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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I am so thankful Gabourey Sidibe is playing Lucious' assistant on your show.  Quickie intro to myself - I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement, as well as Sex Workers Anonymous which runs the largest and oldest hotline in the country for adults seeking help to exit the industry in it's many forms.  You can verify this claim with news clips at

It's become kind of a running joke among our members that we can always tell who is "retired" from sex work vs. who are the "newcomers" to our program coming in the door just by one look.  The reason is because of weight gain so many of us, especially trafficking survivors, put on after coming into recovery from sex work, stripping, porn, etc.  

For those who were on drugs while in sex work - they gain weight trying to adjust to life without drugs. For those who had pimps or traffickers - most of the time they're starved to keep their weight down or simply from neglect.  So when they come into recovery and freedom - they tend to want to eat everything in sight just out of the joy of being able to.  For a lot who were in porn - they find putting on the weight helps them not be recognized so they won't have trouble finding work or be stared at while in line at the supermarket.  For the strippers, they're using to a lot of dancing so when they get desk jobs or retire - they tend to gain weight from inactivity.  Of course many of our members also have eating disorders.  So for one reason or another, most of us tend to put on a lot of weight in recovery.  I myself in my first year of recovery put on 100 pounds.  

For those of us trying to find work in Los Angeles, especially with people in the entertainment and corporate field we've found that we're judged more for weight gain than our past in sex work.  When I was gaining weight my first year out and working as a paralegal - I found the firms' would hire less experienced paralegals than myself who were thinner.  Some have resorted to requiring videotaped interviews just to keep out people who are overweight.

So to see her character being that of the right hand woman of  a powerful man and a powerful company was truly ground breaking in my opinion.  Sure you have the fat housekeeper in "Two and A Half Men" - but this is a large woman in a corporate and powerful job.   I've seen the impact of this character in the workplace.  I'm seeing jobs opening up to our members who have gained weight trying to put their lives back together because people learn from what they watch.

I also was impressed you made her a sexual being.  Which is why I wanted to write you with a story line idea for her.  Many shows on TV base their fictional stories and people on "true life" situations.  Which is why I think you could easily adapt into the Empire Story line what Snoop Dogg has now confessed to doing during his 2003 Playboy tour.  He says he "always had a fantasy about being  pimp" so he got n RV and "sold pussy from coast to coast".  Now he's spoken about this - I can speak about what happened on my end without violating any confidences or being slapped with a defamation lawsuit.  Since it was online - it's now in the "public domain" also.  
I called it the "pimp revival tour".  The women would be put on the RV where they were confronted with NFL players, Snoop, and other wealthy, powerful famous men.  They were stoned and drunk.  The women were alone.  Snoop reports he "explained" his fantasy to these women and then asked for them to "play along".  He says as they "handed him the money he returned it" as it "wasn't about the money".  

We need to raise awareness about what "no" means.  Let me ask you - if you were a young 110 pound female and alone and you were suddenly confronted with a room full of these rich, powerful, famous men, who were all high/drunk asking you to "live out their fantasy" would you even THINK of saying "no"?  Wouldn't you be afraid to say "no"?  Then again if a woman said "no" in such an environment - would she have been heard?  

Snoop says he "put some women out of the RV" while on the road.  Local pimps in each city knew about these rejects, and knew they had already been "turned out" and that they could also resell them to the local "johns" for high dollar being they'd been on the RV with Snoop.   So just like religious revivals where the preachers come to town to whip up the crowd and then turn them over to the local pastors - during Snoop's pimping tour - the local pimps would come out and scoop up the leftovers. 

Pimps who weren't so nice.  Needless to say, what police would want to stop this or arrest Snoop?  Certainly not Nevada.  I got a call from a senator who explained to me that a very famous and violent pimp had got one woman away from the RV who was also now four months pregnant.  That she was being pimped out of a vacant apartment with nothing but a mattress on the floor where she was chained to the toilet by her ankle.  He'd send the johns in to see her and then come and pick up his money.  Only if the police came to get her they'd have to arrest him.  With his outstanding warrants and past record - he'd then want to turn on Snoop.  No prosecutor in Nevada wanted to have a case against Snoop in fear they'd make the O.J. trial look like a warn-up and everyone would look like fools.  Especially when the DA at the time was doing cocaine and they didn't even want to think about what the press would do over the case.  I mean look at what happened with the press when Lamar collapsed in Nevada.

