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Friday, August 26, 2016


Dear Ms. Callahan:

First of all, I can't thank you enough for all you've done to make the work shown in the film, and the film, "Hot Toxic Seat" possible.  I feel like you've not only saved my sanity, but even possibly a movement I started back in the 1980's.  I just now was able to sit down with the film and start writing down names of people I need to start reaching out to who not only won't say I'm "crazy" for what I'm about to say, and have witnessed this for themselves, but further this film has given me a blueprint I can now follow from here.  

Let me try and explain briefly in a way your film is allowing me to have a language to explain myself finally.  Imagine if someone like the fireman in the film who was trying to expose the fact firemen were dying more of cancer than of fires started the movement to get this recognition for the first time.  Imagine he starts going on national TV and saying this was in fact "true".

Only that was me in 1987 when I went onto the Sally show the first time in my campaign to raise awareness about sex trafficking in America.  I've got clips about this up at and you can even see the show at  A tape I'm lucky to have since my original was destroyed, the original at the ABC studio was destroyed in a "fire", and then I spent months negotiating with NBC to get this copy!  Seems NBC now owns almost all of my original TV appearances actually.

But then the American public lashes back and says "it's not true".  More important, the flame retardant industry lashes back and says he's "hallucinating".  So he then goes out and finds other fireman who have gotten cancer related to not just their job, but behind breathing in these toxic fumes caused by the flame retardants.  Now the flame retardant people think "oh well no one is going to listen to this guy" because "they didn't listen to the last guy who tried to raise awareness" so they kind of ignore him for a long time.  

Which also happened to me.  Linda Lovelace had tried to raise awareness about sex trafficking in 1980.  Only she wasn't believed.  Bruce Lee was going to raise awareness with his 1973 "Enter the Dragon".  Only he died three weeks before the film opened.  That left me.  Geraldo Rivera actually told me that "since no one is believing your story - maybe if you bring on people you've saved then we can convince the public it's true".  Only I don't have any of those tapes.  They're not anywhere online and I can't get anyone at his office to answer my requests to obtain copies of the four shows I did with Geraldo.  But I do have a few others such as Donahue which was taped a few months before he was taken off the air.

Imagine if after one year of trying to raise awareness about this flame retardant issue - the chemical companies try and pass a law requiring all carpeting, clothing, and furniture manufacturers  to use their chemical in order to sell their products in the state of California.   Imagine they spent over $1,000,000 with PR firms to help them pass this law, and even paid  another $1,000,000 to buy a "research study" out of the University of Berkeley to prove that "no one has ever got cancer from these chemicals".  Then imagine that when they're doing press about this law the ONLY person who will step up to oppose them is this one fireman.  Now mind you there's laws on the books at the time saying that no one can go on TV or radio talking about a law about to be passed without the opposition being allowed to voice their opinion as it was the case before the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed.  Which is the ONLY reason I was allowed on that show at that time - it was the only way Joe could on the air!  

Then at the end of the year when voters go to the poll - imagine the chemical company LOSES.  Here's a tape I did opposing Joe Conforte when he did just this to try and get brothels legalized in California in 1988 - just one year after I launched the hotline and 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous".  Joe had in fact put up one million dollars to PR firms, and he further bought this study about HIV in his employees which he rigged so it would appear none of them contracted HIV.  He also left out of media appearances he'd paid for the study in the first place when making his claim "no brothel prostitutes contract HIV".   

So then 13 years later, this fireman gets federal recognition for this in fact being "real".  For the first time, doctors can now start treating cancer related to flame retardants and billing insurance.  They couldn't bill insurance for this before because supposedly it wasn't "real".  

This was the Trafficking Act of 2000. 

Up until then, the only prostitutes recognized as "victims" were Chinese women and juveniles who were taken over state lines with the Mann Act of 1910.  Further, no one had been prosecuted under the Mann Act up to the year 2000 except two African American men who had married white women - Chuck Berry and Joe Johnson.  

Victim services prior to the year 2000 had refused to offer any payment or assistance to domestic sex trafficking victims because they weren't "federally recognized" as anything but "criminals".  So we actually obtained federal recognition this issue was not only real with this passing, but further it meant money could now be used by our government to help these victims.  Up to that point, money had to be obtained through private donations or paid for by people like us.  I myself had spent over $400,000 of my own money helping victims because there was no such federal money, grant money, etc. available before this Act passed.  You also couldn't hold any fund raisers for it - because again no one thought it was "real" outside of the actual victims before this.

Okay now the flame retardant people realize there's a problem - a big problem.  So they have got to do something about this.  Which your film outlined what they did - a huge campaign about how their chemicals "save children".  Of course making it look like anyone opposing this must "support children being burned alive".  My what an awful person this guy must be to want children to die from a preventable fire right?

But see the last thing they want is REAL firemen talking in the media about this issue.  We've got on the books now that firemen are dying of cancer.  This fireman, and the people he's been working with, all say the source of that cancer is the flame retardant chemicals.  It's now a fact that firemen are getting cancer.  Cats out of the bag there.  

So now the chemical companies have to lash back with a huge media campaign that the source of their cancer is not their product - but instead tobacco.  That's a logical assumption right?  They're getting from smoking!

Meaning now you've got to find firemen who will say the source of their cancer is smoking.  What do you do?  Well this little fireman has already got this on the books.  Everyone knows him.  Everyone knows his face.  He started all of this.  He's the "expert in the field" people clearly believe.  So if you can get that fireman to stand up in the press and say his cancer was caused by smoking - then you're off the hook right?  

Which is what happened to me in 2007.  Melissa Farley, PhD, came to me and asked me to work in a a report about sex trafficking in Nevada for the State Dept.  She then told me if I helped her with this report  we were going to be given a grant for $300,000, and that an architecture firm in Las Vegas had offered to donate us the building of a center where we could take in victims from all over the world that I could even design.  She even told me that I'd get to meet Gloria Steinhem, Diane Von Fursterberg, and even Prince for God's sake knowing he was my favorite musician!   You can read more about this press conference we gave to release this report at

Melissa even asked me to bring out my "two best firemen" which was Brenda Myers-Powell and Kathleen Mitchell to support the release of the report "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections".  Only as I'm in a room filled with the press from all over the world, and I'm literally being miked by the sound guy to go up and talk about this report - she asks me to speak what is the equivalent of saying it was smoking that caused our cancer to the press.

I refused.

So Melissa then took the reporters out into the hallway and spoke to them "one on one" saying that this was in fact my view.  Which then led to the release of those articles calling to "outlaw the industry" which was not my words.  Well needless to say, in these terms the "tobacco" industry wouldn't be too happy about me blaming them now would they?  So in fact, I go home from this press conference which has just blamed them for our cancer to find my car has been trashed by men who are owners of tobacco companies in that sense.   Is my beef with them?  No.

But now they got a beef with me. 

I even get one of the owners of the largest tobacco companies there is in the world send an employee over to me right after this conference to report that I am now "blacklisted" in any media he owns or controls or buys any advertising with.  That man is Sheldon Adelson who not only is pushing for the legalization of prostitution, but further hates unions (which I support in the sex industry) and also happens to fund a HUGE chunk of the drug treatment world.  Which would be the equivalent of the cancer medical community who treat the firemen's cancer.  Meaning that in one fell swoop - all of the support I'd received up to that point from the drug treatment world was also yanked and turned against me by what Melissa Farley did to me that day.  Which again would be like if in my analogy if all of the cancer treatment community were turned against me while I'm still having firemen with cancer calling me up for help and support.  

Can he do this?  Can he "blacklist" me?  Only let's take this back to a time when the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed and major media is now owned by the corporations.  Further, Fox vs. Snopes now has created a legal precedence where the media can actually fire a reporter such as yourself if they refuse to report something they know is a lie.  I'm going to assume that when you reported on this issue - you didn't have a boss standing over you who owned stock in a flame retardant company telling you if you published anything on this story you'd be fired.  Nor were you dealing with companies such as Relativity Media making films about the so called "truth about firemen" which when you uncover the so called "reality expose" was in fact staged and scripted falsely with actors and staged scenarios - you then go to the FCC who tells you "there's not a law against it".  

Well trust me - the "sex industry" has a lot more supporters than the flame retardant chemical industry, as well as lot more CONSUMERS!  Companies such as "Live Nation" who actually handles the press for not only Charlie Sheen (a consumer) and Snoop Dogg (a manufacturer), but also for the Pope, as well as  Hearst Media, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and the CIA - all who have partnered with, or donated heavily, to Polaris.  Who has now created a "monopoly" against our group.  I certainly can't compete with the people who are funding all grants in field.   Which I can show you documented evidence their support of the push to not only get prostitution legalized in this country, but further how they are being used to attack the "competitors" of where the sex industry is going today.  Or anyone not working for them in other words. 

But a problem remains.  How are you going to get any REAL fireman to stand up and say the source of their cancer is smoking and not flame retardant chemicals?

You can't.  

But you can hire "fakes".  Welcome to Chong Kim, Stella Marr and then Samoly Mam.

You can also create "influencers" online just like the video game companies use to sell their products.  

Only you can't just use "victims" of smoking as your "influencers" in the media.  Not real ones anyway.  No - you've also got to find a doctor who will tell you his whole practice is devoted to helping firemen who get cancer from smoking - not the chemicals.  Welcome to William Hillar who the series "Taken" was based upon claiming to be about "sex trafficking rescue".

One by one the "fakes" are being exposed.  What do you do?  How are you going to continue to get the public, and the law makers, to believe the firemen are  getting cancer from smoking and not from the chemicals?

Well the next step is to get someone from the tobacco industry to step up and say they are not only doing it - but they further are aware they're doing it.  You need to find yourself some person in the tobacco industry to step up and claim responsibility.  Now here I can't point any fingers openly in the media without risking a defamation suit yet  - but I can point out one person making the equivalent kinds of statements, from an equivalent kind of viewpoint, who I've traced money being given to her by the flame retardant chemical companies.  So you have to ask yourself why would this person in the tobacco industry take money from the flame retardant chemical company when they're out protesting the chemical retardant people at the same time?  

See in your film you traced money to groups who were trying to use very clever marketing to push the idea of keeping the use of these chemicals in place. They even used "real" fire victims just as this movement is using so called "real" prostitutes.   I'm not sure however if you traced money to people who were setting up protests of the chemical companies while taking money from the chemical companies.  But I have "followed the money" to just such so called 'opposition" within the sex industry.  

It sound counter-intuitive - but when you realize you get more press from opposition and controversy, as well as the human mind WANTS things they are "forbidden" then it does start to make sense.   In fact, this is why the real tobacco companies were doing things like "youth prevention campaigns" back in the 1950's to sell their product to children while claiming at the same time they were trying to stop it.  

In fact, I have a lot of information I've been gathering on this issue that I'd like to talk to you about.  I saw in the film how when you were able to put together a series for the Chicago Tribune - and then this whole thing turned around.  That's of course what I'd like to talk to you about.  At least I know you're aware of how this "system" works with these large companies and that gives me a way to communicate these issues at least.  Your film is giving me a road map but our work is complicated further by the fact that many people don't like to talk about the subject of sex.  On top of that, prostitution is illegal in most of this country - further discouraging "real" victims from coming forward and speaking up in the press.   Further, we've got to deal with the people who are involved with the issue of abortion involved in this also to deal with.

Please call me any day you can at (702) 488-1127.  I would appreciate just someone to discuss over strategy with.  Thanks again for what you did. I at least now have a way to explain what I'm seeing happen in our movement to try and address sex trafficking in America.

Thank you.

Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127 Telephone

Sunday, August 21, 2016



I’m writing about women who have been dubbed the “pimp lobby”.  They include Maxine Doogan, Domina Elle, Bella Robison, Norma Jean Almodovar, Christina Parriera, Meg Munoz, Maggie McNeil, Tara Burns, Gaye Dalton, and Elizabeth Nolan Brown.   I might be missing a few names here.

First let me establish who is writing this letter.  My name is Jody Williams.  For years in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s - I saw there was no solutions for someone like myself, and others, who wanted help to leave any part of the sex industry for ANY reason.  Any reason including if you wanted to leave a pimp or escape a trafficking operation.  Calls to the police were futile because we were the ones considered the “criminals” for one.  For another, there weren’t the laws written to address our situation so without recognition of the problem – solutions didn’t exist yet for us either.   Back then there was no difference between our situation and someone saying they wanted help to “escape aliens abducting them for sexual purposes”.  We were treated identically back then - as simply making up imaginary stories.

I had been looking for solutions because I couldn’t find a way out of my own situation.  I was knee deep in what has now been titled “Iran Contra”.  Meaning I was dealing with low level street criminals and gangsters on one hand, while also dealing with men in levels of high power within our own government who were smuggling cocaine into this country to raise cash to buy guns for the Contra’s.  If you’ve seen the film “Cocaine Cowboys” then you have an idea what I was in the middle of.  I was also being used as a “go between” to get the drug from the pier to the Hollywood parties and into the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

This put me on the front row of witnessing women who were being pimped, sold, trafficked, etc. who also wanted out of their situation.  For this reason, I took an old warehouse I had once used as an illegal brothel and “adult theater” and converted it into what was the first “safe house” for adults.  In 1984, an angry pimp retaliated against us because of a woman we’d rescued by calling the police on me.  I was arrested for being a “pimp” but because I wasn’t doing this the charges were dropped.  This didn’t stop the authorities from taking all of my property, threatening to disbar my attorney, etc.  I also suddenly had a lot of people scared I would “talk” to the police – and many attempts were made on my life then.

However, in 1985 I met Marilyn Chambers.  After Linda Lovelace had escaped her husband slash pimp, Chuck Traynor, he had started “managing” Marilyn.  In reality, Marilyn had been promoted heavily in the adult industry not just for her porn performances, but also to deny Linda’s allegations of sex trafficking existing within the porn industry.  Marilyn had been put on drugs by Chuck, and because of her “notoriety” had no idea how to leave the adult industry.   Her face was clearly recognizable which led to serious discussions about how someone like her could leave the industry entirely, especially now she wanted to stay clean.  We both knew she couldn’t possibly stay clean while making adult films so I watched her progression as she tried not only to stay off drugs – but to further not do adult films.

I was with her as she struggled against making these films.  Rent had to be paid and who was going to hire Marilyn for work other than adult films?  She swore “never to do another adult film” but the industry wasn’t done with her.  Offers kept coming in with higher dollar amounts.  These pimps know well the “frog in hot water method” and assured they could put her in films where she’d be fully clothed.  This way she could pay her bills, make an adult film, but not take her clothes off.  You can see how she made a few films this way while “introducing” other women to do the sex scenes in the film.

So here she is still in the adult industry while not having sex for money, nor even taking her clothes off.  This was NOT “leading a spiritual life” as the 12 steps speak about are necessary for someone to live in order to stay off drugs if you’re an addict for any length of time.  Which is why sure enough – she started doing films after a while topless, then nude but no sex.  Then soon she was right back doing adult films and getting high.  In fact, when she died she had drugs in her system showing she was never able to stay clean for long because of her inability to leave the sex industry as a whole behind.

Watching this, I realized I had to do something still even if I never did put together another “safe house”.  After doing a lot of research, I launched the first hotline in this country for someone in the sex industry (prostitution, porn, stripping, etc.) to call for help to exit for ANY reason.  This included those who were being “forced”.  Please remember we didn’t have the term “sex trafficking” even coined back then so we made no “distinctions” as to WHY they wanted help.   We called ourselves “Prostitutes Anonymous” so those convicted on prostitution charges could have the judge order them to our program as an “alternative to incarceration”.  This was allowed under laws already in place for Alcoholics Anonymous.  This meant we also formed the first alternative sentencing program also.  Our hotline was promoted worldwide – and soon calls were coming in not just from the USA, not just from those involved in illegal prostitution, but from people all over the world engaged in various forms of the sex industry.

As of 2015, our hotline has now answered 500,000 more calls.  This means five times more calls than Polaris has answered.  We have chapters across the USA, as well as five other countries at the moment.  Our chapter in Russia for example is now up to six meetings a week.   The subscribers to our blog numbers at the moment at 90,000.  The contacts in our member database are showing up to be about 190,000 in number.  Our Facebook pages average at least 300 hits a day when you total all of them.  We have members who have been with us continuously since 1987.  A large number of “regulars” have been with us since 1991 – the year we published the first ever book written by ex-sex workers and survivors of sex trafficking, for us about exiting and recovering from this industry.   An “industry” it is being that it encompasses both legal and illegal types of activities which don’t always involve sex for money.

Meaning our program is the OLDEST, and the LARGEST, program of those having exited the industry, or simply having the “desire”.  Like Alcoholics Anonymous, we have members who haven’t fully left the industry yet.  As long as they have the “desire to exit” they’re welcome.  Also like AA, we have members who “relapse” back into the industry.  Meaning at any given moment in time, we have members who have been out of the industry for decades sitting next to those still active in the industry.  Since I answer our hotline personally daily – I’m constantly speaking to people still in some part of the sex industry.

I was a member of COYOTE before I left the industry fully.  This group, Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics, was founded by Margo St. James, another sex worker who was advocating for ALL women to be treated the same whether they were working as secretaries, living as housewives, or active in the sex industry.  I remained good friends with Margo when I launched this program and we in fact worked together during the 1980’s a lot.  Her group was out doing HIV/AIDS outreach and thus when she’d hear of someone wanting help or support to exit – we’d get a phone call immediately.  Her and I were good personal friends in my opinion before her retirement, and handing everyone off to St. James Infirmary.

When Norma Hotaling left the industry in 1989, our program was one of the first people she called.  I couldn’t reveal that while she was alive because we protect our members’ “anonymity”.   Our policy after my arrest in 1984 was to get our members into their own housing immediately.  Not to set up any type of stationary housing.  The reasoning with us was simple – those escaping pimps and/or traffickers needed to be moved around for safety so a stationary house was pointless as well as dangerous.

This is why I was dubbed the “High Tech Madam” when I was arrested – because of all of the security equipment I had installed in the place for protection.  For others, living off people had been our glass of wine to the alcoholic.  Therefore, we needed to start providing our own housing using a “legit” income in order to have any “time” in our program.  So we didn’t have any type of housing set up for members.  Norma wanted to set up a residential program and I provided her with materials and support to help her set up meetings of our program in hers.  I’d already been helping other residential programs for women who had been involved in prostitution to work on those issues by then with groups such as the Mary Magdalene Project, Genesis House, Tarzana Treatment Center, the Salvation Army, and others.

When Margo St. James retired, the group Sex Workers Outreach Project soon took it’s place founded by Robin Few.  They were doing a lot of outreach for harm reduction purposes, as well as lobbying to have sex workers get safer working conditions.   Phone calls started coming in from their chapters saying “we’ve got a woman here wanting to leave her pimp” or “we’ve got a trafficking ring operating we need help to get women out of”.   So we were getting a lot of calls from SWOP to come help when needed.

Calls weren’t just coming from them providing referrals.  I personally knew Dave who founded “The Erotic Review”.  This site was created by a “john” who would personally “audition” advertisers.  While the women would complain about having to sleep with the guy to get a listing – that was it’s “brand”.  He was providing “personal reviews” on providers.  Dave told me he was doing this so he could also ferret out any signs of someone being pimped and/or trafficked.  When he would uncover a situation where a woman was being forced to be in this line of work – we’d get a phone call from him about it.

Because I was in the industry myself for years, people within the industry trusted me with a call when they saw someone needing help or something “irregular”.  It was, and is, common for example to have strip club owners call me regularly when they would see a woman being pimped against her will.  Referrals don’t just come from within the sex industry either.  People in the industry routinely use cabs.  I work hard to establish a relationship with cab drivers, and routinely run ads in cab driver “trade” magazines in major cities.   So it’s not uncommon for me to have a cab driver showing up at my door with a woman who had gotten in their cab asking to get away from their pimp.

When the AIM Clinic was first opened to test adult performers for HIV/AIDS – they had a stack of our cards there for their counselors.  When someone would be diagnosed as “positive” – that puts them “out of business” on the spot.  It’s not an easy adjustment and performers would be routinely referred to our program for help.  In fact, many labs, as well as doctors who tend to specialize in sex workers, have a stack of our cards they hand out to someone when they see they’re going to need exit help.

Making us again not only the oldest, and largest, group providing exit help for sex workers, but also meaning that we’d had a long standing relationship working with other groups and professionals within the industry itself who have trusted us enough to provide referrals.  Over the years, we’ve had an independent professor conduct a 10 year study published in “Leaving Prostitution” by professor Sharon Oselin.  This study was done on a group I personally wasn’t even involved with so it was completely objective.  On top of this, we’ve had multiple, independent, reputable, investigative reporters come in and check us out thoroughly from an objective stance.  All of who wrote wonderful things about us.

So you can imagine after years of having these kinds of relationships, I would therefore find it truly “strange” to have the “tides turn” on us as they have lately.  Up until 2007, I had a friendship with Melissa Farley, PhD.  In fact, when she told me she needed my help to conduct a study for a report to the State Dept. on sex trafficking in Nevada – I opened up the books and gave her all of the help I could.   This report was published “Trafficking in Nevada – Making the Connections”.  Meaning when someone wanted to get information from a “reputable” program in the past – they came to us.  

The reason why I emphasize this is an INDUSTRY isn’t to “legitimize” it.  But because if you don’t think of it like THEY do – which IS an INDUSTRY  - then you can’t combat them is why we do.   Which is why it’s important to know that when any large industry is afraid of their workers “unionizing” they hire these “consultants” and “influencers”.  These firms who specialize in “union busting” usually start with the hiring of an “influencer”.  The standard practice is to hire an attractive person who then gets hired to work in the company not wanting the workers to go union like they’re a “regular” employee.  They then strike up friendships, even relationships, with other workers where they’re also there to steer private conversations away from the idea of unionizing.  Anyone who is even “leaning” towards unionizing is nipped in the bud before they can gather up any support in the company.

Corporate “espionage” is also very common.  It’s very common for companies like Pepsi to have someone working to feed them information at Coca-Cola.  Many large companies these days are now employing “influencers”.  Ads are run on Craigslist to “rent out” private people’s Facebook pages.  Then these fake people are put into groups to “stack” them.  Anyone then coming in with an opinion they don’t want to be popularized or spread is struck down by what appears to be a “majority” of the group.  In fact, I’ve seen whole groups where every person in it is actually one person controlling many identities.  Thus instead of a “disagreement” between two people – it appears to be one against the majority.  This is to make it appear someone’s viewed are “unpopular” or “not in the majority”.

Hollywood has been using the idea of an “attack” or even “threats” for publicity for ages.  Take a look at Emma Watson.  She was speaking at the UN when a threat was launched with a count down clock ticking even.  The press went crazy about this threat.  Only investigation into it proved it was her own marketing company making the threat.  Why would she essentially threaten herself?  Well ask yourself if you would have even heard of her speech if not for the threat?

Take a real good look at the advertising surrounding the film “50 Shades of Gray”.   If you carefully review the parties involved in organizing the opposition to the film, as well as the press, you see the very same people involved in not only this, but also in just about every single story online about the sex industry and trafficking.  The same names are appearing over and over again in fact.

