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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letter to Lauren - an ABC reporter

Dear Lauren:

Who have you got that would be interested in the case I’m really knee deep in right now?  So deep I’m now having to live in an RV that I move every week because of the death threats, and attempts, that have been made on my life since taking on this case?   It’s based out of Pasadena, California.

Here’s some background on it - and it just keeps getting deeper and darker.

It started when I was trying to help women in connection with “Operation Dollhouse” in Vegas in 2007.  This operation was set up in a private home - so we couldn’t do “outreach” like one can with a strip club or massage parlor.   Now these people know I do things like send in “fake” customers, and I do things like get myself hired as a maid or graphic designer because of past “stings” where I’ve done this sort of thing.  

So the women in Operation Dollhouse only spoke Mandarin and only operated out of private homes.  So even if I got into the house - I couldn't talk to them myself.  The customers were only accepted by Mandarin speaking cab drivers who would see Chinese men flying into Vegas with their airplane ticket from China in hand.  So these drivers knew the men had flown in from China speaking Mandarin and therefore weren’t undercover cops.  Then they would take them to the house.  There was no way inside this system that we could figure out at first.   But eventually we did.  So this is how the cab drivers fit into the story partially.  Before involving the press in that story - I had tried going to Chief Gillispie.  I had handed him a complete file on the ring - only to have everything cleaned down to bleach on the woodwork after handing the information to him.   (Now I know why they told me to “take it to the chief”.  He then cleaned everything up overnight.  This left me right back at square one with everything cleared out of Nevada that I knew about EXCEPT the houses where these women only spoke Mandarin.)

Leaving me thinking our only option then was to use to “embarrass” the authorities into doing something by involving the press this time.  After that -  we managed to get the arrest in “Operation Dollhouse” by getting a reporter to convince Metro to do a “ride along”.   Then upon insisting they do a "random sting" these 24 women, bags of drugs and two cops standing in the house were turned up.

Yes the women were sent back home to their pimps 20 minutes later despite the drugs behind found also - and against the law as ICE is supposed to verify their immigration status before sending them back home but they didn’t do that either.  I want you to note that the cops were out of San Mateo.  Also note that Chris Butler was out of “Contra Costa County” which is where San Mateo is located.

What this means is the women knew I “almost” got them out of there.  What we honestly didn’t count on was the police being so bold as to just let everyone walk to cover that whole thing up.  I mean the one cop was claiming “oh we told the driver to take us to a massage parlor and this is where he took us”.  Well I was trying to get the police to get the videotape out of the cab they were in that records everything before it disappeared to prove their story was bogus. 

So what did they do?  They threatened my kid if I didn’t “back off”.  But the women knew that the whole system in Nevada back then was rigged - from the mayor, to the Chief, to the DA’s office (who later died of a drug overdose), and on and on.   Are there great people in politics and law enforcement in Nevada?  Absolutely.  But it was a "perfect storm" that sent those 24 women back into that house/brothel without them being questioned, or any attempt made to ask them if they needed help at all to leave.  

Women talk.  Which is why I got a call from this woman I call “Music” in February of 2013.  She was an Asian woman residing in Pasadena, Californi.   She said she had to talk to me “off the phone” because these traffickers were listening to everything.   She told me that she was brought into the "family business” at 8 years old in China.  Further, the women are trafficked in China while young.  When they get older - they’re brought into the USA.   Which is why if you google the photos - you'll see a lot of woman over 40 that are Asian being arrested in this country in massage parlors.

So they forced her to come over here on a “marriage contract” to Gary Kidgell.  They had originally told her marrying him would allow her to retire - only it was a lie.  Then she’s told if she doesn't keep working - they'll not let her son come over.  So she keeps working and her son arrives.   But then she's turning 50 and enough is enough.  She then wants to “retire”.

So she tells the man in charge she’s “done” and wants to retire.  She’s got herself a real estate license and in Pasadena - she’ll clean up.  The response she tells me was she was carted off out of her home, in front of her son and mother, and she got two false charges filed against her.  Further, if she doesn’t keep working in prostitution for them - that she will get slapped with a third charge and worse - her son will be charged with pimping her.  Meaning they will both be deported where he’ll get the death penalty and so will she in China is what she's further threatened with.  

I warned her it sounded like they were already getting ready to start arresting people - and sure enough in June this happened.  Only we waited for the records that tied Gary to Pasadena to get processed and people start arresting people - and nothing was happening.