To bypass all of this - they called us to go and get her out of there.  I asked about expenses for this because her family was in another state where I'd have to get her to once released and they said "they didn't want to leave  paper trail" and besides there's no budget for such types of "operations."  They did offer to go and arrest him on his outstanding warrants to keep him away overnight so I could go in, free her, and get her to her family out-of-state.

Which I did.  Interestingly MTV was doing a whole campaign on sex trafficking then.  They were making arrangements to film a "True Life" episode of my work, and a series of public service announcements for Sex Workers Anonymous.  So I also contacted MTV.  First, because I thought we could get the camera crews out to start filming this rescue since we were going to do a show about our rescue work anyways.  Second, because I wanted to know who his producer was.  I didn't know if Snoop knew what was happening to his rejects, that they were being trafficked by horrible pimps, so I was thinking if I made contact with him we could discuss him stopping this fantasy game of his.  I also was trying to get ahold of his promoters to let them know about the potential liability.  I mean look at what happened to Joe Francis with "Girls Gone Wild" and them not verifying a womans' age before filming her.  With this, were they checking ID before turning them out into an act of prostitution?  This was serious and I wanted to reach out to his producers to let them know so steps could be taken to shut this whole thing down.

What did happen instead was the producers I was working with were fired.  Then MTV switches the launch of their "trafficking campaign" to Thailand.  Which sent a really screwed up message to the sex workers here - like we cared about Sweden's victims -- but not American victims (the MTV Exit Project was changed to launch in Sweden rather than the USA.)  All talk of us running public service announcements, also warning to get your HIV test and put yourself on the vaccine, was canned.  So by reaching out to save this woman - I shot our projects with MTV in the foot.

Now - what if you mirrored this story only you had Gabourey's character being the one who reached out to help a young woman who found herself pregnant chained to a toilet?  Then she finds herself being fired for speaking up to stop what was happening?  She could even file a "wrongful termination" lawsuit or something like that.  

When asked why she'd jeapordize her job for "some whore" - she could tell the story of how she'd once been a trafficking victim as a teen.  That she identified and knew no one was going to help that girl - especially if the police were refusing to get involved because they didn't want to publicity or to put themselves in a position to be sued for defamation by Snoop.  

You could even show how the pimp/rapper character started a "youth football league" once he went off tour and how today he's auditioning teenage cheerleaders, teaching young men how to treat women, and launched his own medical marijuana service as the "real life" character has done!  You can't write this shit!  

I think that's a hell of a story line for her character don't you think?  It could be used to explain why she's overweight still while holding such a powerful job - that she's holding onto it because she (1) doesn't want to be recognized from her past, and (2) because she is protecting herself emotionally from her past as a victim of trafficking.  

You could even tie this into the National Trafficking Hotline if you didn't want to give out ours and/or who is for teens.  

If you'd like to talk more about the story idea - call me anytime.  I've relocated back to Los Angeles to take my "true life adventures" and turn them into scripts to sell.  So I'm here locally and would love to even maybe meet some real live writers on such a well-written show!   Thanks again for Empire.  

Thank you - Jody Williams (702) 468-4529

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Take a real good look at the Bill Cosby case.  Everyone is saying that a "lot of people knew".  The limo drivers, the cast members of the show, the butler, the handlers, etc.  When those women woke up back in their homes - someone got them there.  One woman says a female "handler" told her "Bill will be right in" while she was going in and out of consciousness.

Meaning that a lot of people saw what was going on and just remained quiet.  Why?  Everyone wanted to keep their job.