Now maybe these people are speaking for “us”?  If that’s the case, then where’s our name?  I hate to be obvious but look back in the 1980’s and 90’s and you can see we’re the ones quoted in just about every article on the subject.  Not ME – but different members of our group presenting THEIR opinions.  Now you can look at ANY article on the subject and it’s the same names over and over again.  At the same time, anyone who has a different opinion than them are being not only shunned and silenced, but outright threatened, stalked, cyber-bulled, smeared, marginalized, and some people are reporting even actually harmed. I have been a long standing member of online SWOP groups as one example of what I mean.  I’ve also been a contributor to the blog “Tits N Sass” since they launched in 2007.  However, when what appears to be an organized campaign started up about 2013 to take over being to voice of the sex industry by a group of women – I found myself shut out of all of these groups for absolutely no reason other than these same women pushing the issue.  In fact, one SWOP blog moderator told me straight up she was dropping me because she had received physical threats from these women to do so.

Which I’ve seen being played out since Bob Herbert reported he was threatened with a “baseball bat to the head” for simply publishing an interview with me in the NY Post.  The reporter who reported he was threatened – was fired the week after the story ran.  I have now collected a long list of reporters, blog writers, group moderators, and publishers who have told me they can’t publish anything with my name on it “or else” they’ve been threatened in some fashion by this same group of women.  Reporters who have gone against the grain and published something with my name anyway – have in fact been immediately fired for their trouble.

Starting in 2013, our group also started becoming the subject of direct attacks.  The goal has been to not only break us up, scare off our members, shut down our meetings, but to further make it appear we don’t even exist.  Anyone who used to list us on their Facebook  they were a member of SWA, was reporting  they were being threatened.  If they refused to take down noting they belonged to SWA on their profiles, their pages were being subjected to false complaints and shut down for “violation of terms of service”.  Comments mentioning us were reported and deleted.  I can’t even place an ad for us on Backpage or Craigslist without it being flagged literally within 60 seconds no matter what time of day it’s posted.  We had to stop “friending” members on Facebook because they were reporting receiving threats, being stalked, bullied, and generally attacked until they dropped mention of us.

I can’t even get booked anymore for a tiny little radio interview without the producer telling me she’s received three phone calls that morning from people “warning” her not to have me on the show for one reason or another.  The thing is – how are people even knowing I was booked to do the show?  The same for “volunteers”.  We started having meetings with potential volunteers, only to have them report before they made it home from the meetings they got a call or email “warning” them away from us.

One treasurer at a church in Las Vegas told me she was pulled into her pastor’s office where she was told they had been told “not to speak to Jody nor to even friend her on Facebook”.  When she asked why – she was told they had been threatened with an IRS audit if they were to include me in any manner with their trafficking efforts.  The whole thing frankly reminded me of when the pimps who had trafficked me were going around to anyone who would hire me as a waitress and threaten to burn down their restaurant if I wasn’t fired in an effort to get me financially desperate enough to come back to them.  In fact, I can’t name one single person who hadn’t at one point listed a friendship, alliance, membership, or support in some fashion for myself, or SWA as a group, who hasn’t reported to me they were threatened, attacked, stalked, etc., non-stop until they dropped all mention of us.

When I started reading how other groups in this field were also finding the same people were organizing protests against their anti-trafficking projects – that’s when I realized I wasn’t wrong and this wasn’t at all personal.  I’ve done extensive investigative work because of this.  I believe there is an organized agenda by traffickers in this country at work here.  I have uncovered a systematic pattern of threatening female politicians, female prosecutors, female attorney general’s, female judges, female police officers, female FBI agents, etc.  On top of targeting females in positions of authority, there’s also reporters and other media people who have been threatened.   This includes even actresses.  For example, for 30 years Frances Nuyen, the actress from Joy Luck Club, has done our public service announcements, and had promised to help us promote some local appearances, as well as narrate a documentary about us a few years ago.  This actress is in her 70’s now and lives alone.  She was threatened into now being afraid to even speak to us – let alone help us with the film or public appearances.

I then turn to find entire groups were set up online to lobby Will Smith against appearing in the film “Concussion” using the same tactics as being used against us.  Now what does the NFL have in common with Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Sheldon Adelson, Vivid Entertainment, and Dennis Hof?

The agenda appears to be clear these people want prostitution legalized in the USA.  Further, they want to ensure the workers don’t “unionize”.  Anyone who is working as an “independent” sex worker, such as those who were working in Rhode Island when prostitution was decriminalized, were the first attacked.  These so called “advocates” are reporting the independent sex workers are afraid this “will force them onto the streets”.  However, the ones I’m speaking to are reporting this is harassment to force them to work for the traffickers.

When I saw a supposed sex worker and member of SWOP in Seattle tell a cop and a reporter that “these women aren’t being trafficked” at the same time I know women on that site who are reporting to me they ARE being trafficked, while also finding my voice being shut out of the conversation – well then it’s clear to me what’s going on here.  Lenin used to say “To control opposition you become it”.  This is when I started digging deeper to uncover that not all of these women are even real sex workers!  I’ve also uncovered documented evidence anyone not agreeing with their opinions are also being silenced and threatened.  In other words, they’re not “representing sex workers voices”.

Not anymore than what was happening with James Deen was.  He had been the president of APAC for a while.  During that time, they organized a panel on “exiting the industry”.  We were blocked from speaking at this event.   It’s now come out in the press he has raped more than one woman, even one  while the film crew not only kept filming, but further applauded when he was done and she had blood everywhere.  I believe this attack was deliberately staged and filmed in order to further stage the complaint against him which led to the fines against the production company.  I believe this whole thing in fact was staged to try and deliberately drive the industry into Nevada where performers have even less protections there than in California.  I later learned the producer is also being threatened into going along with this agenda in fear for his life.

In other words, anyone in competition with Vivid is being attacked.  This “war” is not at all unlike what Al Capone was doing when he was trying to take over control of the bootlegging industry by shutting down anyone not working with us using the media, law enforcement, politicians, etc.  Even Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt are retreating in fear of these people.  They are also clearly trying to shut down any avenue OUT of the industry.  As Dennis Hof once said to me “he’s invested too much money in recruiting these women to just let them leave that easy”.  There’s talk even Brooke Phillips might have been deliberately murdered because she’d left the ranch, and was setting up a shop in Oklahoma.

I’ve been taught since day one when dealing with people like this – you need to TALK.  Talk about what’s happening to anyone and everyone who will listen.  ALL abusers and predators isolate their victims.  It’s well known pimps will get the women fighting with each other so as not to turn on them.  Nazi’s also have been using someone’s “own kind” to lead them “into the showers” and “on the trains” which is clearly what’s going on with these women who are calling themselves “advocates”.

Which is why I’ve also uncovered that most of the division among our groups has also been orchestrated by them.  For years, I’ve been getting calls that “so and so said this about you” or “so and so attacked you and told me to do this to harm you” and “so and so is on drugs” and other gossip.   I’ve gone back over the people giving me this information – and now see it was also staged by “catfish” fake people.

I’ve also found myself impersonated in many ways.  I’ve caught people telling others online I’m “running an escort service” for example.  I’m not.  However, I’ve then gone onto Google and in fact FOUND someone who had a website up appearing to be an escort service calling themselves “Sex Workers Anonymous”.  I complained and got the site shut down, but the seeds of doubt were planted.  The same with porn – I’ve found porn sites calling themselves by our name which weren’t mine.  There’s interviews online I never gave, websites up I don’t own, and I have found my name all over things online which I’ve had nothing to do with.  One woman insists I was at a conference in Chicago and “cussed her out in front of a group of people”.  Since then people have talked about how I “attack people”.  Only I was never in Chicago.  Now in the cases where I’ve been finding myself impersonated – I’ve been able to track them back to Anne Bissell aka Juliette Chandler in each case.  I showed this woman a photo of Anne and myself and asked her who was the woman who “cussed her out”.  She pointed to Anne.

No.  These women are not what they’re representing themselves to be.  Like any cheater, predator or abuser – they’re also trying to get us to fight with each other so we don’t turn our focus on to them and compare notes.  They’re an organized mob of stalkers and “influencers” hired by traffickers who are trying to control the sex industry using the same tactics used by the NFL, tobacco and alcohol industries over the years.

I also feel they’re trying to provoke us into suing them as individuals.  Here’s why – I watched these same people try and provoke, or actually file, lawsuits against other survivors who try and help others exist such as Monica Foster, Desi Foxx, and Shelley Lubben.  They then used these lawsuits to try and drag these women into the courthouse where they could be physically stalked, discovery used to gain access to personal information, and to then publish “public records” online as a form of harassment.  I believe it was this type of behavior that caused Shelley Lubben’s husband to get fired, and to force them to relocate.  However, that still didn’t stop Michael Whiteacre from publishing a map to their new home online.  Now from publishing photos he’d paid the gardener to steal off a computer sitting on a desk in Shelley’s private bedroom.   I don’t think the photos were as disturbing as the knowledge someone had been in her home, in her bedroom, on her computer, and these photos wound up online.

Shelley announced she was abandoning Pink Cross shortly after these photos were published.  Enough is enough.  We can continue to act like victims and stick to ourselves and “go it alone”, or we can start banding together to do something to put a stop to this and expose them for what this really is.  Those women who need MORE help to exit the industry need us to keep going.  So for this reason I’m reaching out to you to ask that we consider ways to connect, compare notes, and see what can be done to stop this “pimp lobby” from what they’re trying to accomplish using illegal, deceitful, unethical, and abusive tactics against us.

If we can’t stand up to them and win – then how are we ever going to teach our members/clients how to do the same?

Thanks for listening.
Jody Williams, Director
Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)
(702) 488-1127 Telephone

Thursday, April 21, 2016


I first found the blog "Tits & Sass" in 2007.  I had been sucked into helping Melissa Farley do a report (so she claimed at the time) for the State Dept., and a related press conference, which was held in September of 2007.  You can read about that report, and conference, at

As I've said before, after the room was filled with reporters, I had been hooked up to the microphone, and we were about to go on stage, Melissa pulled me over to the side.  She asked me if I would make two statements from the podium.  The first was that "all prostitution was rape".  The second was that all sex workers were in some fashion a "victim".  Third, that all forms of sex work needed to be "abolished" or "outlawed.   I explained to her not only did I not personally agree with these claims, but that if I were to do so I'd lose all my credibility for speaking my personal truth.  Anyone who knows me know I speak the truth as to what I know to the best of my ability.

If I am going to lie for money - I'll go back to sex work and I'd be filthy rich as I was when I got arrested in 1984.  Speaking as the person who launched the first 900 phone line application for phone sex in Los Angeles in the early 1980's - I was making $30,000 a week all legal from just that phone sex operation.  So I know well not only the illegal side of the sex industry, but also the legal operations as well.    I told Melissa "no".  I was there to release the report I'd helped her to write and I was standing behind that and that alone I told her.

After this conference, my phone rang off the hook from people who were contributors and subscribers to the "Tits and Sass" blog.  They told me to "turn on the news".  This is when I saw Melissa had taken the reporters into the hallway and put words in my mouth - assigning me to her "abolish prostitution" comments at this press conference.   To say I was angry was an understatement.

But then my phone went dead and my power went off.  I went outside to check the lines, and discovered my car had been trashed, and my lines had not only been disconnected, but cut.  My daughter, who looked identical to me from a distance at the time, told me she'd go across the street to a payphone to call for help.  As she crossed the street, she was mowed over by a woman who owned an ADT office by there, who was also close friends with Metro police.  She had her back broken in three places from being run over this way in broad daylight with nothing obstructing the drivers' view to see she was clearly in the crossing walk.   The cop on the scene refused to take photos, a witness statement from the many witnesses she was mowed over and knocked unconscious, but also to do a breathalyzer test on the driver I demanded.  I could think of nothing but she couldn't have been sober to hit her like this with nothing obstructing her view.  The cop then issued my daughter a ticket for jaywalking while she was getting her x-rays and split before speaking to me, or complying with my requests.