I don’t know if she’s telling the truth or not - so we got her an attorney who said if she was falsely arrested it would be revealed in the booking videotape.   It’s hard to believe not only could she had had two fake charges filed - but even have a judge sign off on the case?  The attorney orders the booking videos - and is prompting threatened.  He dumps the case back on me and says “walk - these people are dangerous”. 

Why?  The attorney who threatened him used to be the Pasadena mayor.  The ring leader then tells her that he got her records cleaned up and she doesn't need my help any longer.  Only he lied.  Her record was still there.   To prove that to her - I went to email her a copy.  I then got met with a threat from a man identifying as a Pasadena officer for me to “back off”.  As I’m being threatened - I notice her son is attending USC.  When I tried to speak to his professors at USC - guess what I then bump into further?

When I went to the Pasadena Chief of Police about her case and now the threats I’ve received - I got a strange lack of response entirely.   Very strange considering I’m saying I have these case files and now a phone recording and an attorney has been threatened even.   So I went to the city council seeing as I couldn't find any Internal Affairs.  Only I got told “we're a little busy because we just got hit for six million dollars!”

So I go to the Mayor and the Pasadena paper about how he's not responding.  What happens?  The Chief then starts calling my house five times a day asking me to “come down and talk to him" about the case.  Okay - I told him to first get the information on the case in Wichita so he’ll know what I’m talking about when I come in.  While I’m doing this - I can’t help but notice he’s not asking me for the names of the officers who threatened her, nor the one who threatened me.  So I ask him straight up  -what are your plans to make sure I come and go safely from meeting you if you're not asking me any names of anyone?  He doesn't answer me.

But something interesting did happen.  A private investigator in San Mateo - then joins every group I belong to.  She friends everyone I’m friends with online.  Then this woman Meg from Abeni in Orange County (the Chief lives in Orange County) starts accusing me of “threatening her" and “stalking her" and being “crazy" and I’m thinking like “what?”  I don’t know this woman and I’m not even talking to her. All of her claims are imaginary and I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why is she making this stuff up?

Yet when Meg goes online and starts telling people she’s “afraid to leave her house" because of me and "does anyone know here I live?”so she can "file charges against me" - I also notice at the same time as she's doing this - this PI in San Mateo starts going to everyone who speaks to me online and she starts saying “Jody is crazy you know”.  It's very easy to get an app that will follow someone's IP address - and report back to you their activity is clearly how she's following me around online.

So I’m now getting people coming back to me saying “do you realize this woman is calling me up and saying that not only are you crazy - but that if I “value my reputation I’ll not speak to you?”  I thank them and ask them to submit to me proof of these calls.   I'm very lucky these people knew me well enough so that when this PI started this - people came back to me telling me of what is clearly a form of stalking and defamation.  I hit her with in fact a letter threatening a defamation lawsuit - which after that she then just literally disappears.  Not just stops doing this towards me - but unjoins all the groups I was in and clears out of the groups she had followed me into.  

I start wondering why this is happening and just then I see the Sandra Bland case on TV.  The light bulbs go off - they’re going to charge me with a 5150 when I walk into that police station and cart me off is what they're going to do   To further double check - I contacted the Wichita prosecutor, judge, and police who all tell me no one from Pasadena has even called them to inquire about the case.   They do tell me these guys have threatened to kill the judge and the arresting officer.   I then get a call from an investigator who tells me they had overhead a call with the Triad while they were investigating this ring.   He said they were talking about "me being whacked" and he asked me if I needed a security escort out of Nevada.   I told him I'd be "fine" and I literally picked up and left Vegas at about 5:00 a.m. after talking to him.  By 9:00 a.m. i get a call from my now ex-landlord who informs me someone had "kicked in my front door".  I called the police and asked to file a report about someone "breaking and entering" and they refused.   They said "anyone could have broken down the door".  Okay well isn't that what finger printing is about?   Then they just say "we don't have the budget" and blew me off the phone.

After seeing how KFC was being smeared by a Chinese company - I can see how this all operates.  Sex trafficking makes a lot more money than fried chicken.  I ask this victim about “who is this guy in China everyone is so scared of”.   She told me he was "in the government" as well as "owning a lot of parlors".  Not long after she tells me this  - Liang Yaohui is arrested also.

I then go back to the Chief in Pasadena and point out this case in connection to the Wichita and I can show documentation to link everyone together - and I want to know what he’s going to do in order to guarantee my safety so I can bring him the tape of the call from the officer who threatened me, and the cops who carted her out of her home to threaten her into staying.   He won't answer me now.  After reading that they can “fake a homicide case" if they wanted to - I can also see what’s going on with the building of this 5150 campaign. 

