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After watching what happened to Dr. Sharon Mitchell, it was the final nail in the casket for me.  If you were to sit down and make a list of people who those in the sex industry looked up to as someone they trusted to lead them, trusted had their best interests at heart, and trusted them as to things like what petitions to sign or what to vote for - I have watched as everyone on that list, including myself, have been systematically targeted.

But I've been trying to figure out why.  I did some homework on what happened to Sharon after this, and it appeared she briefly had announced she was going to reopen in connection with Harmony Dust at the "I Am Treasure".  Only that church outreach had been focusing on strip club outreach where women were being taken to homes ran by Mercy Ministries.   Mercy Ministries got exposed as targeting these women to use them in …


Dear Members of ABC:

Please allow me to introduce myself.  Now let me ask you a couple of questions before going further.
1.  Have you heard of sex trafficking happening today in America?
2.  Are there legal brothels in California?
3.  Have you heard or seen of the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Here's why I ask.  In the late 70's and early 80's - America devoutly did not believe sex trafficking was real.  So much so that the "Happy Hooker" was on the NY Times Best Seller list, the XXX film "Deep Throat" was being played in mainstream theaters that if you were "hip" you saw it, Playboy had it's "Gold Key Club" across the country that wealthy businessmen had their business functions at, and Dolly Parton was singing "nothing dirty going on" in her musical about a brothel in Texas with Sylvester Stallone as her romantic lead where she was the madam and he was the local sheriff (based on a true story).  The "Best Lit…


I got a disturbing call today from a woman in Detroit, Michigan.  She's a single mom of two kids with one disabled.  She wound up homeless for some reason with these kids.  Her social worker hasn't been able to find her housing so they put her into a mens shelter (what are they thinking?).  They wouldn't give her a written lease, a key, nothing that showed she was a legal resident of this shelter.  You know why?  They want to be able to call her a "trespasser" any time they want and put her out.  However, under the tenancy laws of Michigan - if you're invited to enter a property then you are not a trespasser, but therefore a "squatter".

Either way, they have to still give you a legal notice to evict you.  Even if it's a 24 hour one.  However, what disturbs me greatly is the fact I just read that Michigan passed a law in 2014 that squatters can "be forcibly physically removed" from the property?  Are you kidding me?  http://detroit.cur…

SPIKE LEE'S "BLOOD OF JESUS" FILM  Welcome to watching Spike Lee try and find his place in this 2014 world.  One where Bill Cosby is now a serial rapist.   I don't think anyone is going to think of him as Dr. Huxtable any longer.  

But I am a Spike Lee fan.  Most people look at me and think I'm "white' so they probably don't understand.  I'm also Native American AND African American.  Back in my great-grand parents generation we have a slave owner who had a plantation in Arkansas.   One of our relatives is black.  Growing up people used to tell me "girl I'd swear you were black but you're very white".  It was in recovery I did a geneology and learned how the white man "whiteized" us as Indians by putting us in white schools, with white clothes, and white teachers, and making sure we didn't know our own language any longer.  Breaking us away with our connection to the earth and our spirituality.  But also that yes I am part Afr…


In July of 2015 - the  phone I use for both my personal cell, and hotline, (because I can't afford two separate cell phones), started blowing up from phone number (412) 423-5951 sending me text messages starting about 12:30 a.m.  I have to figure out a way to scan them and will be posting them shortly.  Area code 412 is in Pennsylvania.  The text messages were taunting me to "go check out".  The registration for the site has the same information as sites registered by Domina Elle for sites like and others. 

The person of course was taunting me thinking I didn't know who was behind the calls.   I went to Intelius and ordered a phone report on this number.  For some reason, the site would not allow me to order a report on that number.

So I ordered a report on the number that Domina uses on her site and advertising.  It came back-  Apple Cheek Productions is r…