I saw Johnny Knoxville doing a "dirty grandpa" film where he hired people to come "bury grandma in the back yard" for $340.  He said "three people agreed to do it - no questions asked".  Wow.  Three people showed up to his house, buried a woman's body in the backyard, took their money and left.  It's on film!

Linda Lovelace says when she was forced to film "Deep Throat" with her pimp pointing a gun at her off camera - that everyone on the set knew.  It was a mob financed film and everyone was also scared not only they're never work again if they blew the whistle but also they might get harmed.  But if someone had spoken up - who knows what might have changed history.

In watching the "Two Corey's" I remember watching a coffee shop meeting where the one Corey who is now deceased said that the "secret is killing him" of who abused him sexually as a child.  It didn't take a genius to see he was talking about Michael Jackson.  I then watched the other Corey basically tell him "if you want to ever work again in Hollywood - you keep your mouth shut like I am".  I wonder now that Corey killed himself because of keeping secrets if the other Corey ever thinks about that day at the coffee shop.  I do.

Because I was taught I'm as "sick as my secrets".  I will speak my mind no matter who I piss off, no matter if I get fired, nor matter if i get evicted.  Now trust me - it's resulted in a lot of jobs and a lot of moving!  In 1988, when I did all those talk shows against Joe Conforte's wanting to bring the brothels into California - every single time I appeared on TV I was fired and evicted.  People didn't understand sex trafficking back then.  They only looked as me like a "whore" or an "junkie".  I would literally come home after an airing to find an eviction notice on my door and a call to say I was fired.

Did I shut up?  If w had - the Trafficking Act of 2000 I don't think would have passed.  I got a job at a temp service and I found a weekly apartment that could care less about what I did years ago.  I'm still clean and alive and our program, and movement, is growing.

There's POWER in the truth.  Almost every child abuse victim tells me "someone knew".  But no one said anything.  Michael Jackson gave a lot of money to children's charities and the minute he was accused - they all popped up to defend him.  When the founder of American Apparel started sexually harassing his employees - everyone kept thinking about their jobs, and his work to help illegal immigrants.  When Snoop Dogg got an RV and started his "pimp revival" tour in 2003  -people wanted to get paid.  When I went to MTV about what was going on and started to ask them for help - they shifted their trafficking work to Europe, and canned the "True Life" show they were getting ready to film with us because it would have meant filming Snoop.

Do you want to stop abuse, rape, sex trafficking, etc?  The people who are the witnesses have got to stop worrying about their jobs, their paychecks, etc.  It goes deeper too.  I got a call from an old high-school girlfriend a few months ago.  Her husband's drinking got so bad he was retired early and now they're losing the house.  As I tried to figure out why he was drinking so bad - I found out what's in Nevada's water supply.  He worked for them.  I asked if he did anything to "blow the whistle" and he said simply "no".

What about what jobs we take?  Please explain the logic to me Jada Pinkett-Smith of promoting "Don't Sell Bodies" and then promoting Magic Mike XXL?  Please explain the logic of taking that movie while trying to warn people of the dangers of sex trafficking.  SEX TRAFFICKING THAT EXISTS IN STRIP CLUBS.  What you think it doesn't exist in male only clubs?  Is that your logic?  Tell that to the "lady boy" strip clubs all over Thailand.

What was one of the Bible's biggest commandments?  Those shalt not lie.  Thou shalt not bear false witness.  The truth shall set you free.  I do like Gloria Steinhem's addendum however - "but first it will piss you off".

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Jody Williams
Email –
(702) 468-4529

October 22, 2015

Clark County District Attorney's Office
Clark County Metro – Chief of Police
Nevada Attorney General's Office
Via Email and Fax

Re: Snoop Dogg's 2003 Playboy Tour

Dear Sirs:

My name is Jody Williams. I'm the founder and director of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself and Sex Workers Anonymous. In 2003, I received a phone call from a Nevada senator. This man informed me he had received a call from one of his constituents asking for help to help their daughter. The daughter had been “turned out” during Snoop's Playboy tour across the country. After being “processed” by Snoop – she was then turned over to a local Las Vegas pimp who had a long criminal, and violent, history. I was told she was reported to be pregnant, as well as being held hostage by threats by the pimp against the lives of her family.

