.  If what I'd done was soooo awful - it would have been posted long before Domina Elle started digging up dirt, reached out to Norma, then built the site, yada yada yada.  The same with Gaye.  Gaye was actually friends with me until Domina Elle started twisting her head around.  

So if neither of these women had posted a bad word about me online until Domina Elle got ahold of them yet both have known me for years before now  - I don't know if they were threatened or bribed or what - but clearly if they didn't do this on their own and all of this is because Domina Elle has an agenda.

A clearly stated agenda.  Now if she thinks I'm a "predator" or crazy or whatever - that has nothing to do with our program.  We have chapters all over the world.  Our Russia chapter has six meetings a week now.  Our Canada chapter is in three different areas now.  We've been donated a Russian, French and Spanish translation of our books I'm working on getting published.  Our program is an established part of the probation system in different states like Michigan for example.  You can't complete your 2nd year of probation without attending our meetings.  I know of no other program right now where a prostitute who is not being trafficked can ask a judge to come to our meetings instead of jail without a special program, without an attorney, and be granted that request so we are clearly the sex worker community's friend.  So why attack all of us now because of her personal issues with me?  

How can she have an issue with me when she came in the gate looking for an attack?    I had no fight with her.  No fall-out with her. She came in with an agenda to attack us and that didn't happen until the show "8 Minutes" and she didn't come after me until I hit Relativity Media with notice I was going to file a lawsuit and get an injunction and they canceled the show.  

So let's take a look back at what's going on with "8 Minutes".  The media right now is emphasizing the producers "lied" to these women and "didn't provide them any help".   Now just use some logic here for a moment - if Kamylla herself admits her and the other women were paid $200 to "act" like they were prostitutes and that they were being offered "help" then the whole thing clearly is a fraud.  There was no "recreation" posted at the bottom of the screen to say this series dramatized something happening in real life.  And please tell me why if these women were knowing the whole thing was staged why would they expect to get any real answers from these people?  That makes no sense.

Let's put it another way.  If I was hired to pretend to be in a bakery.  To pretend I was buying bread from a fake bakery - why on earth would I then go and shout to the media how ripped off I was that I wasn't able to get any bread out of the show?  That makes no sense.   Because it's a cover.    I had a man call me before the show filmed and told me their spiel.  He tried to tell me that Kevin Brown was actually really "rescuing" young girls after having "found God" after he retired from being an Orange County cop for 20 years.

I'm sorry - but a man who was a Nazi for 20 years doesn't turn around and open up a home for young Jewish girls.  Doesn't happen.  So I asked to speak to his "graduates" of this program and I asked to see the program with my own eyes.   He then tried to talk me into giving them referrals.  I repeated that I don't give referrals to a program I haven't seen with my own eyes and asked to see the operation for myself.  

They disappeared because it was bogus.  I went online and learned that Orange County, where Kevin Brown is staged out of, has received $1.2 million dollars for helping "trafficking victims".   I also saw a few churches holding fund raisers connected to the show while it was on the air - of course with Annie Lobert speaking - queen of the shills for churches to raise money for bogus programs like what happened before with her, Pastor Benny Perez, and her show on Bravo that we got yanked after one episode aired because it was a fraud.  Okay now this is making more sense to me.  We have to show the grant donors we're doing something and Lord knows they aren't doing anything for real victims because that would expose police corruption and higher.  So we have to put on a show.  Got it.

I've been working on a case for two years now about a woman who was drug out of her home and had phony police reports slapped on her by Pasadena Police.   I was threatened by a Pasadena cop supposedly for trying to help her.  I say "supposedly" because he gave me a name that the station says is the name of a cop.  The phone number he used was from the station.  However, he still could have been an imposter. To find out I'd have to talk to the Chief.  Only the Chief was refusing my calls, faxes and emails until I reached out to the city council and city manager.  I talk more about this in my letter to Senator John Kerry (which he hasn't answered by the way yet as of 8/1/15.)

The minute I put the Chief on the spot about working on this case (which was just at the same time this "8 Minute" thing hit) - is when this whole smear campaign against me started with Domina Elle and this phony "stalking" accusation out of Meg from Abeni - the program that's in connection with the Orange County Trafficking Task Force.  She started telling people online that I was "threatening her" and she was "afraid for her life" and that I needed to be carted off on a "5150" charge.  Only if you look back over the conversation she initiated with me - none of these things are true.  

It's about as true as the cop pulling Sandra Bland over and arresting her over a turn signal to pull her into a jail cell.   Now I'm putting the pieces together - she can't get me arrested on these phony charges because she doesn't know where I live and I'm not anywhere near her.  But the minute I go walking into the Pasadena station - that's when I can be carted off on her false accusation.  Sure they can't prove a thing and the law says they'd have to let me go after 72 hour observation - if I lived that long.  