Only one person by the way knew where I lived at that time - Melissa Farley.  While Lance Gilman, owner of the Mustang Ranch, is on the board of Nevada Power, and also the Nevada Board of Economic Development, of which my insurance, power, cable, phone, internet and TV companies were all held by meaning he could have accessed my account information.  So anyone else who could have accessed my accounts for things in the state could have found out where I lived also.  My address was not on my drivers license.

Shortly after this, I received a call from a local church.  They asked me if I "got the check".  I said "what check?"  Then I was told they'd given Melissa a check for $80,000 they had meant for my work she had said she'd process through her nonprofit status.  I got a few other calls adding up to $180,000 in donations people had said she'd collected from people thinking it was going to me to be a part of NCAST - the nonprofit she had been claiming at this press conference she was launching.  When I asked about this money at first she acknowledged it.  She said "once we reach $300,000 I'll be hiring you to provide direct services and your salary will be $120,000".  When I realized someone had canceled my car insurance, and I had no outreach car, I told her I needed an advance to get a car.  I especially needed one now my daughter had a broken back and was unable to walk or get on the bus.  She then said "money - what money"?

That's when I wrote in to the "Tits and Sass" blog to alert the men and women in this industry what went down.  Word spread.  Because she then couldn't find a real sex worker to speak for her after that - she created the fake "Stella Marr" who was supposedly leading "Survivors Connect".   Norma Jean Almodovar helped us to uncover evidence Stella was a "catfish" and expose her for this.

Word spread about Melissa and no one from the sex industry would help her with her research.  Everyone rallied together to shut her and her crones out.  Clearly this meant they had to be destroyed because it meant we had a system to relay the truth to each other and rally together against outsiders.  

So too every other site owned by anyone in competition with the legal brothels.  The Erotic Review, Craigslist, Backpage, Myredbook, Rentboy - along with Tits and Sass - needed to be taken over in order to restrict the free flow of information.  Which we have seen a complete take down of these other sites, and the owners, since.  I have lost communications with all of these site owners after their arrest who we would share information as to who they thought might be needing help to leave the industry, or escape a pimp.  We never reported any of this to law enforcement either.

What's the difference between members of Sex Workers Anonymous and that of active sex workers?

Not a damn thing.

Anyone in this business knows most of us swear we're "quitting for life" only to return a year, two years, three years, or even 20 years down the road.  Once we're in that business - we're branded for life.  A judge recently was found dead in Henderson and what did the news say?  "Stripper who became Judge found dead".   It follows us even in death.  In Alcoholics Anonymous they call it "turning from a cucumber into a pickle".  Once you become a "pickle" you can't go back.  Spouses, lovers, landlords, employers - ALL contain people who view an ex-sex worker as no different than an active sex worker.

For all I know - I even could go back into the sex industry.  I could go and manage a strip club or a massage parlor.  I could go write a script for a porn.  I could go open up a webcam studio.  So what's the difference between me and anyone else in the sex industry?  Really nothing other than I "have the desire not to return to sex work".  That's it.

I carry the same stigmas, the same scars, the same problems and issues as anyone else who is right now this minute turning a trick, making a porn, talking some guy off on the phone.  Any REAL sex worker knows this.

Ones on our side anyway.

When I started finding myself, and Sex Workers Anonymous, as a group, under attack in 2015 by women like Maxine Doogan, Domina Elle, Meg Munoz, and other women connected to SWOP - I had turned to the owners of the Tits and Sass blog asking them "what's going on?"

For the first time - I heard silence.

Then I found this -

I've made comments, contributed articles, and had whole conversations with people since 2007 when this blog first opened.  My name, Sex Workers Anonymous' name, and other members of SWA who have posted which I won't list here - every single shred of information has been removed from this site about us.  They don't like us?  Fine.  They want to warn people to stay away from us?  Fine.  But why not that?  They certainly did about Melissa Farley.  Why has every single mention of our name, and comments I've made, all been completely wiped clean?

Remember - I'm an ex-sex worker.   I'm no different than any other sex worker who might turn around tomorrow and say "I want to quit".

Now let me ask you - if you turn around and become like me, you decide to leave the sex industry, and you join our program or not, but you also become an "ex-sex worker" - what does our removal of our posts mean?  The Amish call it "shunning".

Melissa Farley asked me to say "all prostitution was rape".  I told her "no" that some of sex work is a business like any other business.  A business within which some people are forced into that business for one as in trafficking victims.  Some of the customers are harmed by disreputable unethical providers such as johns who get "rolled" or catch a disease.   So our business is like the tobacco industry or alcohol.  We have some customers who are harmed by the products.  Some people are forced to produce the products.  There are some laws against the products like how anyone under 18 can't smoke or under 21 can't drink.

So let me ask you - if this blog was a blog about anorexia, and if all reference to programs like Overeaters Anonymous, or treatment centers was removed, then it no longer is a blog about anorexia - but what instead?  A site to promote anorexica where anyone who doesn't share in the behavior is then excluded.

Now does this mean the site is truly about free expression from ALL anorexics on the subject - or has it become instead about the promotion of the behavior only?  What does it then tell it's readers will happen to them if they stop the behavior?  They'll be shunned meaning the site is then PUSHING anorexia on those who will then start thinking "gee if I quit sticking my finger down my throat then I'm going to be shunned also so I got to think twice about this".

That is no longer a blog by anorexics about anorexia to share views on the subject - but instead it becomes propaganda and control.    Because if they're selling you something - then what is it they're trying to get you to buy?  So again is this about the sharing of information and views - or about creating a system of control?

You tell me.  Because I've never ever made one post on their site trying to convince anyone to quit the sex industry.  All I've ever posted is information on what's going on with us on this end of the world - like what was happening with Melissa Farley at that press conference.

Which I could show you if not that all those warnings were removed.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


The below is an email I just sent to a reporter named Dana:

Okay cool.  I've been up all night doing some homework. You might like what I just figured out.

THIS is why the "end demand" has been manufactured and why Facebook is trying to give free internet to India!  You may not realize this but the webcam world shuts down at 2:00 a.m. in Pacific Time.  

Why?  India's men flooding them with requests for free porn. These men completely jam up the line.  You can't even talk when they're on because there's so many of them asking for free webcam!  I know because many of our members have gone from prostitution to webcam work in order to get off the streets. 

But then they realize it's not working and call us.  They need free porn because they can't pay for anything with a debit card in America so they come begging for free webcam as a result.  Yes it's a huge market.  

What evil masterminds!  These people used Melissa Farley to get the support as sex workers to find out about the habits of our customers - like her research on the native American reservation - and they used it as "market research" to build this thing. 

I knew Polaris was up to something the MINUTE they refused to speak to me when they first launched their hotline.  Polaris if you'll notice makes a real distinction between helping a "trafficking victim" BUT NOT someone who "wants help to leave the sex industry".  I believe now it's because they are not acknowledging the trafficking that exists within the legal parts of the sex industry.

Now granted, when Polaris first popped up I was like so what?  They do what they do and we do what we do and the more help we all have the merrier right?  I didn't sweat anything at that time because you have to realize that up until the year 2000 - our program was all over the USA.  We had major chapters of our program in every major city.  We were in the major jails.  We were in the courts.  We were a part of probation.  

That was until people started pulling back on us and refusing to speak to me suddenly.  Whole programs that we used to work with were suddenly refusing my calls.  The Salvation Army and Catholic Charities booted our meetings out of their property and banned us from even speaking to their clients. 

Now if we didn't work that's one thing.  But if you read the 10 year report on programs to help prostitutes exit "Leaving Prostitution" by professor Sharon Oselin - you'll see it's very clear we are effective.  We're also the only program still operating at the end of her report even.  So it wasn't that we weren't effective - it's clear we are by two of our public members Brenda Myers-Powell and Kathleen Mitchell who are walking testaments to our effectiveness.  

So what was the problem?  I kept hearing "if we speak to you we lose our grant money" or "I'll lose my job".  Why would they say that and what does Polaris have to do with that?  Polaris was founded by Katherine Chon and Bradley Myles.  Two graduates of Stanford by the way.  Bradley stayed on with Polaris, but Katherine now directs the office of Trafficking in Persons which is connected to the Dept. of Health & Human Services, the National Institute on Mental Health, and all the programs for mental health, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.  So she's connected up to all the governmental offices and thus all the federal grant sources also.

I mean I was even having owners of Alano clubs tell me they wouldn't put up our posters for Sex Workers Anonymous.  When I'd ask why - same answer - I can't risk losing the money we get from grants.  Which by the way is what's called a "natural monopoly" that's been created here now by Polaris against us.  How are we supposed to continue to operate when suddenly even social workers, counselors, and probation officers are telling us they can't give someone they're working with a referral to us because then they'll "lose their job"?  Considering they've just seen someone fired for speaking our name - they are scared.  We're even having members telling us they've been discharged the minute they say they're members of our program, or even know me.

Then w have all the "abolitionists" behind Polaris.  Okay that's fine.  But then THEY'RE turning against us for some odd reason. I mean that really confused me.  

Because in my personal life I had fought against the legal brothels expanding into California in 1988 and WON.  They tried to expand into Las Vegas in both 1991 and again in 2013 and I won then also.  I fought those three fights by myself.  Now why would these people claim to be "abolitionists" but then shout down the one woman who beat back the legal brothels three times?  

Let me clarify one thing however, I'm not against the legal brothels of Nevada.  I am against the way THEY ARE RUN.  I say that because we do have chapters of SWA in both Australia, Amsterdam, Canada and the UK where it's legal.  I have seen legal brothels that I agree with.  I have seen those I don't and the ones in Nevada are ones I don't.  

Which means before I went up against Joe in 1988 I had a long talk with him.  I asked him if he would change the working conditions in his brothel and he refused.  Okay I went up against him while he tried to get that Proposition passed.  Now if I was against them entirely in 1988 - I just would have not done it at all.  Back then the FCC had a rule where he could not have got on the air unless he had an "opposing view".  So I went on to let him promote prostitution while I promoted recovery - which is all I've ever wanted.  I don't want to shut them down in Nevada - I just don't agree with how they don't have any exit system set up nor do they have any advocate for the women's working conditions.  They are completely at the mercy of the male owner such as Joe.

Which is why I fought against them again when they wanted to put a legal brothel where the Mob Museum is.  I spoke to their lobbyist, George Flynt, and learned he'd never set foot inside a brothel to know what he was talking about.  How can he say that the brothel "beats the street" when he's not seen how the women are forced to also work within the legal brothels by their pimps?  That unlike a street prostitute - these women have no way they can walk out?  There's not even a cab company in the same towns as these brothels for them to pick up and leave so in many ways it's better to be a street walker than to work at one of these brothels.  So I asked Dennis if he would work with me on an exit program for these women.  He refused so I protested them expanding into Las Vegas.  

I'm telling you this because our members from Australia have a different type of problem with exiting the industry, and trafficking there.  We get a lot of calls from women in Australia who have had no complaints with the business itself in that country and who just want help to retire.  But they report for a few years now they're being "undercut" by the traffickers.   It's kind of hard to charge $1000 an hour when you have an Asian woman in an RV coming out to the mines who is charging $50 an hour is what they tell me there.  