I asked the obvious question “why call me about this?” I was told that Nevada did not want to move against the pimp by arresting him, because it would then open up a whole “can of worms” because of how Snoop could then cry “defamation” against such a horrible accusation as to being involved in sex trafficking. Mind you – he had not been saying anything about this before in the media. I asked for money and/or resources to accomplish this “rescue” and was told “no – because we can't risk any money going out proving we had knowledge of this case”.

I asked why this woman couldn't just be removed and put into the sex trafficking shelter for Nevada – but was reminded there was none at this time. The only services were for those in “witness protection” meaning again to help her she'd have to testify against her trafficker which was what they were trying to avoid so as not to have a “media circus” like we're seeing with the Bill Cosby case.

So I basically got a phone call from the state of Nevada and then was left to our own devices. I was told the police would arrange to pick him up on an “unrelated warrant” during which time I could go into the home and extract this woman safely while he was locked up. I contacted the family to arrange her getting home and did find her chained to a toilet in an empty apartment without even any furniture in it. She told me he had “sold the furniture for drugs”. This woman is fine now and I even received a photo of her baby girl born a few months later safe and sound.

I had been working with a producer at MTV at this same time who was offering to do a show on us for their “True Life” series. They were further going to be making public service announcements for us was what they said. After getting this woman out of that situation, and upon hearing this was something that Snoop was doing on his tour in each stop on the way – I felt something needed to be done. I therefore wanted to contact the people who were sponsoring and organizing his tour to let them know about what happened so hopefully they could help me put a “plug” in the whole thing.

I told this producer what was going on and asked her if she could help me figure out who was producing the show, as well as who might be Snoop's “people” so that I could approach them about shutting this thing down. I further said if she was going to start filming us for this “reality show” that maybe they ought to get a camera out to film what we were doing in this case. They said they wanted to film how we helped our members – and well this was one of those ways.

MTV then fired the producer I was working with. No one knew who her replacement was when I called back – and no one at MTV seemed to even know who I was after her termination. I further found it very interesting that this year all the trafficking work at MTV was switched over to launch in Sweden instead of the USA. All my calls to their people now working on trafficking are not returned.

I then tried to work with our SWA members in each city that Snoop subsequently traveled to on the rest of that tour to see what else we could do in order to warn women about what was happening on. If we couldn't get MTV to help us warn them – we figured maybe we could go about this directly. Because of this – we were able to extract more women who had been “turned out” by Snoop and then cast off to local pimps in a system that mirrored “old time religious revivals”. This is where the big preacher would sweep into town, get everyone all excited, and then turn them over to the local existing churches. I looked up who Snoop's representation was at William Morris and tried to speak to them about what was going on. I got no response other than “if you get a court order – let me know”.

Snoop has a lot of fans as you might imagine. He also has a record of a murder charge he beat in the past. He's a known drug user and the “johns” he used were NFL players. Meaning big, rich, famous men who have a horrible history with respect to their treatment of women lately. Snoop's other fans and supporters include men involved in the criminal world with histories that are quite dangerous in some cases. Meaning that the women we helped to get out of this situation were, and are, terrified that if their identities come out in the media they'll be ripped apart by his fans, as well as possibly NFL players who might want to keep their involvement out of the media eye. These women have been so traumatized by what happened – not a one of them can hold down a job right now. One is so anxiety ridden she literally can't leave her house without a companion with her.

There was nothing I could do about any of this until Snoop himself confessed in the attached Rolling Stone interview. To try and bring attention to the damage to his victims who didn't have the same view of what happened as Snoop – I tried to organize a protest at the opening of “Turbo” in 2013. A movie where he was playing a "child friendly pimp" of a cartoon snail pimp (that alone I found offensive - making a pimp "child friendly").  The MINUTE I launched the news of this protest – I found myself being stalked, bullied, and smeared by a woman who was spending LITERALLY eight hours a day six days a week on just this mission. This woman went about to get me excluded from every group online about sex trafficking.

