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Where there's smoke there's fire usually right?  In cases of serial killers -  men don't wake up generally one day such.  They start out harming animals usually, then escalating to violence against women.  In almost every serial killer case, there's someone in their past claiming they were assaulted and/or raped by this person in their past.

The two men who were called the "Hillside Strangler" started out as pimps.  Us working girls who were being kidnapped, raped, tortured, and then forced to work as prostitutes so their testimony wouldn't be "credible" before they eventually escaped knew that our calls to the police about these men were being completely ignored.  I myself drove a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by them to the task force with information on their names, addresses, name of the shop, etc. a year before they finally did catch these guys only to also be thrown out of their offices and ignored.

When I got shut out of the APAC …