So for an "abolitionist" to have a problem with me seeing I've beaten back the brothels three times now - made no sense to me.  Look, I graduated high school at 15 and went into college at 16 because I have a genius IQ  literally.  Made no sense to me.  Their hostility to me made no sense either.   I mean wouldn't I at least get a high five here for even keeping the brothels out of California?  No something was definitely fishy here because this just wasn't making sense.  

Then they really got my curiosity up when in 2007 Melissa Farley comes to me offering me a $120,000 a year job, an office, and the whole nine yards with what she said was going to be NCAST.  You can read about it at  She told me if I did this report, and did this press conference, that we were going to get the support from Gloria Steinhem, and Prince, and the money from the State Dept., to open this center for NCAST she said I was going to be hired to be in charge of "direct services".

She then got $180,000 off a local church who thought they were donating to me and she skipped town.  Only the church called me asking if I got the check.  I went what check?  They told me they gave it to Melissa.   Then she said "check what check?" after I confronted her about what this church owner said to me about giving her a check for my work.  

Next thing I know Shared Hope has predated the report I helped Melissa write, after taking my name out of the report, as well as all mention of Sex Workers Anonymous.  They released it in October - but dated it as August - which was one month prior to my press conference in September.  So these people were clearly trying to make Melissa's report I helped her with appear to be theirs sans my name and our program.  Why?  

They came into Nevada in October and did this huge tour around speaking about "Nevada sex trafficking".  Only they'd never set foot in the state before.  They didn't work with any Nevada victims, nor any in fact.  At that time, Shared Hope provided no direct services to any American victim anywhere. They had to fly in to do this tour and then fly out again.  They didn't even have a Nevada branch which I had been led to believe NCAST and myself was supposed to be when I got suckered into this press conference.  

What's even weirder was my daughter got mowed over by an SUV the week before they came in broad daylight.  So she's in a body cast with a broken back.   But I went anyway to go listen to Shared Hope speak at one church in town - only to have security tell me I was "banned from the property".  Are you kidding me?  Why?  Why would Shared Hope ban me from the property on a subject like Nevada sex trafficking?  I contacted the organizers and told them who I was.  I reminded them they knew me because I'd been based out of Las Vegas doing our work there since 1996 and it's now 2008 so they knew me.  

They said yes they knew me and of our work but that Shared Hope had said if I "stepped on that stage that they would leave".  I'm like WHAT?  That's when I found out about the report.  I can't say I blame them - I'm just a survivor and they're run by an ex-Congresswoman so I understand whose side they're going to be on if put in the middle like that.  But I was trying to figure out why Shared Hope would be talking about our work, and speaking from a report they wouldn't have but for me, but then ban me from even being in the building?  In going over the report the church organizer gave me - that's when I realized our name had been entirely removed.  Everything else was the same.  Even the quotes.  I went to the people quoted in the report and asked "did you give a second interview to Shared Hope?"  They said "no - we only gave that one with you".  Okay now why?  Why all this trouble?  

That's when I lashed out a memo to everyone within the sex industry I was ripped off by Melissa Farley and she couldn't be trusted. I also let them know what Shared Hope had pulled.   Every one in the sex industry who would give us referrals for years like the Erotic Review, MyRedbook, etc., all joined ranks around me and against her.  (Note each and every one of these groups have been busted and shut down since - except the blog "Tits N Sass".  That blog blocked our IP address a few months ago so I went onto them from TOR only to find all of our comments, articles, and every single mention of us had been removed.  Now that really made no sense I'm thinking.  Then I realized that meant all warnings about what Melissa Farley had pulled were also removed and it began to be clearer why our posts were removed.)  

What did Melissa do when we all pulled in together and shut her out from her research projects?  She created Stella Marr.  Stella Marr was a completely "catfish" ex-prostitute supposedly.

She set up a fake group called "Survivors Connect" and then went out recruiting all our members.  When she got everyone she could in - then she started telling these women I had relapsed back into being a "pimp".  Only it wasn't true.  I never was a pimp.  That arrest in 1984 was actually over the first safe house in the country for adults.  The pimp of the victim I saved was angry.  He retaliated by calling the cops and claiming I was running a brothel.  She testified against him and the charges were dropped so I was never ever convicted of pimping. 

One of our members comes to me with a screen shot of this smearing of me in Survivors Connect and told me she left the group.  She said she couldn't understand why a survivor would attack another survivor.  A few women from SWOP and the blog "Tits N Sass" teamed up and we proved Stella was a "catfish".   We also found the IP address was Melissa Farley.

So I served Melissa Farley with a "cease and desist" letter and within 30 minutes the website was down.  All evidence was gone.  I didn't know about taking screenshots before then. (I do have the screenshots our members sent me however of them saying I was a pimp though.)  I know now to take screenshot regularly!   Then Melissa flew out with Nicholas Kristof and they created Samoly Mam.  They built her up and she was a fake.

No one would believe me until I got the attention of the right people who went out and proved she was a fake.  But then William Hilliar was another fake the film "Taken" was based on.  For the life of me I'm trying to figure out why these fakes?  Why one after the other after the other and why were all these fakes connected to Shared Hope and Exodus Cry as well as CAASE and Melissa Farley?  Go on and look - each and every fake coming down the pike here has those same names in connection with them each and every time.  

Why not speak to the REAL DEAL instead of creating these fake survivors?  Now realize I studied movements before I started our 12 step program, and it's related movement to stop treating sex workers like criminals.  I studied things like the civil rights movement, Gandhi, Hitler's rise to power, and even believe it or not the UFO movement's push to have recognition their experiences were "real".  I also studied the tobacco wars where they bought their own faked research claiming their products were not "addictive nor caused cancer" and even their lying to Congress about their products.  I also saw the film "Insider" with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe showing how difficult it was just for their whistle blower to even get on air with the truth about their products to see how hard it can be to get the truth out against a very large industry sometimes.

To understand why these people are using "fake" survivors, "fake" rescuers, and even "fake" groups for trafficking victims - I start analyzing what are these fakes saying that I, or other real survivors, wouldn't say.  First thing I noticed was we say webcams, porn and phone sex are not within our definition of "sobriety".  They however kept LIMITING their objections to "prostitution" NEVER the sex industry.   

Now when I would challenge them on this - they would lash back at me I was "legitimizing" the industry by calling it an industry and again try and get me to confine my arguments to that of "prostitution".  I would respond I wasn't "legitimizing" anything - it IS an industry and it is legal in many areas besides Nevada - like Australia for one.  An "industry" where "prostitution" is only a part of this industry as cigars are only a part of what the tobacco industry offers.   And it doesn't matter to our program if these women are coming out of legal or illegal prostitution anymore than it matters to an addict if the drug is prescribed or not.   A cigarette is a cigarette whether smoked by an adult or a juvenile.   So while they're only focusing on illegal street prostitution - it seems we're the only ones talking about any of the other parts of the "industry".  

The favorite however was to refuse to speak to us, block our page, yell names at me because the title "Sex Workers Anonymous" called prostitution a "job" and therefore I was "calling their rape a job".  I was like are you kidding me?  Look if I'm a cook in a restaurant and I get raped while I'm behind the stove cooking that does NOT make cooking "rape".  The sex industry is an industry.  There are jobs within that industry.  Our members are ones who need to leave the sex industry in order to recover.  Now I'm not saying sex work is addictive.  I'm saying our members can't work within that industry and recover.  Just like AA doesn't say alcohol needs to be banned or it's addictive.  They say simply they can't drink any in order to recover. That's all I'm saying.  

Look I was offered by Joe a job managing the Mustang brothel in 1988 when we were doing all this press.  He offered me $90,000 a year with a $10,000 signing bonus to relocate to Nevada.  I was on welfare at the time with my daughter who was a baby and making a whopping $600 a month then. I refused.  That was a legal job in management and I refused.  Why?  For the same reason an addict shouldn't work in a pharmacy.   Oh by the way it was the right decision.  The woman who took the job went to jail for three years and had a $300,000 fine because Joe stuck her with charges and fled the country.  That would have been me if I'd taken the job.  

My reasons are for defining us as having to leave the industry, not just prostitution, are why I made that comment under the article that attracted you to us Dana.  I'm working on my memoirs right now "Anatomy of a Movement".  In it I describe how I joined a support group for escorts and madams who were mostly white called "Catharsis" that was the only group in existence at that time for us.  Those women sounded just like the article that was published in your paper.  They were angry, bitter, and blaming everyone for their bad decisions.  

Now you have to realize I was in the sex industry from about 1978-9 to 1984 when I got arrested.  I never drank or used during my time in the industry.  However, when I was forced out of sex work by the LAPD, and everything else I'd witnessed, including men who were worried I'd talk to the press or the police so they kept trying to kill me - the only way I could stay alive was to leave the sex industry itself in order to not be found and killed.  

This having to leave sex work however put me into such a deep depression I turned to cocaine as a mood elevator.  I then got involved with some serious drug sales to "substitute" from one dangerous lifestyle into another.  That brought me into Narcotics Anonymous and recovery.  At that point I was angry.  I was angry I couldn't have found help BEFORE I got so messed up I turned to drugs.  

So I went looking for some kind of program that would have helped me before I reached that point.  That's when I found Catharsis. Only those women were more than angry and bitter.  They were nuts!  I'd see they were clean from drugs yes.  They were out of prostitution yes.  But their eating disorders were out of control.  Their spending was out of control.  They were all in abusive relationships.  I would see one woman coming to the meeting and eat a whole gallon of ice cream within the hour in front of us.  Then I'd see another woman come covered in bruises.  Others I'd see coming in talking about going to a bar and bringing home a strange man - six times in one night.  Six different men.  Okay Houston we got a problem here.  I have something on what we call "post prostitution syndrome" here

This is why I founded our program in the first place - not just to get us "out" but to also get us recovery.  But what kind of program do I found though I wondered at first?  That's when I was told by then Attorney General Edwin Meese that if I choose a 12 step format I could create "alternative sentencing" like how they have drug courts.   So we did this in 1987 and we of course then launched our hotline so people could find us.  Remember in 1987 we didn't have the internet.  So I would have PSA's running giving out our phone number to call "if you need help to leave prostitution".  

But in 1995 when the internet was born - we started getting in women who had quit prostitution but were then doing webcam or phone sex work.  They would insist "that's not prostitution".  Well yes it is.   Now many of these women insisted they were disabled and this was all they could do.  

So I started training them to work the psychic hotline instead. Not because I support psychic hotlines - but to show them they could do a job that wasn't sex related and then see how it felt.  They did in fact find they could make just as much, if not more, than the virtual sex in the psychic hotlines.   THEN they began to see the problems they were having no longer being in that mindset.  

So that's when they started seeing they really did have a problem with their "disease" of addiction.  Which if you let it "substitute" it will.  I mean look at Rob Kardashian.  He went from watching porn 24 hours a day to eating.  Then he got fat.   So now what - he's just gotten into a relationship with Blac Chyna I assure you won't last long because everyone around him is in rampant addiction.   I mean Kloe can't even support his need for sobriety by not turning around and hosting a show "Kocktails"?  How on earth is he supposed to get clean with that going on I ask you?

I mean I love all these housewife's shows where all these women sit around with a drink in their hand saying "I think she has a problem" and then they wonder why she says "oh no I don't.  She says "no" because to go into sobriety would mean losing them, losing the show, and walking away from everyone and everything for at least a while until they got some sobriety under their belt.  I mean Bethany is asking Sonya if she has a drinking problem and she's the founder of "Skinny Girls"?  And who tells her staff "I don't care if you do crack - just get my work done".  Okay - no.  No one is going to say I need to enter a 12 step program around these people because they would lose everything.  