Once she got me excluded from the trafficking groups – she set about to find people to turn against me personally using her checkbook. She would literally tell people she would cut them a check for their group IF and UPON this person blocking me from their social media. After she got one man in NY so wound up at me that he started issuing death threats at us – this is when people started pulling away from her finally. Once the show “Turbo” was out of theaters – she pretty much disappeared.

I again tried to reach out to Snoop Dogg's “people” upon the Rolling Stone interview about what his plans were about apologizing to these women, and doing something about undoing the damage done to them. I couldn't get anyone to speak to me about this issue at all. I again let the whole thing kind of “go” until I saw that after no one came after him about this tour – he then started the “Snoop Youth Football League”.

Not only putting him in touch with young male athletes – but also now auditioning young females as cheerleaders. Then came the investment in the medical marijuana delivery service. I ask you – with what we're seeing going on with the Bill Cosby case – if a young girl were to be trafficked in connection with this football league in the same manner as he did while on the Playboy Tour who would file a case against him? In Nevada, Mally Mall has had his house raided – but no arrests. I have tried reaching out to the football team organizers about what steps are they taking to make sure these young cheerleaders are safe from the teen pimps being attracted now onto the football fields that security is telling me is all over the games – and I get no response back.

So I set up the site at Instead of anyone from his people contacting me about trying to apologize to these women, or rectify anything – I suddenly found myself being targeted, and attacked, and smeared, in an almost identical manner as before but this time by the Cupcake Girls. In doing some homework on them as to where this hostility was coming from – I learn their lobbyist is connected to Live Nation. Live Nation produces Snoop Dogg's concerts. I find the timing of the whole thing just a little too “coincidental”.

In this work I've done since 1987 - I've only found myself subject to this type of "stalk and smear" campaigns twice and each time has been in connection and/or retaliation to my speaking up about Snoop.  Personally I find it a "veiled threat" being lobbied at the victims about what would happen to them if they were to decide to take on the media, and the fans, to prosecute him personally.   Just as I found this "confession" in Rolling Stone a taunt (look at me - I can tell the world what I did and STILL no one will do anything or care).

I have looked up the Nevada statutes. Specifically that on “pandering” at NRS 201.300. This statute says that the “consent of the victim” doesn't alter this is a crime. Snoop claims all of these women “consented”. I ask you to imagine being a lone 110 pound female put into an RV with Snoop Dogg, along with NFL players who are big, rich, famous, and also stoned – and then after closing and locking the door asking them to perform a sexual service for money – and then I ask you how comfortable would you feel saying “no”? If she did – could they perceive this “no” considering how “high” everyone was at the time? Was any of it recorded? Was anyone's ID checked to verify their age? The women I spoke to said their ID was not checked for their age.

The statute also speaks about “where prostitution is illegal”. Where he did this, in Las Vegas, prostitution was, and is, illegal. Snoop also says he “gave the money back” as a defense. I ask you if someone robs a bank and then “gives the money back” does that mean they're not guilty of robbing a bank? I personally find it a bit objectionable that all these women victimized by Bill Cosby are getting major press right now while Bill denies what he did categorically – yet Snoop has confessed to all in Rolling Stone and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS.  On top of showing not one shred of remorse or even any idea how these women were harmed and then found they couldn't prosecute their predator because of basically who his "friends" were - this man is now being put out in situations around young teenage girls while also promoting his new "delivery service".  I have yet by the way to see Snoop holding up a medical marijuana card either.  Meaning is he on the field HIGH?  

I'd like either Snoop to be charged for pandering under this statute – or I'd like an explanation from someone as to why he's not being charged for something. Those women were put onto an RV, asked to engage in an illegal act, and taken across state lines. I ask you again – what records were kept to verify each of them was over legal age of consent? In Nevada legal age is 15 years old – but in California it's 18 years old. Were any 16 year olds from Nevada taken into California? Why is there no investigation being done about this? If “consent” isn't a defense – that means you don't need a witness to prosecute him to file pandering charges right? Please advise.