I then decide I'm not walking into that station to talk to him unless i have  reporter walking in there with me.  How can I not be shook up after seeing Sandra Bland take on corruption - and then she's pulled over for a turn signal and next we know we blink and she's now dead?  I've been told a call was overheard ordering me dead.  My front door has been kicked in.  My rental car had been reported stolen when it was not.  Our outreach RV was found to have a bomb rigged in it.  I've just had a woman telling me she'd been hired to set me up to be assassinated.  I mean all of this put together - I'm not walking into the Pasadena without a reporter with me.  I'm hearing the judge and cop on this case have been threatened.  Putting this all together with the Chief not giving me any type of assurance about my safety coming in - and I doubt he can assure my safety if he's not asking me the name of the officer who threatened me.

I think maybe I need to try and locate the family who had their son chased and shot down by Pasadena police - and I can't find them anywhere.  Clearly they're hiding from being found by someone.  This was a family who up until this case had a listed phone number   I thought talking to them might give me some better idea what's going on with the Pasadena police.  As I'm doing research into them though I find out PETA is saying they were "set up" in 2014 by them and I find more than one video of them supposedly "unlawfully entering" private homes without a warrant also.  I'm beginning to see why this report into them was ordered.  

So I’ve been trying to find out who is in charge of Internal Affairs for Pasadena.  A judge has already ordered a report on them.  A report that's been published and then redacted.  I'm still not clear on what the credentials were of the guy writing the report.  I haven't received any answer from him about that background either.  

The judge who ordered the report said the California Attorney General had to review it now it's done.  I contacted Kamala Harris' office who said the UC Irvine Professor of Law had been “asked to look at the report”.  I then contacted this professor and I have his email stating that “no one has asked me to look at anything".

I’m thinking maybe I can speak to a district attorney about this issue.  I speak to a deputy Attorney General who tells me they know all about this ring but they "can't do anything until someone in the police station makes an arrest”.  I talk to a cop “off the record" who says they aren't going to put together a case because they know the DA’s will “screw it up" or the “judge will throw it out.  Basically everyone is telling me they don't want to put their neck out until they know this case is a "slam dunk".  I also keep hearing "she can file a lawsuit" like they're not listening.  No - she can't.  We tried and the ATTORNEY GOT THREATENED.  

I ask why they say these things like "well you won't get a judge" and "you won't get a DA"  and these people all point me to the Tanaka case.  They say basically that “if this is the system we're working with - everyone is scared”.  The ONLY cop who got charged with anything is the one who gave the witness a phone to call for help?!  I'm also hearing that female councilwomen, female FBI agents, female AG's, even our celebrity spokeswoman who is 70 and lives alone - so basically I'm hearing from the women who want to help they're afraid to help because of these threats they're getting.  I understand - this FBI agent in the Tanaka case was approached and threatened in the driveway of her home.  Scary!   As for the politicians like John Kerry and Dianne Feinstein - I"m writing them about the case and getting now answer.  

Meantime - the ACLU has filed and won money to actually DO SOMETHING about this type of corruption.  Only Jim McDonnell has been holding them up for MONTHS  Jim also isn't answering my calls and emails about not just the Pasaden woman - but I have other women in the ring telling me the same thing and more.  They're telling me this ring owns a treatment program in Pasadena so that when they need treatment they aren't going to have some counselor calling to put a case together.   I check it out and it appears true.

They're telling me about how they're having a lot of their women get real estate licenses so they can run credit checks on the "johns” because they're also blackmailing, stealing, hacking, and all sorts of theft and extortion against the "johns".  They show me a lot of real estate agents  that do appear to be hookers - so this story also is appearing true.  It also explains who they're able to pull up these guys' credit reports without one person in particular appearing to pull a lot of reports.  

Which ties into the "johns" who have been contacting me about how they're being blackmailed and robbed and the cops and/or DA's won't look at their cases.  One man said they almost got $60,000 out of his bank.  Steve Sassa was blackmailed.  Donald Banks was blackmailed.  So there’s a lot of the “customers" who are also being victimized by this ring who can't come forward. 

So now what?  No one seems to want to answer me as to who is Internal Affairs for Pasadena.  As a reporter, if you have someone who wants to look into this Pasadena case - let me know.  Thanks.

Jody Williams

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