But back to Melissa, after she burned me I've been watching her.  Melissa Farley gets a lot of her money from the Hunt Foundation.  The Hunt Foundation gave grant money to Division !7 and CAASE who then poached Brenda Myers-Powell from our program to be their "face of prostitution".  Of course street African American who had a drug problem, worked street prostitution and had a pimp right?  Someone you then get to hold up to the "Girlfriend Experience" or "50 Shades of Grey" and go "oh no that's not the same thing".  I mean he did pay her and have her sign a contract in "50 Shades of Grey" no?  

The point is it's media being contrived to make white girls like Belle Knox or Christy Mack think they "aren't like Brenda". And why James Deen blocked us from bringing in members of SWA to speak at a panel he organized on "exiting the porn industry" was because he doesn't want women in the industry to know where to go for help when they aren't going to call the National Trafficking hotline.  I mean why would they?
Then I see Oprah come in and film a documentary for Brenda's work in Chicago for two hours but they called our group by it's old name "Prostitutes Anonymous" and they made no mention of our group Sex Workers Anonymous, our hotline, nor our broader definition of how we must abstain from "all forms of sex for any exchange".  Not one quote from me, the founder of the program and for who Brenda has freely in the past attributed her recovery to.  Now mind you Oprah didn't do this - Hearst Media did.  They are the company where Steve Sassa was being blackmailed by a "catfish" who was pretending to be a high class escort by the way and was their CEO at the time.  

Then Melissa was part of who funded "Turn off the Red Light" with Rachel Moran - another fake.  Rachel Moran posed as a woman named Catalina Lopez and tried to tell everyone she was a "trafficking survivor" in Ireland.   Mind you I'm speaking to real life prostitutes in Ireland who are telling me there is no trafficking there. 

So I went to Catalina and offered to help and she was so shocked she literally started hanging up the phone on me.  Then she went too far.  She lied.  She told people I had refused to help her.  Which was not true.  THAT'S when I got mad.   I don't care what these people do - but you want to bash us then the war is on baby.

I had made arrangements to fly her into Florida with papers and everything.  So I"m wondering why would she lie and do this to make us look bad online?  I contacted the local police and asked them to go and check the address for the IP address  I had.  The IP address was showing the same as Rachel Moran's, and the cell phone she was using was registered to Rachel.  The police come back - yep at the house was Rachel Moran.  Now why would Rachel be pretending to be Catalina Lopez and then trying to make us look like we don't have an Ireland based chapter of Sex Workers Anonymous?

Notice the date of November 2013 with this article about sex trafficking in Ireland..

Now before this whole thing started up about sex trafficking supposedly existing in Ireland, I've got members of our program who live in Ireland telling me there's not enough money in their men to make trafficking worth anyone's while.  Especially when all men have to do is drive over the bridge into the UK to get something if they want it.  But you see - our hotline is getting contradictory information to what Polaris is pumping out to the media.  Now I'm beginning to see what Catalina is.  She's Rachel Moran pulling one over on the public about sex trafficking in Ireland. 

Why?  Seems to be worth a lot of money for one thing.  Oops wrong article.  I meant to show you the one where Polaris just gave money to a NGO out there to answer their hotline for trafficking victims.  A group by the way when I went to them asking if they wanted to talk to me at all about the calls we get from women in Ireland blew me off.   I had told them I've been getting calls from Ireland since 1987 - and didn't they want to talk to me about our work there?

Nope.  Not interested.  So clearly that's not what's going on out there then is it?  Because if AA existed in Ireland since 1987, and an alcohol treatment program opened up a hotline in Ireland to help treat local alcoholics - then yes they would get on the phone to Bill Wilson and ask him to please let them know what they knew about the local alcoholic scene wouldn't they?  Again unless this was a smoke screen.

For what?  That was the homework I was doing last night and put on that link at the top of my email here.  I think you'll find it interesting.  Essentially Melissa Farley was getting research on the buying habits of "johns" by going to sex workers with her "abolitionist" cover in order to find out as much about the men's buying habits as possible so these men can roll out a very clever marketing scheme, or worse, on people under the guise of "expanding their horizons with the internet" like they've just tried to push their way into India.  Yeah I bet.  They'll clean up with porn in India!  But can't say it's porn or they'll never let it in at all.

Oops.  Did I let the cat out of the bag?

Again, I don't give one shit what these men do.  But when they come after me and attack our members, attack our work, attack our hotline, smear my personal name, smear the name of our program and members, and try to shut us down because they don't want to risk any contradictory information coming out of our hotline to theirs, and they go around to anyone who even so much as mentions our name, let alone works with us, and they arrest them, shut them down, threaten to fire them, and do every other mob tactic to try and make sure we just roll up and go away - then I know how to deal with pimps who come after me trying to shove me around.

You give me a call Dana when you can.  We got a lot to talk about.  

Monday, April 11, 2016



Note Eisenhower said "document" because "they'll claim it never happened".  They say you need to know your history in order not to repeat it right?

When I escaped my own time being trafficked - I of course needed help.  I had tried to self-medicate my feelings of helplessness with cocaine that I had seen "experts" getting up on TV saying it was "not addictive" and "even Freud used the drug" and really sold it to us in the late 70's and early 80's.  People now think I"m kidding when I say that I used to see doctors getting up on TV and saying it was not an "addictive" drug, and "not like heroin" and actually a "great source of energy" again pointing to the work Freud did under the influence of the drug.   Being around dealers who were operating with whole truck loads of cocaine - I developed a pretty big problem pretty quickly.  So yes I was getting help for my drug issues in Narcotics Anonymous - but nothing to deal with the other stuff.

But I had a very wise sponsor.  He took me to meeting of the Holocaust survivors.  People who knew well about man's inhumanity to man so I didn't have to first convince them of what I'd seen being true.  I got a lot of wonderful advice and healing from very elderly Jewish people that I think saved my life.  I tried seeking help from the "traditional" counselors and therapists at the time, but these people lived in a world where the concept of "trafficking" didn't exist.  Please remember the word even of "trafficking" did not exist until after the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  So here I am running around in the early 1980's and no one is believing me about what's even happening, let alone responding to help.

This is why I took that warehouse I had yes once used as an incall operation and turned it into a "safe house".  There was NO WHERE TO GO if you were over 18 years old then.   Lois Lee was the first one to understand these kids who were caught up in this, and also sexually attractive, had special needs and could not get help within the traditional juvenile system because they would just be preyed upon by the adults they were in the care of.   So she had stepped up to form the first hotline to call if you were under 18 for help when those at the Runaway Hotline just didn't have a clue, and other kids at places like Covenant House were reporting they were being molested by the staff, heck even the Father who ran the place supposedly for 10 years.

But what about if you were over 18 years old?  I knew we couldn't go to motels - these guys would literally give out photos of you to the desk clerks to notify them you were there.  I had one hotel clerk feel sorry for me when I was running and he showed me.  They had pasted a photo of me behind the desk so the clerk could see if I showed up.  Then he told me how he was offered $250 to "make a phone call" to let these cops know where I'd run.  NOT cops to arrest me for a crime - but to arrest me because I was running from their prostitution operation as we called it then which would be called a "trafficking operation" if it was today.  Now I was lucky he liked blonds with big tits because this clerk told me of the photo and the bribe offer.  So he asked me if he gave up the $250 cash reward if I'd thank him another way.  Which I did.  The guy could have let me check in, get comfortable in my room, go to sleep, and I would have been woken up and drug off by these cops to who knows where or what they would have done to me if they got me back then.

Understand who I was running from in my day.  I was not running from street pimps.  I had been initially pulled in and "turned out" by Richard Pryor's family in the late 1970's.  But when things got crazy, I was able to go to the head man in charge and trade some cash for my freedom from them.  I had no idea however that in their own way I was being protected by being connected to them from the REAL big bad wolves - men in our own government and law enforcement in what is today called "Iran Contra".  Realize this - Oliver North, Newt Gingrich, and the men who were involved in that are still alive.  They're still in politics.

When word hit the streets I was no longer "with the family" then the really big dogs moved in on me.  Which this machine was like a monster with many legs and faces.  If you want an idea what I was living in back then I suggest "Cocaine Cowboys I and II".  They talk about openly how they would grease palms of many officials to be bringing in boats and planes full of cocaine, marijuana, etc.

Now the money had to be laundered.  So record companies had to be set up.  One of the things I was doing for the "family" was just that.  I was renting offices in Beverly Hills, installing phones, opening bank accounts, obtaining licenses, all for phony record companies.  These companies not only laundered money, but we also gave a "face" of many of the pimps having jobs.  This guy was a sound engineer. This guy was a producer.  This guy was a dubber.  We had woman who needed to have the appearance of a job to cover with probation - we'd hire her as the "receptionist".   Back then we'd say we sold 100,000 cassettes of some rapper.  Then we'd buy 100,000 blank cassettes and give them away so we have product.  Money laundered.

I was asked to do things like find a group of dentists willing to set up a corporation to import cocaine into the country legally.  Now what better way for these guys to do this than through a madam and prostitute?  These guys weren't going to be caught on tape asking a dentist to sign paperwork to bring cocaine in as an anesthetic for his dental practice.   Better yet, I found dentists who didn't even have an office yet who wanted money to open an office who would agree to join this project.  I was the one asking the questions - not the CIA or FBI directly.  So yes I helped set up paperwork and the whole operation so cocaine could be brought in legally in large amounts by finding the right people willing to get involved.

So when word hit the streets I was no longer with the family - these men approached me as they had approached Alex Adams, dubbed the "Beverly Hills Madam".  She was allowed to work as a madam for over 10 years while being their "informant".  Meaning she wouldn't be arrested - but she also had to do as they asked.  If not, then she'd be arrested.  If she was really bad, she'd be found dead hung in her jail cell like the Baton Rouge Madam was (most likely).  Or found hung in her mother's back yard like Jeane Palfrey.

Now if we ran - we weren't running from street pimps looking like Bishop Don Juan.  As I said, we couldn't go check into a motel because these guys were going to every motel that I'd check into (any motel that had rooms for less than $400 a night in other words).  Why would I leave my apartment?  I had pulled into my apartment driveway and saw two cops staring at me.  They were waiting for me to get out of my car and go into my apartment obviously.  That alarmed me so I left.  I called my mom and asked her to go to my place and look around for anything strange.  She did and called me back asking me "did you leave a pound of cocaine under your bed?"  No mom I did not.  So these guys had planted cocaine in my apartment.  A pound?  Wow they really wanted to send me up the river.

Meaning I can't go home.  These guys were demanding I work with them and do things I did not want to do.  I don't mind finding a bunch of dentists to help them smuggle cocaine into the country.  But I would NOT agree to help them find women to sell to men overseas who would never be seen again.  I have no problem with the sex industry.  If a woman wants to work as an escort, stripper, or porn performer I have no problem with that.  I have a problem when it's no longer a job - but something you have no choice to do.  When you can't leave or say "no" then that's no longer sex work - that's slavery.   These men had wanted me to help them find women who had no family to sell to Saudi's because of oil deals they were working on who liked white girls.  When I refused - these men tried to let me know what they could do to me otherwise.

Like walking into my apartment to find they had planted a pound of cocaine under my bed.  Then tell me I "have" to do it or go to prison on a drug trafficking charge.  What - the judge is going to believe me, a hooker, that I don't know anything about that bag of cocaine?

So here I am trying to run and I can't go home.  I can't go to a motel.  I can't go to my mom's house because that's being staked out also.  Where do I go?  One of my "johns"?  Now in my case I knew a drug dealer who lived on a compound where he also raised rottweilers for guard dogs.    He was the only one I could think of that had a place no one could walk in and plant drugs on me and arrest me.  How ironic right?  But I have to leave there sometime right?

