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Jody Williams, Founder and Director Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous) (702) 468-4529 Telephone
September 24, 2015
Senator Barbara Boxer Via Fax
Dear Ms. Boxer:
I'm working on a few issues I'd like to speak to you about directly if I might. First, I understand you are on the Senate Ethics Commission that was discussing the issue of David Vitter's past relationships with “soliciting a prostitute”. However, I'd like to point out there was much more involved here with David Vitter than just his “soliciting a prostitute”. That completely over-simplifies what the man did, and it also makes it sound like this was a sexual matter. David's extensive past with prostitutes is not a sexual matter. These are not “affairs” we're discussing. Bill Clinton had a sexual fling with an intern and he got WAY more heat about that whereas what David Vitter did involved multiple acts of a CRIMINAL NATURE. I'm sorry but Nevada&…