Jody Williams

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I just saw Joe Manchin's objection about MTV's "BuckWild" where he asks MTV is they want to put money ahead of the welfare of our children when he asks them why they're airing that show. The answer Mr. Manchin is yes. Yes they put money ahead of the welfare of our children.

In 2003, I was discussing with the producers of MTV doing a series of public service announcements about the only hotline in the country where anyone, male, female, or transgender, who simply wants help to leave the sex industry, whether they are trafficked or not, can call to find help to either escape and/or leave the streets where the hotline is answered by another survivor. The hotline also refers adults into the 12 step program of Sex Workers Anonymous, and those under 18 years old to Children of the Night.

We were also negotiating a deal to have a film crew come out and do a documentary on our work under their series "True Life". This was before Snoop Dogg had made his confession in the Rolling Stone interview that he was "putting together an organization" where he was transporting prostitutes on his tour bus from city to city to "sell pussy". Women without checking their ID for their age, were put into a closed room with men who were rich, famous, and stoned - many of who were NFL football players so they were also 300 pounds and then asked if they would allow Snoop to act out his "fantasy" of selling them to these players. I can't imagine a 110 pound lone female is going to say "no" thinking something might not happen to her safety if she did. They were stoned anyway - so how would they tell if she felt uncomfortable and afraid to say "no" so I venture to say this is a form of rape.

Once he "turned them out" - other real, dangerous, street pimps then scooped them up into actual trafficking. I got a call from a politician in Nevada on the "down lo" to go and rescue a young woman who was pregnant and chained to a toilet because they didn't want the publicity that would result from sending in the police to rescue her - and then file charges that would lead directly to Snoop. Meaning that our police are paid to protect us - but they called our group to go in and rescue this poor girl because they were afraid of being sued for defamation or wrongful arrest.

Because this tour was moving onto the next city - I reached out to MTV's producers to help me contact this tour's organizers to see what they could do about shutting this down since the police clearly didn't want to get involved in a Bill Cosby scandal times 10. Their response was to fire the producer who was working on our PSA's to help save lives, and then redirect the trafficking program they'd just launched to instead of opening in the USA originally as planned - to open instead in Sweden to address European sex trafficking.

He has bragged about this pimping - and has never apologized to the many victims we rescued from that tour. In fact, he's now gone on to start the Youth Snoop Football League spreading across Los Angeles, with cheerleaders, while he invests in a marijuana delivery service and I have yet to see his carrying a medical marijuana card while being around our young girls and boys in a role model and authoritative position.

I have organized until something is done to address the fact that prior to the Youth Snoop Football League high school security was able to tell pimps who did not attend those schools to get off the grounds. Now all they have to do to enter these school grounds is simply say "I'm here for the game". Snoop is actively hanging out with Rick "Freeway" Ross, who was connected to drug trafficking during iran Contra - which also trafficked our American young women. Despite him promoting his book now discussing his drug trafficking - he will not address the sex trafficking that went on during those years at all on interviews I'm also blocked from being involved with to discuss the sex trafficking part of Iran Contra.  

But then I heard Rick's song and dance about "going straight" and caring about our youth before. If he did - he'd be calling upon Snoop to take measures to protect these kids in connection with his football league with respect to sex trafficking that has become such a major problem in Los Angeles recently - the Board of Supervisors just approved a $7 million dollar budget to do something about this epidemic. One that starts with Snoop Dogg making an apology - and doing something to address trafficking that may be happening in our schools with a police force letting fear of a lawsuit stop them from protecting our citizens - young or old.

So yes Senator Manchin - MTV cares more about money than the well-being of our children. So if you want to do something about this besides just complain - I ask you to put together a committee of some kind to investigate pandering charges against Snoop Dogg, and MTV for "promoting prostitution" which is a felony in this country, does not require the receipt of money, nor does the consent of the victim negate the crime. I further add that maybe we should boycott MTV to put a hurt where that dollar is until they do something to address sex trafficking right here at home in the USA.
cc: Good Morning America