But my point is here I managed to get out.  Now I'm looking back and realizing there's going to be others like me who also need a safe way out.  Not everyone is going to know a drug dealer who lives on a huge fenced guarded compound to go hide out in for a while.   Which believe me was a short lived escape because he started tripping out on drugs and I had to leave there eventually for that reason.  So yes I knew that people like me also needed a way to get out without having to go deal with someone on drugs like I had to do.

I had looked around and realized I still had a lease on the warehouse.  So I converted it into a safe house.  Then when one of my girlfriends called me saying her pimp had just broken her arm and nose in a drug rage and she wanted out of there - I took her to the warehouse.  There was plenty of food, a bed, shower, kitchen, a TV, and she could just sleep and heal there.   Which was the first safe house for us, as adults, created you can read about at  I have our clip from 1987 here

The pimp was angry so he called the cops and said I was "running a brothel". They came out and she was on probation and her her PJ's because it was midnight, so they arrested her and came after me.  But she testified against her real pimp, and my attorney showed them I was not running anything out of there, and my charges were dropped.

But trust me it was a very difficult explanation trying to explain to the prosecutor and the cops why she was in a "safe house".  Remember - the world DID NOT BELIEVE THIS WAS REAL in 1984 when this went down.  I point back always to Linda Lovelace - who proves when she tried to talk about her being forced to film "Deep Throat" by her husband with a gun on a mob financed film NO ONE BELIEVED HER.   The only laws we had on the books then was "obscenity".  So the government did try to sue for obscenity - but since that wasn't what went down they of course lost.

So I opened the first safe house in 1984.  I launched the first hotline in 1987.  I launched the first program that went to the courts and said we needed to stop being treated like criminals - but instead as people in need of help.  Not just women either mind you but PEOPLE.  The program I designed worked with men, women and transgenders.  It was not a religious program because the victims I saw were Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, or just plain atheist.   Being in need of help wasn't a gender issue.  It wasn't a religious issue.  It was a PEOPLE issue.

Now granted, Lois had opened up Children of the Night.  But she had kids to protect.  Meaning she wasn't going to go running around talking about how our country had to change the way it treated this issue in the same manner I could.  I was single, had no kids, didn't have a mortgage to sweat every month, so I could take up the campaign trail for us.  Which I had to.  In order to explain to judges why they needed to court order those found guilty of prostitution, or madaming, or pimping, to our program for help I had to explain how not every one of them was doing so by choice.  Some were forced yes by other people.   Some were forced because they were HIV positive and the medications then were $10,000 a month and no health insurance company would cover them.  Some were disabled and couldn't get a job but had kids to feed.  I mean force is force.

Another thing I had to do was tackle the mental health field.  To show me what these men could do they brought me to the airport where they were putting women who were drugged into a diplomat's plane.  Then told me "knock yourself out - try and stop the plane".  Of course airport security thought I was insane.  The police hung up on me.  I was told by someone at the airport that a diplomat's plane could not be searched nor stopped so I had to stand there and watch that plane take off knowing I could have been on that plane.  Anyone could drug me and throw me on that plane and then no one could stop it?  Pretty scary stuff.  So I started having anxiety attacks.

I went to a counselor who told me the only way to get better was to "talk about what was causing me anxiety".  So I did.  Then I heard him go into another room where he started calling for a psychiatric emergency team "PET" to come and drag me off for observation.  I asked him why he was going to do that to me and he said "because things like that just don't happen so you must be hallucinating".  So clearly our mental health system needed reform.

I enrolled in a psychology class and went through their textbooks on prostitution.  There wasn't anything except one paragraph making us look like we all needed drug treatment.   I went and looked at all the other textbooks clear up to the PhD level.  I found there was no degree on this type of subject.  Prostitution was divided into either "drug addiction" or "sexual deviance".  There wasn't even a category for "prostitution" as a separate subject even.  I poured over all the research reports - again only finding the category of either drug addiction or sexual deviance. I could find nothing on the types of things not just I'd gone through, but many had also.

Meaning if any of us opened our mouths to a mental health professional about what we'd just been through - we'd get labeled "crazy" and drug off to the nut ward.  Clearly, we had to advance the mental health system if we were going to get these women off drugs.  Which was happening in the drug treatment community.  These men and women going through what I'd been witnessing all knew if they opened their mouth about this stuff they'd just be laughed at or locked up.  So with having to "stuff" it - no they weren't getting clean.  Yes they were depressed.  But we weren't going to get them help if when they opened their mouth they weren't believed.

So I set out to find who the people were in charge of the training at the time.  I mean literally at one point in time the idea of drug and alcohol treatment didn't exist.  The same for compulsive gambling or sexual addiction.  These were new fields of treatment that didn't exist 60 years ago.  People had to create those schools of thought, along with the training and licensing in how to work with these communities.  So these people who did this for other subjects I then sought out to create training on how to work with our community.  I mean here I was alive, clean from drugs, my anxiety attacks gone, and if I had found a way to get better - then we could start with working from what worked for me.  Now I had our program going - we now had other people we could use to show other counselors what was working for US now.

Then came the day when everything changed in 2007.  I gave the press conference with Melissa Farley about the idea of creating NCAST.  Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking.  The report was on how trafficking existed within the "legal" sex industry advertised right in broad daylight.  The massage parlors, strip clubs and yes the legal brothels of Nevada.   Now I had agreed to set up this NCAST to address trafficking within the legal sex industry.  I did NOT agree to "call out to abolish the brothels" nor to outlaw prostitution.  That's a whole other enchilada.

The difference?  There's a huge difference between saying you want to set up a treatment program for alcoholics vs. saying you want to bring back Prohibition outlawing alcohol.  Alcoholics Anonymous nor Bill Wilson started up a campaign to bring back Prohibition.  They created AA to help the alcoholic however.  So yes I helped Melissa prepare her report by letting her speak to women we had helped in Nevada who were trafficked in the legal brothels.  But no I did not agree to call out to "outlaw prostitution" at this press conference.  So when she comes up to me literally as I've got my microphone hooked up on me and the room is full of reporters and she tells me she wants me to state from the microphone that I want to "outlaw prostitution" I told her "no way".

The result?  A reporter named Abigail Goldman comes up to me and interviews me.  Then she asks me to come in and pose for a photograph to appear with the article she says is going to be on the front page of the Review Journal.  I refused.  I then asked her "didn't you hear what I said?"  Being that many a time to get a victim of trafficking away from a pimp I would sometimes pose as a cleaning lady, or a hair dresser, or a make-up artist, a psychic, another madam, or 100 other disguises I've used to get access to a victim who is being trapped and then get her out of captivity.   Now that said, why would I put a photo of myself out there in the paper?   Hey pimps here's what I look like?  So I told her no but that she was welcome to take a photo of me from the back, or use a graphic, or whatever, but no I would not put a photo of my face in the newspaper, which would then go out over the web.

She then said "Your name and the name Sex Workers Anonymous is blacklisted in our publication.  We do not care how many women DIE from not knowing about your group, your hotline, and your work.  But your name, and SWA's name, will never appear in the Review Journal, or any other media we control, for the rest of your life."

Now needless to say I thought she was either yanking my chain, or kidding.  Here I had just done a press conference where my name has just been printed in papers from here to Brazil and the UK - how can she possibly do this?

Sure enough, I started seeing all kinds of articles about sex trafficking in Nevada which we were not included in the story.  Especially about Judge Voy who was now trying to raise $1,000,000 to set up a residential program for juveniles.   I went to the Sun, a paper that's not the Review Journal, and spoke to a reporter there.  I asked him "Am I blacklisted with your paper?"  Of course he laughed and said "of course not".  He then interviewed me and tried to print the story.  Then he comes back to me and says "I've just been threatened with being fired".  But he told me he would use me as a "source" and in fact did on a few stories.

Like he said he would point out how at the end of one year, and with over $875,000 as a budget - Terri Miller from ATLAS was not coming up with ONE single trafficking victim in any of Nevada?  Like a story he got printed on how Terri was refusing to distribute information on the legal brothels despite it being her job.

How that article wound up with Abigail's name on it I don't know.  I don't know why she threatened me being she worked with the Sun.  But he did get this printed -

I didn't mind the Review Journal not printing a story on us until AB67 came to town.  I then had our members ringing my phone off the hook saying "you have to do something".  The reporter at the Sun, Timothy, was gone.  Ed Lawrence, who had printed the story about mayor Oscar Goodman threatening Bob Herbert with a "baseball bat to the head" for the story he wrote on not only us, but validating that sex trafficking was raging in Las Vegas so bad he "found a victim in 15 minutes of randomly looking", was fired.  Matt O'Brian who had printed a story on us in City Life - fired.  I go down the list and every reporter I knew from 2007 has been fired.

So I went to Tom Ragan who said he'd worked at the Review Journal for 12 years and assured me there "was no black list" and he "would not be fired" for running a story on my name or talking about SWA.  He spent two weeks checking out my information, interviewing me, etc.   I'd like you to see the story he did print on AB67 -  See my name anywhere?

The photographer who took my picture for the article is in Kentucky a few weeks later.  She put my picture on her blog.  I reached out to her and asked her to take it down and asked what was going on.  She said her and Tom were told to not only edit my name out of the article, but to basically write things which weren't true.  When they both refused, they were both fired.  She said she didn't want to work for such a paper after that and had gone back home.  Tom said he talked his way back into his job.  I understood.  Totally.  I'm not worth losing a job over.  But he did let me know "I will get your name in this paper somehow".  Which he did in August of 2013.  So you know what FCC and Review Journal?  Explain how SWA is there in 2007, and again in August of 2013 - but somehow in February of 2013 when both AB67 is being passed AND there are "back door" meetings going on about the legal brothels expanding into downtown Las Vegas I'm not there.

Explain how the ONLY person who was there objecting to the brothel's expansion was US. But I don't see one single mention of our name, about the letter we read to the legislature objecting to AB67, or why the Review Journal claimed there was "no objection" to AB67 when again we had a member of SWA get up and not only read a copy of a letter from us objecting to it and why, but also gave a copy of that letter to every representative there at both hearings.  There seemed to be a lot of talk about the people who DIDN'T oppose AB67 - but the group of survivors of Nevada sex trafficking who objected to AB67 - where's our name?

Yes, Eisenhower was a wise man about how the "military industrial complex" operates and how they love to manipulate the media, cover up evidence, and then act innocent.   What holocaust right?  I mean he cared enough about this warning to put it in his "farewell" address in 1953.

Take a good look at this exhibit of "survivors".  Notice anyone missing?  I GUARANTEE you not one of THESE survivors speak out about how trafficking today in America involves our own teachers, coaches, social workers, police, judges, politicians, and even our CIA.  Which is why the one person missing from this exhibit is the person who made it possible.  Because I can assure you in 1987, when we launched our hotline and crusade globally - this exhibit would have been not done as it would have been "just a bunch of photos of whores".  That's the way the whole world viewed us in 1987 and why I started this movement.  

If you read the news clips I have up at you see that I launched our hotline, program, and this crusade to have trafficking not only recognized, but to demand a system be set up that would allow us to escape these systems of trafficking, and to have treatment available to help us heal from what we'd just suffered that recognized what we were talking about was "real" and not "hallucinations".  

Is my having people try to wipe me out of history limited to the Review Journal, and Sheldon Adelson's "prostitution agenda"?  Who clearly thinks I made this statement of wanting to "outlaw brothels" that Melissa put in my mouth to those reporters?   No she stuck that target on me and then walked away.  When she couldn't get me to say what she wanted me to say - she said it anyway to the reporters.  

