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I saw your article  and it’s important we stay on this story because there is a huge crisis going on from what I’m seeing and honestly the media seems to be the only way I think something is going to be done about this.   Since I started back in 1987 – I’ve tried to stick to working with adults (those over 18 years old) with respect to helping them get out of the sex industry.  However, the world is changing and I’m finding that I’m getting increasingly sucked into this issue because really the only difference between a juvenile and an adult is only one day after their birthday. 
There was a huge crisis going on back in the late 1970’s.  A lot of kids were winding up on the streets because their parent were on hard drugs.  In the 1960’s the drugs were mostly weak pot, LSD, and a lot of booze – but when cocaine started coming into this country with Iran Contra – …