What's the connection between Pasadena and Orange County?  Chief Sanchez lives in Orange County.    When Jeane Palfrey was murdered in my opinion - I had called up the Florida police demanding a full investigation.  Then the Tonopah Nevada police where I live get a call from the Florida police the operator at the station tells me - and suddenly I'm being slapped with a warrant for "impersonating myself" and my house is being tossed by five cops and a drug dog.  A cop can't smear me.  Too obvious.  But if the Pasadena police are connected to the Orange County police - then how do we get all the way to Denver?  

D'Lita Miller calls me up.  I'll go into her in another blog entry - but she's a part of this "8 Minutes" show AND this Long Beach Task force that just got $650,000 for "outreach" and another $3 million to set up a program with the youth courts for trafficking.  She calls herself a "consultant" yet she admits her own daughter got trafficked in 2011.  

Doesn't sound like she knew much about it before 2011 to me.  Then she says she "couldn't find help".  That's funny as there's Children of the Night, Covenant House, Mercy Ministries, Children of the Night, Mary Magdalene Project, and Dream Center just to name a few - all with trafficking programs for the young within a 20 minute drive from where she's based out of.  Of course not mentioning we're based out of Los Angeles and can be found online in two minutes - as can SWAN - our program for parents.   So frankly if she "couldn't find any help" in 2011 when all these programs were easily found in a 30 second search on Google - I don't know if I'd brag I was a "consultant' on the issue myself.  

But my point is that D'Lita Miller connects Kevin Brown, Relativity Media, the Orange County Police, and the Long Beach Police.  How does Domina Elle in Denver fit into this?  She's coming out here in September to speak at the Catalyst Con  She's also speaking with Maxine Doogan, who is suing four District Attorney's in California.

Maxine has also talked with Tom Forman and D'lita Miller.   Ms. Miller even told me she reached out to Maxine before she called me so I know they know each other also.  Again, doesn't sound like her priorities are about helping victims if Maxine was on her list to call before my call.  Maxine had in fact tried to get a judge to leave out wording in her 2008 Bill so that voters wouldn't know that she didn't want any "minority trafficking victims to have help funded".   So she's clearly not on the side of wanting minority trafficking victims to get any help to escape their traffickers - but that's who she calls before us?  Got it.

Now with this information in hand I approached the Catalyst Con organizers.  Now mind you I've been doing this work for about 30 years now.  In my experience, organizers and sponsors don't want to risk any liability with putting on an event where someone who is representing them might be posing a situation where they could be sued for negligence.  So you think they'd be happy to receive the information, and thank me for giving it to them.   

Not at all.  The minute I told them - I had this silly threat coming at me from an attorney threatening me with "economic interference" if I tried to tell anyone else any of this information.  First of all, for this to be "economic interference" I'd have to be a "competitor" to Domina Elle.  I run no dungeon and I've been out of all sex work since 1985.  I'm therefore NOT a "competitor" so their own lawyer was clearly just trying to scare me into silence.

If you're wondering why I'm not taking that site down?  I'm not only running our program - I'm also trying to show the world how this all operates.  I want them to see what happens when you try and go up against these people.  They threaten.  They smear.  They hide behind websites they don't sign.  They text bomb you at 2:00 a.m. from phones they then claim aren't theirs.  They call from blocked numbers.  They lie. They threaten.  They deceive and manipulate people.  Also - we're getting a lot of traffic from people trying to sort this all our so it's actually quite educational for people to see how this is all playing out.  That's why I'm not moving for an emergency TRO - I want you to see how these people operate.  

By the way - anything you say to someone who is an "informant" can be used against you in a court of law.  Whoever this Domina Elle is in reality, she is NOT on the side of sex workers.  She has actively NOT told sex workers they can avoid being incarcerated by asking to come to a SWA meeting.  She's also posted on her Kamylla fund raiser she wants a law passed "requiring shelters to admit prostitutes".  They don't admit them because it's not safe.  They're not secure for when a pimp comes looking for them - that's why they're not accepted.  I mean why would you want them to anyway?  There needs to be special programs set up for trafficking victims to be placed in - NOT HOMELESS SHELTERS.  Any sex worker on our side would know that. 

IF Domina Elle was on the side of the sex worker - then why are her, Norma, Gaye or Maxine not lifting ONE FINGER to help another sister sex worker who when she announced she wanted to leave the industry she ewas then carted off by two cops and falsely arrested?  Why not a word of defense of her case or against the cops and the judge that slapped her with these phony cases and threatened her?  Why not one word about the cop that threatened me when we tried to help her or the attorney that threatened our attorney?  Yes they are SOOOO interested in helping sex workers - they won't lift a finger to bring any attention to her situation and they're trying to smear us who are trying to get her help and these criminals brought to justice!!!

(copyright 2015 J. Williams all rights reserved)