I issued a statement to the press after that I was breaking all ties with Melissa and would no longer help her if she was going to lie like that to support her own agenda.  So she and Nicholas Kristof then went on to get Samoly Mam to mouth the lies for them.  When I tried to tell people she wasn't a survivor herself and was lying - she spread more lies through Survivors Connect that I was "pimping".  When I hit her with  threat of filing a defamation case for the screen shot a survivor sent me of her telling people I was actively pimping - the forum this was on was literally dismantled in 30 minutes.  Some people believed me Samoly was lying enough to start checking her out and she was exposed as a fraud yes - but there's really not much talk about the people she says "approached her and told her if she lied she could make a lot of money in America" who manipulated her into it.

You can see by the way that Kathleen Mitchell was there that day with me along with Brenda Myers-Powell.  Melissa had asked me to bring them to "show solidarity" with the report as "being true".  So I agreed.  I had no idea what I was agreeing to obviously.   If you go back and look at older interviews with Kathleen - you see she has no problem speaking about her connection to "Prostitutes Anonymous" as our group was called until the name change in 1995.

However, when she got an award - they don't seem to mention us in any way.  How did I hear about this award?  I got a call from some of our members in San Francisco who aren't in their 20's and remember the history of this movement.  They remember Norma Hotaling didn't get clean until 1989 - which was two years after we launched our hotline, and we had two alternative sentencing and diversion programs running then for prostitutes by 1989 (one in Los Angeles and the other in Allentown, PA).  

They also remember Norma contacted me for help when she started setting up SAGE, and her "john school".  These were people who had been going to "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings she had set up in San Francisco who found the more she was going after grant money and awards - the less time she was spending with the very women who needed her.  So they'd call us up for the help they weren't getting.  

Anyway, these members wanted me to write something about it because what we are witnessing here is a rewriting of history right in front of our eyes.  Kathleen Mitchell did not roll out of bed one day and start Dignity.  Everything I'm saying here she's said before herself to the press - which is she wrote us from jail after the millionth arrest (her words) and wanted help.  We sent her, at our own expense mind you, our "jail step study program" which is clearly quite effective because she got out of jail and continued to write us (remember this was about 1989 before the internet and cell phones).  We advised her to bring a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting into the Durango Jail which then expanded out into Phoenix and expanded into the Dignity Program where Kathleen set up and they ran Prostitutes Anonymous meetings there for YEARS. 

Here's a quote about it in the book "Somebody's Daughter".  

Now am I whining I "didn't get an award".  No.  Did I ask for it?  Have I written these people asking to get an award?  Nope.  This is my reward    Those interviews where people speak about how we've helped them is my reward.  Samoly Mam got lots of awards.  So what?  She was also a fake and didn't help anyone leave prostitution nor escape trafficking. I however created a program that Kathleen was able to reach out to for help and GET IT.  I'm proud of Kathleen receiving an award for her work.  I'm THRILLED Kathleen got an award.

But I have members up in San Francisco, and Phoenix, and all over the world who see history being rewritten here and us being written out.  

Why?  I've taken a look at the trainings I can get my hands on anyway about what people are being taught sex trafficking is.  Now granted what they are teaching is true.  However, it's not COMPLETE.  It's a distortion and a way to cover up the truth in plain sight.   Do you know why I sent a letter to the producers of "8 Minutes" to get that show off the air?  Because it was misleading people into thinking that "independent" prostitution is trafficking.  It's not.  It's independent prostitution that's being done WITHOUT the house getting 1/2 of the money like what happens in the brothels of Nevada.   When they show a woman advertising her sexual services on Backpage showing up at a hotel and offering to work as a prostitute - that's a prostitute.  That's not a trafficking victim.  

Nor do you help trafficking victims escape by calling up ads on Backpage.  You know why?  The minute you try and run off with that victim if you do - they come and find out where you live and work and they come after you to get her back.   Something not shown in that show that was very misleading.  Because if you call up an ad on Backpage and ask a woman to leave with you in "8 Minutes", and then you leave with her without her pimp or traffickers coming after you to get her back - THEN THAT'S NOT TRAFFICKING.  What that is in "independent" prostitution of which the traffickers in this country want a piece of.  

I want you to realize how much control the mob lost of women once the internet was born.  Once cameras came in a phone.  Once a woman could set up a website, or run an ad on Backpage. In other words, the attack on Backpage is NOT an attack on trafficking.  The attack on Backpage is being done to push sex workers back under the control of a brothel or madam.  Follow my logic here - if you know you put up an ad on Backpage for your services as a prostitute that you're just going to get yourself arrested then what are you going to do?  

YOU'RE GOING TO GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT or you're going to go work for an agency, or a massage parlor, or as strip club.  Read up on Eliot Spitzer if you don't understand what I mean by this.  I want you to note he didn't call Backpage - he called a service.  He called a service to avoid getting arrested and exposed.

I have said for 30 years that the men I ran from to escape being trafficker were who?  Cops and CIA.  Who has Polaris just partnered with?  Palantir.  Who is that?

Now if you were trying to shut me up that the way to help women escape trafficking is we have to set up a system where they can be free of the fear these men - how do you do that?  Well building up a "founder of the movement" who is now dead and can't speak like a Norma Hotaling is a great way to do it.  Or did anyone else notice Melissa Farley got an award on the same page and year as Kathleen.  So no I'm not surprised my name wasn't mentioned. 

The problem is that this isn't about me - but about "Prostitutes Anonymous" and "Sex Workers Anonymous".  It's about the fact that while Kathleen is getting awards and Brenda Myers-Powell are making documentaries - the very program that spawned them is being rewritten into obscurity.  Am I the only one who remembers the Jews were led into the gas chamber by other Jews who did it because it served them?   Well Kathleen, Brenda, I'm happy for you that you're getting recognition for yourselves - but the problem is that there are still a lot of others out there who still need us who can't come to you.  

Brenda - that 14 year old being pimped out by cops couldn't come to you because you took a job working for the cops.  So you know what Brenda - she couldn't come to you for help and while you were getting all that press you go and made your documentary - you weren't promoting our hotline where she could have gotten help sooner either.

Kathleen - you got your award in 2013 - when AB67 was being passed and WE needed press to try and defeat the brothel expansion (which we luckily were able to achieve anyway thanks to God's help) and also AB67.  If during your press for your award you had mentioned us - we might have been able to get some press on why those of us in Nevada wanted to see that Bill defeated.  Thanks you Kathleen - it passed.  Meaning any cop now has the right to detain a woman "without a case pending" for an "indefinite" amount of time without charging her, without her getting a phone call, and with her having no right to demand an attorney.   

What does that mean?  In 1984 the police would hold me for 71 hours because the law said they had to either charge me in 72 hours with a crime or let me go.  So they could hold me for 71 hours without a phone call, without an attorney, without letting anyone know where I was, and they did things during those 71 hours you don't want to know because no one knew where I was because I wasn't booked - but they had least had to let me go after 71 hours.  Thanks to you allowing these people not to give us some press Kathleen Nevada cops can now hold a woman for as long as they want now without charging her.  

I want you to notice something here  This officer died in 2014.  But the videos of him stopping people in Arizona and demanding their ID cards was done in 2013.  He was found dead before he could testify so we don't know if he killed himself or if he was murdered.  But note Officer Armendariz was on the "human trafficking task force".  Which by the way Cindy McCain wants men like this to be entrusted with juveniles who are trafficking victims.  That idea should make your head spin around a few times - SHE WANTS TO WHAT?

But Kathleen, I have women right now telling me about some pretty awful things going on down there by men like him in the task forces.  Things you're not hearing about because we can't get any press.  So congratulations on your award Kathleen.  Now I can use that write-up to show people how the modern trafficking is making sure you don't call the only hotline right now in the country that you can call when you can't call the cops.  Because right now if you call Polaris - that goes right back to the CIA.  

So any of you out there who need to escape sex trafficking that's got men like Chris Butler, Kemp Shiffer, or men like Oliver North connected to what happened to you - we are the only hotline I'm aware of you can call for help today which the press is doing just what Eisenhower warned - trying to make sure no evidence of their crimes comes to light so they can deny it.  The fact this is happening to us is your proof we're the ones you can trust.  

See how it operates in today's America right out in plain sight.  See how they SEEM to be about fighting trafficking while cutting off your escape route at the same time.  Oh of course I'm against sex trafficking - I gave Kathleen an award.  Wow.  Hiding in plain sight.  

ANY group or person who is telling you they want to help you leave who does not acknowledge our program is someone you must consider carefully.  Anyone who wants to help an alcoholic will send them to Alcoholics Anonymous and gladly incorporate in Bill Wilson.  Anyone telling you they want to treat your alcoholism WITHOUT AA or Bill Wilson - needs to be viewed carefully about what their agenda is.  Maybe they don't think AA is right for you - but they won't act like they don't exist.  Anyone who doesn't know who were are doesn't know this work because we've been here since 1987.  Now would you trust a doctor who has never been to medical school?  Would you trust a lawyer who has never cracked open a textbook?  

The sign of someone who cares about their work cares to get training from the best in the field or at least the most experienced.  If our program produced Kathleen Mitchell - it must work.  So anyone who then in turn tells you they want to help you but then doesn't mention our name - you must consider their motives carefully.  

Not everyone is so easily fooled by the way.  I read an article about one of Cindy McCain's talks on human trafficking where then senator Gallardo said he "didn't believe her".  That if she meant what she was saying she would "have the people who work in this field with her" and there was a "lack of their voices in the room".  Right on now board of supervisor Gallardo.  I know making that statement obviously didn't help your career as you're not a senator anymore - but one knows you aren't so easily fooled and you will speak your mind.  Bravo for integrity Mr. Gallardo!

Yes there is an absolute "absence of voices" in this discussion.  This problem has been here for years. I've been going on TV for what 30 years now?  I didn't see Cindy McCain stepping up about this problem back in the 1980's.  NOW suddenly this is something she's touring the country about?  Oh she has Beth Jacobs with her so that's a survivor right?  Only this is a woman who has spent the last four years threatening any and all survivors of Sex Workers Anonymous right off line to further make it appear we don't exist.  We don't have a choice.  The minute one of us saying anything about SWA - Beth Jacobs is on them threatening them about why they need to distance themselves from us.  Yep just like I had the CIA using me to do their dirty work for them back in the 1980's also.  So Cindy and John McCain can sit back and say "I don't know anything about that".  

You two don't know that Beth was saying to clients of Project Rose she was a licensed social worker when she was not, and working for a counseling center that wasn't licensed?  That when these women were drug to a church and told they had to enter Project Rose or they'd go to jail - meaning they had to enter a program for which they got funding - you didn't know Beth was who they were being coerced into seeing?  Well certainly you know Beth Jacobs was a part of this program

And then you wonder Cindy why we think maybe you aren't doing this out of our best interests?  Like when you say you want to put juveniles in the hands of men on the trafficking task force like Officer Armendariz?

Cindy, you have Beth running around with you as your "token survivor" because I don't believe you.  I learned a long time ago when I was being abused by my parents, or raped by my best friend, or trafficked by a man who said he loved me - that actions speak louder to me than words.   

If anyone is wondering why Cindy is campaigning so hard in Arizona right now - were you aware that Arizona does NOT need a warrant to remove a child from the home?  Does anyone know that there are protests being organized there now about what is happening to their children there?

So Kathleen take your award - and I want people to notice the names absent from the group who gave this to her.  If they REALLY wanted to reward a TRUE revolutionary then don't you think they would have honored the woman who made Kathleen possible?  But no - they're also honoring Melissa Farley who brought us Samoly Mam and Chong Kim also.  

So yes readers Eisenhower knew how these guys operate.  Cover up the truth and  deny deny deny.  Take his words to heart "document document document".  And make back-ups otherwise you'd be surprised at what these people can make disappear.