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MALLY MALL TAKES A PLEA This case is why they were after Backpage's records without wanting to be specific about it.  The story behind all of this is going to make for one interesting book that I'm working on now!  I can only imagine the pressure they used on him to take a plea because the LAST thing Nevada wanted was for this guy to go to a trial.  


Image I'm so glad finally someone is paying attention that the women of Nevada who needed help to get away from pimps were not ABLE to ACTUALLY GET HELP because of the nonsense of Hookers for Jesus.  THANK YOU WASHINGTON DOJ AND SARAH LYNCH!  I'm also glad to see REAL REPORTING again!  I have a new found respect for Thomson Reuters press! If you ACTUALLY NEED HELP - There is a 24 hour hotline there answered by people who also used to be in the industry, and/or trafficked, who can provide you with peer support to go through the exit and recovery process.  #hookersforjesus